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What is it with hideously grotesque puppets?! The concept of a floppy, articulated humanoid dancing around on some strings or worn like a glove is kinda unsettling to begin with… why the hell would you also make them utterly revolting to look at?


I was quite a shy child, a mummy-dependent child, and would get into tantrums every time she left me at school or playgroup or whatever. I just so wanted to be with my mum, so she took me to dancing so I would be more independent and confident and enjoy something away from her, so it kind of helped me gain some independence at three years old or whatever. - Nathalie Emmanuel

In 2056
  • Child: Mummy tell me a bedtime story please
  • Me: Of course darling. Let me tell you a story that has been passed down from generations.
  • Me: It's the summer of 2001 and Joe meets Patrick and he's like "yo i know about music-"

reasons why michael would be the best daddy ever:

-once they reached a suitable age, he’d let your kid draw all over themselves with colourful markers in an attempt to replicate his tattoos because “babe! they’re non-toxic and washable!”
-buying a mini leather jacket and boasting about how your kid was going to be the “coolest punk rocker on the block”
-the first time the baby throws up on him, he’d probably yell out a surprised “what the fuCK” before realizing that he just swore in front of your child
-”dont tell mummy about this, okay?”
-buying your kid a guitar for their first birthday, even though “michael, they won’t be able to play it” “yeah but that doesnt mean i cant expose them to the life and tools of a musician”
-pretending to steal the baby’s nose, only to panic and cringe when your child starts to cry “no no no im sorry bub, please dont cry–look! i gave it back, everything’s fine, please stop crying”
-”this is just between you & me, okay? lets not tell mummy.”
-when you’re out shopping and the baby’s crying because they’re hungry, michael’s there scooping your newborn into his arms and sobbing with them because “i know bub, i wish i had boobs too”
-always complaining about how your kid seems to prefer uncle luke over their own father
-trying to fit in a quickie whilst you’re in the middle of doing laundry and the dinosaur chicken nuggets in the oven are about to burn
-”okay so this is called a secret. that means we dont tell anybody, including mummy”
-colouring with your kid for ten minutes every day because “babe, some smart people said it helps relieve stress…you should try it, you look like you need it”
-”jk you dont need it, you’re beautiful, now please put my guitar down”
-fucking up every once in a while and saying “im sorry, im sorry, please dont break up with me”
-reassuring you time and time again after your pregnancy that “no, your stretch marks dont change anything, your pudge doesnt change anything, you’re still my sexy wife and i want to make love to you right now”
-crying a lil bit when your child calls him “dadda” for the first time
-”shut the fuck up Calum, so what if i cried, im still more punk-rock than you’ll ever be”

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Preference #18 - His Child Calls You Mummy (Louis)

There was a cool breeze coming through the open bedroom window, causing a shiver to roll down your spine and instinctively snuggle further into Louis’ chest. You hummed as he wrapped his arm around you, pressing a chaste kiss to the top of your head. 

“Did you want me to shut the window?” He asked, voice laced with sleep.
“Nah,” You replied with a yawn, blinking open your eyes in the dark room. “It’s kind of nice actually.”

You felt Louis shift a little more onto his side, towards you, his fingers skimming along the skin of your arms.
“You like this huh?” He said. You couldn’t see him but you knew he was smirking.

You’d only just moved in with him yesterday, taking another large step in your relationship. You had spent plenty of nights here beforehand but there was something about this now being your bedroom as well that made it all seem different.
You were about to reply to his question when a sharp cry broke your attention, the sound coming from down the hall where Louis’ three year old son’s bedroom was. Louis huffed but rolled over, sitting up on the bed and shaking away the covers.
“I’ll be right back Boo,” He murmured, heading out of the bedroom.

You flopped back over onto your back, yawning again. William was still having trouble sleeping all the way through the night, he hated the dark and didn’t like it when he was too far away from Louis. For a long time though his Dad was all that he had, his mum walked out a week after he was born, leaving Louis with every responsibility of being a single Father. You’d been in his life since he was two and you already loved him as much as Louis did.

It was another minute or two before the bedroom door opened, Louis walking in with a bundle in his arms. Reaching the bedside table you flipped on the lamp, looking up at your two favourite boys. William was hanging on Louis’ neck, sniffling quietly against his skin, one little hand gripping tightly onto the stuffed lion he never went anywhere without.
“Aw Will,” You cooed, smiling softly at the little boy.

William lifted his head from Louis’ neck, reaching out for you with a little pout.
“Mumma,” He whined, causing the breath to hitch in the back of your throat.
Your eyes widened as you looked up to Louis, noticing the wide smile on his face. Louis put William down on the bed, letting the three year old crawl over towards you, snuggling up against your side as you wrapped your arms around him, feeling your eyes gloss over slightly.
“Are you okay with that?” You murmured to Louis as he got back into bed.
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Cause I’m not - Lou I’m not -”
“Hey, you are y/n,” He cut you off, shuffling closer so he could kiss your lips, careful of the little boy between you. “You’re the only Mum he has ever known.”

You looked back down at William, stroking your hand through his hair, smiling as he cuddled even further against you, falling right back asleep.
“It’s okay Sweetheart,” You whispered to him quietly. “Mummy’s here.”

Written By Bree xx
Their Beautiful Dreamer - LizAnn_5869 - Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 12 of Blue, Gold and Silver, Part 73 of Prompts and Requests

The Doctor and Rose watch newborn Anna sleep and are completely besotted by their daughter.

Preference #18 - His Child Calls You Mummy (Liam)

You’d been apart of Abby Payne’s life since the moment she was born. Sharing in all her firsts along with Liam, watching him grow and learn as a Father, falling in love with both of them the longer time went on. Things between Liam and Abby’s Mother hadn’t worked out, they’d given it their best shot after finding out she was pregnant but truthfully, you couldn’t fix what was already over. Both of them deciding that it would be better for Abby in the long run than to pretend they were happy together.

You’d met Liam six months into the pregnancy, it being one of the first things you found out about him. At first it had kind of scared you, the idea of being in this child’s life when you weren’t even sure how you felt about their Father, but after a few months together you knew you were in for the long haul. What ever that turned out to be. And when Abby was born you were glad you’d stayed, she was stunning, perfect. With her Daddy’s brown eyes and cheeky smile it was hard not to fall in love at first site.

Now she was almost five and just as stubborn as Liam, her little lips forming into the same pout Liam’s did when she didn’t get her own way. It was hard keeping a straight face as you listened to them arguing with each other.
“But I’m not tired,” You heard her whine. “I don’t wanna go to bed.”
“It’s already past your bedtime Abbs,” Liam replied. “You have to go to bed, otherwise you’ll be cranky in the morning.”
“Will not.”
“We both know you will be.”
“Abby no,” Liam said, his voice signalling that this was the end of the conversation. “It’s bedtime, go say goodnight to y/n and get upstairs, I’ll even read you a bedtime story.”

A few seconds passed before Abby walked back into the living room, her arms crossed over her chest and a pout on her little lips. You opened your arms for her and she crawled onto your lap, pressing her cheek against your collarbone.
“Can you read to me?” She murmured against your skin. “I don’t want Daddy to.”
“Sure baby,” You replied, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “Go on upstairs and I’ll be there in a minute.”

Abby sighed, sliding off your lap and making her way towards the stairs, she passed by Liam on her way up, muttering out a goodnight before disappearing around the corner. You chuckled at the look on his face, the way his eyebrows were creased.
“Thanks,” He said softly, pulling you into his arms as you walked up to him. “I promise, when she’s asleep we’ll finish watching that movie.”
“Sounds good,” You hummed, kissing his lips before following the way Abby had gone.

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