child mugi

Things I want to see in K-ON! episodes but sadly no:

  • celebrating the girls’ birthdays
  • in between process of writing their songs/how their songs came to be (pretty much impossible given how the series is about the friendship and life of girls playing music and not really music itself)
  • dressing up in really nice clothes for their concerts and not just perform in school uniform (and by that, I’m referring to those they wear in official art)
  • Azusa as a child. And Mugi as well since her younger self is only shown in the manga.
  • Death Devil’s high school days (not just shots of them playing their music)
  • staying up late during a training camp and talking about all sorts of things/heart-to-heart talks (cheesy, maybe?)
  • More Ritsu/Azusa, Yui/Mugi, Mio/Mugi scenes tbh (I feel that these can be expanded on more but they weren’t??)
  • Tsubasa wo Kudasai and their school song’s rock versions
  • Ritsu hanging out at Mio’s house and vice-versa

Oh well. We have fanfictions for these I guess.

UPDATED: 30/03/14

((I’m including those that other users have added in their reblogs and whatever I recently thought up))

  • Post puberty Satoshi <3 (or just more Satoshi in general)
  • Mugi’s house
  • Everyone’s parents (slice of life stories usually don’t show their parents bc escapism and all)
  • RITSU LYING ON MIO’S LAP AND VICE-VERSA (the official art where Ritsu was lying on Mio’s lap in the airport)
  • Impersonation chapter
  • Men are animals! 
  • More Sawako bonding together with HTT *^*
  • Music videos of the B-side of the opening/ending theme songs (eg Girls in Wonderland, Ohayou, Mata Ashita etc)
  • change the ending of the high school azusa manga arc and make yui and the rest see the wakaba girls at their school festival IF there’s s3
  • Graduation official art animated where they make their own light music club graduation cert
  • Jam sessions between the girls (no sheet music, only feeling the music as it comes to them and all joining together in harmony)
  • Future scenes of them recording music videos that turn into the ending credits videos
  • Mio/Ritsu duets
  • Actually, wouldn’t it be great if they had character duet songs between all the main girls? (Like what Free! did)
  • Playing other songs besides Fuwa Fuwa Time at concerts and animate them (Tokimeki Sugar,  Honey sweet tea time etc)
  • Animate the hilarious in-between comics in the manga as extras
  • Animate the extras in the manga (100 Mugi, extra coloured panels etc)