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Alicia is P.O.T.U.S

Based off of this tumblr prompt  

Some people had really good head canons for this but I’ve changed things around a bit.  Hope no one minds.

- - - -

Alicia Zimmermann is President of the United States.  Jack Zimmermann is a Hockey player for the Washington Capitals.  He has just finished his rookie year when the story starts.

- - - -

“I want to run for re-election.”

The way his father doesn’t flinch tells Jack he knew before they all sat at the breakfast table. Before Jack said good morning, before he grabbed the milk jug and poured himself a tall glass, before he accepted his egg white omelette with a thanks for Trudy who smiled back and said good morning when he said it to her.

His mother told him, when he’d been curious and feeling grown up enough to ask what made a lasting relationship, that the key was communication.  “Constant communication – you can never over-do it like you can under do it.” She said.  So of course his father knew.

He should have expected this really, not the announcement, though of course that should have been a no brainer.  His father knowing might not have been a show of relationship solidarity so much as a token gesture to prove that she might be President of the United States but she was also his wife Alicia Zimmermann and she still believed in the things she did when they were first married.  Never mind all the times she didn’t on the journey to get here.

“Jack?” He looks at his father who looks like he’s trying not to be disproportionally concerned. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea either.  He knows what’s happening to Jack right now.  He can feel the vibrations in the earth beneath them too.  “Thoughts?”

Jack has no thoughts. He has a high pitched ringing in his head that makes him afraid to open his mouth in case he lets it loose.  He has no words, no words they want to hear, no words he wants to say while there are people outside not even pretending not to eavesdrop.  Besides, she’s already made up her mind.  His mother’s asking him what he thinks hoping she’ll say it’s fine but already knowing it doesn’t matter.  It’s always been like this.  She’s always letting people know about her decisions out of courtesy, not because she cares what people think.

“Does it matter?” He manages to croak out.

“What? Of course it does.” Her voice is gentle like she’s trying to soothe the anxious child he used to be.

He’s not a child anymore. A humourless laugh spills free, “Does it though? You said one term.  Ater-“ he breaks off and the air takes on the weight of what he’s referring to, “after it happened you said that it would be one term. That I was more important to you.” He hates the way his voice breaks, “You promised.”

“But you’re doing so well now.” She winds an arm around his shoulder but any comfort he ever derived from her soft embrace, from the way the vanilla of her perfume would wrap around him, has gone.  This isn’t the first time he’s noticed it but it’s the first time he’s noticed how long it’s been since he remembers the first time it happened.  “You’ve played phenomenally all through the finals.  I was, I am, proud of how far you’ve come.  How confident you are now.”

Jack swallowed, “So because I’m not in danger of overdosing now you think another term is on the table? That that’s not going to change anything?”

His mother’s squeeze of his shoulders feels like she’s trying to force him not console him and he has to wiggle free, to gain some space around him so his ribs can move to breathe.  “Jack calm down.”

“Calm down?” He hiccups trying to remember his calming count.  “No.” He blurts.  “No to this second term.  If you’re asking me, it’s a no.”

“Jack sit down son.” Bob has a hand on his shoulder but he needs space.  This room is too small.  He feels crowded and hot.  He crosses to the window and throws it open.  A small red light goes off on the security lock at the base.  It reminds him of how trapped he really is and he loses count again.  “Jack you need to breathe.”

“I’m trying!” He shouts.

“Ma’am is everything okay?” A distant unfamiliar voice asks from across the room.

Jack hears his mother speak but her words don’t register.  He’s retreated into himself, far within where all he has to worry about is what’s happening to his body.  It’s not until she’s standing behind him at the window, her hand cool on the back of his neck that he feels himself expand and fill his body up again. He grips the curtain cord.  “In for three out for four remember?”

He shakes her touch off again, “I remember.” He snaps.

Bob leans back and his chair creaks.  “I know you’re not happy about this.”

What gave it away? Jack wants to snap but instead he retorts, “But it doesn’t matter.”

“Of course it matters.” Bob argues.  It almost sounds like Jack can believe him.  “It matters.  If you’re worried that to go through another election race will make you backslide then it matters.”

Make him backslide. Like he’s just an addict who needs to try harder not to fall off the wagon.  “What happens if I say no?”

Alicia straightens at the look Bob shoots her.  “Then we don’t run again.  Right?”

She hesitates.


“I’m not asking you to give up hockey-” She says.

“Alicia!” Bob growls.

“I’m just asking you to trust me.  To trust yourself.  You’re stronger than you think you are.”

Jack turns back to the window surveying the methodical maintenance going on on the south lawn. Mowers ride up and down the grounds cutting uniform lines across the grass, the gardeners trim at the flower beds creating an impressively neat line between the soil and the freshly mowed grass. “And if I’m not?”

“You are.” She insists.

Bob sighs her name again and again she ignores him.  “I have so much work left to do Jack.” She sounds scared about it, like the moment she steps down everything she worked for will be erased.

She’s probably right.

Jack pushes off from the windowsill and stalks across the room.

“Where are you going?” Alicia follows him with her eyes but her feet stay glued to the carpet.

“I have to get out of here.”

“You can’t-“

He whirls around, “Is that a presidential order?” He growls.

Alicia rears back wide eyed, “Of course not.”

Jack’s chest heaves in the thick oppressive air between them.  “I need to think about it.” Like that’s going to make a damn bit of difference.

She dares a small smile, probably hoping it looks more sad than triumphant.  It doesn’t.

literally every single justification I’ve seen for this scandal has been complete bullshit 

  1. he said it on live broadcast what if a kid has seen it!
    1. no he didnt this was on vixxtv and was uploaded by the company to vixxs youtube channel anyone who saw it would have actively seeked it out 
  2. hes supposed to be a good role model!
    1. he is. jaehwan works so hard, hes extremely kind, he loves his family, friends and fans, hes constantly sacrificing his own comfort for better performances does swearing suddenly make him a bad person?
  3. hes negatively influencing kids!
    1. honestly what kind of idiot parent thinks vixxs content is appropriate for their middle school age kid vixx has released multiple songs about sex and even had a bdsm themed comeback they are clearly catering to older teens and women not middle school kids if your kid is 12 and watching vixxs content thats on you for not paying more attention to what kind of media your child consumes
  4. idols shouldn’t swear!
    1. zico, bobby, jimin, mino, jooheon, le, lim kim, narsha, gain, b.i, RAVI, honestly are we really gonna pretend like idols swearing is unheard of?
  5. he shouldnt behave like that on broadcast!
    1. vixxtv is not a broadcast. its not like this was being filmed by mbc and he wrote that. this is their own broadcast that was literally started as a platform for vixx to be honest and open with their fans
  6. this is sudden and unexpected!
    1. if youve been a fan of vixx for more than 0.5 of a second you would know that jaehwan is notorious for having a bit of a potty mouth
  7. it was rude to ravi!
    1. ive called friends who ive known for a few months ‘fucking bitch” in a joking way multiple times before wonshik and jaehwan have known each other for years i highly doubt wonshik took any offense
  8. its inappropriate to curse!
    1. lee jaehwan is 25. hes an adult, he has ever right to curse. shut up
  9. i dont like cursing!
    1. good for you go suck a bar of soap you self righteous bitch you can dislike cursing but that doesnt excuse you from attacking someone for cursing
  10. he shouldnt even be saying those words!
    1. i am immediately assuming that you have never said a single bad word in your entire life you must be perfect

I met the little mental disabled girl and her grand father in the park, she tried to catch my dog, that did not work, her strange uncoordinated movements made him afraid. There she stood, head up, in front of me, she did not speak, either not with her face. I cure almost every pain with dancing, so I put out my hands to her and there we went around and around to the left, to the right and when I got nauseous we jumped straight ahead. We had wordless fun in the park.
50x70cm, mixed media on paper

Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)
Digimon Adventure
Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)

anonymous asked:

i would love to hear more about/what happens to your lily luna

one. The first time somebody sells a story about Lily, she’s eight. It’s at Victoire’s seventeenth birthday. It seems like half of Hogwarts has been invited, and a Ravenclaw girl catches Lily in the garden talking to a snake.

The next morning, half a dozen headlines scream, HARRY POTTER’S DAUGHTER TURNING TO THE DARK SIDE?

The picture they use is Lily gap-toothed and beaming at the party, a sunhat rammed over her pigtails and daisies woven into her hair.

One of them superimposes a Dark Mark in the sky behind her.

She never likes daisies after that.

two. The first time Harry and Ginny sue a newspaper on Lily’s behalf is when she’s eleven. Some witch with a gift for technological spells gets a long-range photo of her through her bedroom window, changing out of a white blouse.

One paper dares to publish it. The caption doesn’t bear repeating.

Harry has always supported free press. He invested personally in five new papers when they were established after the war. He’s given speeches, columns, galleons and galleons.

His donations dry up after that.

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I’m so sick of anti-introversion “inspiration”

It just keeps popping up everywhere, in family, friends, school, the media, society in general. For example, yesterday I watched the music video for Katy Perry’s “Firework” for the first time. That song is supposed to give comfort to people who feel lonely and isolated, and the video shows such people. But on seeing how those people “helped themselves”, my stomach turned.

A girl who is ashamed of her body simply tears off her clothes and jumps into the pool with the other party folk! A boy who sits alone in a club just gets up and kisses another boy! A boy who is frustrated because his parents are fighting just jumps in and shouts at his parents! A boy who gets mugged surprises the thugs by showing them magic tricks!

To me this translates as: “Be extroverted! All of the problems you have with the outside world and people will go away if you’re extroverted and impulsive! Be an ESFP, like me!”

As though the only way to be happy and worthy is to shake off your introversion/anxiety/depression/whatever holds you back and be loud and impulsive and to impress others is of course the main goal! Being part of the group! Who cares if that group is obnoxious and stupid! Impress them! Be one of them!

I’m not saying that I think that is the intended message, it’s obvious that it’s supposed to be encouraging and inspiring, and of course this is just my very subjective impression. But it really strikes me as insensitive and shallow that apparently the solution for all these people’s problems should be one and the same, and it’s making a spectacle of yourself. Like sure, no doubt for some people this is helpful, but it’s generalised, and on top, me identifying greatly with isolated people, I feel punished for not being or wanting to be like that, for not wanting to be one of the crowd or entertaining them and for not being able to just get up, shake off all of my fears, and be fabulous!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to defend individuality and being different and show that people fight back and are proud of who they are! But if you want to defend individuality you should show that everyone is different, and not everyone can or wants to be impulsive, not everyone wants to be part of the group, not everyone has problems that can be solved in this way, not everyone is like this! It’s okay not to be bold, it’s okay to be shy or socially anxious, it’s okay to feel negative emotions, because bad things/situations should make you feel negative emotions! It’s okay not to fit in and want to fit in and it’s just as okay not to fit in and not want to fit in! It’s okay to sit alone at a party/in the club and not talk to anyone, it’s okay to be scared and keep in your feelings, for whatever reason, or to let them out in a non-impulsive, non-offensive, not sensational, dramatic way! It’s okay to be extroverted and/or impulsive, but it’s not what everyone should be, it’s one way, but not everyone has to be like that, and no one should be made to feel that they have to be like that!


News! - Discotek announced some new releases recently, including Dancouga, Psybuster, and a bluray release of their previous dvd-only release of The Sea Prince & The Fire Child. Psybuster had previously been released in north America by Geneon under the name Cybuster. Both Dancouga and Psybuster will be released July 25, 2017, while the bluray of Sea Prince & Fire Child will come out June 27. Psybuster is set to include the dub that was produced by Geneon. I’ll post more info on these as it’s released!