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i would love to hear more about/what happens to your lily luna

one. The first time somebody sells a story about Lily, she’s eight. It’s at Victoire’s seventeenth birthday. It seems like half of Hogwarts has been invited, and a Ravenclaw girl catches Lily in the garden talking to a snake.

The next morning, half a dozen headlines scream, HARRY POTTER’S DAUGHTER TURNING TO THE DARK SIDE?

The picture they use is Lily gap-toothed and beaming at the party, a sunhat rammed over her pigtails and daisies woven into her hair.

One of them superimposes a Dark Mark in the sky behind her.

She never likes daisies after that.

two. The first time Harry and Ginny sue a newspaper on Lily’s behalf is when she’s eleven. Some witch with a gift for technological spells gets a long-range photo of her through her bedroom window, changing out of a white blouse.

One paper dares to publish it. The caption doesn’t bear repeating.

Harry has always supported free press. He invested personally in five new papers when they were established after the war. He’s given speeches, columns, galleons and galleons.

His donations dry up after that.

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Okay but like:
- first time parents Laf and Peggy being super hype to have a child
- literally spamming social media
- they probs do the thing were they take pic of Peggy’s belly ever month
-over the top baby shower that Laf planned
-Laf is just super emotional all the time like even more then Peggy
-Laf watching a very pregnant Peggy fall asleep and getting all teary eyed
- he talks the the baby in french and English
-lots of belly kisses, Laf nuzzling and feeling the baby in general
-Peggy sings to the baby
When the baby comes
- Neither of them realize Peggy’s going into labor for a few hours
Both if them PANICKING when they finally get that the baby is coming
-Eliza is on speed dial and she is right there to get them to the hospital
- expert mom Eliza getting Peggy in and settle in bed and comfortable before the baby comes
-the whole rev set and Angelica are ready to storm in after the birth
New parents Laf and Peggy getting two hours of sleep a night
Total zombie mode in the mornings for the first couple of months
-Laf is the hovering parent , watching to make sure their baby is still breathing and Peggy trying to get him to come to bed
Peggy fell asleep while holding the baby once and good dad Laf tries to take the baby and put them in their crib
Peggy fucking DECKS him in her sleep
Mommy bear instincts


News! - Discotek announced some new releases recently, including Dancouga, Psybuster, and a bluray release of their previous dvd-only release of The Sea Prince & The Fire Child. Psybuster had previously been released in north America by Geneon under the name Cybuster. Both Dancouga and Psybuster will be released July 25, 2017, while the bluray of Sea Prince & Fire Child will come out June 27. Psybuster is set to include the dub that was produced by Geneon. I’ll post more info on these as it’s released!

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Prompt: Obi and Shirayuki stumble across a village where the people speak in riddles and shed their clothing from dark until dawn in a trance-like state. Shirayuki has to figure out what is going on because now Obi is running around naked with them

Lyrias has not brought tribute for months.

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Hi! I was wondering about the movie Tangled and whether it accurately portrayed an abusive relationship between Rapunzel and the witch (e.g. "Mother knows best" and the whole "I'm having fun! Oh no, I'm a bad person for disobeying mother and having fun!" montage). Any thoughts? Thanks and have a nice day! ^.^

i love this ask so much, just so you know. i love tangled and that dynamic means a lot to me!

i really believe it’s a pretty good representation of emotionally abusive relationship between Rapunzel and the witch. she silences rapunzel and belittles her. she uses her and lies and manipulates how Rapunzel views the world so she stays dependent on her. that’s literally the foundation of emotional abuse.

rapunzel definitely shows many of the effects of being abused. she’s scared of disobeying her mom. not worried about doing something bad, so much, but scared of upsetting her mom. she doubts herself even though the witches stories don’t add up.

anybody else have other thoughts?
"What The Hell Is A Panju?" And Other Questions I, A Brown Potterhead, Have For J.K. Rowling
Ask everyone around you to name their favourite Harry Potter character. You’ll hear more names of imaginary creatures than you will of people of colour.
By Krupa Gohil

This is some Rudyard Kipling bullshit.

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The media just loves picking on black players, it has nothing to do with AB or Odell themselves. And it's obvious because no one says shit about Julian Edelman's or Travis Kelce's shitty attitudes, they barley made a deal out of Josh Brown abusing his wife, Brady and the Pats continuously cheat and he's still the golden child, etc. Sports media just can't handle black players who enjoy themselves.

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I know everyone says this a lot… but just one more time for emphasizing: I’m in awe of how supportive the Cursed Child cast is of each other. Like almost every one of them welcoming Poppy on twitter, constantly liking the tweets that praise other cast members’ performances or previous works (Noma and Sam are particularly champions at this), repeatedly gushing about Jack Thorne’s new tv show (yes, Anthony, I’m looking at you), the main cast being wonderful with their understudies (Jamie actually sent a thank-you-whisky to Stuart when he stepped in as Harry after Jamie fell ill… like who does that?), weirdly but quite naturally acting like they’re family (Alex congratulating to Anthony by using the “daddysproud” hashtag or Paul’s hilarious banters with his “sister”, “wife” and “daughter”, I mean COME ON)…  This freaking cast…

okay but how can you call yourself a feminist and still defend and support lena dunham