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Child of Gondolin

also: The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas (and Tauriel)

Dateline: Gundabad 14.5

the shannara chronicles: a character study
  • wil: like an old motown singer, just shiny and dumb and easy to trick.
  • amberle: you wanna see how hardcore i am?! *punches wall* drive me to the hospital.
  • eretria: *beez in the trap plays dramatically in distance*
  • allanon: this is sacred ground, watered with tears of blood.
  • bandon: i see dead people.
  • ander: i'm not like regular uncles, i'm a cool uncle.
  • arion: oh i just can't wait to be king.
  • eventine: *actual love child of legolas and gimili*
Thranduil Fanfiction pt. 2

(A/N) Hey again! So this is the second part to the fanfiction I posted a while ago. I hope you like it as much as the last one!
Oh, and if you have any advice or criticism, feel free to message me.

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(Y/N) POV:

Come my child
Stay with me
I’ll protect you and your dreams

I glare at Thranduil as his son throws his sword to the ground and runs towards me.
“Hello little leaf. How about we go to the garden while we wait for dinner?”
Legolas nods and I leave the room with him. While we head outside Legolas tells me all about his day.  As soon as we reach the royal garden he runs towards the flowers while I chuckle to myself. “Legolas! Come, let’s rest a bit.”

Rest my child
‘Neath the tree
Like it’s branches reach for me

We sit down beneath one of the trees and Legolas lies his head in my lap while I tell him old stories about his mother, my best friend.
I promised her to take care of her son and husband on her death bed and I intend to keep that promise.
Soon, I noticed that the young prince fell asleep in my lap and I stopped talking and instead started to slowly stroke his hair.

So let me keep you safe and warm here in my arms
Think of the life that we could live, the joy that it could give
Even if we’re worlds apart, stay in my heart
Someday when you’ve a choice to make, I hope you’ll think of me
Think of me
Think of me

I remember the day Legolas was born. How his father was full of joy and carefully handed me the little baby. On that day I decided that I’d always care for the prince, no matter what. I’d keep him safe and warm in my arms and care for him like my own son.
“What’s going to happen when I am the king?” I didn’t notice Legolas waking up and looked down at his sleepy face.
“You’ll have to make many decisions. Good and bad ones, but if you just keep beliving in the good in the world, everything will be fine. And don’t forget, even if you’re a king, I’ll always be there for you and it’s okay to relay on others.”

Maybe we’ll meet again
And you’ll have made many friends
But if you find you’ve strayed
I’ll forgive you anyway

“So…you’ll help me when I have problems? And when I make a wrong decision you will forgive me?”
“Of course, I’ll be there, your father and all the friends you’ve made till then. And if you make a wrong decision, that’s okay, there’ll be nothing to forgive.”
I smile down at the young prince and he grins at me.
“Thank you (Y/N). I’ll never forget you. I promise.”

 So stay determined as you grow, love as you go
Think of the kindness that I’ve shared and cherish those who care
Even when we’re worlds apart, stay in my heart
Someday you’ll have a choice to make, I hope that you’ll be good
Please be good

Legolas stood up and grinned at me before he bent down and kissed my cheek.
“Never forget the people you love and always be a good boy, okay Legolas?” Befoe he could respond another voice echoes through the gardens.
“Excuse me, but I think it’s time for dinner.” Thranduil comes out from behind another tree and softly smiles at his son. He, of course, runs directly to his father and hugs him.
“Let’s go eat.” Legolas runs towards the dining hall as Thranduils makes his way towards me.
“Thank you and I’m sorry.” Thranduil bents down and softly kisses my cheek.
“Just…don’t be too harsh. He’s just a child.” Thranduil pulled me up and I looked at my feet.
“I will try, I promise.” He kissed the top of my head and grabbed my hand so we could follow his son.


These are the same gesture (love), but done in vastly different ways. One gesture is up-turned, and wide open, meant as a warm, loving greeting that takes in everyone. Haldir is gesturing more specifically, so his fingertips point right at the true recipient, by the end of the motion.

Then there is Thranduil and Legolas.

Look at the major difference here.

  • A deeper head-bow with eyes closed from both of them.
  • Thranduil’s motions are smaller and slope downward.
  • Legolas has the most motion. He half-turns and reaches straight out for his father. His hand isn’t cupped upward at all.

I find this really revealing. What we seem to have here is Thranduil saying ‘I love you’ and 'Goodbye’ to the little child Legolas that still exists in his heart.The motion is slow, almost a scoop motion like taking something out of himself and offering it to Legolas.

Legolas is really heartbreaking. His 'I love you’ gesture to his father loses all formality. In other words, his hand just begins to go slack and reach out the way it would if he were going to take his father’s hand. To me this is a very deep revelation of love, in a way, it becomes a 'Don’t leave me’, or 'Will you come take my hand’. It truly seems to be the son in him reaching to his dad, while his father struggles with letting him go.

Make no wonder this scene makes me teary-eyed.

I just had a brilliant idea. In fact, it's so brilliant it's giving me feels already just thinking about it..

Meet my 4 year old niece Sevanne who, just like her aunt, loves Elves and dressing up.

Since she has gorgeous long blonde hair and is always asking me when she can dress up with me, I figured I could turn her into a perfect child Legolas and bring my personal Thranduil family canon to life. (Setting would be Greenwood before it became Mirkwood) I’m absolutely sure my brother won’t mind at all and she’ll probably love it just as much as I will. I just did a quick sloppy shoop on what she’d look like and I’m having so many feels like unffffffff

I mean, 95% of the Legolas and Thranduil cosplayers out there are females crossdressing so if adults can get away with it, so can kids, right? Ahhh I can’t even express how exited I am about this just imagining all the amazing photo’s I can make with her *^*