child laborer

consider this. I don’t care that it’s actually more profitable to feed and house people, I think we should do it even if it was an expense on society because I’m not a fucking asshole. Most homeless people are women and children and some of yall out here like “well if child labor was legal maybe these kids could buy their own food, instead of taking handouts” 

or “the government really needs to think about saving money not helping people” because we have soooo many cases of austerity measures working… lmao oh wait we fucking dont and it’s failed horribly to hoard money like literal dragons.

Okay but do any of you realize how much abusive parents benefit from abusing kids? Anyone parenting a child would have to put huge amounts of energy, attention, care, patience, time, resources, social skills, emotional labor, physical labour, and all knowledge they have of the world, and this is what every parent owes to their kid, if they’re not willing to do that much then not having children is the right choice. 

But abusive parent? Giving their child their own energy? It takes zero energy to inform their children they’re a burden and a nuisance if they ask for time, energy, attention, patience, or care. That is a huge benefit for the parent right there, if the child is afraid of them, or afraid of being a burden to them, child is not gonna ask for things they need, child is not gonna ask for support, comfort, care or understanding, they’re gonna be thankful if they don’t get screamed at or beaten! Abuse shuts the children up in the very start, disabling them to even ask for what they need, out of fear of being abused, even feeling like if they ask for anything, they’re asking for abuse. After being screamed at with insults for asking for something or needing something even once, they’ll be too scared to attempt it again. Do abusive parents care about keeping their child scared and troubled and deprived of attention and care? No, they just gained more time to focus on their own needs. 

Same goes for resources, ashamed and scared child will agonize and feel horrible for needing basic resources, for needing food and clothes sometimes even, they’re not gonna ask for anything on top of it! Convincing the children they don’t deserve any resources is waaay easier than actually providing proper resources, it happens at great psychological and emotional cost to the children but do the parents care? No, they just saved themselves some money they didn’t want to share with their kid. 

Raising a kid involves a big deal of physical labor and if abusive parents convince the child they don’t deserve anything done for them, and have kids work for parents instead, that is a huge benefit isn’t it? Actually gaining a “worker” they only have to keep alive, have them think that working is the only way they can ever deserve to live, having them do manual labor for nothing in return - that is the corporate dream. Also converts the child into a slave. Do they care? No, they now have to work less and eventually can gain profit from child’s labor. 

There is a more cruel way to do all of this, and it’s to convince children that no matter how much they need comfort, care, resources, attention, empathy, patience and love - the parent is the one who needs it more. Some abusive parents will convince the child to be their caretaker, to rush to any physical or emotional work, because it’s the only thing parent needs from them, to be taken care of from the side of the child, to be served and favoured, to be loved and understood and comforted and given attention and fulfillment. Can anyone see what a huge benefit this is to people who wanted a caretaker and couldn’t find one so they converted their own child to be one? How many adult people actually has a “caretaker” figure in this world who would go so far for them, sacrifice their own needs for them, rush to aid and comfort and take care of them? Nobody because people aren’t made to sacrifice themselves for others! And children aren’t either! If they’re supposed to focus on taking care of the parent, what about children’s own needs? They learn they don’t get to have needs. And to try to deserve to be loved by sacrificing everything for others.

And of course, there’s abusive parents who have held down their rage and resentment and cruelty for the times when they would have someone who is weaker than they are, who can’t fight back or leave, who has no hope of defending or winning against them. So anything is an excuse for screaming or violence, anything becomes a good enough excuse for sadism and cruelty and torture, and the child is converted to a convenient punching bag, all of the time being told they’ve deserved it and it’s for their own good, because of course, abuser doesn’t want to feel any amount of guilt for using the child as a rage outlet. Who else can have another human who is their personal punching bag? Who doesn’t sue them or is able to stop them? In what situation can you do this to another human, unless you have a child and are ready to claim all you do is “discipline”? While taking pleasure in listening the screaming and apologies and having another small human completely mortified and broken in front of them?

This is why we have to hold them responsible. We have to recognize that they’ve been taking everything from the child and giving to themselves. We have to be aware that children aren’t a burden, they have so many invaluable features, and abusive parents know this, and take it all from them. They don’t deserve their children’s love or affection or gratitude or forgiveness. They owe their children, and not the reverse. Their children deserve better. We should let them know they deserve better.

PLL cast/ Marlene on the casting of the show-
  • Lucy: I’d heard of the books and had a feeling that the show would be something special. I'll never forget the first time Marlene and I sat down to have coffee and talk about the project. I was instantly drawn to it.
  • Marlene: At first, she was interested in playing Hanna.
  • Lucy: I was very intrigued by Aria but I also loved Hanna; that type of character was one I hadn't tackled before.
  • Marlene: We started pairing her with some different guys for chemistry reads and that's when she realized she really wanted to be Aria. She was the first person we cast. She didn't have to audition because she already had a big following.
  • Troian: I was pretty certain that I wasn't right for Spencer. In my heart, I felt in line with her, but in the book, she was a blonde-haired, green-eyed, all-American girl next door. There was no way they were going to cast me. The scene I auditioned with was her sneaking out of dinner with her family to smoke a cigarette with her sister's fiancé, which ended up not being in the pilot because it was too risqué!
  • Marlene: Troian came in with no makeup on and delivered a great performance. It was amazing. I was like, This woman knows who Spencer Hastings is!
  • Shay: Originally I'd come in to read for Spencer. When I auditioned for Emily and found out I landed it, I read the book on a flight and couldn't put it down.
  • Marlene: We had a really hard time finding Emily. We saw two actors on videotape, and I was inclined to go with the other person. But in the room, Shay just owned the character of Emily. She changed our minds in the room and got the role.
  • Marlene: We read Sasha for the role of Hanna and loved her. Then the night before she was going to go test at the studio, we found out that she was 12! And we thought, child labor laws … you can only work with minors for a very short day. But we knew for the first couple seasons, Alison would only be in flashbacks. Which is such a great dynamic, because she's always been the youngest.
  • Marlene: I think Ashley was the last person we cast. By then, we really wanted one of the four original Liars, excluding Alison, to be blonde. We couldn't find anybody that felt right. Ashley was on a show called Eastwick. She knew how to use those "PLL big eyes," I call them. We knew we had our Hanna.

‘Developing’ countries are still 'developing’ because they are exploited by multinational corporations from rich 'developed’ countries.

Globalized capitalism paints a gruesome picture of the appalling, deadly practices these corporations engage in to use cheap labor and suppress any opposition through force.

The outsourcing of jobs from developed countries occurred when workers won their rights: protection from unsafe working conditions and products, a guaranteed wage, abolition of child labor, et cetera.

The fact that multinational corporations outsourced jobs to vulnerable developing countries where they can neglect basic human rights proves that capitalism is built on the backs of the poor, who suffer and starve despite resources being abundant.

Neoliberalism has identified exploited countries as 'developing’ to shift the blame and promote a disastrous agenda.

Arguments defending this exploitation usually are along the lines of “well, you can’t expect corporations to protect these people, it’s always the government who is at fault”. Those arguments prove that neoliberals have succeeded in their agenda.

Globalization, under capitalism, has not created a world government, but rather a connection between the ruling class worldwide, allowing for legal agreements that promote their interests above all.

Capitalism kills millions, regularly. Globalization has not only made that easier, it has legalized and normalized it.

Photo by Lewis Hine, who used his photography to campaign against child labor in the early 20th century. He often snuck into workplaces or disguised himself as an employee. Hine’s description of the photo:

Manuel, the young shrimp-picker, five years old, and a mountain of child-labor oyster shells behind him. He worked last year. Understands not a word of English. Dunbar, Lopez, Dukate Company. Location: Biloxi, Mississippi, 1911.

Dialogue Prompts #2

Inspired by things that have been said in my Political Science class. (roughly translated to English)

1) “I’ve studied all night, and I still don’t understand this.” 

2) “Did you do the homework?” “No.” “Oh thank god, I’m not the only one!”

3) “Putin and Trump should go to couples therapy”

4) “She’s cute, but I’m pretty sure she can’t count to ten.”

5) “I can fit a whole row of crackers in my mouth, want to see?”

6) “I only came because of the free food.”

7) “Child labor is alive and well”

8) “Life would be horrible without vodka juice boxes”

9) “Wait wrong class” “He was here for an hour, and he just now realizes this?”

10) “You can’t buy my love!” “I got you doughnuts”

11) “Death is near, but not near enough”

12) “My only goal in life is to pass this class”

13) “The British are invading again” “Fuck!”

14) “I drew Trump and Putin as cats, want to see?”

15) “Motivation? What is that!?!”

16) “What are you doing?” “Trying to read my own handwritting”

17) “Do you think Trump writes love letters to Putin? I do”

18) “I would never murder you….well not with my bare hands, that’s too much work”

19) “You said if I go to bed early I would feel better…’re a fucking liar”

20) “On a scale of 1-5 how bad did you fail?” “5″ “Perfect, me too”

21) “None of you are my friends, I only tolerate you all”

22) “Did you really cry during Trumps inauguration?” “It was tears of laughter, don’t judge”

23) “I’m the Europen Union and you’re the United Kingdom. Now get the fuck out”

24) “Do you think he’s trying to be this stupid?”

25) “If she says that word one more time, I’m going to throw her out the door”

26) “Why is there a goat in the hallway?” “Oh that’s Anton”

27) “You’re late” “Glad you noticed”

28) “The instructor is wearing running shorts again” “I’m starting to think he hates us”

29) “I would make a pretty girl” “Don’t lie to yourself like that”

30) “Being a disappointment is better than you think. No one has any high standards of you, so when you do something cool, everyone is amazed”

What things have been said in any of your classes or workplace?

Alright I’ve already seen criticism that Percy has not been cast as a twelve-year-old and I’m going to list two good reasons why he’s not:

1) Child Labor Laws. For the musical Matilda they had to cast four girls to play one role so that they didn’t overwork them. They could do that here, except you have many, many twelve-year-olds to cast. Quadruple that amount, at least for the leads, and thats a lot of extra money to pay. It’s easier to just hire a few adult actors.

2) They would have to cast a girl to play Percy, or at least not a cis boy. Because twelve-year-old cis boys are just at the beginning of puberty, and you know what happens then? Their voices drop. Often, overnight. Imagine if the kid’s voice droppedjn the middle if a preformance? You know how hard it is to sing when your voice ISN’T on the fritz because of hormones? Cause I do.

It is so much easier to hire an adult, especially for a live musical. Movies, you can get around stuff like that, because it'a not filmed in order. You can film with your child actors up to the limit each day and make a movie in a decent amount of time, movies have no excuse. Live musicals are harder to make, they have to preform EVERY NIGHT. Usually MULTIPLE TIMES. Give them credit for the work they’ve done so far!

The Harvard Foundation has named Rihanna the 2017 Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year!

Singer to accept Harvard Foundation’s award next week

The popular singer Rihanna has been named the 2017 Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year, and will come to campus to accept the Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian Award at a ceremony next Tuesday (Feb. 28).

“Rihanna has charitably built a state-of- the-art center for oncology and nuclear medicine to diagnose and treat breast cancer at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown, Barbados,” said S. Allen Counter, the Harvard Foundation’s director.

“She has also created the Clara and Lionel Foundation Scholarship Program [named for her grandmother and grandfather] for students attending college in the U.S. from Caribbean countries, and supports the Global Partnership for Education and Global Citizen Project, a multiyear campaign that will provide children with access to education in over 60 developing countries, giving priority to girls and those affected by lack of access to education in the world today.”

An international musical phenomenon, the Barbados-born singer, actress, and songwriter — whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty — has sold more than 200 million records.

The Harvard Foundation recognizes prominent public-spirited leaders each year in honor of the late Rev. Professor Peter J. Gomes. Past honorees include physician-statistician Hans Rosling; actor James Earl Jones; Nobel Peace Prize Committee chairman Thorbjørn Jagland; U.N. Secretaries General Ban Ki-moon, Kofi Annan, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and Javier Pérez de Cuéllar; gender rights advocate Malala Yousafzai; anti-child-labor spokesman Kailash Satyarthi; tennis player and activist Arthur Ashe; former Health and Human Services Director Louis W. Sullivan; and farmworker rights advocate Dolores Huerta.

The award will be presented at 4 p.m. at Sanders Theatre on Feb. 28. Admission is free, however, tickets are required and can be picked up at Sanders Theatre beginning at noon the day of the performance. A Harvard ID is required and tickets are limited to two per person. In-person distribution only and the tickets are valid until 3:45 p.m.

Dear Tumblr

How about you stop worrying about first world problems and issues such as makeup not having the right color for your skin tone? How about we worry about more important things like human trafficking, children being abused, racism on both ends of the spectrums, the many people and children forced to work under harmful conditions in third world countries?

if you were to fix SU

so, obviously there’s a LOT to fix here… but if you guys were to fix SU, what would you change or where would you rewrite it from? here’s a tentative list i have in no particular order of importance:

  • nitpicky but?? i wanted Peedee to be there more often, i want him to be constantly doing a protest against the capitalist hellscape he lives in and go on a campaign to end child labor in Beach City against Mayor Dewey (make this an on-going thing throughout the series) 
  • make Pearl a villain; i think that she could “get away” with having this horrible abusive stuff she’s doing, if it was more clear that she isn’t right– i would make her ambiguous at first and then reveal other characters are uncomfortable with her actions, reveal Pearl as the abuser she is
  • change Sugilite’s design to better reflect Garnet and Amethyst and then make Coach Steven sympathize with her 
  • less Pearl-centered episodes, more Garnet ones– she’s essentially the leader, i want to see more arcs of her like how Teen Titans focused on how mysterious Robin was as a leader 
  • KEEP BISMUTH!! make Bismuth a main-stay character who lives in the forge and serves as a foil to the idolatry the CGs place on Rose, someone to say “it’s not that simple" 
  • focus more on Amethyst’s jealousy and issues of comparison and then resolve that by making Bismuth her mentor 
  • change up the dynamics: first off? have Amethyst leave the CGs and fuse with Jasper, it’s a much more cohesive abuse narrative that way– i envision it being a spiritual successor to the Terra Arc of the Teen Titans
  • i don’t want Lapis to be a terraformer, i actually like the idea that she was a reporter trapped on Earth in the mirror– i want PEARL to be the one who traumatized her and kept her there– i 100% want to change her design, i did design what i would do if she was a terraformer but i think it fits better if she was a reporter/data analyst working under BD
  • make it so that Rose wasn’t ready to go after the Diamonds, not that she didn’t want to, but that she was afraid of them retaliating 
  • CHANGE SOME OF THE DESIGNS??? Rose, Sugilite, Lapis, Peridot, Rainbow Quartz, Famethyst, a buuunch of designs I’d change
  • make Uncle Andy a guy who is upset about not being close to his family anymore because he’s gotten older and doesn’t have kids of his own, and resentful of Greg for that?? instead of a racist?? make him feel jealous that Greg’s made a new family and feel like he’s not important to him, a much more internal struggle about wanting to be close to someone but not knowing how to be 
  • i think it would be cool if Connie was half japanese 

i’m barely scratching the surface of what i’d personally do here, but there’s some changes that i’d make, feel free to reblog with your own! if you have any episode ideas or designs or anything like that, i wanna know!

“From what I’m told, it seems as though my parents wrapped me in a blanket and dropped me off in front of an infant home as soon as I was born. A worker there found me and I was raised in a welfare facility ever since. When I was seven, a bigger and older kid — I still recall his name — lifted me up and just smashed me against the bare ground. Not only that, but too many horrible things happened in that facility, such as child abuse, forced labor, confinement, assault, and rape. All of that was so painful, so much so that one early winter morning, with the snow piled high, I hid inside a water tank on the roof of the welfare facility for almost six hours, attempting to escape. You would think that when older boys beat up other kids, the teachers would stop them. But some of the teachers actually encouraged those boys to beat up the kids even more. Because of the miserable experiences at the welfare facility, I blamed my parents a lot; I denied my existence, questioning and thinking, ‘If they weren’t going to raise me, why was I even born…’ I took a bunch of antidepressants, some of which I’m still taking to this day. I sometimes thought of the extreme. You see, there are a lot of skyscrapers near Gangnam Station. So I had thoughts like… ‘What if I fall off the top of one of those buildings and brutally die? Would I fall on top of the cars, or the people?’ Nowadays, I’ve been trying to take better care of myself and look at the world with a brighter light. Negative thoughts breed more negative feelings, and those feelings, then, come out, and form negative actions and words. I used to blame my parents a lot, but I’d like to forgive them. I have no clue what led them to make such a decision but I don’t blame them anymore. Instead, I’m thankful that they brought me into the world, allowing me to see the good things about the world. I should live; it’s fun.“

“제가 태어나자마자 포대기로 싸서 영아원 정문 앞에 부모님이 두고 가셨나봐요. 거기 직원이 발견해서 그때부터 복지시설에서 생활했어요. 제가 7살 때 어떤 큰 형이, 지금도 이름이 생각나는데, 저를 들어서 맨바닥에 그냥 던졌어요. 그것 뿐만 아니라 아동학대, 강제노역, 감금, 폭행, 성추행 등 시설 안에서 안 좋은 일들이 너무 많이 일어났는데, 한 번은 너무 괴로워서 도망가려고 눈이 엄청 쌓여있는 추운 겨울 새벽에 복지시설 옥상 물탱크에서 대여섯 시간을 숨어있었던 적도 있어요. 선배 형이 누굴 때리면 선생님들이 말려야 되잖아요. 근데 어떤 선생님들은 옆에서 더 때리라고 시킬 정도였으니까요. 복지시설에서 불행했기 때문인지 어렸을 때는 사실 부모님 원망을 많이 했죠. ‘키우지 않을 거면 나를 왜 낳았을까…’하는 생각에 제 존재 자체를 부정하기도 했거든요. 우울증약도 많이 먹었고, 지금도 먹고 있는 약이 있을 정도니까요. 가끔은 극단적인 생각도 해봤어요. 강남역에 가면 고층빌딩이 많잖아요. 그런데서 잔인하게 떨어져 죽으면 어떨까, 차에 떨어질까, 아니면 사람들 위에 떨어질까 같은… 그래도 지금은, 다시 한 번 내 자신을 잘 다스리고 좀 더 긍정적으로 세상을 바라보려고 노력 하고 있어요. 너무 부정적으로 생각하면 부정이 부정을 낳고 그것이 행동으로, 말로 나오잖아요. 부모님도 예전에는 원망을 많이 했지만, 용서해드리고 싶어요. 비록 어떤 사연으로 저를 그렇게 하셨는지 모르지만 지금은 원망하지 않아요. 오히려 저를 낳아주셔서, 세상에 좋은 것들 볼 수 있게 해주어서 감사해요. 살아야죠. 사는 게 재밌으니까요.”