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Hi! I have been reading metas for 12x19, and I'm curious as to why you believe this episode sealed the human!Cas thing? Would love to know your reasoning, thanks!

Hi @bringmesomepie! Lovely to hear from you and I will very happily answer this briefly *as I’m actually supposed to be working, she whispers* - my main reason is quite simple, which makes me think I’m very possibly and most probably wrong (this is conjecture on my part, mind you):

Cas has just powered up. We’re not going to see him power up again, which would have been a HUGE DRAMATIC MOMENT for the season finale, and would offer the writers a new set of rules to play with for Cas as a character in S13. Changing things up, even if it’s only for a few episodes in the following season, is their standard cliffhanger pattern, especially when moving into the second part of a dual season arc, which I strongly believe this is. This season has been setting up all the things that will play out next season (aka it has been setting up The Future…) Ahem.

So with Cas powered up, where can they take him that will be jaw dropping in the season finale? I would say: make him choose humanity. I would say, make him choose humanity for the sake of this child that will need guidance. Oh my God, I have so many thoughts surrounding this now I feel my head is going to explode. Not only did Cas reference the child needing someone strong enough to “lead him down the righteous path” - which is such a clear reference to Dean, who is, after all The Righteous Man, that I don’t even know what to say about how lovely it is. More than that, Cas touching Kelly’s stomach and connecting to the child on a human level before the child reached out and connected with him was, to me, extremely important. I want Cas to choose to be human for his own sake, because he realises it’s his place: he belongs on Earth. The fact that he loves Dean is a factor, but shouldn’t be the deciding factor here. And the child, the child: I believe the child will be a force for good, in the end. But the battle next season will lie with Lucifer and I’m writing a longer post on this *when I’ve finished my work, she grumbles* but I hope this goes somewhere to answer your question.

They need a big gasping WTF OMG I can’t believe it moment for Castiel.

For me, becoming human or dying are the only two options left to them. 

He’s already nearly died twice this season, no, actually he’s nearly died three times, the last time in this very latest episode, when Dagon was about to turn him into ash, not to mention all the previous times he’s been blasted to smithereens and returned, so what new route can they choose for him? What will give us a chance to see new sides to him? What will give them the chance to actually build a relationship between him and Dean? Oh, Destiel is soooooo happening. The answer is simple: they make him human. And, apparently, a foster dad. *hearts in my eyes*

Thanks for the prompt to clarify myself! Always appreciated! Let me know if you’re still wondering about stuff or if you’re on the fence about my impressions - I love getting input and having a discussion. xx

so bout that samurai jack episode

so I really like samurai jack, always have always will

which makes me feel the need to make a bit of a post on my perspective on what happened in the recent episode with Jack and Ashi becoming a couple

I really didnt expect peoples reactions to be as extreme as they were, but I also entirely understand all the arguments that would make people want to reject this ship so harshly

but given that, I don’t think the creators of the show handled things as undelicately as everyone seems to think, and this coming from a person who has a pretty similar life and “origin story” if you will as Ashi AND Jack (minus the obvious impossibilities like time travel :P but growing up in abusive isolated cult home? check. constant hyper vigilance and feeling disconnected altogether from a sense of time? check. nightmares and ptsd symptoms in general all around? check. I’m just saying, I connect to both characters here lol)

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post aa1 chamomile picks up a newspaper in fucking london or wherever the fuck she’s skulking, gets a load of the sensational even overseas news that MANFRED VON KARMA MURDERED A GUY ADOPTED HIS SON AND THEN TRIED TO FRAME SAID SON FOR MURDER and. is not, actually, okay with that! at all. fucking…drops and shatters her favorite mug all over her expensive hardwood floors.


The worst thing about lying to Dinah was, Dinah always knew. The second Roy opened her mouth, Dinah would give her that look and Roy would be forced to spill everything she’d tried so hard to hide. Over the years she’d determined the best course of action was simply to keep her mouth shut. Which was exactly what she was doing as Dinah gave her the “grand tour” of the JSA headquarters, trying to pretend she hadn’t been there before. 

Hell, her most recent visit had been less than a week ago, with Dinah sleeping just down the hall. She almost felt bad about that one; almost being the key word. Some things made guilt easier to ignore, great sex happened to be one of them.

“You look a bit YOUNG to be out in the city by yourself.” Charlotte eyes the boy with a slightly concerned glance,before looking to see if there was anyone accompanying him. “Where are your parents?”


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Oikawa and Kageyama's relationship would have been a lot better had someone just reminded Oikawa that he was the team's captain. If Oikawa had remembered that you can't really replace the captain because his role is more than a setter, it would have saved us all a lot of heartbreak and stress.

I don’t know if our blog is the right place for a post like this, but it’s a subject I think a lot about and have much to say on, so what the hell.

The Oikawa/Kageyama relationship is one of the most complex ones in the entire series, with a rash of variables that contributed to the state of their interactions together at the beginning of the series through now. The first we see of Oikawa is Kageyama being wary of him and Oikawa frothing over with fake cheer, capped off with a desire to crush his ‘uselessly adorable (it’s the most common translation I’ve seen) kouhai’. A LOT happens between these two to bring them where they are today.

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Can I prompt you for a clean ficlet? Sith Obi-Wan or Sith Qui-Gon, moral dilemma, learning more about their code, or flouting their code, if you have the time. Thank you in advance! Good luck with your studies.

@poplitealqueen u wanted to see more Sith!Qui in the world :D

Okay, sooooooo…… *nervous laughter* this one still treads a little close to the Mirror ‘Verse by @norcumi, @dogmatix, and @deadcatwithaflamethrower, even for my comfort. But I honestly … don’t know what else to do with it? sorry? *squeaks and hides under couch*
Dooku has been training Qui-Gon as a Sith since the beginning, and Qui-Gon always thought something was not quite right, but this was his Master, how could he question him? (Probably should list warning for mention/hint of emotional abuse.) Most obvious point of divergence is after his Knighting somewhere. And a slightly different take on the historic conflict between Mandalorians and Jedi, at that. Sith Temple concept close to @letslipthehounds’, actually. 
also tagging @obaewankenope, @eclipsemidnight, @lilyrose225writes, @maawi, @meabhair, and @kyberpunk

For a long time, the Temple had been near dormant. Honest to gods, it was patently bored. The labyrinthine innards found new permutations to rearrange themselves and wrought havoc with indigenous rodents’ routes. The little monsters found their way anyhow - the smartest ones even knew where their tunnels changed the least. The Temple amused itself that way, at least once with every new generation, but it wasn’t enough.

The dust at the entrance had sat undisturbed for many years before he arrived - a lost child searching for guidance, when his previous mentor had betrayed him. Had spent years betraying him, in fact.

The Temple knew and loved its own. It recognised this one, wanted to claim him. He’d been manipulated by a hand that worked the Dark Side crudely, but he’d kept something good and warm and precious alive, even through the pain and hate. And so the Temple wrapped him in its welcoming voices, nudged him along to its very heart, lighting the way for the bright little flame.

The visions were never a pleasant thing. They were designed for the purpose of facing one’s greatest demons and perceived failures. But the lost child fared well, and bit by bit the Temple worked to unravel the web of deceit that had been laid in his mind.

In truth, that might have taken years to achieve, and one’s greatest fears are never faced in a Darkened cavern. Reality is where real Darkness reigns, and must truly be faced, but a half-sentient mass of moving stone is hardly the best instructor. So, eventually, the Temple let him turn and go, whispering the need for another student in his ear and hoping that someday he would return with a worthy successor.

Until then, the Temple would be content to sleep again. After all, it had finally found what had long been missing - there was still someone in the universe who felt like the Old Ones. The Temple missed its Masters.

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Remember this post where I asked all graphics designers to send us their Indigo School posters? Well, I’ve chosen the winner! Thank you to @burnthemoth for making us this beautiful poster! Follow her Tumblr (her blog is really cool). 

All of you reading this: help Indigo School out! We’re constantly looking for new members so that the school can grow and we’re able to improve. Print out this poster and put it up around your neighborhood! Put it on trees, walls, anywhere. Ask your school for permission to put it up too! If you aren’t able to print it, post it on your social media. It’s all about spreading the word!

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I share your mortification on childhood pictures... It's very lucky that there was no blogging in the 80s! As for you sharing Watson's things, I think you have a good balance. I haven't seen you overshare, not once :)

That’s–good.  I try to consciously think about how I would feel if Mummy shared those things about me, and not share it, if it would have upset me.  I suppose I try to respect Watson just as I would respect John, or any other adult I care about.  Obviously she is a child, and still requires guidance and discipline, but there is no reason to disrespect her rights as a human being.

I’ve not always been adept at showing respect.  I think I hurt or at the very least offended John on many occasions due to a general lack of it in my communications.  I have always respected him–deeply, in fact.  But the way I talk to and about him did not always reflect that.  I have tried to become more conscious of how the things I say affect him, and to take more care in that area.  I do hope I’ve had some success.


I’d like to talk a bit about Kylo’s self-punishment. Hitting himself was quite an obvious route, but sitting in an empty room, still wearing a helmet - it’s something else entirely.

If we presume that he didn’t see his parents for so long that his own father wouldn’t know his face, Ben was quite small when he was separated from Leia and Han. We don’t know what kind of structural organization he was integrated in. But as a lonely child without real paternal guidance, he had to think of system of punishment for himself - so he could feel good. When he did something he considered bad, there was no one to tell him that it’s not that terrible. He had to live with that guilt and no ways to get forgiveness. It was too much for a little boy (or a teenager). So in order to cope with a burden of his mistakes, Kylo (Ben) had to come up with a system of punishment, so he could forgive himself. The only methods available to a lonely and confused boy were pain and further isolation. He was, figuratively speaking, putting himself in a corner without any prompting, except his own feeling of what was right and wrong.

And, oh boy, how wrong he must have felt! To wear an ucomfortable mask, a constant reminder of his cruel grandfather (let’s leave all jokes about getting Vader’s story wrong for a while, and concentrate on Kylo’s interpretation of Vader’s legacy), to be closed off from any kind of contact. He’s working with an army without any support system except a dead man’s remains that he can talk to. The pain (both physical and emotional) is his only friend. The only feelings he’s familiar with are hurt and suffering. It’s his status quo. And it’s terrifying and sad on too many levels.

So yes, when he’s feeling compassion towards Rey (as it was pointed out by Snoke in novelization), it means so much more for Kylo than for any other man. Kylo can’t  even show compassion to himself, yet he’s doing it for someone else, someone he’s just met. And as screwed up as he is (because I’m not trying to absolve him of his sins, by no means), it’s even more profound that he still has it in him - that tiny glimmer of kindness, of, dare I say it, light.


I think Levi sees Eren as a child who needs guidance and someone to look up to. Not as a lover or a partner. I just think Levi is trying to give Eren what he never had when he was a child which is an adult to advise him and a shoulder to lean on. Basically like an older brother of sorts.

Levi had Kenny to teach him what he needed to survive but, then Kenny left him without so much as a word to fend for himself. I think Levi wants Eren to understand that though Levi expects a lot from him, and that he carries a lot of weight on his shoulders; he has people he can rely on. 

Even for the little things like needing a tissue for a nosebleed. Because Levi knows what it’s like to be left to deal with those types of things alone.

Q&A: Adam Kaplan

Name: Adam Kaplan

Where are you from? Westport, Connecticut

Broadway credits: Newsies

How did you hear you’d booked your first Broadway show? In the elevator at Telsey and Co! Casting director Justin Huff told me that I had to come by the office for some notes for an additional callback to take place the next day. Turns out that was a lie and he wanted to see my reaction in person. My agent called me immediately after so I re-lived that excitement all over again 

What is your favorite event in the Broadway community? Broadway softball! Go sports!

What’s something about Broadway that fascinates you? The amount of people it takes to put up a Broadway show. It truly takes a village.

What, other than theatre, has inspired you recently? I recently was part of a concert to benefit a child guidance center in my hometown. Part of their programming involves music therapy to help kids cope with difficult issues. I was inspired by these kids who wrote original songs to change their frame of mind and mental well being. Seeing them smile as a result of music was inspiring.

If I could have coffee with any living person, it would be… Steve Carell

If I could trade places with anybody for a day, I would choose… Ellen DeGeneres

To be successful in this business, it takes… Perseverance. And kindness. And luck.

Tell us a secret. I just ate three Levain cookies and I’m not mad about it.

Exo Reactions To Going On A Beach Date With You

These ended up being like dating profiles more than beach dates but they were fun to write so hopefully they’re interesting. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/



He’ll act stupid through the date to make you laugh, trying to use his charms to seduce you into the water, then turning it into a joke & acting more like a dork. He’ll make a lot of jokes but turn more serious as he realizes the day is ending & he’ll have to say goodbye soon. He’ll take a slower approach to kissing you by just holding your hand first, looking you in the eye so you’ll see that he truly cares about you & that he isn’t just in it for the intimacy.


He’ll be cocky at first because you finally agreed to go out with him. But he’ll eventually soften up & turn into a big kid who giggles constantly whenever you show more interest in him. He’ll use the beach as an excuse to show off & try to impress you but end up doing something stupid instead that you’ll laugh at. It won’t discourage him & he’ll try harder, taking your face in his hands to kiss you so that you see how much he means it when he says he likes you.


He’ll spend the date asking you things about yourself & talking to you like it’s not a date, feeling slightly too nervous to do anything at first. But he’d be slowly scooting closer to you as the day goes on. While the two of you are sitting in your spot, he’ll put an arm around your waist, pulling you closer so you’re aware of his feelings. He’ll stay quiet for the most part but he’ll turn your head towards his with his fingertips & strategically kiss you as the sun is going down.

D.O.: *

He’ll make it obvious to you that he’s interested right away, smiling & talking to you with his eyes dead set on you as you sit closely together for hours. He’d make sure you were feeling comfortable with the date, reassuring you if you expressed any reservations about how you look in your swimsuit. He’ll take it slow & won’t push anything further than it needs to be, asking if he can kiss you towards the end but waiting for the right moment before doing so. 


He’ll spend almost the whole time trying to coax you into the water with him, not in a pushy way but just as something fun to do. Eventually he’d pull you along & splash around while you stand in the shallow waters watching. He’d kiss you when you least expect it but then get scared that he did it too soon & feel embarrassed until you reassure him that you liked it, doing it again more slowly. He’d make sure you enjoyed yourself, asking for another chance if not.


He’ll try to be cool & romantic about it, pretending to get sand stuck in his eye so you have to help him get it out as an excuse to kiss you, but never forces anything. He’d just want you to know that he’s making an upfront effort to show you that he likes you, even if he’s more direct about it than most people are. He’ll give you little touches as a further sign of his attention being on you. He’d initiate another date, using it as a way to gauge your feelings for him. 


He’ll spend a lot of your time together making sandcastles & giggling when you tell him stories or give him compliments on his build. It would be a totally carefree day for the most part. But as the day gets later he’d take you for a walk down the beach, holding your hand & waiting for you to make the first move but eventually get a burst of courage & kiss you suddenly. He’d be so giddy that it would cancel out his nerves & he’d just smile at you cutely.


It would start off with him being smug & arrogant about managing to get you to agree with dating him. But as you spend more time together he becomes more of a squishy dork who makes cheesy jokes or acts cute as a way to make you smile. He’d act confident on the outside but he’d be a nervous wreck a lot of the time. Towards the end of the day, you’d stand at the edge of the water during sunset & he’d hug you from behind, waiting for the moment to kiss you.


He’d actually really try his best not to fuck up so he’d be quiet & kind of shy, getting nervous when you look at him or acting flustered when you touch his hand. He’ll irritate you a little out of habit, like randomly putting rocks on your legs. He’ll sit close & touch you in small ways, to show his affection without saying it. It would take him a while to relax but once he does, he would gain more confidence & sneak a cute kiss when you’re in the middle of a sentence.


He would make it obvious how much he likes you, having told you when he asked you out so that you knew what to expect. He’ll have planned the whole thing in his head already but will be okay if things don’t go exactly his way, just wanting to spend time with you in the sun. He’d ask for permission to kiss you when he felt like it was the right time but he’d only go halfway, making you fill the gap. It would be a slow & cute date but he’d make it worth your time.


He’d be a giant dork the whole time without realizing how much of one he’s being. He’d do stupid things that make you laugh & act like he’s the coolest person ever when in reality you’re laughing at how cute he is for trying to impress you. He’d wait a while to try & kiss you because under the confidence is a shy child who needs guidance to know when it’s okay. Once the two of you are alone on the beach he’d become more comfortable & use it as an excuse to kiss you more, then drag you into the water so he can act like a child.


He’d openly make it known that he likes you, immediately telling you how he feels, but not bluntly. He’d play with your swimsuit a lot but never in a creepy or threatening way, just absently as you’re talking. As the sun sets, he’d become more assertive about his feelings. He’d give you small smirks as he starts leaning in closer throughout your conversation, making it clear that he plans on kissing you but waiting until he’s sure that you want him to before doing so.

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No matter how dark your days may seem, no matter how insignificant you may feel, no matter how overshadowed you think you may be, your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you.
—  Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Who will Rey End Up With? An Analysis Based on Goal Compatibility.

The Question
The question is simple and straightforward. It dwells on which of the characters Rey will most likely have the longest and deepest relationship with. The conclusion this analysis aims to drive at is which among the characters in shipping universe of The Force Awakens will Rey have a lasting relationship with? It does not seek to answer who she will be romantically engaged with at any given point in the movies, as we know romantic relationships come and go. It does not seek to answer her preferences as these will be dependent on her circumstances, willingness, and maturity at the time. None of which are quantifiable at the moment.

This question, instead, looks forward into her life and answers the only question that can be answered at this point, with what we’ve been provided with about the characters.

The Method
I define goal compatibility as that which is most yearned for by the subconscious, that which is intrinsic and most personal object the individual acts towards. This is the basest driving force of all a person strives to achieve. It is based on the circumstances of their living and childhood and the persons they have become because of it. All our actions are compelled by hidden desires from what had been repressed or deprived from us in childhood; this is the self-vested interest that makes us interact with those who are capable of providing us with this specific want.

In this analysis, I will make assumptions as to these internal desires of the characters and compare them to Rey’s to see which is most compatible and attuned to hers. This goal compatibility will assure us that regardless of the events that will take place in the movies, the bond formed between Rey and said characters will assure their connection even after the end of the Sequel Trilogy.

The Scope and Limitations
I will be looking into the most popular ships involving Rey. I will be limiting it to the straight pairings. The analysis will be neutral as to whether or not Rey and Ren are related. 

The Characters
As already mentioned by Maz Kanata, and emphasized by Kylo Ren, Rey’s greatest want is a place to belong in lieu of the family that left her. Alone, away from the love of a family that had obviously showered her with affection, and living among cold and uncaring creatures, Rey’s continued yearning for their warmth, for the love of a family, for their care sadly points out to her constant yearning for this belongingness.

Finn’s subconscious desire was shown to us in Maz’s Cantina, where he said that his attraction to Rey was the way she looked at him. “You looked at me like no one ever had.” A life from infancy or childhood as a stormtrooper is a life constantly overlooked, a life constantly treated as a unit, never commended or communicated to as an individual. From their day-to-day to their aspirations, all stormtroopers are the same and one. This leads me to believe that Finn seeks for importance, seeks for treatment as his own strong person. He wants, more than anything, to mean something.

We do not have Poe’s backstory. Other than being the best and most daring pilot in the Resistance, there is nothing more we know about his character. We do not know his motivations, and thus, cannot identify his desire. As such, I am bypassing Damerey in this analysis.

“The First Order rose from he Dark side, you did not.” Kylo Ren’s character is a complex one, so instead of dwelling in too deeply, I’ll simply state his motivations. Setting aside the Dark side, the First Order, and Snoke, Ren is nothing more than a conflicted character; a boy who never became who he was supposed to become because of the manipulations of the Dark side.

From infancy, Snoke has watched over him, poisoned his mind with the fears and erroneous passions of the Dark. His parents were legends and his uncle was the last Jedi. And, he himself was a powerful force user. His life, like Luke, was unlike anyone else’s. And more than anything, this child needed guidance - more so this next, “Chosen One.” (Side comment: I think the Jedi’s should have like a flowchart of a contingency plan for the fall of the Chosen One for every generation - just in case this happens again.)

More than anything, Ren, in all his convictions, chose such because he was technically told to, because he was made to believe in such decisions. This guidance he needed most as a child, he found in Snoke. And the reason he latched on to this mentorship was because Snoke gave him the approval he never got from the legendary trio. As a child muddled with thoughts of the Dark, he has mostly been refuted, rebutted, and shamed for his beliefs. As a child, he was always wrong. As a child, he perceived himself to be weak, far weaker than allowed be. And he projects his parent’s distance, Han Solo’s insensitivity to his plights, as resulting from his failures. The approval every child seeks for, that the child Ben Solo sought, was never given by the trio and instead was given by Snoke, in the form of his beloved grandfather - an image contorted by Snoke to fit his evil intentions.

But this approval of Snoke, and even Ren knows this, is not what he truly wants. More than anything, he wants this approval to come from his family, mostly, from his father. (Que in the bridge scene and “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin.) He wants his family to accept him as he is. This is why he continues to seek the guidance of his deceased grandfather - not because of his grandfather’s once evil visions, but because he believed his grandfather understood the whole of him and gave him this unconditional love - this love he believed his parents never had for him.

In summation, two points I want to emphasize, first is that Kylo Ren is the man Ben Solo never became. Kylo Ren is nothing but a mask, a man who never became who he was supposed to become. And second, the child Ben Solo within this mask of Kylo Ren yearns nothing but the approval and unconditional love of his family.

The Analysis
Based on the personal desires of Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren, namely belongingness, significance, and approval respectively, we can identify their end goal, their final situation in life.

  • Rey will most likely be the Founding Mother of the New Jedi Order. There, she will finally achieve this belongingness.
  • Finn will fight beside Rey during the war and will inevitably claim the honorable title as a war hero. There, he will finally achieve his significance and will continue to act under this image.
  • Ren will rid himself of Snoke and will finally become the person he was repressed from being. Through this, he will gain the approval he seeks from his family - whatever is left of it.

What confounds me about Kylo Ren is the number of outcomes his life has after the battle of Light and Dark ends. Ren is a big fat question mark. He rids himself of Snoke and will finally become the person he was repressed from being, this I am certain. This may either be through his redemption or his full transformation to the Dark, usurping even Snoke from his power. But then, it can be said that regardless whether or not he chooses to take over Snoke’s throne, he’ll inevitably turn to the Light because of compassion.

Now that we’ve identified their goals. We’ll compare these desires to see their compatibility.

To start, we have FinnRey and the compatibility of Rey’s life in the Jedi Order and Finn’s significance through a life of continuing service.

In love, as in life, Finn will continue to want this importance and significance from his other half. This importance Rey is not disposed to provide because of her long list of priorities. She will be resurrecting the Jedi Order and will not waver nor fail. As such, her dedication will limit and hamper the affection she is able to give Finn; that which Finn will be seeking from his partner. This has already been shown to us in VII, where Rey was resolute on delivering BB-8 to the Resistance. Finn had to be the one to give up his freedom to fight alongside and stay with Rey. In the long run, he’ll get tired of doing this. In the long run, he’ll realize that, although he loves Rey, her duties will come second to none. Finn will have his own responsibilities, causing the struggle to keep their relationship too cumbersome to the point of question. If FinnRey is pursued, there will be resentment between them in the long haul. This is why I am led to believe that Finn will find the love he seeks from another, one capable of giving him the what he yearns for.

This, though, will not end nor defeat the strong relationship Rey and Finn have. Their friendship and love will stay strong. It is just that their desires are incompatible as they are not able to give to the other what they seek.

Second, we have Reylo and the compatibility of Rey’s life in the Jedi Order and Ren’s internal struggle and want of approval.

The objective of Kylo, what he needs is guidance and meaning, something Han never gave him because he was incapable of doing so. In Ren’s search for meaning, he clings onto Snoke who seems to understand what he is going through. However, Snoke’s control over Kylo Ren will end as the latter finds this guidance in Rey. She is someone who evokes compassion from him, captures his interest to the point that he even offers to teach her the ways of the force. Rey, already strong even just with her raw power, will undoubtedly grow stronger still. And this will continue to keep Ren’s interest. He will eventually find an equal in her. And in turn, from Rey’s standpoint, the monster she met in VII will lower his mask, will descend to her level. The two will be equals. 

The meaning and guidance Ren seeks, he’ll find in Rey. And in succession, Ren will seek the approval he yearns for in Rey. The Rey who was taken under Han Solo’s wing, the Rey who is trained by Luke, the Rey who is cared for by Leia, the Rey who resonates Light and resolve. There is no doubt the child Ben Solo sought for his family’s approval. But now, as a grown man, he will seek this approval in his equal, in Rey - the culmination of what is left of his family.

Rey holds what Ren is looking for and she is capable of giving him this ‘love’; this approval he has never gotten from Han, this approval he says he never wanted but really does want from his family. And, Ren is even predisposed to stay beside Rey if he chooses to. In performing her duties to the Order, and even before then, even during their interactions in their battle, Rey will be able to provide Ren with her approval, depending on his actions.

Ren and Rey are similar in that they are beyond romantic love. Well, Kylo Ren, if ever, at least. Unlike for Finn, Rey will have a direct role in Ren attaining his intrinsic desire of approval. The success of Ren in achieving his desire is compatible to Rey’s goal of belonging, of rebuilding the Jedi Order. 

The Conclusion
In summation, regardless of the events in the Sequel Trilogy, based from the personal desires I have identified, Rey will ultimately end up with Ren, whatever form or way it may be.


Granted the depth of all these characters, it astounds me how shippers are able to reduce them to mere playthings as characters to their repressed romantic fantasies, myself included. Nonetheless, I have chosen a neutral voice and tried to speak in such voice because these characters deserve it. 

Was this analysis compelling? Do you have a different take on the characters’ repressed desires or what becomes of them after the war? If so, feel free to discuss them so we get to understand the characters better. As I am a Reylo shipper, as I find Kylo Ren’s character more compelling than the others, I may have been biased in my presentation. Given this, I urge you to share your opinions on the subject if you are so inclined. 

Disclaimer: This analysis could be either fully erroneous or astoundingly correct. As I do not know which of either it is, I recommend for you not to take my post too seriously. This is not a debate, and as such, I am not looking for a fight nor to win one. This has just been a fun exercise and theory to expound on. Make of it what you will.