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Adult CPR

I just got certified in CPR yesterday with the American Heart Association. I wanted to share this information with you, because a lot of what we see on TV is not at all accurate as to what you’re supposed to do to actually help someone. I will also post child and infant CPR at sometime! 

Adult CPR

  • Before starting CPR on somebody, look around and make sure that the scene is safe. You’re no help to anybody if you’re also hurt.
  • Kneel down on the side of the the person and hit their shoulders hard with both your hands. Shout: “Are you okay?”
    • If they’re responsive, call 911. Responsive means blinking, moving, moaning, etc.
  • If they’re unresponsive, check to see if they’re breathing. Scan their chest for only 10 seconds to watch for breath.
    • If they’re breathing normally and unresponsive, call 911.
  • If they’re unresponsive and not breathing or breathing irregularly, you will need to start CPR. Every minute that passes without CPR, the chance of their survival goes down by 7-10%.
  • Shout: “Help! I need help!”
  •  If someone comes to help you, have them call 911 and get an AED device.
    • If no one comes to help you, call 911 yourself and put the phone on speaker.
  • The person will need to be lying on a flat surface for you to be able to perform CPR on them. If you need to move them do so quickly and don’t worry about hurting them. Time is of the essence. 
  • Begin performing CPR on the person. Press down in the middle of their chest at a depth of two inches. 
    • The number one mistake that people make when performing CPR is not pressing hard/deep enough. You’re not strong enough to break bones, and if you do hear a crack you’re breaking their sternum, not bones. It’s better to have broken sternum than to be dead.
  • You want to do 30 compression reps, going at the rhythm of the song “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. I’m not kidding you, this is what the trained EMS tech actually told me. This is a rate of 110 to 120 compression reps per minute. Count each rep out loud.
    • Your hands should not be leaving the person’s chest in between the reps. 
    • The chest should be rising back to its original form in between reps.
  • After 30 compression reps, deliver 2 short breaths to the person.
  • Tilt their head back until their neck is hyper extended and open their mouth.
    • You should be able to watch the person’s chest rise with your breath. If it isn’t, you’re not breathing hard enough.
  • After the 2 breaths, resume the 30 compression reps.
  • Continue alternating 30 compressions with 2 breaths until an AED device arrives, or emergency services arrives. 
    • If someone is there with you who also knows CPR, they can switch with you after the 2 breaths. Compressions are exhausting to do.
    • If an AED device (pictured below) does arrive, open the box and turn the power on. The device will literally give you instructions as to how to use it. It essentially is an automated shock device that tries to restart the person’s heart.

anonymous asked:

FUCK YOU for saying Hinata needed Ino to protect her in Boruto! Ino is a ninja, Hinata RETIRED! It's Ino's duty to protect civilians like Hinata, that does not mean Hinata is weak! Hinata is a jonin at birth, much stronger than all the other women combined! Also Ino is a slut and Hinata is not.

“retired” my ass, she just gave up being an active shinobi because her only true goal was naruto. so what if she is “retired”, does that justify her not protecting her own daughter? retired or not, you [1] help out in a war-like crisis if you are skilled & otherwise able and [2] you defend your own kid, fgs.
(like, you don’t need to be a practicing doctor to give your child cpr or be a certified lifeguard to save them if drowning, do you?)

i mean, if she were a “jonin at birth”, then defending a small child would be easy… but she’s not – she’s a weak chunin. seriously, dude, are you illiterate, obstinate or just delusional? hinata is literally the weakest of those women in canon. she has always ranked lower than them too, not just since she “retired”.

stop stalking blogs and getting embarrassingly aggro… maybe read the manga instead? you might want to educate yourself with some canon facts, instead of attempting to slut-shame a fictional character, just because she’s stronger than your fave and saved her weak ass.

027. 5SOS: Too Soon

WARNING: Ashton’s part is particularly heavy. Read at your own discretion. I am very cautious about writing things that are sensitive. I would never romanticize anything that is serious and I think I’ve done so properly. Also, I’ll never write about something that I don’t have some grasp on. A lot of what I write is based on things I’ve experienced or people close to me have. TOMORROW I AM GOING TO WRITE SMUT OR SOMETHING SWEET OR ROMANTIC OR ABOUT YOU AND THEM BECAUSE THIS WAS NOT WISE FOR MY HEART.  I have never been this tired. I’m sorry. Work has been insane. I hope SOMEONE enjoys this.


Sunglasses on, Luke was enjoying the sunshine with all the people he loved. It had been his wife’s idea to invite all their friends and family over for a backyard barbecue.  It was a last hoorah before the boys headed out on the North American part of their tour. A nice way for everyone to have the chance to say goodbye. He was engrossed in conversation with a bunch of his buddies while Leila sat slouched on his lap, her body lathered in sunscreen while she wore her plastic Minnie Mouse glasses as if they were tortoise Prada’s. He kept one arm around her loosely while the other was over the table, keeping his beer near for nursing. 

“Hold on.” Luke interrupted his friend quickly, looking past Ashton’s tanning shoulders to watch his two year old boy running around the yard, trying to keep up with some of the older kids.  “Dev!” Luke’s teeth ran over his bottom lip as he called for his son’s attention, earning two confused orbs back at him. “Stay away from the gate.” Even if he was far too short to operate the wooden gate that led to the front, Luke scolded him away anyway. The other kids were going in and out and he didn’t want Devon to mistakenly follow. Luke had been the king of baby proofing the house for both children, always keenly aware of what was going on. Once Devon wandered away, picking up a small bouncy ball from the dewy grass, Luke gave his attention back to his buddy. He glanced down at Leila on his lap, asking his brother Jack, quietly, overhead if she was asleep or not. They were under a patio umbrella, trying to keep away from the chance of heatstroke, but the day of excitement had been too much for Leila on top of being out in the sunshine for the greater part of the afternoon.

Chuckling, Ben nodded ‘yes’ while Ashton took a picture with his camera, his little goddaughter the purest picture of perfection.

“I’ll be right back.” Luke carefully sat up from his wooden chair, leaving the beer behind as he carefully maneuvered Leila. He led himself into the house through the back door, finding his wife in the kitchen having a cooler with her girlfriends. “Sorry to interrupt,” He began, running a hand instinctively down his daughter’s head, her body warm as melted soy wax. “I have a sleepy lady here.” Luke grinned across the kitchen at his beautiful wife, knowing full well that if his daughter was lucky she would look just like her as she grew up.

His wife came right over and carefully took Leila from him, barely earning a groan from their exhausted toddler.

“I’m going to put her in our room.” After all, they were using Leila’s princess themed bedroom for keeping people’s pool things and presents. “Can you get everybody out of the pool? I think your dad’s just about done on the BBQ and we’re ready to go in here.” She asked him before reaching up for the smallest of kisses on her lips, carrying her daughter away and up the stairs.

As he was told to, Luke made everyone aware that the food was ready now, clapping his hands to earn the attention of anyone and everyone who was using the pool. He was walking back to the patio table where he had left his brew and friends when he heard his dad call out for him. Luke stopped dead  in his tracks and turned slightly to try and spot his Dad behind him, but instead he saw Devon at the edge of the deep end, his little feet half off the ground and reaching for his colorful bouncy ball. It almost happened in his head first and Luke was rushing over, screaming his son’s name out, before Devon actually tumbled into the water. He looked up at his Papa shouting his name and lost all focus, falling backwards into the huge backyard pool. He had his brand new sneakers on, jeans with his keys, wallet, and cell phone in the pockets, and a ratty old band t-shirt on, but Luke jumped right in after his son without so much as a second thought. By the time, he emerged in the water, Ashton was also in, covered in clothes, and swimming for the little boy who was blue in the face, crying as he gasped for air. Devon had been in the pool before loads of times, but always held in someone’s two hands. He had never been alone.

“I got you, I got you, I got you.” Ashton had grabbed the little boy first, reaching out and patting his back as he held him over his shoulder and stroked over to the edge, a group of adults crouching in anticipation and horror. Liz had set down a towel to lie her youngest grandson down on and as soon as Ashton had him flat on his back, she went straight to child appropriate CPR. Luke felt helpless, staying in the water, as Ashton climbed out. He just watched everyone around him tending to his baby boy, feeling as if too much water was in his own lungs.

Ashton’s hand reached out for him and used all his strength to pull Luke from the water. Luke didn’t feel himself moving, but he thanked Ashton before gathering beside his mother and holding his son’s hand as he crept down. Devon had stopped crying. He hadn’t been making any noise once he was laid down, the tears had ceased completely except for Luke’s and most of the women around.

“The ambulance is on it’s way.” Rushing over, cell phone in hand, Jack informed everyone. Luke hadn’t realized that while in the water he was shouting for somebody to dial 911 over and over. As the sirens began to blaze down the street.

Luke’s wife burst out of the back doors, rushing over in tears. She pushed people out of the way and dropped to her knees by Liz who had almost given up. Since Devon was pulled from the pool, she had been operating on his chest, giving him mouth to mouth, but nothing had happened. No water was coming out, no breaths being attempted, and most importantly no pulse. Luke couldn’t understand how not even three minutes ago he was the father of two children and now he wasn’t. He couldn’t even reach over and console his wife, he was too inconsolable and lost himself. Two paramedics burst in through the gate being led in by Jack Hemmings. While everyone seemed to move to make room for the professionals, Luke stayed still. He wouldn’t let go of his son’s tiny fist.

“You’re okay, buddy. You’re okay.” He said when all he wanted to blurb out was how sorry he was. He hadn’t meant to not be paying closer attention. He thought everyone was looking out for everyone. He had stepped away for just a minute.

“I’ve worked on him for three consecutive minutes,” Tears finally burning her eyes, Liz reported to the male paramedic who ripped open Devon’s tiny shirt. “There’s been no pulse.” She scooted over to her own baby and ran her two hands over and over through Luke’s wet hair, holding him into her chest.

“It’s DOA.” The paramedic held down the button on his radio, calling into the static. “DOA.”

“No, it’s not.” Luke’s wife panted. “It’s not! It’s not a DOA!” She kept screaming as people were backing up. Luke felt like he was a child again, crying his eyes red as his mother held him.

“I’m sorry, love. I’m so sorry.” He licked his lips and squinted at his wife, stammering out his words with perfect sincereity. “I ran over and I tried and I and Ashton and I’m so…” Luke lost his breath for a second and dropped to his knees on the ground as the paramedic picked up Devon’s lifeless little body with ease. “I’m sorry, Devon. I’m so fucking sorry.” Sharply, he inhaled before barrelling over and sobbing into the ground. Across from him, his wife was screaming and Luke knew it was all his fault.


Circling the rings of Saturn that had been tattooed on her wrist with the tip of her pinkie, Ruby Irwin sat pensively in the passenger seat of her father’s newest sports car, an impromptu gift to himself after being put through the ringer over the summer. She couldn’t remember the last time her father had both dropped her off and picked her up from school. Ashton Irwin was a busy international man after all, but also Ruby had stopped taking rides from her parents to and from school as soon as she turned fourteen. She wanted freedom and to feel cool by riding her bike to her private high-end education with her friends, usually going to someone’s house and watching the SciFi network after. For as long as she could remember, she was fascinated with the galaxy. She would lay down on any beach or field of grass at night and stare up into space, hunting for constellations and naming different stars. It was one of her favorite things to do. Ashton insisted on being her chauffer now, when his wife couldn’t be. After the summer Ruby had put her family through, Ashton had the seventeen year old under his radar gaze. He had gone as far as to loosen up the hinges of her bedroom door so he could hear it squeak if she got up in the middle of the night.

“Was school better today?” Ashton asked, drumming one palm against his steering wheel at the first red light they hit. He knew her first day back had been a negative six on a scale of one to ten. Ruby hadn’t opened up and told him, but his wife had spoken to her teachers who were candid with their details, explaining to her that Ruby was always hot on everyone’s minds due to who her father was, but considering how she spent her summer, everyone had something to say when she walked, usually by herself now, through the halls.

“It was fine.” Giving him no answer at all, she replied, her voice more akin to a ghost than anything else.

There had been a time where all Ruby was was static and noise. She could spin around in circles, talking a mile a minute, without ever losing her breath. She was born with the exact same energy her father had been. She would gather herself up on the arm of their leather living room couch and excitedly explain different theories about life on Mars and her curiosities pertaining the black holes to her father and little brother while they tried to watch TV. Ashton was lucky now if she would even bother talking about the weather with him.

“How do you feel?” Looking away from the road, Ashton checked in. He never noticed, but he had taken to asking her that same question half a dozen a times a day. He would poke his head into the washroom when she was brushing her teeth, still in her pajamas, in the morning and then periodically as the day went on. He just cared. He just wanted to prevent another “episode” as doctor’s had taken to calling it.

“Fine.” Again, she murmured, her finger picking up its pace as it ran around her tattoo. Ashton despised that his daughter had gone and branded herself last year, but it was now a much a part of her as as his dimples were. He had taken his time to grow to love it as a feature.

Ashton gave up with his questions, casting a side towards his window before rolling it down some, the traffic outside playing as a soundtrack over the faint radio. When Ruby was in the car, he kept the volume down. She used to talk so much that it was pointless to try to listen to music and now he kept it low just in case she wanted to share her thoughts.

“I’m going to take you to the meeting tonight. Your mum has to do something for your aunt.” Turning off the main road, trying his hand at a shortcut, Ashton explained. He was eager to get home after all, but he also felt anxious any time he was around a kamikaze car. Paparazzi were a real concern for him especially now with Ruby out in public again.

“I’m not going…” She mused, her head dipped back and moving back and forth slowly on the car seat.

“There’s not open for negotiation.” Ashton didn’t even wait a beat before laying down his law. Ruby’s privileges over making her own decisions had been depleted and Ashton’s hands were firmly griped around her reigns. If he was taking her to a meeting, that was the end of the conversation. She didn’t need to talk, he made the rules.

“It doesn’t help.” She griped, her eyes refusing to find her father in the car even if he was right beside her. Lazily, she stared ahead at the letters on the licence plate in front of them, trying to come up with as many different acronyms as she could in her head. “It’s a waste of time. I could be doing something else.”

“Is there something you’re interested in? Any extra circulars?” Everything went through Ashton first now.

In fast defeat, Ruby knocked her head against the window, her ash blond squished against it like honey spread across a cracker. She used to think that the world on her like a microscope was difficult, but it was a wide open space compared to being beneath the thumb of her father. He used to trust her. He used to be unconcerned if she didn’t come home until eight the next morning, but now Ashton was trying to overcome the guilt he felt for being so laidback with her. He was overcompensating and felt very stern about that approach.

Ashton was smiling again by the time he pulled into the driveway of his Sydney house. He was always happy when he arrived home after any day, long or short. He watched as Ruby lazily unbuckled her seatbelt from over her uniformed body, grabbing her ripped up and old backpack that she never asked to replace from the ground. His eyes were eager and waiting to connect with hers, hoping they could have a real heart to hear, but she stood up outside and shut the door behind her with a hip chuck before heading straight into the house through the garage, Jazz, their golden lab greeting her on her hinds legs as soon as Ruby was in. She tossed her bag to the floor and put her hands onto her beloved puppy right away, scratching at her neck and giving her wet nose a few string of kisses.

“Let’s go get a treat.” To the dog, she whispered.

Ashton entered in right behind her, the garage door gurgling as it closed outside. He caught wind of Ruby right as she turned the corner, Jazz coming back to welcome him home.

“Hi squirt.” Ruby’s hand, chronically dry, slid over her little brother’s shoulder as she passed behind him on the couch, his favorite show on through their PVR.

“Hey. Come watch. This is the weird episode with the chainsaw guy I was telling you about.” Enthusiastic, a shining light in his otherwise tense house, Connor called at his sister as soon as she headed into the kitchen.

Ruby was on her tip toes in front of the closed fridge as soon as she circled into the kitchen, a mess of dishes and paper work taking over like low end décor. Ashton watched her out of the corner of his eyes, his head down as he shuffled through a contract that had been delivered for him by a courier that afternoon. He could hear her palms frantically feeling around on top of the fridge, groaning as she kept slamming nothing, but a stainless steel surface. She sighed loudly through her nostrils and slipped down to the balls of her feet, turning to face Ashton impatiently.

“Here.” He put down the stack of crisp white paper in order to fish her cell phone out of the pocket of his well-worn jeans and hand it over to her.

“Thanks.” Her fingers were scrolling through it immediately as she went to flee the kitchen and join Connor, but Ruby whipped around before the kitchen was out of her peripheral vision. Her hair followed her in a whirlwind as she showed more movement in that nanosecond than she did the entire ride home from her school. “All my texts are open.” She stated.

“I know.” Ashton nodded affirmatively, studying the contract over again.  

“You can’t go through my messages. Who do you think you are!?” As if Ashton had committed the ultimate offense, his teenage daughter hissed, shaking her gripped phone in his general direction.

Right away, Ashton put down his paper work to face her, his hand at his side, “Your father and the person who owns that phone…”

“It’s still my phone.”

“I told you until I can trust you again, it’s in my custody.”

“How am I supposed to trust you if you go through all my stuff!?” Raising her voice, Ruby fought back. She felt like she had been punished since the middle of August, since returning to her home and finding everything in her room had been rifled through like a fascinated burglar had broken in and taken their time.

The television in the other room went off and Connor rushed out of the living room with Jazz hot on his feet, both boy and dog sensing a tsunami coming from the mouths of Ashton and Ruby.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t trust me, Ruby.” Ashton stepped closer and closer to her, both hands gripping the cold stone counter of the rectangular kitchen island, his eyes beating into hers like UVA rays, bleeding through his mafia boss stare and into her line of vision. “I’m your father. I’m trying to prevent another afternoon where I come home and find you lifeless on this fucking kitchen floor!” During her first week in rehab over in Melbourne, Ashton had had their custom tiles all ripped out. He didn’t care about the memories of late night romps with his wife on the cold floor or even Connor’s first steps. Every time his feet shuffled over the tiles after finding Ruby there in a plank position, vomit stuck in her mouth and powder along her nose, he turned into absolute pieces, a conflicted mess. “I’m not going to just to act like nothing has happened, Ruby. I’m not going to let you go about things again with blind faith.” He ranted, his face fuming as she began to feel younger and younger, the little onsie wearing planet obsessed toddler she had been before falling into a new group, becoming infatuated with the lead singer of a blues band her dad was mentoring. “Don’t think for a second that I’m about to apologize for how I go about keeping my kid on the right side of things!”

“How many times are you going to make me feel like a total screw up!?” Screaming back, Ruby released. Her bottom lip curled low as her cheeks tightened, the words coming out raspy as if they had been ground against sandpaper on their way out into the universe. “You don’t think I’m sorry for what I put you, and mom, and Connor through!? Were you not there all those visits to the centre where I apologized over and over again!?”

Sighing, Ashton tried to come down from his anger. The past still lingering through him and feeling as fresh as the scent of his laundry. He pushed himself off of the counter with ease and reached over, both his hands shaking, as they flattened against her face.

“My sweet Ruby, I’m not trying to punish you. I’m trying to help.

Her stare was a bullet, ready and pulled from the barrel of an over and under shotgun. He was squishing in her cheeks, sad as he looked at the little girl who was just a ghost of her bright self now, but Ruby only looked back at him with disdain. She lifted up one hand and smacked his away from her, rushing around the counter towards the door.

“I don’t want your help, I’m fine!” She shouted while rushing up the staircase, a reverse Cinderella at the stroke of midnight. “I haven’t touched anything in three and a half months!”

Ashton had a hundred things to shout angrily back, but he caught all of his words in his throat and turned them into saliva as soon as he heard her door slam, shaking the walls as well as his bones. He grounded his fist slowly into the countertop and wished that someone had sent him a parental guidebook over another album contract.

He remembered anticipating all the bumps that came with being a father. The moment he first held Ruby in a white blanket up to his chest, kissing her pebble nose, he knew the world would test them. He prepared for puberty and all the emotions it would bring. He considered that she would have her heartbroken along the way by someone or another despite his best efforts. He knew that she would need to consume vitamins and minerals. He even thought about how, due to his profession, privacy would be a constant battle in her life. School, friends, love, and manners, all of that, Ashton could cover. He had never considered what would happen if his daughter developed an addiction, if either of his children found themselves adoring the company of cocaine over their own wellbeing.

It took Ashton a little time to cool down. He sat behind his drum kit in his soundproof booth built in the basement, working out his aggression the same way he always had. Eventually, as sweat was running through his strands of messy hair, he crept up the stairs to try again with Ruby. His mind was practicing how he would approach her, the words he would use, and what position was least abrasive to sit in when he entered her bedroom.

As soon as he was up from the basement, he saw his daughter on the bottom step of the stairwell that led up to their hall of bedrooms. She was hunched over with the dog sniffing her hair, lacing up her old purple Chucks. She had retired her school uniform for the day and in a pair of jeans that hid just how rail thin cocaine had made her legs and a woven violet sweater that her grandmother made her while she was in treatment.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ashton crossed his arms over his chest, speaking from behind her. He tried to sound stern, but he couldn’t help himself, but smile at the sight of her look up at him, surprised by his voice. It reminded him of the times he used to creep up behind her after a few days of being away for work, a large gasp escaping her tiny mouth before she bounced up into his arms, usually wearing her moon boots and a cheesy grin.

“You said you were taking me to the meeting.” As soon as she looked away, Ruby spoke, tightening a knot on her left foot.

“Oh, yeah, I lost track of time downstairs.” Rifling his fingers through his hair, he tried to be discreet as he gave his one pit a sniff. He supposed he was clean enough to simply drive her to the community center for the narcotics anonymous meeting was held twice a week. He had gone in the first time, but they insisted he leave in order for Ruby to feel more comfortable with her story. “I’ll just get my keys…” Internally, Ashton wanted to saunter like a gazelle into the kitchen. He was so proud of Ruby for taking the initiative of getting ready for her meeting despite having absolutely no desire to go. Ashton hurried with his keys and wallet, meeting her in the garage with extra pep in his step.

“This is really great, Ruby. I’m really happy you’re going.” He shared with her as he backed out of his driveway, the radio playing ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ as soon as he drove onto a main street. Ashton’s lips vibrated against one another as he hummed along, moving his head to the soulful sound.

“Well, you want me to.” She was frustrated with the new state of her life back home, the rules put in place that made her feel like a prisoner in her outfitted bedroom, but more than anything, Ruby wanted her father’s pride and approval again. She wanted him to forget about how she pale she was and cold she felt in his arms when he found her passed out. She hoped he would be able to sleep soon, close his eyes without remembering shaking his daughter in his arms and screaming at the 911 operator while on his knees. She hoped that he would be able to let her outside to walk their dog without watching from the window. Most of all, Ruby just prayed that, one day, her dad wouldn’t think about her as a junkie, as someone with a problem. She just wanted to be Ruby Irwin, NASA enthusiast, again.

Ashton’s tires screeched over the cement as he pulled up in front of the building that looked completely vacant from the outside. He turned down the volume of the radio and rested his hands between his knees.

“Your mom or I will pick you up in an hour and a bit.” He informed her of what she already knew and only earning himself a nod of acknowledgment in return. “Ruby?” As she was sliding out from behind the dashboard, he called for her to look back at him, blond hair running free down her back as she moved her chin to her shoulder. “You’re going to be okay, you know?” Sometimes, Ashton stayed up all night and thought about just how scared Ruby must have felt. He tried to remember what it was like to be a teenager and then tried to pretend he knew what it was like to struggle with something as overwhelming as an addiction. He used to hold her in the middle of the night, promising with a soft coo in her ear that everything would be alright when the thunder startled her awake, and all Ashton wanted to do since she returned home from rehab was just that.

“Thanks.” She grumbled and glanced down at her shoes on the dirty ground. Before heading into the building, she twisted around and pressed her lips to his cheek for just a moment, a blink and you’ll miss it peck before leaving the car completely. Ashton usually would have watched her to make sure she made it to the door, but he was so happy to have been kissed by his little angel again that he drove away, giving her the trust that she wanted.

“Hi Ruby.” One of the women who ran the meetings greeted the young girl at the door, grinning as she set up the table of refreshments. Ruby merely waved back, her discomfort setting in naturally. There were plenty of other people there, all of which she recognized from last time, but she stayed back and let them pick their fold out chairs first.

“Hey space girl.” Behind her, a voice slid like bonfire smoke behind her. The sound of a dealer as familiar as their own thoughts to a loyal customer. She was nervous to so much as check, but Ruby turned four steps and spotted the musician behind her, the frontman, her father’s ex grasshopper, grinning at her like she was meat and he was a famished street dog. They hadn’t seen one another since her parents admitted her to the rehab in Melbourne. Ashton had blocked the man’s number from his daughter’s phone and held him, by the neck, against a brick wall while cursing him out and making it plain that he would be destroyed if he ever so much as spoke to Ruby again.

Ashton had only just pulled up into his driveway as his cell phone began to buzz in the pocket of his jeans. He suspected it would be his wife since they hadn’t touched base as they usually did on days like today when their lives were running in opposite directions. He frowned at the series of numbers on his screen, not sure who on Earth they belonged to. They weren’t even his area code.

“Hello?” Knit together, his eyebrows fell over his eyes as he answered, shutting off his car.

“Is this Mr. Irwin? Ruby Irwin’s father?” On the other end, a woman who sounded more like wind chimes than human checked.

“This is he.” He loved being called Ruby Irwin’s father. He wished he could have it printed on a bumper sticker, but he was sure that his daughter would be absolutely mortified if he did.

“I’m Becky from NA. I’m going to need you to meet me at St. Jude’s…” Carefully, she told him. In all her years as a sponsor, this hadn’t happened before. She thought she had seen it all, but this was as new as an undiscovered animal in the wild.

“St Jude’s!?” It was the hospital he had rushed Ruby to only months before.

“One of the girls here found Ruby having a seizure in the washroom. She’s on her way to St Jude’s now…” Slowly, the woman kept talking, trying to keep Ashton from completely losing his mind on the other end.

It was useless though. Pain had replaced oxygen in his body and Ashton felt his mouth and throat turn into cotton. He couldn’t hear words coming out of his mouth, but his gums were flapping as sweat began to surface through his skin. He didn’t even notice himself turn the ignition of the car back on, backing out of the driveway without looking in either mirror.

“I don’t know, sir.” Becky answered a question that had already left his mind. “She was talking to someone no one claimed to recognize before we started. He was in a leather jacket.”

That was enough of a description because while vague, Ashton would never forget the mental sketch he had of the boy he mistakenly trusted with his daughter, the same chiseled musician who had wasted so much time with trying to help his band find footing and fame.

Ashton couldn’t feel his legs as he entered the hospital, but they brought him up three flights of stairs, unprepared to wait for the lift, and through the floor he knew too well for his liking. His hands, dry and shaking, slapped against the nurse’s desk as his breathed raced loudly. He couldn’t form any words even though a thousand were lodged at the bottom of his throat.

“Roo….Roobee…” He managed to muster out, one hand lifting from the counter top to clutch his stomach as he felt it turn into wet cement slabs under his shoulders. The nurse went from squinting at him with struggle to sitting up straight. Her tongue poked out between her lips as she registered who he was. He was Ashton Irwin, drummer of Australia’s darlings, father of the newly admitted patient, Ruby D. Irwin.

“Have a seat, Mr. Irwin, I need you to…” Her hands reached for the clipboard in front of her, but Ashton cut her off, leaving her mouth open as he began to shout.

“I don’t want to sit!” His words had found their way out now. “I don’t want to fucking sit. Where is Ruby? I’ll fill out whatever the fuck I have to fill out after I see my kid!” He fumed, shaking his head and reaching up to pull at the sides of his hair. The nurse was about to try again, the clipboard in both her hands, but Ashton had gathered enough attention that a doctor, tall and elderly, stepped out of Room 311 to intervene.

 “Leanne, I’m going to need you to open the family room.” In a hushed tone, the doctor nodded at the nurse before nodding for Ashton to follow him. He led Ashton over to the door that he had just come out of, but stood in his way, refusing to let him inside. He held up both his hands, first forward as a sign of caution and surrender, and then he put them together in a motion for prayer before he apologized over and over to Ashton.

He could hear the doctor, but the words weren’t registering. All that could he feel was bile rising up his throat and back down as he swallowed. There was absolutely no chance that this was happening to him. Without any consent of his own, Ashton dropped to his knees. He couldn’t even feel himself as he was on all floors, his face on fire and soaking all at once. He was screaming, but he couldn’t hear himself. The doctor bent at the knees to help Ashton up, trying to reach under his arms, but it was no use. Ashton was a helpless mess on the ground.

“She’s not! She’s not! She’s not! She’s not!” Shaking his head feverishly, he just kept screaming at the doctor as two nurses came over to try and tend to him, help him onto his feet. “She’s not! She’s fucking not!” His voice cracked as he began to feel lightheaded.

Throwing his limbs around, demanding to see his Ruby, Ashton was ushered into ‘the family room’, the quiet space at the end of the hall with a bed and a couch as well as array of overused board games. They brought him a bottle of water along with Ruby’s things that had been on her when she arrived via ambulance. Ashton was quiet, squinting at the wall, and out of feeling. He swore he could hear the four walls talking, going back and forth about what a horrible father he was. The hospital had tried to contact his wife, but only had luck reaching his mother and asked her to come instead. As he yawned, exhaustion filling his broken body, Ashton spied a small spiral bound notebook coming out of his daughter’s knapsack. Reaching down with the little energy he had, he picked it up from the ground and opened it at the back, flipping through until he found ink.

When I’m high, I swear I can touch the moon.

I love the moon.

Dad used to call me his little moon.

Now he wishes to send me there.

He hates me.

I love him so.

He hates me.

Her tiny cursive, lowercase I’s all left undotted, sang to him and brought hiccups and tears through his face. He had been so wrapped up in his anger and worry these days that Ashton had completely forgotten he once called his beloved Ruby, his little moon. It was a nickname he made up for her when she a child, an easy way to make her smile. The broken pieces of his heart individually ached all over again s the only thing harder than losing his baby was that she went away thinking he hated her when he had never loved anyone more.


For charity, the boys, now men, were putting on a reunion show after a long five year break from touring together or putting out any new music. Respectively, all four of the members had been busy with their own musical projects and budding families, but they were eager to be in the studio with one another again. In fact, all four of them were antsy to perform again with one another, just as they had been the first time they ever played for an audience.

Backstage, fixing his hair in the mirror, and laughing over memories of how he used to wear it, Michael waited for the buzz of his cell phone to let him know that his family had arrived. It was getting closer and closer to nine o’clock and, so far, he hadn’t heard so much as a peep. He was surprised to hear his phone singing on the counter, over the sound of Luke and Ashton making up funny songs on guitar behind him. Michael picked up and immediately plugged his bare ear with an index finger.

“Hi Sweetheart.” He was grinning already. Mimi, his eldest, didn’t have to say a word to cause him to beam. She had been his little light since birth, even when she was throwing temper tantrums or breaking curfew. “Are you here?”

“Not yet. We got a late start, so we’re about ten minutes from Melbourne. We might miss a song or two….” While she was disappointed about her tardiness, Mimi sounded happy on the other end. She had always loved watching her dad up on stage when she was a little girl, large bun in her hair and candy necklace wrapped twice over both wrists. As soon as he mentioned to his family that Five Seconds of Summer were heading back to the studio, she been elated. Unlike a lot of children of rock stars, Mimi encouraged her father in his career. She knew it made him happy and she had grown up to realize that she liked him best when he was in a good place. All the times she kicked and screamed or tried to sneak out of her bedroom window seemed without point to her now.

“I’ll tell Dennis at the back. Are you driving?” Michael began to walk out of the dressing room in order to hear his daughter’s voice, sugary as the contents of a Pixie Stix. He thought of himself as a pretty laidback dad, but he made it abundantly clear to both his little girls that texting and driving or talking while driving or doing anything that wasn’t driving while driving was strictly prohibited. He had just about gone into cardiac arrest when Mimi earned her beginners. She was sixteen now, but he still worried every time she was behind the wheel.

“No, Cody is. Mom and Deanie left ahead of us.”

“Hi Mr. Clifford!” Vaguely, Michael could hear Mimi’s boyfriend through the phone. It had taken a little getting used to for Michael, but he had accepted that his daughter had a boyfriend by now. The two of them had been inseparable since they met through rugby clubs when she was twelve. Michael was really the only one who was surprised when on Mimi’s sixteenth birthday, the eighteen year old asked her to go out with him. Michael had decided, since then, that on paper, Cody O’Rourke was all you could ask for. He was always looking out for Mimi and everyone could tell he only wanted what was best for. In fact, Michael credited Cody as to his daughter improving in attitude. She was going through a bratty phase when she and Cody became close and since then, Mimi had softened into a much kinder form.

“Hi Cody.” Leaning against the cold white wall, feeling a chill snake up his spine, Michael chuckled. “You’re going to miss your favorite song.” He warned her, knowing full well that his daughter had always favored Voodoo Doll even though it was a song they played less and less of as it was about as old as they were now.

“No!” Mimi exaggerated her disappointment, laughing as soon as she was finishing calling out. “Tell Uncle Luke to play that in an encore. Tell him I’ll never talk to him again if you guys play it first.”

“I’ll pass the message along. Look, I got to go, but I’ll see you after the show, alright?” He caught a glimpse of the time on the wall, the clock slow by a few minutes and started to say goodbye. He heard the words leaving Mimi’s mouth out of reflex and hung up before catching the sound of her sweet, ‘I love you, Daddy’.

He was high once he emerged from the show, dripping in his own perspiration and some of Luke’s. The smile on his face felt it couldn’t be removed without the serious help of acetone. It felt just as it used to, performing with his three best friends again. He turned the corner into the dressing room, whipping the white towel from around his shoulders into the corner before rushing over to his wife and fourteen year old for a hug and ‘congratulations’. He held them both tightly, groaning above their heads, and pushing Deanie’s face into his armpit just to live up to his annoying Dad title that he was quite proud of.

“That was great.” From one earring to the other, his wife beamed up at him as he leaned down to give her a long kiss. They were one of those couples everyone seemed to adore, but envy at the same time. Even after sixteen years and two children, they were still as in love with one another as they had been when they met outside an arena in Lincoln, Nebraska.

“You liked?” He smirked down at her, both girls under a different arm as he took a moment to be with his family while the room began to fill with friends and brownnosers.

“Oh yeah, I fell for you all over again. I think I embarrassed Deanie with my fan-girlng.”  Earning an almost effortless eye roll from their youngest, Michael and his wife laughed.

“She used to not be able to control herself around me, kiddo.” Michael explained as Deanie shudder, just thinking of what her dad was trying to imply.

“Yeah and now she just wishes you wouldn’t leave your dishes all over the place.” Deanie stuffed her elbow into her Dad’s gut before freeing herself from his arm to find someone in the room that wouldn’t talk about how in love they were with one another. Sure enough, Luke’s ten year old son was playing video games with his cousin in the corner.

Michael moved away from his wife to roll on a layer of deodorant, bending down into his open duffle bag to rifle through it.

“Where’s Mimi? Did you see her out there?” Michael checked, expecting his eldest to literally bounce in with her boyfriend’s hand tightly attached to her’s. “She said she would be a bit late.”

“No, I couldn’t find her. We texted her, but she never answered. She was probably busy dancing away.” Mimi had learned how to dance through the music her father and uncles came up with. They all had plenty of video footage of her bouncing off tempo on her knees to their music. Mimi had been an exceptionally cute baby, the kind that you weren’t sure how they were real and not drawn by the hand of a cartoonist.

“People always want to take more pictures of her than they do any of us.” Michael commented. Mimi has her own fans, people who didn’t even know her showing up at her rugby matches and cheering her on. She always loved the attention, too, never turning anyone away.

As the room began to fill with static and drinks started to pour, Michael rested on the couch with good friends, laughing at old stories as people recalled the days when 5 Seconds of Summer were just starting out as opening acts. He wondered where Mimi was and sent her two messages, but assumed something had come up. She was, maybe, busy having something to eat with her boyfriend. He remembered what being sixteen and obsessed with your significant other was like.

“Ah, it’s Cody’s mom.” Underneath Michael’s arm, a cold beer pressed into her bare arm, Michael’s wife excused herself from the loud circle of shouting men, picking up the phone with a confused expression as she migrated to a quiet corner of the large dressing room.

Luke’s son and nephew were teaching Deanie how to play their new army game when they dropped the controller loudly, the sound of Mrs. Clifford hypervenitalting capturing their attention and freaking them all out.

“Mom, are you okay?!” Deanie jumped up onto her feet from the carpet and rushed to her mother’s side, completely concerned. Mrs. Clifford had both hands cupping her mouth as she started to shudder. “Dad!” Deanie didn’t know what was going on, but she shouted for her father anyway, freaked out by her mother’s unusual reaction. “Dad!” She shouted again, this time earning most of the room’s attention.

Calum’s on-again/off-again girlfriend came running, putting an arm over her good friend as Michael put down his beer and headed over to his wife who looked like she was about to turn into a gray statue in the corner of the room.

“Okay. Okay. Okay…” Nodding, Michael’s wife’s words were muffled behind her clasped hands. “I will. Okay.”

“What’s going on?” She wasn’t giving him anything to go off of and Michael couldn’t remember a time he had ever seen her act this way, so startled and anxious. She was breathing louder than she was speaking.

She almost dropped the phone as she closed it, beginning to rush away and search for her purse.

“There was a bad accident on the Eastern Freeway, they’ve identified Cody’s car, we have to go to the hospital.” She panicked, racing around the room, as Michael’s heart sped up a thousand paces over time. Deanie gasped, but began to follow her mother like a shadow as everyone watched, unsure of what to say, but calling out different suggestions anyway. Michael headed to the mirror, bending down to find his keys before remembering he hadn’t actually driven to the venue.

“Here, here, here…” Ashton leaned over the couch’s back, dangling his wife’s keys loudly for Michael to take. Michael didn’t even thank him, he just spun around and swiped them greedily from the drummer’s hand before grabbing his jacket off the floor. He put it on as he walked to the door, stopping to reach his hand out for his wife’s as she made her way over, rummaging through her purse.

“Think positive!” A woman, someone from hair and makeup, called out. For all they knew, everything could be fine. Maybe, Cody was just taken to the hospital to be checked out. Maybe, Mimi didn’t even have a scratch on her. She was a tough girl after all.

“Call us, okay?” Calum’s girlfriend shouted with her thumb nail nervously between her teeth.

“Wait, wait for me!” Deanie hollered from the corner, stepping into her leather slip-ons while trying to walk over to her parents all at once.

“No, you stay here.” Michael demanded, waving the keys in the air as he held out on arm, his signal to stop Deanie in her tracks. The littlest Clifford continued anyway before her Uncle Luke stood up and caught her by the wrist gently holding her in the dressing room.

“Just hang out with us.” He whispered in a voice that he hoped was soothing, moving his hand away from her wrist and over her shoulder to begin rubbing at her back.

The hospital was a mess when Michael finally arrived after sitting in slow traffic frustrated for two hours. Michael felt like he was having a panic attack the whole time. Neither he nor his wife spoke, the radio stayed off, and they tuned out the sound of noisy cars honking as they sat unable to move, unable to know the state of their baby. Maybe, she was fine and all the freaking out was for nothing. Maybe, she had a couple broken bones. Or, maybe…maybe they couldn’t think about what was going. They didn’t know and it felt worse than any concrete answer.

He tried to remain composed, but his voice was the sound of nails against a chalkboard as he found a free nurse and jumped right in front of her fast feed. The scrub clad nurses behind the counter were too busy to attend to new people coming in.

“Mimi Clifford and Cody O'Rourke.” Not sure what else to say, he shouted out the names of the two missing children right in the woman’s face as if she could possibly remember any patient by their name.

Surprisingly, she connected with him, her eyes surging into his from behind her thick prescription.

“Are you the parent?” First, she checked.

“Yeah, Mimi Clifford’s.” He nodded, breathing out his daughter’s name again as his wife came up behind her, eyes eager for answers as she wrapped her hands around Michael’s arm.

“You’re going to need to go to the coroner’s office.” Picking up her pace where she left it, the nurse weaved by the worried couple. She said the word ‘coroner’ so casually that Michael assumed he heard her incorrectly.

“The corner office?” With his wife, he turned to ask.

“No, coroner’s.” Above all the voices of the emergency waiting room, the nurse called back, her hand waving in the air like a baton twirler at the head of an Easter parade.

At the sound of the word spoken with so much clarity this time, Michael reached over at the sound of his wife’s hitched breath. He reached around her and pulled her near, comforting himself by poking his chin into the top of her head.

All they wanted the whole way over was to know what was going on, but now that they were steps away from answers, they didn’t want to move. Discreetly, Michael kept gripping his sides and pulling at them, checking if he was asleep and in the middle of the worst nightmare he had ever conjured up. Unfortunately, he was wide awake and had the nail marks in his stomach to prove it.

Holding hands, Michael led his wife into the room, following a mousy male doctor, years too young to be wearing a lab coat so comfortably, into a cold room. White clothes draped over the shape of bodies with blank tags peeking out.

“I’ve got to warn you, this is graphic…” The doctor began, his gloved hands sliding underneath the top end of the sheet. “He came in quite disheveled and dead on arrival…” As the doctor kept talking, all Mrs. Clifford did was keep whispering: It might not be them, it might not be them…

Slowly, the doctor removed the sheet just to the pale body’s broad clavicle. Michael gagged without meaning to, his wife turning into a weak waterfall of tears, tripping over her knees on spot. He didn’t look like the handsome rugby player anymore, but he was very much Cody O'Rourke, the boy who had become something of a son to them.

Michael instantly began to cry as he tried to hold his wife up. He felt as if he knew what was coming next. The table next would hold a cold version of his sweet little girl, his baby, his biggest fan, and reason for being.

“I can’t, I can’t do this…” Blubbering, his wife managed to gasp out. Michael tried to keep her standing, but she broke free from his hands and fled the room beside herself. He didn’t even know how she was managing to move. Michael felt as if he wasn’t there. His feet were on the floor, but he wasn’t actually in the room.

“Our understanding is the point of impact was on the driver’s side, so while the passenger was not initially struck, when the car spun out there was multiple collisions.” The doctor explained though Michael wasn’t absorbing anything due to how numb his body had gone in order to keep himself breathing. “Are you ready?” The doctor asked with the second sheet above his fingers. Michael waited, standing there, for two whole minutes before nodding ever so slightly. As soon as the sheet was at the forehead he knew it was Mimi. While she was bruised and broken, there was a barrette still keeping her bangs back, three rhinestone red circles, which she always wore as good luck for her rugby games or anything that she was excited for. He closed his eyes after just a glimpse of his daughter. He didn’t want to remember her that way. He wanted his last image of her to be when she was alive and laughing, running around their backyard with him and playing make believe.

Michael felt like he had been hit by oncoming traffic as he stood there dizzy, seeing stars before he hit the ground, passed out cold.


Cantaloupe. Carnivore. Cattle.

Cancer had become such a normal part of their daily life that the word had absolutely no effect on Calum anymore. His youngest son, Keaton, was diagnosed with AML days after his third birthday and they had celebrated the following four birthdays in the hospital in Sydney and most other holidays. Calum would always hold last Christmas when Keaton was allowed out for a week as one of the best in their family’s history. They had driven down to his sister’s place and celebrated with the entire family. It was the most he had ever seen his son smile in one day. He imagined it had something to do with the lack of tubes and needles being poked into him and not so much the fact that he was surrounded by doting family members.

There had been frequent moments that were led by hope. Weeks and months where it really seemed as if Keaton was going to beat the blood cells that just weren’t properly contributing to his little body. Of course, those weeks and months were closely followed by horrible bouts. The doctors could barely look Calum in the eye when they read numbers and notes off their daily sheets. Today was like neither of those days, though. Today was the one that you only watched other family’s go through, that people tried to re-enact poorly in music videos, the one that you could never understand or plan for even after going through it.

Calum was sitting stoic by Keaton’s bed side, reading the book, ‘Brown Bear, What Do You See?’, to his young boy. On the other side of the bed, Calum’s longtime girlfriend was beside herself. A crunched up tissue was clutched in her hand as she held it to her wet eyes and runny nose. Their other son, nine year old Carter, was sat beside his mother, rubbing her knee and looking as ghostly as Halloween decorations outside of a department store display. He wanted to be tough and brave, the way he and Keaton defined those words, for his little brother, but it was much harder than he thought. 

While Calum’s family and his girlfriends were all waiting outside, praying for miracles to be something that were more than just sweet ideas for song lyrics, Calum and his girlfriend had decided to say goodbye to their son all by themselves, just their little family. It was said that sound was the last sense to go and they didn’t want their son to drift into the light hearing too many overwhelming sounds. They wanted him to be comfortable and ready. Calum had a hunch that crying grandmothers didn’t make drifting away easier. He imagined it actually would make the whole task quite frightening. Calum was trying not to cry, he didn’t want Keaton to hear him, so he just read hm his favorite book slowly and naturally. He hoped it was what his sweet truck and flamingo loving boy would want.

He had just boarded a plane when Keaton began to grow weak and crash. It was slightly over twenty hours to travel from Sydney to Manhattan. When Calum had kissed his son goodbye on the cheek, promising to only be gone a week, Keaton was fine. He was up in bed with a carton of apple juice, watching an animal show geared towards little kids. Once Calum landed he had over a dozen messages from the woman in his life, demanding he come home.

“It’s Keaton,” They all said. “Come home now.”

Calum didn’t even bother to call for details before booking a return flight home. He hadn’t picked up his luggage from his first flight or made either Luke, Ashton, or Michael aware. He just rolled his carry on by the pick-up point and went straight for the welcome desk, asking to be put on the next flight for Sydney which wasn’t for another four hours.

“Goldfish,” Calum began, licking his finger print before flipping the page. He had read the book so many times that he didn’t even need it there anymore. Even though Keaton had jaundice and his eyes were mostly closed, Calum was still holding the book open in front of him, pointing out the cartoon drawing and explaining them to his baby. “Goldfish, what do you – “


It was tires over a dirt race track, nails across the teacher’s board, girls overcompensating for the poor sex they were having, a small man hacking up his lunch in the bathroom. The sound of the heart monitor flat lining was unlike anything Calum had ever heard before and, as a musician, he prided himself on knowing all the sounds the world could come up with. His wife instantly squeezed Keaton’s hand with one of her own and then took held of their other son as she sobbed, almost louder than the beeping.

Calum choked back his tears as they began to burn like spark flames in his eyes and just kept reading the book, one hand wrapped over Keaton’s tiny mitt as nurses and doctor’s rushed in around them, dismantling the machine and removed cords from Keaton’s tiny stomach as they wept. He had been there so long and he meant so much to every one of them. It didn’t matter how many times they went through it. It was always heartbreaking to see a family fall apart by no choice of their won.

“I love you, buddy.” Calum leaned in and whispered once the book came to an end. He pressed his face into his boy’s side, kissing Keaton over and over on his dry cheek as he was being rolled away on the hospital bed. The further Keaton was taken, the closer to death Calum began to feel.  “Be good.” He whispered knowing that if Keaton’s mother could form any English words that was what she would say. She was always on the boys to behave as if they were at their grandmother’s house, no matter where they went.

Pregnancy Series #33 - Meeting the Boys

Ashton: After Ashton had managed to get his family to go home, you were exhausted but you felt bad wanting his family to leave. You had fallen asleep a little before they left and when you woke up you saw Ashton walking around the room carrying Fletcher in his arms. He wasn’t saying anything, just looking at him, like he couldn’t believe he was actually real. “You know Ashton, he is real.” You said, alerting Ashton that you were now awake. “I know he is.. I just can’t look away from him. Is it alright if the boys stop by for a little bit? I figured we could just get all the visits out of the way, that way we can hog him all to ourselves.” You sighed, you had just gotten Ashton’s family to go home and now he wanted the band to come. Even though they were kinda there when Fletcher was born, they had let you all have the first moments with your son alone. “They’re standing outside the door aren’t they?” You raised your eyebrow, trying not to laugh. You already knew what the answer was going to be when you asked. “Y/N PLEASE? I WANNA MEET MY NEPHEW!” You could hear Michael yell from outside the door. “MICHAEL YOU ARE YELLING.”

They didn’t really wait for a response from either you or Ashton, and opened the door anyway. Michael came in first, and the others followed behind him. “You know you guys did a really good job. He’s a beauty.” Calum was the first one to speak up, and you smiled. “I still can’t believe the little guy was born on the bus… We aren’t gonna get the security deposit back are we?” Michael slapped Luke on the arm. “What?! I’m just asking!” You laughed, just looking back down at Fletcher. Ashton gently lifted Fletcher from your arms and handed him to Michael, while telling him to support Fletchers head. “Y/N how are the lady parts feeling?” Michael asked while bouncing Fletcher up and down in his arms. “MICHAEL.” “WHAT DID I DO?” Your mouth was almost on the ground in shock, and Luke and Calum were practically on the ground rolling around in laughter. You knew they had seen a lot of you since they helped deliver Fletcher but you weren’t sure exactly how much they’d seen. It was kinda weird for you to think about. “WE ARE NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT MY GIRLFRIEND’S LADY PARTS.” After you got over your initial shock you couldn’t help but laugh at Ashton.

“Michael you’re hogging the kid, hand him over!” Calum started reaching, and Michael handed Fletcher to him.  Calum adjusted his little hat, and giggled a little bit. “What is it Cal?” He stared down at Fletcher for a minute before answering. “Babies come with hats.” You were confused, and when you looked up at Ashton he looked like he was just as confused as you were about what Calum said. “Babies come with hats. They don’t have any money or anything and they can’t talk yet, but they get themselves a hat.” You smiled, and started laughing. You didn’t know how Calum had come up with that but he was right. You had never seen a newborn without a little hat on their head. “You worry me a little bit you know that right?” Ashton asked, raising an eyebrow at Calum, and he just nodded. A few minutes later a nurse came in to tell you know that visiting hours were over and the boys would have to leave soon. You had to admit, you were a little bit relieved. They started to leave the room, when you realized that neither you or Ashton was holding Fletcher. “HEY HEMMINGS, GIVE ME BACK MY KID.” Ashton yelled, and chased after him. He came back in with Fletcher in his arms and you laughed. “Ashton if you ever lose our son again you’re sleeping on the couch forever.

Luke:  You buttoned up your shirt after feeding Jason and passed him over to Luke to be burped. You two were still in the hospital and you were sucking up all the time that you could get before you had to be home alone, without the help of nurses and doctors. Luke was trying but it really just looked like a giraffe trying to burp a baby. He had to hold him up while keeping his head supported and burp him at the same time. You let out a small giggle and pulled out your phone to take a snapchat for the boys. You opened the app but you found that you already had one. It was from Michael and you had only missed it by a few minutes. Sitting down you opened up what was really a video and saw Calum running down a hallway in front of the camera with a ridiculous amount of balloons. The house in Up didn’t have this many balloons. And in so many shapes. You heard Michael shout down to Calum but you couldn’t really make out what he said. But you did hear something very clearly. It was Ashton’s voice. “Michael, you are in a hospital. Stop yelling.” Then the video cut out. You laughed at their antics before it suddenly hit you. They were already here.

You turned and grabbed Jason very quickly from Luke turning and placing him back in his little hospital crib. Luke gave you a look like you were crazy before a look of total shock when Michael tackled him to the ground. “Lucky thing I wasn’t holding the baby.” Luke stated, pushing Michael off of him and standing up. “You know I wouldn’t let that happen.” You heard Ashton say. You couldn’t see him through a sea of balloons though. “I can’t see anything.” You shouted over to the boys. There was some scuffing of shoes on the tile and what sounded like an “ow!” from Luke, before Calum popped out from behind a balloon telling you “get well soon.” You gave him a hug and then a look that clearly said “What’s with the balloons.” He gave a laugh. “They were out of congratulations so I got the next best thing.” The rest of the boys and your boyfriend eventually made their way to you and the baby.  “Is this him?” Ash asked. You and Luke shared a smile. Luke opened his mouth to speak but you interrupted him. “No,” You stated. “Our’s is in the shop. This one’s a loaner.” Michael and Calum laughed while Ashton turned a shade of pink. You picked him up and held him out to the boys. “Who wants to hold him first?” Calum tentatively held his hands out and took Jason to him. He looked a bit scared. “Calum, he’s a baby. Not a bomb.” Luke told him. Calum gave him a slight sneer before turning back to Jason. “He’s a cute baby.” “Thanks,” Michael cut in.

“He gets my looks.” Luke gave him a shove. “Hey! I get to take credit for my own baby.” He yelled. Calum passed Jason off to Ashton who was sitting in a chair. “Hey, bud.” He greeted. “I’m gonna buy you so many toys and then I’m going to be your favorite uncle. Even though you have five of them.” Ash gave him one last hug before finally giving him to Michael. Michael held Jason close to his chest. His eyes lit up when they met your sons and a huge smile crossed his face. “Wow.” He let out with a breath. Like he was holding it. “Luke.” “Yeah, dude?” Michael finally looked up. “You have a really fucking cute baby.” You all laughed before a nurse came in and told everyone that visiting hours would be over soon. “Well,” Calum started, “We would have been here much earlier if we could find this room. It took us twenty minutes!” Luke assured them that they could come back tomorrow and they assured him that they would. Now that the boys had met Jason, you knew it was going to be hard to pull them away from him. They’d be fighting to babysit, but you wouldn’t leave your newborn alone with any of them before they all passed some kind of child CPR class. You loved those boys like they were brothers, but they all made you nervous, especially Michael. “You know we’re never gonna get them away from him right?” Luke asked, snapping you out of your daze. “I think you just read my mind Hemmings.”

Calum:  You were finally getting ready to leave. Packing up everything that you brought and others had brought was a bit harder the second time around. Having two babies that refused to be put down was hard enough. You and Cal decided that it was probably better that you each take one so that you each had one free arm. You had Mckenzie and Calum had Madison. You had to leave in half an hour and were throwing things into bags left and right, and at this point you didn’t really know what was ending up in what bag. The boys said that they would come and pick you two up so that they had a chance to meet them without getting really in the way. They were due to arrive any minute. Calum maneuvered around you like he had been doing this his whole life. That was the funny thing about Calum. He had only been a father for about two days but he was already so good at the basic things like feeding and changing diapers. You were still having some trouble.

You heard a knock on the door and shouted that it was open. You knew it was the boys and you both sighed in relief. With extra hands meant that you two could actually finish on time. The all shuffled in looking awkward, feeling that they were already in the way. Those three really did not belong in the maternity ward of a hospital. You and Calum quickly turned and handed off the girls to whoever had open arms and finished packing. You finally zipped the last bag and sat on the bed with Calum. You looked over to the boys and saw what was probably the sweetest thing those boy would ever do. Michael was sitting in the rocking chair with Madison, rocking back and forth. Luke had Mckenzie and was swaying on his feet on Michael’s right. Ashton was looking back and forth between the two, and he looked like he had a confused look on his face. “How do you tell them apart?” He asked. “Hospital bracelets.” You answered without a beat, still throwing things into bags. “What about when you have to take those off?” You and Calum looked at each other and panicked, you hadn’t thought that far ahead. “You hadn’t even thought of that had you?” “WHEN YOU GIVE BIRTH TO TWINS YOU LET ME KNOW HOW TO THINK OF EVERYTHING OKAY IRWIN.” Ashton just laughed, he was just joking around and you broke a smile.

After a few minutes, you started to get a little emotional. “(Y/N),” Luke at you looked confused. “Are you crying?” You sniffled. “No. I’m-” Sniffle “Just allergic to really cute moments.” They all let out a chuckle. “Why don’t I have one?” Ashton asked. “Because we didn’t have three, Ash.” Calum responded. “We’ll why not?” You were a few seconds away from giving Ashton a good slap upside the head. “Of course Ashton, I’ll just pop out another one no problem so you have one to hold.” Calum burst out laughing, and for once you were thankful that he wasn’t holding one of the girls because you probably would have had a heart attack. A nurse came back in with a wheelchair and your confirmed paper work. “You guys are all set. Congratulations again!” She handed Calum the paperwork, and helped you get in the wheelchair. While the boys put the girls in their carriers, you were wheeled out into the hallway. You didn’t like the fact that you had to be in a wheelchair, but the nurses had told you it was hospital policy so there was no getting out of it. You may worry about the boys sometimes, but it was days like today that you were thankful they were around to help out. Once you were all situated in the car and Calum began driving away, Ashton spoke up from the front seat. “Y/N, are you SURE you can’t have another one?”

Michael: To be quite honest, you still weren’t over the shock that you gave birth to twins. The doctor said that it was pretty rare to not know about a second baby, but sometimes they hide behind the other making it impossible to know about. Having twins definitely wasn’t going to be easy and you could already tell. The only time you had slept so far was when Michael’s parents had visited and they were holding the babies. Michael had found out that Jameson was a daddy’s boy and started to wail just about every time he was put down, or was held by anyone other then Michael. “Babe can I hold Coralee?” Michael asked, and you raised an eyebrow at him. He already knew the answer to that question, but before you could give him your smartass answer, Calum burst the door open.  “WHERE’S MY NIECE?” He announced to the room, and then saw that Michael was holding a baby as well. “THERES TWO OF THEM?!” They all said at once, apparently the shock was a little much for the rest of the boys as was now reflected on their faces. It was almost too much for Luke, and you saw him sit down in the chair in the corner of the room.
“Boys, this is Jameson Michael Clifford. He decided to hide behind his sister for the last nine months so we didn’t know about him until he arrived.” Michael bounced Jameson up and down in his arms, and he let out a giggle. “He has your nose Y/N…” Ashton admired, booping it with his finger. You smiled at him, and now that you were looking Ashton was definitely right. “Can I hold him?” Luke spoke up from the corner, and you looked over at him. “That may not be the best idea.. He kind of wails whenever I’m not holding him.” Michael laughed a little, but he was being completely serious. “Stubborn just like his dad already, seems like a Clifford trait.” Calum said, walking over to you and admiring Coralee. “Now she definitely has Michael’s eyes.. She’s gorgeous Y/N. Michael must have had no part in this one besides the eyes.” You laughed, and you’d smack Calum on the arm if you could. “HEY NOW.” Michael objected, looking over at his daughter. “Can I hold her?” You nodded. “Coralee, you’re going to see your Uncle Calum now. He’s like a puppy I promise.” He gently took her into his arms, and sat down in the other chair opposite Luke. “Make sure you support her head Cal!” Michael told him, nodding his head like he was trying to give him directions. “This isn’t the first time I’ve held a baby Michael, it’s okay!” You knew Michael was just being protective, he was a new dad and now he had more people to protect besides just you. It was actually pretty cute to you. “Awww look at Mikey being protective.” Luke said from the corner.

He motioned to Calum to hand Coralee to him so Calum slowly got up and brought Coralee to Luke. She was the opposite of Jameson, and slept through almost anything besides when she was being fed. “I can’t believe the two of you actually made these humans, it kind of baffles me to be honest.” Ashton commented, he had still been admiring Jameson in Michael’s arms when he spoke up. “And why is that Irwin?” You asked. “I still see Michael as the teenager with a long fringe and galaxy leggings playing video games in his room, and now he’s a dad. This is the weirdest transition I have ever witnessed in my life!” You couldn’t help but laugh, no one was ever going to let Michael live that picture down and frankly you were kind of thankful for that. “And just to be clear, I will be showing that to your children every day. They will know that picture of their Dad before they can even talk.” Michael looked at Ashton with a flat look on his face, and you knew what was coming before he even opened his mouth. “Irwin, you will never babysit my kids. EVER. TIME TO GO KIDS.” Luke handed Coralee back to you and Michael started shooing them out the door. “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THAT PICTURE FOREVER CLIFFORD.” Ashton yelled as Michael shut the door, and he sighed once it was shut. “He’s right you know.” Michael stuck his tongue at you, and you laughed. Your kids definitely weren’t going to have a dull childhood.

(Calum and Luke written by Phoeby, Ashton and Michael written by Danielle)

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kc + i asked you to babysit one time and now my child keeps asking when you will spend time with them again

When Klaus was twenty-three years old his parents were murdered in their house. Thankfully Kol had been away at college while Rebekah had been away for the week at some cheerleading event. Unfortunately his one year old brother had been home at the time and while he may not have witnessed the event–oh how they all hoped he hadn’t–it had taken two days for anyone to notice that Mikael and Esther Mikaelson were missing and for someone to investigate.

The tragedy had brought the siblings all together again for a short time at the funeral, but Finn had left right after, disappearing from all of their lives again and leaving them all to wonder how he’d even known of the event. Elijah headed back to England to be with his wife who was due to have their first child at any moment, telling Klaus that he couldn’t take on the responsibility of another child at the moment with a new one just around the corner.

So Klaus had become Rebekah and Henrik’s guardian, and while that didn’t mean much with Rebekah as she was graduating high school in a few weeks anyway, that meant he’d been saddled down with a one year old that didn’t quite fit with his artistic life style. No matter how easy Elijah seemed to think it would be to do his paintings around a baby’s schedule.

Klaus wasn’t about to let Henrik enter the system though, not with all of the horror stories that he’d heard about social services–he watched Law and Order: SVU–and his little brother barely let go of him since the day he’d picked him up from the police station.

It took a lot of maneuvering but a year later and Klaus thought he’d gotten a decent routine down with the boy. He seemed to be adjusting fairly well or so the doctors and psychologist told him, but Henrik hadn’t uttered a word since Klaus had gotten custody of him and Klaus had known for a fact that the boy had been saying a few odd words before their parents deaths. But there was no ‘mama’ and no ‘dada’ around anymore so maybe that was why the kid was silent.

He wasn’t fond of leaving Henrik with just anyone though, not quite seeing any of the nannies he’d interviewed as good enough for the job. It meant he brought the boy with him nearly everywhere, only ever leaving him with Rebekah who had decided to do college in NYC in part because the two of them lived there.

She was supposed to be watching Henrik that night so Klaus could attend the opening of his new collection at the gallery. Something that would be happening in the middle of Henrik’s bedtime and Klaus didn’t want to mess that up and have a cranky baby in the midst of the chaos that an opening could bring.

Unfortunately she canceled at the last minute, having come down with the flu. “It’s hardly my fault that apparently my boyfriend–” she started

“I don’t think you can consider a one night stand your boyfriend, Rebekah,” Klaus interrupted through the phone call as he stared down at Henrik who was building with foam blocks.

‘Three times, thank you very much,” his sister gritted out. “But as I was saying it’s hardly my fault I got the flu from him. I took the damn shot! Besides, I got a stand in so you can still do your opening.”

“A stand in?” Klaus could only imagine who Rebekah might have considered to be qualified enough to watch Henrik in her place.

“My roommate. Caroline. Who you’d actually know if you’d ever bothered to come and see my place which isn’t that far from you,” Rebekah sighed, aways the dramatic one. “She knows Henrik and he knows her.”

“How exactly does he know her?” Klaus pinched the bridge of his nose, trying his hardest not to get into an argument with his sister considering she had paused to have a coughing fit.

“She’s come over with me to your place once or twice plus she’s always at the park with him and I,” Rebekah replied after she could finally breathe again. “She should be there any minute. Be nice.” She was about to hang up when she thought of another vital detail. “And no flirting.”

Klaus scoffed at the very idea of that but Rebekah had apparently already hung up and there was a knock at the door, alerting him to Caroline’s arrival. Henrik looked up at him but didn’t say a word, though Klaus could see the curiosity in the boy’s expression. Rebekah would have used her key to simply walk on in.

He’d tell the girl thanks but no and then call Marcel to do the opening without him or move it forward a week so that Rebekah would be able to get better.

Or that was the plan he’d been making in his head at least and he’d meant to carry through with it even after opening the door to finally see Caroline. As beautiful as she was, as long as those damn legs kept going, and as bright as her smile might have been, none of that was enough to sway Klaus on his plans.

But then the strangest thing had happened.

“Care-wine!” Henrik shouted out, happily and Klaus turned to watch his little brother reaching toward the girl to be picked up.

“Hey Henrik!” She smile brightly at the little boy and walked past Klaus who was still too shocked at having heard his little brother talk to say anything. Caroline scooped Henrik up. “You’re getting big, kiddo. I think you might have grown at least an inch since the last time I saw you.”

Henrik grinned at her before giving her a hug that she easily reciprocated. The two year old then squirmed, wanting to be put back down and she set him back by the blocks he’d been playing with before turning back to Klaus who was finally closing the door. “So hi. I’m Caroline, Rebekah’s roommate. She said you needed someone to watch him since she’s like barely functioning with the flu–which let me tell you her demandingness has like tripled, at least. But she’ll be fine in a few days. Or so says the doctor,” Caroline started and Klaus arched a brow. He was impressed by how much she’d been able to say in one breath but more so surprised by how endearing he was finding the trait. “I’m child CPR certified because I was in charge of the whole fall carnival thing back home and let me tell you the amount of kids that might choke on cotton candy at one of those things is ridiculous. You’d think it would be the popcorn but apparently they just like shoving the cotton candy into their mouths without chewing and one thing leads to another. And you probably really didn’t need or care to know that.”

Klaus could see his carefully constructed plans crumbling in front of him. It seemed that Caroline was more than ready to babysit Henrik and the fact that his brother had said her name…well, how could he ignore that? “How did you get him to do that?” Klaus asked, looking down at Henrik who was back to concentrating on building.

“Do what?” Caroline asked, clearly confused.

“Say your name.” Klaus liked the way her cheeks reddened as she blushed and pushed a strand of stray hair behind her ear.

“Rebekah wondered the same thing when it happened at the park the first time. And I dunno. He just does it.” She squatted down beside Henrik and ruffled the boy’s curls. “It’s cause I’m awesome, isn’t it?”

Henrik paused for a moment to look back at her, nodded, and then resumed playing. “I suppose I can’t disregard such a resounding recommendation,” Klaus mused as she stood back up and he was not focusing on how long her legs were or how nicely her body fitted in the sundress she was wearing.

Nor was he trying to figure out precisely what colors to mix to capture the exact shade of her eyes.

“I’ll be home by midnight. Feel free to eat whatever you’d like in the kitchen. Or order something to be delivered,” Klaus told her, already taking out his wallet to hand her some bills in case she wanted to do that. “His dinner is in the fridge, labeled for today and simply needs to be heated up. Do I need to show you where his bedroom is?” He doubted it. Most likely Rebekah had given her the tour already since she’d apparently been to his apartment before.

Caroline shook her head. “I already know it. What’s his bedtime?”

“He should be ready to go down by eight and then you’re free to use the television,” Klaus told her.

“That’s okay.” Caroline nodded toward the bag she’d apparently set down by the door when he’d been too shocked by Henrik saying her name to notice. “I’ve got some studying to do.”

“What’s your major?” Klaus asked, ignoring the time.

“I’m a drama major,” Caroline told him. “So I need to go over my lines again for the monologue I’m doing tomorrow.”

“What did you pick?” Klaus asked, surprised by how much he wanted to know more about her. “Perhaps I can help you practice it when I return later this evening.”

He really liked the way she looked down, teeth scraping gently over her bottom lip as she tucked her hair back again, pondering over his words before looking back up. “Don’t you need to go get ready? Or is the whole sweat pants and  t-shirt with paint on it part of your ‘artist look’?”

“More like I was painting before you arrived,” Klaus informed her and Caroline nodded before sitting down by Henrik to help him build.

“It’s not a bad look,” she told him with a smile and Klaus had a feeling he would be breaking Rebekah’s last rule because flirting with Caroline was something he found that he very much wanted to do. “But go, get ready, we’ll be fine, won’t we, kiddo?”

Henrik nodded and handed her a block to add to his structure.

Klaus watched the two of them for a moment before finally heading off to his room, not at all surprised when his phone vibrated with a text from Rebekah. Seriously, Nik. No flirting with her. She’s my friend. It was classic Rebekah territorial Rebekah behavior but Klaus ignored the text. She’d sent the girl to his home, was it really his fault if the two of them managed to hit it off?