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Disturbing Documentaries

1. Dreams of a Life (2011)

This documentary tells the story of Joyce Carol Vincent, whose body was found in January 2006, decomposing in her bed in Wood Green, North London. She apparently died unnoticed in December 2003, surrounded by unopened Christmas presents with her TV still turned on. The film interviews various friends, acquaintances, and former partners to try to tell the story of Joyce.

2. The Cheshire Murders (2013)

This film studies the murder-robbery case that occurred on July 23, 2007. Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters were raped and murdered, while her husband, Dr. William Petit, was injured during a home invasion in Cheshire, Connecticut. This case was referred to as “possibly the most widely publicized crime in the state’s history.”

3. Child of Rage (1992)

The film is based on the true story of Beth Thomas, who suffered from severe behavioral problems as a result of being sexually abused as a child. Beth was adopted after it was found that she was being sexually abused by a family member. During her stay with the family, she tried to kill her brother several times and even attempted to sexually abuse him. The film was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

4. The Imposter (2012)

This documentary is about the 1997 case of the French confidence trickster Frédéric Bourdin, who impersonated Nicholas Barclay, a Texas boy who disappeared at the age of 13 in 1994. The film includes interviews with Bourdin and members of Barclay’s family, as well as actual television news footage

5. Cropsey (2009)   

This film initially begins as an examination of "Cropsey”, a boogeyman-like figure from the New York urban legend, before segueing into the story of Andre Rand, a convicted child kidnapper from Staten Island.

6. The Bridge (2006)

This film covers the depressing truth about the Golden Gate Bridge, capturing a large number of suicides during the documentary.The film also features interviews with family and friends of some of the identified people who had thrown themselves from the bridge that year. The Golden Gate Bridge, which first opened in May 1937, was the most popular suicide site in the world during the documentary’s filming, with approximately 1,200 deaths by 2003

7. There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane (2011)

This documentary discusses the traffic collision that occurred on July 26, 2009,  where eight people were killed when a minivan driven by 36-year-old Diane Schuler, after traveling 1.7 miles in the wrong direction on the parkway, collided head-on with an oncoming SUV. The deaths included Schuler, her daughter and three nieces, and the three passengers in the SUV. The crash was the worst fatal motor vehicle accident to occur in Westchester County, New York

8. Capturing the Friedmans (2003)

This film focuses on the 1980s investigation of Arnold Friedman and his son Jesse for child molestation of several of their students. They held computer classes in their home where many children attended. During police interviews, some of the children that the Friedman’s taught reported experiencing bizarre sex games during their computer classes. Arnold Friedman committed suicide in prison in 1995, leaving a $250,000 life insurance benefit to his son. Jesse Friedman was released from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility in 2001 after serving 13 years of his sentence.

9. Night & Fog (1955)

This documentary depicts the cruel reality of the Nazi Concentration camps. The film features footage from the liberation of camps in 1945 where malnourished humans are seen emerging out of the camps, voicing the life left in their lungs on to the camera.

10. Brothers Keeper (1992)

This documentary follows the case of Delbert Ward, an illiterate 59-year-old dairy farmer who was accused of murdering his brother Bill, in the bed that they shared for 50 years. The Ward brothers were four bachelors ranging between 59-71 and living in extreme poverty. One theory suggests that the slain brother, Bill, suffered the consequence of a sexual act gone wrong. What’s more disturbing is the fact that he was later acquitted of the crime after it was found out that the New York State Police coerced a confession out of him as he was illiterate.

Don’t be afraid to add to this list

Interstellar Transmission by Lovely Things @little-scribblers-heart & ricca_riot @ricca-raccoon Rey’s interrogation at the hands of Kylo Ren triggered an awakening in the Force, as well as an unwelcome bond that links them across the galaxy and grows stronger every day.

Forms by Trebia @avenrue                                                                                    They are children with matchsticks, him and her.

The Moon, the Sun, and the Star Inbetween by Silvershine @silvershiner        A broken Force Bond isn’t the easiest thing to bear, especially when the one you’re missing is your sworn enemy and the father of your child.

The Conviction of Things Not Seen by airecrazy                                                 She knows he is a war criminal. He’s done terrible things. But in the end, he turned his back on the Dark Side and helped to defeat his own Master.

The Death of Kylo Ren (Part 1 of the Crossroads series) by nymja @gizkasparadise  Rey knows a lot about being lonely. Enough to recognize it in other people.

The Ghost of Another Choice by ms_qualia                                                        Rey draws on the powers of the Dark instead of the Light to fight Kylo Ren in the snowy forest on the Starkiller, and her choice changes the fate of the Galaxy.

He Knows He Needs to Stop by Perry_Downing @perrydowning                        Kylo Ren is Bound to Rey and hides from her, never revealing himself, quietly driving himself mad with her light.

Like Young Gods (Part 1 of the Sword of the Jedi series) by diasterisms @kylorenvevo  Everyone is connected, even if, sometimes, it’s just by the skin of our teeth. Even in the midst of darkness, still, luminous beings are we.

Burn Your Wicked Garden Down (Part 1 of the Requiem for a Monster series) by roane   It was by accident that she captured him at all. Accident, or maybe fate. Ever since their first meeting on Takodana years ago, they’d circled each other like binary stars, paths crossing at increasingly smaller intervals as their orbit slowly decayed.

What the Hell is Wrong with Kylo Ren? by Tuli_Azzameen @tuli-azzameen    Tongue-in-cheek tour of Reylo tropes. This time, it is Kylo Ren who is taken prisoner. Rey is given the impossible task of turning this moody, homicidal creep back to the Light, all while he awkwardly attempts to lure her into darkness.

Seldom All They Seem by ambiguously @ambiguityisnoonesfriend                     After a terrible accident, Rey wakes up to discover she doesn’t remember the last five years.

In My Bloodstream by EllieCarina                                                                          Rey knows Kylo by now. And she knows Ben and almost everything in between. But when Poe Dameron kisses her, she learns something she hadn’t known before.     

Before The Saber Swings by WaterlilyRose  @waterlilyrose                            The night before his execution, Kylo Ren asks to see Rey.                                                    

Still mad about James Barbour

I’m a 15 year old aspiring performer. So was the girl that James Barbour molested. Words can’t describe the feeling of disgust and fear when I think about how many of us there are who will never feel safe because someone like Barbour is playing an iconic role in the longest running show on Broadway.
He’s been there for over two years now, and I can’t believe he still isn’t gone, that there are STILL people supporting him, that there are even people who started out actively speaking against his casting and then later turned into dedicated fans. It makes me sick, I don’t care how long it’s been since he was cast because h e’ s s t i l l t h e r e.
I will continue to be angry as long as he’s there, and even after he’s gone.
Like I said, it’s been over two years, it’s time to take out the trash

when people call you a neo victorian puritan and act like ur a stupid child bc ur not down with rape, incest, and pedophilia as if thats not the exact logic predators use to groom their victims like lmao its super well documented that rapists and pedos will pressure their targets by telling them theyre stuck up and prudish and that if they dont do this no one will like them bc theyre obviously childish and immature like how does it feel to parrot the same language and thought processes as convicted child predators??? bc it looks bad from here scoob


On the 30th of July, 1995, 7 year old Sophie Hook was abducted during the early hours of the morning. The day before Sophie, her sister, and her parents, Julie and Christopher, ventured to Llandudno for a young cousins birthday where the children played in the pool and backyard all day. As night fell the children asked to camp in the garden of the home. No one knew danger was lingering just in the periphery. 

Howard Hughes had been watching the children play, and enjoy the weather all day from a bridle path near the home. He was approached and noted by several people including a police officer which spotted Hughes sitting on a bench at 3am near the property of Sophie’s family. 

At approximately 7am on July 30th, When Sophie’s cousins awoke they found her sleeping bag vacant and her cuddly toy not far from the tent. The family immediately started searching for the young girl in surrounding areas but when they could not find her they reported her missing about an hour later.

Yet Sophie’s body had already been found just half a mile from the home, it had washed up a beach on Llandudno’s North shore. Without disturbing the children laying next to her Hughes snatched her from safety. Her body was covered in bruises and she had been subjected to an attack of ‘considerable force’ while alive resulting in internal bleeding, and a broken arm and ankle. Hughes also raped and sodomised her before strangling her to death and dumping her body in the near by sea. 

Hughes was arrested at approximately 4pm. He remained silent and steely until his father arrrived at the police station at which time he apparently confessed, “I did it. You don’t know what it’s like to be sexually frustrated.” 

On the 24th of June in 1996, Hughes went on trial and was charged with abduction, rape, and murder of Sophie Hook. Although there was no forensic evidence linking Hughes, his history of violence toward children and the testimony of 3 important witnesses was critical in convicting him. Gerald Hughes testified that his son had admitted to killing Sophie at the police station. Jonathan Carrol, a career criminal, testified that he saw Hughes carrying a sack containing the naked body of a child. Michael Guidi, a convicted sex offender, testified that Hughes had told him of his desires to rape a young girl before the murder of Sophie.

On the 18th of July in 1996, the jury returned a guilty verdict on all charges. He was sentenced to 3 life sentences for his crimes.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: When Jughead Jones mentions the “paradise lost kids” in riverdale season one episode seven "in a loney place" he’s referring to the West Memphis Three, three teenage boys who were tried and wrongfully convicted for child murder in 1994 during the Satanic Abuse Panic of the 80s and early 90s, a moral panic that demonized misfit kids and posited them as threats to the innocence of children. Moral panic surrounding outside individual threat to childhood innocence is already deeply intertwined with homophobia, but American satanic ritual abuse panics in particular were significant because they coded lonely non-normative teenage outsiders as dangerously perverse in a time when queer visibility was both condemned and starting to flirt with normalization. The history of satanic ritual abuse panic in rural and suburban America is irrevocably tied to narratives of queerness, not specifically only in terms of sexuality, but signifying a fear of non-normative leanings in all people, and also intersects with the ends of aids panic and contributes to a long history of misinformation and bigotry surrounding an idea of queer individuals as dangers to society and to children in particular. Jughead is thus recognizing himself as a part of this history perpetrating itself and identifying the possibility of his condemnation by virtue of his own difference.

The Murder of Sandra Cantu

On March 27, 2009, a security camera at a trailer park in Tracy, California captured little Sandra Cantu (8) skipping home from school by herself. Dressed in her favorite Hello Kitty t-shirt, Sandra appears to be distracted by something to her right, and then she wanders away out of the shot. The camera footage was the last known images of Sandra Cantu; she never made it home from school, and before nightfall she was listed as a missing child. Her disappearance baffles police, and there are very few leads to follow.

Two weeks later on April 6, a couple taking photos of nearby scenery noticed something floating in a stagnant irrigation pond; it appeared to be a suitcase. The curious couple fished out the suitcase and opened it; what they found quickly had them on the phone to the police, for the case contained the decomposing corpse of a child.

It didn’t take long for the body to be identified as Sandra Cantu; though the little girl was covered in bruises, she was still wearing her Hello Kitty t-shirt that she was last sighted in. Sandra’s black leggings were twisted about her body, and a bloody cloth had been fashioned into a noose around her neck. She had been smothered and asphxiated. A post-mortem revealed drugs in her system and injuries to her genitals indicated Sandra had been sexually molested.
The town of Tracy was shocked by Sandra’s senseless murder. Police officers checked out sexual offenders in the area and questioned many convicted child abusers, but to no avail. Many elements of Sandra’s murder did not make sense; she disappeared in full daylight, knew not to talk to strangers, and though there was evidence of sexual assault, no semen found on or near her corpse. Solving the case seemed nigh impossible, but then something extremely strange happened.

On April 10 a woman who identified herself as Melissa Huckaby rang the police to report she had lost a suitcase on the same day Sandra Cantu disappeared. In fact, she had reported the stolen suitcase to the trailer park security office just twenty minutes after Sandra was last seen on camera. Huckaby at first denied knowing what happened to her suitcase, but then abruptly admitted she suspected it might have been used to dispose of Sandra’s body. Police found her statements extremely suspicious, so they arrested Huckaby and kept her detained while they re-visited the camera footage. When Sandra wandered off-screen, police found she was walking directly towards Melissa Huckaby’s house. The Sunday school teacher was promptly charged with murder, and over time details of the grisly murder were revealed.

Somehow Melissa Huckaby lured Sandra into a small church building near her house, and plugged her nose with a drug-soaked rag. After Sandra passed out Huckaby choked her with a twisted peice of cloth, and sexually assaulted her with a rolling pin. Huckaby then stuffed the child’s body into a suitcase, drove to the pond, and sank it. Throughout her police interview Huckaby gave no motive for Sandra’s murder, claiming she was “out of her mind”.

Huckaby was put on trial in April 2010, and throughout the hearing of evidence she cried and begged Sandra’s family to forgive her. On the stand she confessed that she still didnt know why she killed the little girl, saying “I owe you an explanation, but I dont understand myself”. A psychiatrist testified that Huckaby suffered from interpersonal problems, but was not mentally ill. She was found guilty of Sandra Cantu’s murder and sentenced to life in prison with parole.

Woman Sets Predator Father Ablaze

Thirty-year-old Nina Holbrook of Dayton, Ohio, was found wandering the streets smelling of fuel on the night of July 15, 2011. Her neighbor asked her if she was alright, and he swore in court that Nina had grinned and said “I’m fine, sir”.

Meanwhile, police arrived at the house to find Carl Holbrook - Nina’s father - unconscious and suffering terrible burns to his chest. He was airlifted to hospital and put on life support, but died the next day. His neck, shoulders, and chest had been so badly burnt doctors had been unable to attach an emergency graft.

Nina calmly told police she had lit a candle and filled a cup with camper fuel just before her father arrived home from work. She called him into her bedroom, and flung the fuel at his chest before setting him ablaze with the candle. “I torched him” Nina says in her confession “and then I climbed out a window and started walking”. The police notes include the fact James Holmes was a convicted child sex offender.

Nina Holbrook was charged with murder, felony murder, and two counts of arson. Her insanity defence proved too weak under cross examination, and she was sentenced to fifty-five years in prison.


Eyes of brothers Derek and Alex King  —  People Magazine

On the 25th of November 2001, brothers Alex (12) and Derek (13) King killed their father, Terry King (40), while he slept. They bludgeoned him to death with a baseball bat and set the house on fire. Convicted child molester, Ricky Chavis, tried to help the boys with covering up the murder. He picked them up at their house, washed their clothes and let them hide from the police at his house. They were arrested two days after the murder.

Derek was sentenced to eight years and Alex was sentenced to seven years, they both finished their sentences and are out of prison. Ricky Chavis was sentenced to 35 years for tampering with evidence and false imprisonment.

TOM MILSOM / hexachordal sexual abuse/manipulation

Here’s the post Olga made about Tom Milsom. And another. Third.
Hank and John Green talking about Tom.
Melissa Anelli’s post about Tom.
TomSka talking about this whole situation. 
Tom writing on twitter.
Alan about Tom and donating to RAINN.
In this video, from a year ago, at the 35 minute mark, a guy called Joe who made videos in 2008/9 talks about Tom Milsom acting inappropriately when Joe was 14/15 and Tom was 20.

Here is a post about how both Alex Day and Tom Milsom were friends with Jonathan King. King has committed sexual offenses against minors. 


MIKE LOMBARDO / MikeLombardoMusic sexual abuse/arrested and convicted of child pornography

Hayley G. Hovers post about Mike Lombardo.
Morgan’s post about Mike.
Hank and John Green posting about Mike.
Meg’s post about Mike.
Savannah’s post about Mike.

Savannah shared her experience with Mike in a video.
Morgan made a video showing a “real view of how triggering all of this can be”.


ALEX DAY / nerimon sexual manipulation/coercion. Emotional manipulation.

First Anonymous person talking about Alex.
Second Anonymous person reblogging the first person.
Third Anonymous person talking about Alex.
Damien coming forward about Alex.
Tikken talking about her former relationship with Alex. And here.
Lex talking about Alex. and another post.
Lindsey talking about Alex. Also here and here.
Louise talking about Alex.
Kerri's post about Alex and unnamed Canadian YouTuber. 
Tove’s post about Alex and unnamed British YouTuber.
Anonymous underage person talking about Alex.
Hanna talking about Alex.
Bree Essrig talking about meeting Alex Day and Sam Pepper.
Beckii’s answered an ask, talking about Alex.

Alex Day defending himself.
“I don’t know about anyone else but when I read Alex’s post it seemed (as Marina would say) hella manipulative. From what I’ve gathered he knows what to say and when to say it which is how all of this started.” (x)

First Anonymous person responding to Alex’s defense-post. 
Second Anonymous person responding to Alex’s post: [ONE] - [TWO] 
Hank Green talking about Alex Day.

Alex Day realizing he was wrong. Then read this! And this!!

Lindsey responding to Alex’s second post realizing he was wrong. 
Carrie writes on twitter. Responds to a post. Tumblr post.
Charlie McDonnell about Alex Day.

The Wiki-page about Alex is not updated. Continuing the discussion. 
The Wikipedia page is now updated. 

Carrie has been seen hanging out with Alex. Her response.
Alex has been ‘reaching out’ to (teenage, female) friends.
His book deal might be cancelled. 

Alex defending himself on facebook.
Alex writing on reddit. A photo of him in Camden. x.
Alex commenting on Ed’s video defending Ed.
Sarah, Kristina and Whitney about Alex Day, Alex Carpenter and Luke Conard.

Alex is active in a Doctor Who forum.
Alex is active on BitTorrent selling his music.

YouTube: Alex uploaded an unlisted video in May. Read what it’s about here.

YouTube: Alex Day uploaded a new video “The Past”. Here is a transcript of the video. Here is a reupload of that video to another site.
Here is a video Neafcy made in response to Alex’s.
A tumblr post MarinaShutUp wrote about the video.
Another comment on the video.

Here is a post about how both Alex Day and Tom Milsom were friends with Jonathan King. King has committed sexual offenses against minors. 

YouTube: Alex Day is still active on YouTube, however we are not going to add any more links to transcripts/reuploads/posts about this here. Instead look through the tag “Alex Day video” or this post.

(A blog that has reblogged most posts about Alex Day)


ED BLANN / eddplant sexual abuse

A post about Ed.  
Eddplant’s post about “the past 24 hours…”. 

YouTube: Ed uploaded a new video on the 6th of June 2014, singing a song called “Inhuman Nature”. I am not going to link the video since I DO NOT encourage you to watch it. Don’t show your support for him in anyway.

Video: Morgan’s video about Ed returning. (It also has the lyrics in the description if you’re curious of what he’s singing about).
Liam’s thoughts on Ed’s video.
Lex’s thoughts on Ed returning to YouTube.

Ed has returned to twitter.

YouTube: Ed uploaded a second video. (transcript of it)
Alex Day commenting on Ed’s second video.

Ed made a statement on his website saying that the police are no longer investigating things and that he’s innocent. He is intending to continue sharing his music online. 


TOM McLEAN / frezned sexual manipulation

Frezned (Tom McLean) being accused. 

He hasn’t acknowledged the accusations against him.


JOSH MACEDO / confusedtree sexual coercion 

One article about Josh Macedo.
And another masterpost about him.



One post about Kelly Montoya.


DANNY HOOPER / danmann44 sexual coercion 

Danny Hooper being accused by Laura. Laura reblogging her post.
Another post about Danny by goshpenny.
UPDATED: An anonymous ask about Danny.
A video of Danny inventing a new sopio card.

Danny is now back on twitter after a 3 month silence. 


ALEX CARPENTER / AlexanderCarpenter sexual manipulation/abuse

Rosi talking about Alex Carpenter. 
Sarah Snitch talking about Alex Carpenter. 
Scrabblized’s post about Alex Carpenter.
Llouteasdale's post about Alex.
Halliedarling’s post about Alex.
Sunny Williams’ post about Alex. 
Jenn Hammond’s post about Alex and the Wizard Rock Community.
Emma’s post about Alex.
Kellelucas’s post about Alex.

Sarah, Kristina and Whitney about Alex Day, Alex Carpenter and Luke Conard.
Whitney Lynn’s post which mentions Alex Carpenter, Luke Conard and Corey Vidal. 

Sarah has been receiving anonymous messages from Alex, but he accidentally sent this one off-anon. 


ADAM ROACH / TheGearsKeepTurning cheated in relationships/manipulative behaviour

A post about TheGearsKeepTurning by Elizabeth. This post reblogged. Elizabeth’s friend confirming her post.
A post about Adam (thegearskeepturning) by Alice.
Beccy’s post about Adam.
Maria’s post about Adam.
Rumlittleskallywag’s post about Adam.
Cass’ post about Adam.
Another (short but still important) post about Adam by hodor-kingofwesteros.

And here is a masterpost about The GearsKeepTurning with all the links above and some more comments.


LUKE CONARD / lukeconard abuse/manipulation 

Kristina Horner writing about Luke Conard and Alex Day.
Whitney Milam’s post about Alex Carpenter and Luke Conard. Then Rachel Kiley continuing and writing about Luke.

Luke Conard apologizing. But then please read this!
Luke realizing his first apology was terrible and attempting to write a new one. And then read this!

Sarah, Kristina and Whitney about Alex Day, Alex Carpenter and Luke Conard. read this!
Whitney Lynn’s post which mentions Alex Carpenter, Luke Conard and Corey Vidal. 

Luke has since the allegations came out about him, uploaded new video/s. Instead of adding links to every video in this post we will reblog posts about this to the tag ‘Luke Conard video’.


COREY VIDAL / ApprenticeA sexual manipulation

Shannon Antilles writing about Corey Vidal. 
Corey saying he’s going to make a video about this.
Corey says (again but in a longer post) that he’s going to make a video.
UPDATED: Corey briefly talking about the accusations against him in a 2.5 h video.

Corey made a tumblr post apologizing. 
Corey made a video, explaining how he was molested as a child.

My Story - Corey Vidal | by kerrisvideo

Whitney Lynn’s post which mentions Alex Carpenter, Luke Conard and Corey Vidal. 
Corey wrote a response to this post.


TRAVIS NEUMEYER / WhatTravisSays sexual/emotional abuse, particularly surrounding nudes

Carson’s post about WhatTravisSays.
Carson’s conversation with Travis. (tw incest & pedophilia)
Fizzylimon’s post about Travis. This post reblogged.
Reyna Villa writes. And here.
Emily’s post about Travis. 
Nora’s conversation with Travis.
An anonymous ask about what Travis.



A masterpost about him and his former relationships. 
Another masterpost about Gregory.



Shawn writes about Stephen Purcell.


BRYON BEAUBIEN / Psyguy / BitPolar / BitPolarGame

A masterpost about Psy.
Him trying to apologize. 

Here is a blog calling him out. Also note that he’s active online under the username BitPolar on YouTube and BitPolarGame on Twitter.


HARRY GILLIATT / TheHazBeckShow / Hard G manipulation

Harry saying he will no longer be on the internet.
Bekn writing a letter about their band seaqueens.
Bekn continuing to explaining that their band has split up.
Vincent writing about Harry. And here.
notsasha’s post about Harry.
notquiteluke’s post.
kirst’s post about Harry.
Fox’s post about Harry leaving the internet. 
Pepper’s post about Harry.
Nick’s post about Harry.
Fluoxiteen’s post about Harry.


RICKY RICHARDS / RickyRichardstv abuse

Sammi (beautycrush) and Ricky was in an abusive relationship and then broke up.
My break up story by RickyRichardstv.
Domestic Abuse by TheSammiMariaShow.


SAM PEPPER / OFFICIALsampepper manipulation, assult, problematic content creator

Video: A Cautionary Tale | thisbedottie. Comments on this video saying similar things happened to them.
Video: Sam Pepper - The Real “Reveal” (Warning: Explicit Content). and a tumblr post related to the video. And another tumblr post with evidence.
Sam Pepper asking for nude photos.
Sam asking another person for photos.
Shirley’s tumblr post “I was sexually assaulted by Sam Pepper”.
Neesey’s video about her interactions with Sam.
Tianna’s post about Sam supporting the anonymous video.
Jack Payne who worked for Sam Pepper share his experiences.
Sam Pepper doesn’t understand the word no. (explicit) by Anonymous.
My Personal Experience with Sam Pepper by Annie.
Another anonymous post about Sam.
Bree Essrig talking about meeting Sam Pepper and Alex Day.
Marina made a video about Sam.
Another post about Sam.
Musical Betahn wrote on twitter about Sam Pepper.

Video: Laci Green summarize the situation, talk about other similar YouTubers and more. WATCH THIS!
Laci was aslo threatened by Sam. 

Sam Pepper is still active on snapchat. He’s on twitter and he’s also made a new Instagram account.
Sam has also uploaded video/s since the allegations came out about him. Instead of adding links to all of these videos here we will reblog posts about this to the tag 'Sam Pepper Video’. 


JASON SANSOME / VeeOneEye inappropriate contact, nudes from underage girls, attempts at coercion

Aniamags’ video about Jason.
An anonymous, written tumblr post about Jason. 
A second anonymous post about Jason on tumblr.
Kali’s tweet about her interaction with Jason.
Annie’s post about her experiences with Jason. And her writing on twitter that he that he talked to her 2 weeks ago. Here is their conversation from snapchat.
Jason asking Alessandra for nudes.
Hannah’s experience with Jason. 
Jodie’s video about Jason.
An anonymous tumblr post about Jason.
Lauren has poster her conversation with Jason on twitter. Part 1. Part 2. AND here is a video Lauren’s friend made talking about Lauren’s incident and her own (with a non-youtuber). The friend, Ellis, she went to the police and her case is going to court. This is a very good video to watch!
Another anonymous post about Jason.
And another anonymous post about Jason. Note that the only last paragraphs are about him.
Another post about Jason from someone who knew him before YouTube.
Updated: Camille wrote a post about the inappropriate DM’s she was sent over Twitter. 

Jason has posted a video trying to cover up what he’s done and make himself look better. This video was originally unlisted and sent to Ania Mags in a tweet. But he has deleted the tweet and made the video private. Here is a reupload of the video.
George sharing his opinion/thoughts on Jason’s apology and Ania’s video.
Ania’s written response to Jason’s “apology”. She also has screen caps of other stories regarding Jason in this post.

Video: Evan Edinger’s talks about how he earlier confronted Jason about these rumors and Jason lied about it.

Jason is active on twitter and has deleted the tweet he sent Ania with the link to his unlisted Apology video.
Jason is active on snapchat.  And he’s on twitter.

YouTube: Jason made a video about his new tattoo, “Remember why you’re alive”. Here is a reupload of it. Here is a transcript. 


NEIL JOHNSON / love-and-confessions / banananeil 

Eden’s post about Neil.
Sophie’s post about Neil.
Zoe had a similar experience with Neil when she was 14. She wrote on twitter.
Jenny’s post about Neil.

Neil writing an apology.

Sophie wrote a second post about Neil.
Eden replying to Sophies post.

Neil’s girlfriend Rachel writes an open letter.



Kristina has written a post about Destery.



UPDATED: Lauren who previously wrote an anonymous post about Jeremy has now decided to not be anonymous anymore. 


PAUL PARKER / PaulsJournal harassment and stalking

Elsi made a video explaining how Paul sexually harassed her.
Paul responding to Elsi’s video.

Emma Blackery left a comment on Elsi’s video explaining he staled her.

Elsi made a tumblr post continuing to explain what happened.



Shelley writes about her conversations with Daniel Glover.


ALEX GOOT / gootmusic

Here is an anonymous post about Alex Goot.


PAUL SYKES / YogscastSjin

Some time ago Paul Sykes tried to get underaged/young girls to send him nudes via Facebook and Skype. People speaking up about this were scared away and blamed by fans. But the person who made this blog still has some screenshots and similar reblogged. 

Here is another blog about this.


LEWIS PARER / iLewis95 
MIKE JAROSZCZAK / mjerrytv / xitsmike

dannytake2’s post about being harassed by Lewis and Mike.
Lewis defending himself.
Danny responding to Lewis.


KARIM SLIMANI / karimabridged manipulation, asking underage girls for nudes, inappropriate contact

Abi (@corruptedlungs) tweeting about Karim asking for nude photographs.
Courtney-Leigh (@cutiecutforth) tweeting about how they used to have 'flirty’/inappropriate conversations when she was 15.
@pixiedvst writing about her experiences with Karim.
BriBry tweets about how he believed Karim to be asexual.
Dodie Clark saying that Karim lied to her (presumably when confronted)
Hannah Witton saying Karim has gone to LA - we assume it was to see Jason (veeoneeye).
Dodie Clark saying that 'there is more to come’ regarding Karim’s actions
Karim denies the posts made about him saying they are 'bullshit rumours’ in this tweet .
Karim continues to deny alogations about him here and here.
Dodie Clark has made a video on her experiences with Karim.
Karim continues to deny allogations against him. 



Danny (DanIVlog) confronting Luke on the phone about the allegations 
Isabelle Coffins about her experience with Luke
Ash about Luke abusing her, part 1 and part 2


RYAN O'CONNOR / PleasantRyan emotional manipulation

Three different anonymous sources has contacted us, explaining how Ryan has shown manipulative behavior. 
A post related to this.

An anonymous post about Ryan.

Ryan is active with new accounts on Vimeo and Twitter.


CURTIS LEPORE / CurtisLepore rape

A vine user who also uploads his vines to YouTube. He raped his ex JessiSmiles when she was sleeping.

An ask explaining what’s happened and linking to articles.
A video Jessi made on the topic.


CRAIG DILLON / craigtdillon accused of rape

A video from Tate Wolverson about his experiences with Craig.
A video by Jamie Pine about his experiences with Craig.
MikeJerry’s video about Craig. And a longer tweet about it.
DrewIsSharing’s video about Craig.
FelixxMackky tweeted about his experience with Craig.
An tumblr post about Craig by everythingmakesmenerv0us.
Ben Cook’s friend sent Ben his experiences with Craig.
An anonymous tumblr post about Craig.

Craig’s tweet in response. 
Craig made a video 'The Truth’ arguing that he didn’t rape Tate. Note that all the comments beneath the video are by people believing and forgiving him. Here’s a comment Ben Cook wrote.

Craig claiming he didn’t rape Mike.

TenEighty article saying that Craig Dillon having a lawyer is a false claim 

A video by Craig saying he was completely cleared by police of these accusations. An article by The Independent on this matter


ROB COSH / ShmoNerd

An anonymous source has contacted us explaining how he manipulated them and was sexually inappropriate. They also know of another person in the community who he has manipulated. 


BEAU BROOKS / Janoskians
JAI BROOKS / Janoskians
LUKE BROOKS / Janoskians
JAMES YAMMOUNI / Janoskians 

Here is an anonymous post about James and Luke.
Here is a blog with a lot more anonymous stories about the members.

(As I’ve understood more people have come forward to talk about their experience with these people earlier, but have taken a step back when people didn’t listen and believe them).



Theo’s post about Daniel.
Daniel’s response. 
Theo responding to his response. 


JAKE MACELFRESH / PureNoiseRecs / frontporchstepofficial nudes from underage girls

Jake asking a 13 year old for nudes.
Elaine’s experience with Jake.
An added comment explaining that he did this to another person as well.
And another comment. 
Yet another comment.
And here.
And one more.
And the last one I could find.
Messages which Jake sent. (the original post where they’re from has been deleted, it seems like).
A screenshot of a misogynistic post he wrote on facebook.
Another screenshot of an ask explaining how Jake leaked nudes of someone’s friend, and more. 




A petition to remove Austin off Warped Tour, summarizing the situation.  

Emma posting messages from Austin on Twitter. 
Taylor posting messages from Austin on Twitter. 
Lauren posting messages from Austin on Twitter. 
Sara writing about Austin on Twitter. 
Alayna posting messages from Austin on Twitter. 

Taylor Tanguay’s video about Austin. 10 maj
Shortstuffsteph2’s video about Austin. 10 maj
Hannah Herureiza’s video about Austin. 11 maj
Cassandra La Plante’s video about Austin. 12 may

Austin’s video defending himself. 


Liam Dryden talking about what to do now.
Hank Green talking about what has happened.
Lucy talking about what’s happened and speaking up.
Marueen Johnson wrote a post.
Summer in the City addressing safety. 

A Probation Officer that goes into detail about how offenders see their actions and the way they use language.
An open letter to YouTube about all of this. (read this)

YouTubeSpeaks, a tumblr demanding discussion by popular YouTubers.
Women of KWMC, a support group for survivors on tumblr and twitter.

Unsubscribe together - A one click unsubscribe button to all youtube abusers.


Victim blaming is wrong. 
If you’re a survivor of sexual assault or abuse, you can get help through RAINN, a great organization. International help.
7CupsOfTea - an anonymous chatroom to talk to volunteers about problems, issues or feelings.

Educate yourself on what CONSENT means.
What to do if you suspect your friend is a sexual abuser. 

Video: Lex made a video about what CONSENT means.
Video: Hank Green made a video about CONSENT.
Video: The Science and Dangers of YouTube Celebrity.
Video: TomSka’s Guide to Gatherings.
Video: Charlie McDonnell: Sex & Consent.
VideoBryarly Bisop: We Are Edited.
Video: Laci Green: Consent 101.
Video: Jack and Dean: Consent (song).

Video: Lidsey: What is Emotional Abuse?

Video: YouTuve Abuse Recovery | Ann McGavin (thegeekyblonde). 
Video: Sexual Abuse on YouTube | Pottermoosh. 
Video: Tell Someone | abb3rz07.
Video: Wrongdoings and Growth in Our Community | Teryn Gray.
Video: UNDERAGE SEX & CONSENT | hayleyghoover

Video: Women on YouTube Panel at VidCon 2014

Video: Marinashutup’s video on the topic.
Video: GaryC’s video on the topic.

How to Treat YouTube Abuse Survivors by JustMargaret.

 "Don’t let anyone else influence your opinions: make an effort to educate yourself on the matter and decide how you feel on your own.“ - Lindsey.


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Crime Documentary List

I am a giant movie nerd, and I especially love documentaries. I have recommended a few of my favorite documentaries before, but I have recently been inspired to make a rather exhaustive list of my favorite crime documentaries that are available on Netflix. This list is for movies that are available on Netflix in the U.S. - I’m not sure which of them are available in other countries. Please reblog or comment on this post if you have recommendations!

*cracks knuckles* Alright…

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anonymous asked:

Apparently my boss gets harassed by this dude that's been convicted of child molestation in the 90s and recently, sexual assault and battery. He tells her in a forceful manner that she needs to call him on the phone after work. Recently one of my managers recieved a call from a man saying I need to call him. So when I asked my boss who that dude's name was, it's the same sex offender that harassed her. God help me.

Crime Viral article about sibling killers

8 Shocking Cases of Siblings Who Became Killers

These following siblings had more in common than just the same genes - they also had the same desire to kill… 

8. Delfina and Maria de Jesus Gonzalez 

Delfina and Maria de Jesus Gonzalez were two sisters from Guanajuato, a north-central Mexican state. Between the 1950s to the mid-1960s, they ran “Rancho El Angel” a large prostitution ring where at least ninety-one murders took place. 

Police had arrested a young woman named Josefina Gutierrez on suspicion of kidnapping young girls in the Guanajuato area. During her questioning, she mentioned the names of the Gonzalez sisters. She led them to a property in San Francisco Rincon and their search shockingly found the bodies of 80 women, eleven men, and many fetuses. 

It was later discovered that the sisters would place adverts for housemaids who were wanted in the local area. When young girls replied to the adverts, they were held hostage and forced to take either heroin or cocaine. Those who became too ill, pregnant, damaged through sexual activity or just stopped pleasing customers were killed. Replaced with more innocent victims. 

The customers were killed too - anyone who showed up with a lot of cash would be disposed of and their money would then belong to the sisters. When questioned about the bodies on the property one of the sisters reportedly put it down to food poisoning. 

In 1964, the Gonzalez sisters were sentenced to forty years in prison. Delfina died in prison and Marina vanished after her release never to be seen again. They have a Guinness World Record entry as the “most prolific murder partnership”. 

7. Robert and Michael Bever 

In 2015, five members of the Bever family were found murdered at their Broken Arrow, Oklahoma home. The bodies of parents, 52-year-old David and 44-year-old April, were discovered with 66 stab wounds between them, 12-year-old Daniel had been killed by nine stab wounds, 7-year-old Christopher died after suffering six stab wounds and 5-year-old Victoria had been killed by seven stab wounds. 13-year-old Crystal survived and she identified the two killers to be her 18-year-old brother Robert and 16-year-old brother Michael. 

There was a lack of motive behind the boys’ crimes. They had both been home educated and neighbors claimed the family kept themselves away from others - the children were rarely allowed to mingle with others. Other neighbors commented that they only come to know the names of the family members when the murders were printed in the press. 

The brothers admitted they had killed their family, they also revealed they had a desire to kill for quite awhile but their original idea was to stage a school shooting somewhere close by. The very next day after the killings, 3000 rounds of ammunition had been delivered to the house that is believed to have been ordered by the brothers. They were both charged with five counts of first-degree murder and one count of assault and battery with intent to kill. 

6. Linda and Charlotte Mulhall 

Dublin-born sisters Linda and Charlotte Mulhall, killed and dismembered Kenyan immigrant Farah Swaleh Noor in 2005. Noor was killed as he was struck with a hammer swung by Linda and then stabbed with a Stanley Knife by Charlotte. They killed him after an argument over him dating their mother, Kathleen Mulhall. They also sliced off his head and penis then dumped his dismembered corpse in the Royal Canal, Dublin. 

Ten days later, his leg had been found floating in the river and the body was still wearing a sock. Neither the head and penis of Noor were never recovered - the girls later admitted they had disposed of these body parts in rubbish bins around Dublin. 

The sisters were arrested and they both admitted to their involvement in the murder. The media attention landed them the name “Scissor Sisters”. Their mother fled to England and their father, John Mulhall, hung himself in Phoenix Park, shortly after they were both charged. The judge labeled the killings: “The most grotesque killing that has occurred in my professional lifetime”. Charlotte Mulhall was given the mandatory life sentence and Linda Mulhall was given a 15-year sentence for manslaughter, they were both sent to Mountjoy Women’s prison in Dublin. 

5. Dan and Ron Lafferty 

On July 24th, 1984, brothers Dan and Ron Lafferty targeted their sister-in-law Brenda Lafferty, who was married to their brother Allen, and her 15-month-old daughter, Erica. Both brother’s had become extremists and members of the School of Prophets, founded and led by Robert Crossfield, where they believed God was sending them revelations. The brother’s said God wanted them to kill Brenda and her infant daughter as a “removal revelation.” 

Brenda was different from other women they had met before. She was a former beauty queen and a college graduate, she spoke up and told the brothers that she didn’t believe they were prophets. They also believed she was the reason Ron’s wife had left him. 

On that night in July, they beat their victims until they were unconscious and then slit their throats. Their friend Chip Carnes, who drove the getaway car, claimed that Ron thanked his brother Dan for “doing the baby.” After the murders, police found writings of the “revelation.” 

The brothers are now both on death row and still show no remorse for the killings. Dan told in 2004, “It’s never haunted me, it’s never bothered me. I don’t blame anyone for not understanding it. But if you had done it, it wouldn’t haunt you either. It was a strange phenomenon.” He added, “I held Brenda’s hair and did it pretty much the way they did it in the scriptures. Then I walked in Erica’s room. I talked to her for a minute, I said, ‘I’m not sure why I’m supposed to do this, but I guess God wants you home.’”

4. Alex and Derek King 

In 2001, in Pensacola, Florida, brothers 12-year-old Alex and 13-year-old Derek King, murdered their father, 40-year-old Terry King, after bludgeoning him to death with a baseball bat. Convicted child molester, 41-year-old Ricky Chavis, was also sentenced to a maximum of 30-years in prison after helping the young boys cover up the murder. 

After the boys had killed their father, they set their home on fire, called Chavis who came to pick them up, then washed their clothes and hid from the police at his house. His lawyer called his sentence “disproportionate” when compared to the maximum eight-year sentence the King brothers received for the murder. The boys, who were on trial separately, both pleaded guilty to third-degree murder and served their sentences in separate juvenile facilities. 

3. Erik and Lyle Menendez 

The case of the Menendez brothers shocked and gripped America in equal measure in the Nineties. The brothers murdered their rich parents in August 1989, when Lyle was 21-years-old and Erik was 18-years-old, planning the whole thing to make it look like some kind of ultra-violent Mafia hit. They had - according to their own defense - suffered years of abuse at the hands of their mega rich parents, so after it became too much, they banded together to defend themselves in a fatal way. 

However, as was revealed during their highly televised trial in 1993, the truth of the matter was somewhat different. They shot their father Jose and mother Mary in cold blood one evening in the family’s home in Beverly Hills, and then went out to the movies with their friends so that they’d have an alibi. For a while, this story worked out for them, regardless of the suspiciously lavish spending that ensued in the months following the parricide. However, soon enough, Erik confessed the crimes to his psychologist, L. Jerome Oziel. After being threatened by Lyle, Oziel talked about the murder to his girlfriend, who went on to report it to the police. The cops then moved in for the arrest, with the brothers facing trial in 1993, live on the newly launched Court TV. 

Before millions of mesmerized viewers, Lyle stated that he would miss his dog as much as his parents and Erik revealed that he “felt love for his mother when he placed the shotgun in her cheek.” Despite such shocking admissions, the two juries in the first trial ended up being deadlocked, requiring a second trial to be held. This time, with less media attention, they were found guilty and sentenced to life without parole. Yet perhaps more startling than the lateness of this decision or the crime itself is the news that behind bars, both brothers have now apparently found love, marrying pen pals and enjoying the kind of intimacy they didn’t quite have with their parents. 

2. Micajah and Wiley Harpe 

Macajah “Big” Harpe and Wiley “Little” Harpe, were serial killers and river pirates, who carried out their crimes in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Mississippi during the late 18th century. Many claim they were America’s first serial killers who were responsible for the murders of 39 people, or possibly more, as there were 50 other unsolved murders which could have been connected to them. 

In 1797, the Harpes brothers were living near Knoxville, Tennessee but they had been driven from the town after they were caught stealing hogs and horses. They were also accused of murdering a man named Johnson, whose body had been found in a river - the torso ripped open and weighted down with stones. This would soon be the “signature” of the Harpes brothers and how they often disposed of corpses. 

They soon became known as vicious killers who would butcher someone at the slightest provocation - even their own children. It has been said Big Harpe bashed his own daughter’s head against a tree because she cried too much. This was also the only crime he ever showed genuine remorse for. 

Eventually, they were caught and confessed to killing 39 people. Big Harpe was shot dead and Little Harpe was executed by hanging in 1804. 

1. Anthony, James and Linwood Briley 

The Briley Brothers were Anthony, James and Linwood Briley. They were known as good boys, raised in a loving home, who would often help neighbors fix their cars or with repairs. However, behind closed doors, the boys collected exotic pets such as tarantulas, piranhas, and boa constrictors that they would torture and kill. Their own father kept his bedroom door padlocked from the inside when he slept at night. 

In 1971, 16-year-old Linwood aimed a rifle from his bedroom window, then shot and killed an elderly neighbor as she was hanging out some laundry. The crime was almost never solved until a funeral director found a small bullet wound under her armpit. Police investigated that the only angle the bullet could have come from was where the Briley house stood. Linwood admitted to the crime and said, “I heard she had heart problems, she would have died soon anyway.” He was sent to reform school for one year. 

The in 1979, the brothers went on a seven-month killing rampage that terrified locals. On March 12th, they knocked on the door of a Henrico County couple claiming they had car trouble and needed to use their telephone before eventually forcing their way into the house. They tied the couple up at gunpoint, doused them in fuel and lit the house on them on. Luckily the husband managed to free his arms and they both survived the attack. Days later they shot dead a vending serviceman. Then the following month they followed a 76-year-old into her house before murdering her. Their next victim was a 17-year-old boy who they killed by dropping a cinderblock onto his skull. 

Months passed by and the brothers began looking for another victim. When they came across a DJ who was taking a break between his set, they assaulted him and put him in the trunk of his own car. They then drove the car to an abandoned paper mill and shot him before dumping his body in a river. Later when they were arrested, Linwood was wearing a ring belonging to the victim. 

The same month, the brothers beat a 62-year-old private nurse to death and just five days later and only two blocks from their own home, they bludgeoned a couple to death with a baseball bat, scissors, and a fork. When the bodies were discovered, the scissors and fork were sticking out of their victim’s back. Their last victims were a couple who lived in the neighborhood, the woman was five months pregnant at the time. After the attack, the police noticed the brothers running down the street and were arrested soon afterward. All three brothers were sentenced to death row. 

Carl Großmann

(13 December 1863 – 5 July 1922) was a German serial killer who cannibalized his victims.  

Großmann had sadistic sexual tastes and had several convictions for child molestation. One report is that in his youth he served a 14-year prison sentence for attacking a 7-year-old girl.

During World War I, Großmann sold meat on the black market and even had a hotdog stand at a train station near his home. It is believed the meat contained the remains of his victims, their bones and other inedible parts having been thrown into the river.

On 21 August 1921, Großmann was arrested at his apartment in Berlin after neighbours heard screams and banging noises, followed by silence. The police burst into the apartment, finding on the bed the body of a young woman who had recently been murdered. Großmann was taken into custody and charged with first degree murder. Neighbours reported that he seemed to have had a steady supply of female companions, mostly young women, over the previous few years. Many went into the apartment, but few emerged from it. How many lives Großmann took is not known. Only the body of his final victim was found, along with bloodstains in the apartment that indicated at least three other persons had been butchered in the few weeks leading up to his arrest. One 1921 report claims Großmann had confessed to about twenty murders over twenty years. A 1922 report claims that Großmann had admitted to killing four women. Some have suggested as many as 50 women entered Großmann’s apartment and ended up being murdered, dismembered and eaten.

Carl Großmann was convicted of murder and was sentenced to death. Before his sentence could be carried out, he hanged himself in his own cell.


Protective custody (PC) in prison is when an inmate is moved to a special unit or area of the prison that is kept separate from inmates in general population, or “main line”. An inmate may ask to be moved to protective custody because they fear that their life and safety is in danger, but requesting to be placed in PC is in itself a dangerous decision. Inmates who “check in” to protective custody will never be able to walk main line again, and in some situations, might be in danger after they are released from prison. There are several reasons why an inmate might be placed in protective custody.

  • They are in prison for child molestation, pedophilia, rape and/or murder of a woman or a child. Inmates who are convicted of these crimes are at a high risk for being assaulted or even murdered by other inmates who consider “taking care” of these inmates to be a badge of honor. It is extremely dangerous to be in prison for these crimes.
  • They are a notorious inmate, convicted of a high profile crime, especially hate crimes. (A recent example of this would be Dylann Roof, who may not ever be allowed to walk main line.)
  • They were in a gang and dropped out, or “debriefed” with prison officials. Debriefing is when a former gang member talks to prison staff about gang activities and tells their secrets, in exchange for protective custody or other considerations. These inmates are referred to as “snitches” or “drop outs”, and they are the next worse thing to be in prison after child molesters.
  • They are in danger of violence from another inmate because of drug or gambling debts, and they have no way to ever repay the debt, or they are involved in a dispute with another inmate(s) and are unable to fight back or defend themselves.
  • They were a police officer or corrections officer before they went to prison.
  • They were witnesses to a crime, whether inside or outside of prison, and they need to be protected so they are not assaulted or killed before they can testify.
Five times Peter ran away. Part one.

The first time is an accident, kinda.

They were on some planet, with a name that Peter couldn’t pronounce even if he cared to remember it. All he knew was that he was off the ship, with its stale, recycled air. It was something that Peter had started to appreciate more, after about a year or so, he thinks, at least, of being in a ship and seeing the same walls and grated floor, the same ugly mugged son ofa bitches, it’s refreshing to see new places and new people, regardless of their species.

The Eclectors docked and most of the crew is somewhere around, but the self proclaimed Star Lord is stuck with the Captain and his First Mate while they deliver whatever it is they picked up to whoever it was that ordered it. Again the Terran boy doesn’t really care.

While Peter’s (caretakers, guardians, kidnappers) captain and co. Were haggling over the price, he walked around, content to just look at some of the strange artifacts. That is until he tripped, and fell into a display case. Both him and the case go down, hard. Luckily he’s not hurt, not so luckily the case is smashed on the ground, but the actual artifact is fine. It’s loud and interrupts the adults conversation. The buyer looks rather much like he sucked on a lemon, considering how sour he’s looking, and Yondu seems just as mad.

“You’ll have to pay that.” Informs the buyer, all smug and disdain and condescending at the same time. “We can just take it out of the price for my relic, if you like.”

Yondu doesn’t lose his smile, all sharp edges and savage, as he turns around and grabs peter buy his scruff. The glass digs into his palms and knees a little as he tries to stand up, not wanting to aggravate the captain anymore than he already has.

“Sorry, it was an accident, I didn’t mean too.” The words are out before he can stop them. They do little to ease the tension, and Yondu still has a tight grip on the back of his neck, it hurts, just a little though.

“I don’t care, boy. You lost me money, and you better pray that it wasn’t expensive, or else Terran’ll be on the menu.” He gives Peter a shake, and throws him out the door. There’s a barked ‘stay here you little shit’ and then the door is closed and Pete is left alone.

He walks over to the side of the store where a stone wall is.

Anger rushes through him, followed shortly by shame and a little apprehensiveness. It’s not like I meant to break it, he thinks to himself, I was just being a clutz again. I ain’t no good for nothing, hell maybe they really will eat me this time.

It’s with the last thought that his eyes start to sting and he finds tears slipping out the corners of his eyes, he wipes them away, even more ashamed for crying like a baby, when a sharp sting on his palms catches his attention. Peter’s palms are bloody and he still has bits of glass in them, and now he probably has blood on his face too.

Sighing, he starts the annoying process of removing the glass, giving a little hiss every here and there with a particular deep piece.

So absorbed in his work he doesn’t realize that someone’s noticed him and is comping over.

“Hello, offspring.” Comes a gently, rather feminine voice, from in front of him.

He looks up a little to see a woman and what he guesses is her kid in front of him. They are humanoid looking, except for the extra eye in the middle of their forehead. Both have a dark magenta type skin tone and black hair.

“Hello.” He mumbles back. He remembers his mama teaching him about stranger danger but, after having lived with the Ravagers for a year and a half now he’s not sure if getting kidnapped again would be a bad thing.

“Offspring, are you ok? You look hurt, little one.” And the voice is so kind, and motherly and it reminds Peter of his mom. Something inside him twists and a hiccup sob comes out, and then a few tears join it.

Before he can stop himself from having an all out meltdown in front of these two complete strangers, he gets tackled by the little one, and she squeezes him tight.

“Don’t be upset. We can help you, my carrier is the best carrier in the whole world and she’ll help you, and I can help you too.” The little girl says with all the conviction of child and surprisingly it actually works. Peter does feel better.

“ My name is Gar'Net and this is my offspring, Rby. What’s your name?” The mother asks.

“My names Peter.” He says shyly, not sure how to react to someone being so gently and kind and reassuring towards him.

“Well Peter, where are your Parents? Your Carrier and your Provider? Did you lose them?”

“Yes. I lost them.” And he really had hadn’t he? Tears threatened again but this time Quill fought them off and won.

“Oh, you poor thing, come with me Peter, we can help you look for them, and clean up those rather nasty cuts.” She holds out her hand to him then.

And Peter just looks at it.

He thinks, for half a second, about Yondu, and Kraglin, and the crew, and he wonders, would they really care if he left, he was just a waste of space and an emergency ration, they wouldn’t care. Besides Gar'Net and Rby looked so nice, and they wanted to help.

He took her hand.

And he smiles. A big radiant smile. Because she doesn’t yell at him when blood gets on her hand, and she doesn’t cuff him over the head for it either. Simply digs in her purse and pulls out a handkerchief and rips it in two and wraps them around his hands.

And the little girl is talking a mile a minute as they walk, about all her toys and how she’s always wanted a nest mate before and how she’ll be really nice to him and share all her stuff.

Something suspiciously close to hope starts to flower in him the father away from the store they get. And every steps seems lighter and lighter. A warmth he had forgotten about makes him all warm inside. And the hand in his is squeezing gently and comforting and it doesn’t hurt, and the smile that Gar'Net sends to the two of them is filled with nothing less than motherly love, that does hurt, but in a good, odd sort of way.

“QUILL!” And his happy feeling is gone. That’s Yondu’s voice. And oh boy does he sound mad.

Taking a quick peek over his shoulder, he sees the back of a blue head, Yondu’s not looking in this direction, so maybe he can still get away.

His pace quickens and he’s all but dragging the mother and the girl farther down the street, the woman seems a little alarmed but is so used to her daughter doing the same thing it passes quickly.

“Quill! Boy, that you?” And oh shit the voice is getting closer, Peter doesn’t bother to turn his head, pretends he didn’t hear him. There’s a big crowd of people up here, and maybe, just maybe, he could lose the Captain in it.

All plans fly out the window, with one, big, ear splitting whistle.

He stops dead in his tracks, and slowly turns around, eyes wide and fearful, expecting to see an arrow sticking out of his back.

But no. There’s no arrow, just Yondu and Kraglin, coming up easy as you please.

“What’s the matter Peter? Is everything ok?” He hears Gar'Net asks distantly.

Before Quill can tell them to run or leave or please take him with you, the Captain and First Mate are standing in front of them.

“Why thank you miss for taking such good care of me boy here,” Yondu has a perfectly charming smile and the voice to match. “ I damn near had a heart failure when I couldn’t find him.” A hearty chuckle follows. And Yondu is convincing, he seems sincerely relieved to have found him, and honestly grateful to the woman.
Like the blue bastard could actually feel grateful, let alone relived to find him.

*(*/On the inside Yondu is hoping this don’t go south, cause if the boy decides to fight him on this, there ain’t much he can really do in such a crowded marketplace. The authorities would be on him all too soon, if he did. Briefly he considers letting the kid stay, he could maybe grow up and have a life, and maybe be a child again. Or maybe more likely, Ego’d hear about a Terran brat on Jem'ome and send someone to get him, and he’d be dead like the rest of em’./ *)*

The woman for her part smiles slightly, but there’s a glint to her eye, she’s a mother, and she has the mother instinct.

Crouching down to Peter’s level, she looks him dead in the eye, ignoring the captain like he ain’t even there and asks him “ Peter? Do you know these men? And do you want to go with them?”

He’s shocked. And scared. What’s the right answer? Taking a quick peek at the captain, he sees him put his hands on his hips, it’s a simple gesture but doing so, reveals his arrow.

It’s all the convincing Quill needs.

“Yes ma'am, I know em’ and yes I would like to go with em’ please.” He says it as kindly and convincingly as he can.

She smiles again, “Are you sure Peter? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Now, ma'am, while I appreciate you looking out for the kid here, he has to come…” the words die on Kraglins tongue with the look She sends him. Filled with malice and motherly love and protection, and enough to make even Ravagers go quiet it seemed.

Peter could tell the truth, he could leave with these nice people, and maybe live a halfway decent life, maybe even find himself a real family. Or more likely, he could try to leave with these people and have Yondu putting an arrow through either himself or the family, and Peter can’t risk the lives of them for his own selfishness. His mama taught him better. All of this takes less than a second for him to think about,before he gives her his best smile.

“It’s ok Gar'Net, I shouldnta wondered so far away from em’ but I’m just happy they found me!” He finishes it buy running forward and grabbing Kraglins hand, hoping that The Xanderian is smart enough not to shake him off and ruin the whole ruse.

He doesn’t.

“Once again, thank you for finding the boy for me. Mighty grateful to you and yours.” With a smile and a wave Yondu turns around and starts walking away, Kraglin and Peter quickly following his heels.

Peter doesn’t turn around to watch them go. He stares straight ahead, and that uncertainty and apprehension starts to roll in gut.

A few more yards down and they take a turn, and that’s when Yondu’s big blue hand falls into the back of his neck and Kraglins hand leaves his.

“Boy, what part about stay there was too hard fer yer Terran brain to understand?” The Captain asks gruffly, a little undertone of aggravation in his voice.

The nine year old doesn’t answer, just keeps looking ahead.

“Wan'nt a rhetorical question, answer me Quill.” Oh, yup there it is, he’s getting angry now.

Still, Peter holds his silence.

“Why’d you run off like that, ya little shit, had me thinking someone stole ya.” And there’s something in Yondu’s voice a little bit like concern and that makes Quill mad.

Smacking the hand at the base of his neck off, he turns to glare at the two them.

“Like you stole me? Why you even care? S'not like I’m worth anything but dinner!” He growls out, aware of the busy market place and keeping his voice down so passer-bys don’t hear.

“I don’t care boy, but your an investment, and I plan on keeping ya around long enough ta be profitable. Ya owe me. When I picked you up on terra, my boys wanted ta eat ya, I was and still am the only thing standin in their way. I saved your life.” He’s gotten closer now and he’s glaring down at the kid just as hard as Peter is to him. His voice is still gruff and angry but there’s something monotone in the way he says it, like he’s been having to explain this a few times.

Their brief glaring match is interrupted by the First Mate giving a quick cough.

“Sir, crews back and we got all the supplies we need. Just waitin on you sir.”

The Centurian looks like he might throttle the first mate and then decides against. With a growl and a huff he grabs Peter by the arm and keeps walking back to the ship.

Yondu’s grip doesn’t lessen the entire walk to the ship. And Peter has a bad feeling when instead of letting him go and telling to get lost they go straight to his bunk.

The door opens with a a small hiss and him and the captain enter. Now a little worried cause the grip still hasn’t gone away, Quill starts struggling a bit.

And then he all but freaks out when Yondu swipes his Walkman off the bed.

“Give that back!” He yells, enraged that someone would try and take that from him, the last remnant of his mom, besides the little package he refuses to open.

“Oh? What this? You had no problem up and leavin without it, why would you care now?” Yondu’s tone is patronizing and sickly sweet. But his words are true enough. “No, I think I’ll be holding onto this for a bit, until you can prove that you deserve it.”

The Terran is still struggling and he slips out of the captains grip, intent on retrieving his Walkman. He charges Yondu with all his might, but he might as well have been a flea on a dog for all the good it did him. He bounces back up after having falling on ass, and starts hitting with all his strength.

A quick back hand has Quill on the ground again.

“Stay down this time runt, 'fore I make you.” The captains glaring again, and his implant is glowing the type of glow that means his Yaka Arrow is about to come out and play. Peter stays down.

“Kraglin.” Yondu barks

“Yes Cap'n?”

“Put him ta work. I want the vents done, the commodes cleaned, and the laundry sorted out too. If he gives ya any trouble, see if Taserface needs any help with the engines, I’m sure a little Terran would be good at getting into tight spaces.” His voice leaves no room for argument.

“Yes sir.”

With that the Captain gives him one more look, and leaves.

“C'mon Petey, you heard the Cap'n, you got some work to do.” Kraglin’s voice is a lot softer but there’s still no arguing with him either.

It’s almost a month later and two difficult jobs involving a distraction and a small vent thief, when Peter gets his Walkman back.

He listens to the music like he’s never heard it before.


Washington State Penitentiary (WSP) is a medium and maximum security prison for men, located in Walla Walla, Washington. Built in 1886, it is the oldest penitentiary in the state, with an inmate population of around 2,400. WSP is the site of death row and executions in Washington, although Governor Jay Inslee has imposed a moratorium on executions while he is in office. There are currently nine men housed on death row. Washington State Penitentiary was the subject of a 1986 photographic book entitled “Concrete Mama: Prison profiles from Walla Walla”

There are several notable inmates currently housed at Washington State Penitentiary.

Robert Lee Yates – Serial killer from Spokane, Washington, who murdered 13 sex workers in the skid row section of downtown Spokane.

David Lewis Rice – Convicted of murdering the Goldmark family on Christmas Eve, 1985.

Terapon Adhahn – Convicted child rapist and murderer from Tacoma, Washington.

Gary Ridgeway – The Green River Killer.

Jack Spillman – Serial Killer from Spokane, referred to as “The Werewolf Butcher.”

Kevin Coe -  Known as the “South Hill Rapist”, from Spokane.

Kenneth Bianchi – “The Hillside Strangler”.

Additionally, Colton Harris-Moore (The barefoot bandit) was housed at WSP for a time, but has since been sent to work-release in Seattle.