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wakatoshi; have you ever run into doors? I mean, even you has to have your ungraceful moments right?

Ushijima: There are moments we do not speak of.

All I could think of was that birds can’t see glass. RIP Ushijima 2k17.


💀Ask open for E.💀

Stylish E.

Name: Eggy
Nickname: E
Age: 17
Height: 4'7
Personality: quiet, observant, introvert, honest, kind if you put the effort.
Things about him: mostly blind from one eye. Deformation and irregular teeth. Loves clothes, will change around often. Great at training glaste blasters(base on the theory that they are like dogs)
Mostly focus on designing and creating weapons and armor like clothing. He can infuse clothes with charms. Like, defense up, attack up, and so on. He can’t summon without using magic enhancers. Weapon of choice, sniper riffle.

The new official cover for Faulty, Chapter 2. 

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Everyday is your birthday in the fifth house. It is a cosmic Disneyland that opens just for you.

Sun in the 5th house/Leo in the 5th house
The world is a stage and the performer is gracious, radiant, and absolutely transcendent. A Queen dancing on the rays of the Sun, the whole world is watching on

Moon in the 5th house/Cancer in the 5th house
A child walks under a white Moon spotlight, exquisite and enchanting, glowing with the sovereign of an heiress

Mercury in the 5th house/Gemini or Virgo in the 5th house
The word alchemist, wings made of sun, a painter of children’s fairytales with language, a pen that pops with confetti holding books full of colour and delight

Venus in the 5th house/Libra or Taurus in the 5th house
The lover dances on a stage, blowing kisses and swaying with the sun, releasing the bubbles of pleasure, music, and indulgence and seduction

Mars in the 5th house/Aries in the 5th house
A child emerges from a box of crayons ready to draw a world into this one, a woman flickers lights from her fingers, under a blaze she bedazzles with a fire twirling display

Jupiter in the 5th house/Sagittarius in the 5th house
Laughter radiates from the crackle of morning light, today is everybody’s birthday, it’s eating a marshmellow icecream cake for breakfast

Saturn in the 5th house/Capricorn in the 5th house
A guardian appears, one who swoops in to hold and love and protect those vulnerable children, a guardian emerges to soothe his own inner child

Uranus in the 5th house/Aquarius in the 5th house
A bizarre artist walks from his home, an abandoned church in the woods, eccentric portraits and paintings hang upside down

Neptune in the 5th house/Pisces in the 5th house
A circus performer walks and floats and contorts, every movement a display of bodily art and entrancing sensuality, she creates ambient music with her thoughts

Pluto in the 5th house/Scorpio in the 5th house
Beneath a pastel sea, swirling with hypnotic music and art, a spellcaster swims with a wand, every exertion of self is a creative display of godly magnificence



When you’re a bad piggy so mom decides to put you in a box and SHIP YOU AWAY FOREVER.

Just kidding, Hubert isn’t going anywhere, he’s just enjoying his random exploration of an old chip box ❤😊

Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)
Digimon Adventure
Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)

The world is ugly, broken, and desperately sick. It is our responsibility to make it less so.

• pick up garbage you see in the grass
• if you like something about someone, their outfit, their smile, their laugh, etc, tell them
• be gentle
• hug someone
• invest in someone who is younger than you (a cousin, sibling, etc) and spend time with them
• give random gifts, even if it’s just a flower you found in the grass
• write letters to people you know, not just for their birthdays
• help someone carry their groceries to their car
• cuddle your pet
• ask people if they are okay and tell them that you actually want to know the truth
• plant gardens
• pack operation Christmas child boxes
• send a care package to someone
• listen
• be kind
• recycle everything you possibly can
• consider burning your own garbage so that landfills are less… filled
• say hello to a stranger
• smile
• cheer on a younger sibling/cousin at their extracurricular activities
• ask a younger person about what they like
• give a homeless person a meal (I’m sure they would appreciate anything)
• go Christmas caroling
• say goodnight and good morning
• volunteer

Do something that makes the world a better place. Start small, don’t expect to end world hunger in five days. Maybe you could help end hunger in your community, and other communities will do the same, and little by little - every community in the world is no longer hungry.