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Heqet Aesthetic

To the Egyptians, the frog was a symbol of life and fertility, since millions of them were born after the annual inundation of the Nile, which brought fertility to the otherwise barren lands. Consequently, in Egyptian mythology, there began to be a frog-goddess, who represented fertility, referred to by Egyptologists as Heqet. She was often referred to as the wife of Khnum. As a fertility goddess, associated explicitly with the last stages of the flooding of the Nile, and so with the germination of corn, she was associated with the final stages of childbirth. This association, which appears to have arisen during the Middle Kingdom, gained her the title ‘She who hastens the birth’. Some say that—even though no ancient Egyptian term for “midwife” is known for certain—midwives often called themselves the Servants of Heqet, and that her priestesses were trained in midwifery. Women often wore amulets of her during childbirth, which depicted Heqet as a frog, sitting in a lotus.

The signs as shit dan says

aries: “I literally just laid an egg. I birthed a child out of an egg. i just asexually produced. I was so jumpscared, life found a way and it came out of my ass”

taurus: “god, every download of this game should come with a free diaper”

gemini: “im gonna crap all over this chess table”

cancer: “this already sound like a colossal bag of nope for me”

leo: “a full on flower penis just fell on me”

virgo: “oh god.. shitting down my legs, shitting down my spine, shitting down my neCK”

libra: “im going to shit myself at an alarming velocity”

scorpio: “don’t sneak up on people in the toilet they are vulnerable in that environment”

sagittarius: “your ass is where you feel all the important emotions”

capricorn: “you wouldnt know because i didnt express myself, but i just silently shit when i saw my shadow”

aquarius: “if i cringe anymore, i think my neck would just snap off and a fountain of blood would just erupt at the camera”

pisces: “fight me you ceramic bitch”

phil’s version x 

titus drautos // first child hcs

a little surprise for @rhysspeaces and @louisvuittontrashbags to sate them until i can finish my fics. i hope you like it.

content warning for child birth and pregnancy // SFW

  • it had taken a long time to get to this point with titus
  • not a man of intimacy, the captain of the glaives was a hard-won prize
  • all grit and muscle and hard edges
  • so when he found out you were pregnant, you expected confusion, panic, maybe even anger
  • you did not expect how he pushed all of those frantic emotions aside and fell into careful reverence, your body treated like spun sugar under his large, battle worn hands
  • you were still his girl, his wicked, little goddess, the only woman who knew how to take him down a peg
  • but the life growing inside you simultaneously softened him and heightened his protective nature
  • throughout the pregnancy, drautos fawned over you
  • not the type to pamper, but he definitely didn’t pass up the opportunity to scoop you up into his chiseled chest so you didn’t have to walk up and down large staircases and hills
  • visiting altissia a trip, you ended up soaking in a bubble bath in the nicest suite titus could reserve after dealing with those damn stairs everywhere
  • he didn’t join you this time, opting to lather up your hair and back, muttering baby name ideas and making snippy comments about how you touched his thigh
  • “Y/N, you need to rest.”
  • “I need you.” 
  • he wanted you just as badly, carnal delights not lost on him, but his touch wasn’t as starved, his mouth not as territorial
  • many intense conversations were had in the middle of the night
  • “i’m not ready. i can’t do this, Y/N!” 
  • “titus, you have to,” you retort, placing his hand on your swollen belly
  • “i fight, that’s what i do. how do i have any business rearing an entire human being?” 
  • “that’s why you have me, you big lug.” 
  • when you went into labor, he was at the grocery store
  • a carton of milk left behind in a flurry after the phone call to end all phone calls, he came for you, taking up the entire doorway before dropping to his knees beside you
  • “are you all right, my love?” he croons with newfound sentiment, his hands unsure of where to land 
  • you nod, doubled over, counting the time between contractions
  • “why didn’t you tell me when they began, Y/N?”
  • “titus, you damned fool, i am not ready to have this baby in the middle of our living room, get me to the damn hospital!” 
  • drautos springs into action, driving like a bat outta hell, only slowing down when you needed to squeeze one of his hands
  • he knew you would chastise him later
  • you clawed at his arm, even though nurses were trying to push him aside to get to their equipment
  • none of his training prepared him for the absolute heartache that was listening to his girl in pain with no sign of relief
  • a flash of dread and anxiety drove him out of the room, just long enough to stifle how overwhelmed he was becoming
  • she’s waiting
  • “okay, titus, get it together,” he grumbled to himself, exhaling slowly
  • drautos marched back into your room, taking in the scene
  • you, trying to contort yourself into whatever position would offer you the most relief, snapping at a nurse about how she placed the iv port, wild eyes searching for your hulking protector
  • he hated seeing these strangers touching you, but he knew they were only doing their job
  • still, he had no problem shouldering his way into the fray, clutching your hand with both of his monstrous palms 
  • “i’m here.” drautos’ mantra
  • when it was time to push, he glowed with pride at how you bared your teeth, steely determination alight within you
  • glistening with sweat, white knuckling his fist, you fought to bring your creation into this strange, beautiful world
  • “that’s my girl,” he whispered
  • “would you like to help?” the doctor smiled, handing him a smock
  • drautos balks for the first time in his life, gingerly taking the smock
  • he took his place, paling as you giggled through the pain, the smock too tight for his large frame
  • and then there they were
  • “push, darling, push.” 
  • first the head, the arms, and then they were in his outstretched hands, wriggling, red blotchy skin and all ten fingers and toes
  • everything blurred around drautos as the nurses cleaned up the newborn until he heard its first cries
  • you had the baby in a deathgrip against your chest, weeping softly
  • “come here, titus. come meet your little one,” you said with a gentle smile
  • “my…” he couldn’t move at first, eyes locked on the squirming infant
  • “titus.”
  • his gaze shifts and all his worries melt away when he sees your face
  • he walks over, trembling hands giving him away
  • “you did it.” the words left his lips with such grace and pride, it could have knocked you over had you been standing. “my beautiful enchantress.”
  • all of his roughness, his hard lines, were nowhere to be found as he took the bundle of pink and lavender from you
  • “i’m going to crush him,” he hissed as the weight of the baby registered in his hands. 
  • “no, you won’t,” you laughed, smoothing your finger over the baby’s cheek before titus straightened up
  • “so… so tiny,” he breathed, baby nestled in the crook of his arm
  • titus really was a sight, hunched over the little one, massive shoulders bunched, head bowed 
  • “how can something ever be so tiny…” 
  • “look at you,” you murmur, beaming. “you’re doing it.” 
  • titus’ eyes were brimming with complete and utter adoration when he placed a delicate kiss on your forehead. 
  • “i am going to love you as the stars love the moon,” he crooned to the sleepy babe before passing them back to you
  • titus wormed his way onto the too small bed, curling around you and the tiny treasure
  • you remember him mumbling about liking the name “rowan” before succumbing to exhaustion
What if we are both the Space Orcs and the Space Hippies of the Galaxy?

I absolutely love the idea that humanity will turn out to be the Space Orcs of the universe with our innate violence and toughness but what if we turn out to be the space hippies as well?

Like every other species that has reached Space fairing status has slaughtered every predator, every dangerous insect, every poisonous plant ….even viruses  and bacteria have been exterminated. Basically everything that can be a threat to them on their planet has been removed and it’s functions in the cycle of the planet have been replicated through scientific means. Sanitizing your Homeworld  like this is considered a mark of progress and civilization. Only barbaric species have natural dangers on their world. In advanced societies only lifeforms which are useful are allowed on your planet

And then we appear on the scene and although we are intimidating and and violent the other species welcome us. And then on our first meeting the alien ambassador notices a beautiful painting of a jellyfish on the Captain’s wall

“What an intriguing creature. Is it native to your planet? What is it function?” asked X’thio of the Kril

“Oh this? Yeah. The Box Jellyfish. Nasty piece of work. It’s poison targets your pain center and you literally spend weeks in excruciating pain. You can die very easily if you don’t get help quickly. My third cousin got stung by one. She said it was so painful it made child birth look like a fun day at the park“

“These things still exist on your world!? How horrifying. We would gladly help you exterminate them if you don’t have the capability”

“Exterminate them!? Mate we are trying to save them. They are severely endangering due all the pollution in the ocean!”

“What!? Why?”

“Well we used to throw out a lot of garbage  in the ocean and….”

“I understand how pollution works. Why would you want to save such a horrid creature?”

“Well  isn’t it obvious? It’s because it’s endangered. Besides they barely killed any people. Now snakes..let me tell you about snakes. There this snake that climbed through toilet and bit my uncle right in the…….”

And that’s when the Ambassador knew that they wouldn’t be leaving their Embassy on Earth

A miscarriage is a natural and common event.  All told, probably more women have lost a child from this world than haven’t.  Most don’t mention it, and they go on from day to day as if it hadn’t happened, so people imagine that a woman in this situation never really knew or loved what she had. 

But ask her sometime: how old would your child be now?  And she’ll know.

—  Barbara Kingsolver

“You know, you don’t get to decide what I am.”

Sarah // my favourite new character from Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (I love her and am always here for more badass resistance ladies! \o/)

So I work for my local Child Protective Services...

And everyone’s response is the same when they hear this: sympathy, they could never do my job, ouch, etc. Very appropriate responses, but all of these are typically in regards to the families I work with.

I will be honest: many of the parents I encounter should never have been parents. Ever. Many should not even be trusted with a cactus, nonetheless another living being. However, most of my families AREN’T like this, and the ones which are like this I tend to give some slack, even as I’m working like hell to keep their kids safe. Many of them have severe mental health issues, and many have been told, despite not having a parenting bone in their body, that they SHOULD be parents and they needed to grow up and BE parents, without ever acknowledging that parenting is completely beyond their abilities.

Which brings me to the frustrating portion of the job: people who SHOULD know better and yet don’t. 

These are the supposedly mentally healthy, educated, intelligent beings who return to the children to the parents against all evidence pointing out how terribly this will end. These are the people who struggle to provide evidence against the parents in court because they want to be liked and they don’t want to bad talk the parents. These are the people who close their eyes against warning sign after warning sign because despite multiple HORRIFIC failures, they want to give these parents a chance, because they’re sure that these parents love their children and want the best for them…deep down. Really deep down.

There is a view on what parenting is supposed to be and what the relationship between parents and their children are supposed to be and don’t get me started on the myths regarding maternal instincts. It’s easy to get wrapped up in ideals and ignore the blatant evidence right in front of them, and the result is too many children being endangered…and in some cases, depending on the children, people AROUND the children being endangered.

I had one adoptive parent, who was related to the father, be so upset because the father couldn’t “man up” and take responsibility because he was signing away his rights to the child. I had to convince her that he WAS fulfilling his responsibility: by recognizing that he could not possibly parent the child and was allowing the child to grow up in a good home.

I’m childfree, and I’ve heard multiple times that I should have kids and I would be such a good mother and blahblahblah. Being childfree has given me a perspective a lot of people around me don’t have. These people believe that everyone should have children and everyone has the instinct to love, protect, and nurture those children. This can lead to actively dangerous situations for the children, and even when the parent states that they can’t do it, that they hate the child, that they want someone else to have the child, I still hear judges and counselors and service providers insisting that if the parent just had a LITTLE MORE HELP…

So, no. It’s typically not the parents which make my job so hard. It’s the people who should know better and get confused when everything goes to hell.

anonymous asked:

Is it ok if I request a Junkenstein x fem reader that's pregnant with his child? Maybe he's the one to deliver the baby and he and the reader share a tender moment?

[Sorry if some bits seem vague or rushed kids and child birth freak me the fuck out, It always reminds me of the scene from ALIEN but instead of an alien bursting out your guts it’s a sack of human bursting out your fanny, nien thank you -shivers- but I did me best]

- He never thought he would be in this situation, never in a million years, he didn’t even think he’d find someone to love him let alone someone willing to sleep with him in the first place. But here you were, a maid from the kitchen and all his.

- You had bumped into each other almost a year ago and from there you;d sneak off to be together, everyone knew you were courting someone but never knew who. Both of you weren’t ready to be public and he was too scared to let everyone know you were seeing the crazy mad scientist Doctor Junkenstien..

- Despite having to keep everything so secret you had lasted, both so happy together and expecting a child together. He was still so shocked. 

- You sat there on the small bed he had in his lab, away from his work but close enough that he could keep an eye on you. You rubbed your huge stomach and sighed in pain. As if he has the best hearing in the world,bam he was there.

- Hands on your stomach, tenderly despite how they looked, his head against you as well, listening to the life inside, a grin on his face and eyes wide with wounder. He was trying so hard to create life another way that he’d never expected he’d make it..this way..

- He giggled as he rubbed your tummy, your hand found his hair, brushing the wild white locks as he carried on cooing to your lump, another kick and he cackled. “Such spirit…” he hummed with a loving tone.

- You were excited if not a little scared, no one should know the child was his, safer for all three of you until the mans plan had taken off anyway but you knew he was going to be a good father, how much love and attention he was already showing,,

- “I don’t think it will be long now, it hurts really bad” you mumbled and tried to sit up, he was there at your side helping you, that’s when there was a loud sound and sudden discomfort and wetness.. you both looked down before at each other.

- He rushed around like mad as he set things up around the place, locked the door, slid something in front of it so no one could come in. He looked more twichy then normal as he started to panic, he let out awkward giggles, stress and worry induced. He’d read about childbirth but it wasn’t his line of work.. but he was going to do it.

- He did his best, he mixed chemicals to help ease your pain, the very least he could do that with ease. It was getting closer, he held your hand as things started to get worse.

- “We got this” he whispered kissing you before he vanished down the other side of the table putting on some gloves, he was careful with his metal hand, being the most wary of his fake limb then he had ever before.

- It took for what seemed like forever, soon the screaming and super nervous giggle and coaxing faded, a scream, sobbing, in his arms there was a messy child, covered in birthing goo. He grabbed a clean towel and washed the babe off best he could before he gawked at him.

- Pale, same eye colour as the mother and a shock of wild white hair, he trembled at the sight, so perfect, so small and tiny and… just amazing.. He was stirred from his daydream by your voice.

- “OH!” he nodded and brought the child for you to hold. You cuddled the baby in your arms and it soon stopped screaming. Junkenstien removed his goggles and peered down at the bundle, his hand on yours which was holding the small package close.

- “There is no denying whose daughter this is.. look at that beautiful hair” you said with a happy sigh brushing it back. Fluffy and soft.

-”The first thing.. I have ever created that…is truly amazing…” he sighed softly and you kissed his cheek.

to whom loves her next there are a few things you should know.
she doesn’t open up easily or at all. please do not get offended by this. and she may go radio silent for a while but don’t fear she is just lost in her head. she’ll come back to you. she always will. even when you break her heart for the first time, she comes back. and the second time.. she always comes back. she never knows when to stop loving, just like she never knows when to stop over watering plants because she’s so afraid they aren’t getting enough. she also needs constant reassurance so please don’t get annoyed when she wants attention or constant reassurance through out the day. she’s been hurt so many times it’s hard to believe that people could be so cruel to something so beautiful.
she loves to take photographs and she loves to read. she starts reading a book and then she finds another book and starts reading that one cause she’s just so excited and forgets to read the end of the other book so don’t ask why she does that, cause she doesn’t know. she loves animals more than anything so yes that means her two horses, three dogs and chinchilla come first. she’s vegan so make sure you check to see if there’s any milk in the chips or cookies if you buy them for her at the grocery store, which you should. she loves cooking but doesn’t like to clean up the kitchen mess. she HATES dirt. she loves the sky and stars so please make sure you stop to look at sunsets whenever you’re together. she doesn’t talk about her dad but she always wants to. she has a love hate relationship with her mother even though her mother doesn’t know it. child birth scares the crap out of her so she’d rather adopt. she claims she hates kids but once you see her with her little cousin who’s like her little brother the smile she’s wearing when they hug says different. she’s amazing with kids even though she thinks they are annoying. she has big dreams like wanting to end world hunger or becoming an activist. she cries when she see’s animals on the street. also, she’ll bring home animals from the street. she loves her family and friends even though she keeps to herself. she hates stickers and she loves traveling. and when you find her crying into her calms on the bathroom floor at 3 am please do not yell at her and tell her to get over it, instead sit next to her and just hold her hand, she doesn’t want to talk about it. please make sure she takes her medication. in fact stand right there in front of her until she takes it cause if you leave she won’t. she’ll call you an ass and get mad but she’ll love you for it. she loves flowers, especially yellow tulips. she misses her dad everyday. she has a sadness inside her that will never go away so please be there for her even when she pushes you away. her favorite color is blue even though she doesn’t have a favorite color, blue was her dad’s favorite color so when you ask she always says blue. she loves nature and hiking but make sure to make her drink water because she always forget and then feels like shit later on in the day. she hates doing the dishes but doesn’t mind cleaning anything else. she’s an old soul but she has a young spirit and personality at the same time. she has like 10 different laughs and they are all cute but she hates them so please tell her that they are your favorite. please tell her you love her every day because she will say that you don’t. so to the one who loves her next please know she is something so extraordinary that if you lose her you will spend the rest of your life regretting. i know because i am.
—  Deeply feeling series