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under the cut is a masterlist of 100 possible character connections requested by anonymous, these will be platonic, romantic, family, etc., i break them up as best as i can and if there are some of your favorite that i am missing let me know. there are obvious ones and some that i will give an explanation to. please like or reblog if you found this useful! 
tw: mentions of abuse, drugs, & alcohol

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anonymous asked:

Oh man, I thought I had unfollowed all Larries but there were some stragglers apparently and MAN are some of them mad about Liam announcing his child's birth and at Harry for the advert today because they think it's a Fuck You to Louis since he's doing Ultra today and it's Jay's birthday. Like... I'm sure it wasn't supposed to be some kind of sleight against him and I'm sure there are no bad intentions or hurt feelings from either side.

I really doubt any of them knew it was Jay’s birthday.

How many of your friend’s parent’s birthdays do you have memorized? I wouldn’t be able to name one. It’s not the kind of thing friends really focus on. 

I don’t think any of it is a Fuck You or shade or anything, just all a big coincidence.

I think my Anon was right that Cheryl would announce the baby on Mother’s Day because that’s the kind of woman she is, and Harry deciding to drop his promo must’ve been planned in advance too and didn’t realize it would be on the same day as Cheriam’s announcement or anything to do with Louis.

Maybe there is some divine cosmic force that means something significant happens in their lives on March 25th every few years though…

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I have to share this with someone. I think Fen is going to die in child birth and that the baby is going to get passed away to the fae. Leaving Eliot without a wife or child like the fandom wanted.

Like, shit? This makes sense?

Things nobody tells you about going into labour

•you’ll spend the whole of the last 8 weeks of pregnancy googling what labour feels like/how to tell if your in labour

•you’ll start to get excited every time you get Braxton hicks that ‘it’ is finally starting

•you’ll look for every sign of labour constantly: diarrhoea? might be labour soon. braxton hicks? might go into labour soon. feeling sick? maybe you’ll go into labour soon. feeling tired? it must be labour soon

•you will be SO pleased to see your mucous plug, you might even want to show it off (it’s really exciting ok?!)

•it won’t be like the movies, it’s really quite messy and long

•you might think when your waters did go that you just peed yourself (again)

•at the start of labour (finally) you will feel super confident, it’s not that painful, you got this girl!

•then you’ll have an 'oh shit’ moment of realisation that actually this is really painful and holy shit you are never ever going to do this again

•you might make sex noises whilst contracting

•you won’t find it remotely funny when your partner points that out (& then later tells his mum about it)

•you’ll throw up that sandwich that you happily ate (when you were going through your “I got this” stage)

•you’ll be convinced that you must be at least 9cm dilated when in fact you are only just 3cm dilated

•the best made plans for your labour will go out of the window. no pain relief? pass me the gas & air, pethadine and epidural - NOW

•you won’t use half of all of the stuff you meticulously packed in your hospital bag

•you’ll still panic throughout labour wondering what your vagina is going to look like afterwards

•you will not give one tiny crap who sees your vagina

•you will want to send a thank you card to the person who invented the epidural

•you might hallucinate/see three kittens running around the delivery suite

•you will look forward to getting through labour so you can soon, finally, lay on your front again to sleep

•you will be absolutely knackered

•you’re going to be absolutely knackered for the next 18 years

•labour might not end in a straight forward vaginal birth - you might have to be assisted or have a Caesarian - remember that this is OK - you have done so well, be proud of yourself and don’t beat yourself up in any way

•remember the placenta needs to exit your body too

•remember to pack and wear very BIG knickers that you can throw away (you will bleed afterwards. a lot.)

•clots. They are normal, but if you are worried, ask for advice.

•you will feel like you have been hit by a truck for a while. You just pushed a half stone baby out your vagina - some may say it would be preferable to be hit by a truck

But oh my gosh, when that baby is placed on to your chest, you hear his or her little scream and marvel at the beautiful life you have created, every single thing, every hardship you faced is utterly forgotten and completely worth it.

Heqet Aesthetic

To the Egyptians, the frog was a symbol of life and fertility, since millions of them were born after the annual inundation of the Nile, which brought fertility to the otherwise barren lands. Consequently, in Egyptian mythology, there began to be a frog-goddess, who represented fertility, referred to by Egyptologists as Heqet. She was often referred to as the wife of Khnum. As a fertility goddess, associated explicitly with the last stages of the flooding of the Nile, and so with the germination of corn, she was associated with the final stages of childbirth. This association, which appears to have arisen during the Middle Kingdom, gained her the title ‘She who hastens the birth’. Some say that—even though no ancient Egyptian term for “midwife” is known for certain—midwives often called themselves the Servants of Heqet, and that her priestesses were trained in midwifery. Women often wore amulets of her during childbirth, which depicted Heqet as a frog, sitting in a lotus.


“You know, you don’t get to decide what I am.”

Sarah // my favourite new character from Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (I love her and am always here for more badass resistance ladies! \o/)

A miscarriage is a natural and common event.  All told, probably more women have lost a child from this world than haven’t.  Most don’t mention it, and they go on from day to day as if it hadn’t happened, so people imagine that a woman in this situation never really knew or loved what she had. 

But ask her sometime: how old would your child be now?  And she’ll know.

—  Barbara Kingsolver

Don’t ever bash a girl for getting pregnant as a teen. No one plans to get pregnant. While it may not be an ideal lifestyle, it’s not your life. So don’t you ever treat them like shit because they are probably already a better human being than you will ever be. I speak from experience.

Story Shard 642

Before you were born, a super villain accidentally on purpose saved your mother and since then has been keeping an eye on her and you once you were born. As you’ve grown up, the villain has constantly claimed you as their child–ignoring the fact that you really aren’t– and never saying the same answer twice when asked why they rescued your mother.


It’s official: The Prince Couple are expecting a child

Kungahuset announced today: “Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are delighted to announce that The Princess is expecting their second child. The birth is expected to take place in September 2017.”

“We are happy to announce that we are expecting a child, a sibling to Prince Alexander. We are looking forward to welcoming a new little member to our family,” says Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia.

No changes in the schedule of The Prince Couple’s public engagements are planned during the spring and summer of 2017.

Congrats to the happy family of soon to be 4. Alexander will be a great big brother.

I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts 2.8 this week and I’ve missed Ven so much. 

I love all the characters in this game but Ven is my favorite.