Haha ever just think about how as a child Spock would’ve really looked up to and respected Sarek and tried to emulate him in all things and so then when he was having human emotions his trusted role models big advice was to just control and repress so that set him on a path where whenever he was in a bad situation he would cease to function emotionally, and after all that desperate trying to be a whole Vulcan and deny his humanity his society still said he wasn’t good enough which now means he’s gonna wrestle with massive feeling of inadequacy for the rest of his life and when decided to go to Starfleet he’s unprepared to indulge his human side bc he spent a whole lifetime denying it so he clings to his Vulcan upbringing to ground his sense of self but then his chosen society pesters him for not being human enough and I’m sorry folks I get angry


One last thing here for you to think about. 

We don’t know Sulu’s relationship status in ID, but it’s not too crazy to imagine that he might be dating or engaged to Ben here. Maybe ever married. 
And they might have discussed or been in the process of having a child together. 

And when Spock *orders* the bridge crew to abandon ship, he’s the one who says no. 


SO I’ve been going through the k/s tag on ao3 and I’ve decided to list some of my favorites (as requested by my mother allison @wearitcounts)!!! 

All of these have a happy ending, even if they might be angsty in the middle!!! Happy spirking!

Requested by anon. Botanist reader mentions her favorite flower in a conversation. A secret admirer leaves them on places for her to find.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 732

A/N: [Y/F/F] stands for “Your favorite flower”. Also I’m sorry this turned out to be short.

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what if Uhura has a big family back home that is like the one in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’  and when they hear about her dating a vulcan they are like ‘whut?’ but then when she introduces Spock to them they just

and then they adopt him and love him (too much), and she has an enthusiastic aunt who tells him embarassing stories about the  ‘twin’ they found in her lump, and Uhura’s cousins ask her if he has brothers because, good lord, are all vulcans this hot? and she has to break their hearts and say he’s a only child and Spock overhears it and…. and then that night when they are finally alone, and she’s resting her head on his chest and he’s absently running his fingers through her hair, he talks about Sybok for the first time in forever and.. this was supposed to be just a silly post so I’ll just stop here.

Please imagine Spock finding a stowaway on board the Enterprise.

It’s three weeks after their recent refit on Earth and they are currently neck-deep in operations near Romulan space, and there’s a child in the cargo bay.

Spock finds her wedged between two crates amidst a sea of padds and crumpled up food ration packaging. She was asleep when he got there but before he can so much as grumble disapprovingly she leaps up and looks about ready to fight. He decides to attempt to diffuse the situation before calling security. After all, she is only a child.

She immediately says she’s not a child. She’s fifteen. Way above childhood, for humans, and he starts to grow curious. Because what is a fifteen-year-old human girl doing on the Enterprise? Has she been living here for those three weeks? How has she remained hidden? What is her name?

She says her name is Joanna. Joanna McCoy.

And that’s…fascinating. And wholly unexpected. Now that she says it, he can see the family resemblance in the grimace of her mouth and the glint of her eyes. This is McCoy’s child; a child Spock has never heard of before. He asks why she is here and she tells him that she wanted to be closer to her father. That her mother no longer has any use for her. That she ran away.

(And Spock understands something about running away from home.)

When she begs him not to tell anyone, he obeys without fully understanding her logic. 

She isn’t ready to see McCoy yet. She’s been watching him on sensors and sneaking around the jefferies tube near the sickbay. But now Spock takes her back to his quarters and gets her some real food and a place to sleep. He meditates before his altar, thinking. Considers his options.

He decides that he will not turn her over to the captain. The Captain is far too busy dealing with the Romulans, anyway, and does not need this distraction. Spock will inform him when it becomes relevant. In the meantime, perhaps he can learn something of how to interact with McCoy by interacting with his daughter. So they begin to spend more and more time together as he makes sure she is keeping up with her studies (despite her protests) and she makes sure he is eating and sleeping (despite his protests). She begs him to tell her stories about what her father does during the day, and Spock agrees begrudgingly.

Unfortunately, most of the stories are about the two of them fighting.

For reasons he cannot fathom, Joanna seems to find this very amusing.

She begins to give him advice on how to handle McCoy, and to Spock’s surprise it works! He can now defuse arguments with McCoy 87% of the time, and the other 13% are enjoyable. Almost loving. And he even catches McCoy smiling at him occasionally. Spock finds they are growing closer. That he enjoys his time with McCoy; this man who is just as bright and intelligent and fiercely loyal as the daughter he has never known.

Spock is beginning to realize that he has feelings for McCoy. Romantic ones. Domestic ones. He begins to argue with Joanna that they must come clean about her presence, and if he is honest with himself he will admit that it is because he wishes to share her successes with McCoy. She is quite adept at interstellar physics. 

But she is afraid that McCoy will not love her (and Spock understands something of that fear, too).

It isn’t until the Romulans get tired of following them around and actually attack that things get a little dicey. Joanna is injured and Spock rushes her to sickbay, where McCoy remains calm and cool and collected right up to the point where she is out of danger, when he promptly faints. When he gets up, he spends three hours yelling at Spock before he starts crying. 

Spock holds him through it, and McCoy says she’s in the best health he’s ever seen. He thanks Spock for taking care of her. McCoy is so happy that she is here, yet so fearful for her. Fearful that he will be a bad father to her.

Spock says, he is here. He will always be here beside McCoy.

When Joanna wakes up, the three of them figure out where to go next. Together.

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 7

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 7
Word Count: 659
Warnings: Fluff mostly, I’m pretty much just having fun with this story now… Just go with me on this, it’ll be fun!
(Parenthesis are Jim’s thoughts.) [Brackets are Bones’ thoughts.]

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“Based on my observation of Y/N and the child, both are well.” Spock reported. “I could feel Y/N’s mind clearly and was able to give her some relief from hearing your thoughts so loudly. A shield if you will. I felt the child’s mind but it revealed nothing abnormal. I don’t think the child has been affected by this… illness.”

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anonymous asked:

Do we know the canon age differences between the kids in the S'chn-T'Gai-Greyson Academy for Family Trauma:tm:? If so what are they

I don’t know if there’s any actual canon info out there on their age differences but we can make some pretty accurate assumptions with the information that’s already been given.

We don’t know Michaels exact age yet but I do know that most people are under the assumption that she’s 32 years old ( as that’s Sonequa Martin-Green’s real age).

So if she’s 32 in 2256, and Spock would be be 26 (as he was born in 2230).

this means that she’s Spock’s senior by 6 years.

As for Sybok, there’s no real canon information on his age but I think it’s safe to assume that he’s the eldest of the three siblings, with Michael as the middle child, and Spock as the baby of the family. At least that’s how I’m seeing it.

Considering the age we see her at during the bombing of the learning center we can assume that she’s around 10-14 there, which means that by the time Sarek came to be her legal guardian he was already married to Amanda and Spock was already born.

Sorry most of this is speculation, it’s the best I can do with the little info that’s out there. There’s other posts that give more dates but I didn’t include that information since I couldn’t find any canon to confirm those dates.

Hope this was helpful!! LLAP 💛💛💛