Sanji gets reverted back to a child and finally gets the childhood he deserves. [2/?]

  • Zoro takes what he assumes is Sanji into the kitchen.  He looks like what a 5 year old Sanji would look like but infinitely less irritating.
  • “Umm, where is this?”
  • “Your kitchen.  I know it’s been a while since you’ve been in it dartbrow.”
  • “I have a name.”
  • “Sanji!”
  • Chopper speeds into the room and Zoro lets down Sanji back to the actual floor instead of dangling from his hands.
  • “Did you eat something weird again?  What happened?  Why are you so small?  Did someone touch you with their devil fruit?  Do you know where you are?”
  • Zoro can feel the tension building up in Sanji’s shoulders.  He wasn’t there for the fight against Big Mom so he got an extra summarized version of Sanji’s past.  He figured Sanji wasn’t always the person he met on that floating restaurant years ago.
  • “Slow down there Chopper.”
  • He stands a little taller when he speaks again, “How do you know my name?  You called me Sanji when you ran in.”
North Blue Flashbacks
  • Norland: Executed by the kingdom, his reputation in ruins and branded a lair post-mortum
  • Dolfamingo and Roci: Attacked by the mob as kids, watches their mother die, Roci watches as his brother kills his father
  • Baby 5: abandoned as a child
  • Sanji: Thought his East Blue flashback was bad!?!

Sanji gets reverted back to a child and finally gets the childhood he deserves. [3/?]

  • “Sanji, do you know where you are?”
  • “I was on a ship in the North Blue.  I fell asleep and woke up here.”
  • Zoro sit down at the bar silently watching the two of them talk.  It’s a lot of Chopper asking questions and Sanji answering him as carefully as he can.
  • While he’s not all too concerned about Sanji’s current condition because this honestly isn’t the craziest thing that’s ever happened to any of them. He just wonders what they’re going to do about meals until their cook reverts back to his real age because breakfast is in an hour or so.
  • Sanji’s managed to seat himself next to Zoro on the stool while Chopper’s disappeared from the room.
  • “Where’d Chopper go?”
  • “He said he wanted to take note of everything and get a second opinion from Law.”
  • “Do you know how to cook?”
  • Sanji looks nervously at the ground and nods softly.  “I’m not supposed to though.”
  • “We’re not in Germa anymore.  You’re a cook here.”

I received many messages asking about their new daughter. And for the 2 new winter artworks, it’s look like she’s closer to Zoro, it’s not absolutely that way. Actually all the family twine around her very much since she’s the only girl and the youngest child too. 

Sanji true is protective about her, but he couldn’t always keep eyes on her, he got much busy with the other two, at those moment, Zoro was pleased to help out caring her. But the princess, she really loves to pull Tiny moss hair, listen to Little Sun stories, laugh at her brothers quarrel, and sleep with Sanji (she’s kinda much curious and hyper type and not easy to get asleep, but only Sanji can bring her to bed)

Sanji gets reverted back to a child and finally gets the childhood he deserves. [1/?] 

  • The first thoughts he has are “This isn’t Germa” when he wakes up in a bed way too big amongst strangers.
  • There’s no hope for the pants he’s wear so he tries to keep the thin blue shirt from falling off his shoulders as he climbs up the ladder to the deck.
  • He keeps as quiet as possible because maybe he’s been captured in his sleep.  Maybe his father and brothers are coming for him.  He misses his mom and sister.
  • He hears someone coming up the ladder and runs to the back of ship only to crash into a green haired man with a huge scar running across his chest.
  • “Shit cook?”
  • Sanji tries to run away but trips on the sleeve of his shirt.  Before he hits the ground the green haired guy scoops him up by the armpits.
  • “…thanks.”
  • “Chopper!  I think we’ve got a problem.”