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Love your fem!Mikoto stuff! Awesome! So... What if Fem!Yata was pregnant and Mikoto came back to the bar one day obviously a little hurt... How scared would Homra be of Mama Yata? What about Yata coming back and Mikoto flipping out that his pregnant gf was in a fight?

((I’m so glad you like it! I don’t know if I can write like full on fics but I’ll try to write something decent!))

So let’s say that there was a small mission, or at least a mission everyone thought was small, that Mikoto went on with only a few other HOMRA members. Turns out the gang they went after was tougher than they originally thought and were able to actually shoot Mikoto, though it’s only his shoulder.

Of course everyone is slightly panicking and Izumo is kinda pissed that he wasn’t more careful. Then he remembers that Misaki is pregnant with Mikoto’s child so he’s even more pissed. Misaki herself is shaking because she’s panicking so much and she’s almost as pissed as Izumo that Mikoto wasn’t more careful.

Luckily, the shot wasn’t too bad and they were able to fix Mikoto up. Izumo is scolding Mikoto, not holding back at all then he gestures to the still shaking Misaki like look at your pregnant girlfriend, think about her dammit! And that hits Mikoto with just the biggest wave of guilt so he hugs Misaki and very genuinely apologizes. The rest of HOMRA leaves to let the two talk it through.

Now if it was Misaki who got into a fight, I don’t think Mikoto would outwardly flip out but he would kind of express his concern like you can’t go out and fight Misaki, you’re pregnant, it’s too dangerous. And Misaki is already a short tempered girl and now she has a fricking baby inside her making her hormones go crazy so she’s even more short tempered. She immediately gets defensive like do you think I’m helpless? I can defend myself perfectly fine! 

They get into an argument, Mikoto is trying to keep his cool while Misaki is yelling at him. Izumo finally steps in and tells Misaki that Mikoto is right. The hormones are making Misaki even more frustrated and she ends up crying because she thinks she’s already a bad mom so Mikoto and Izumo both just smother her in hugs until Misaki calms down. Then they all exchange apologies, Misaki because she feels bad for making them worry then yelling at them and Mikoto and Izumo because they feel bad for making her cry.

 Mikototsu Mixtape // A Mikototsu Playlist for the Birthday Boy /// Listen Here

The Perishers - Nothing like You and I /// Bloc Party - Signs /// Jose Gonzales - Lovestain /// The Notwist - Consequence /// Bloc Party - Blue Light /// Noah Gundersen - The Ocean /// Julian Schakib (Cover) - Crosses /// Jimmy eat World - Lean /// We are Scientists - Make it Easy /// Jimmy Eat World - Mixtape 

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sarada’s summer break means a change of schedule for all of them. sakura can’t do much about her shifts at the hospital, but sasuke manages to work from home more often. once sakura and ino took turns watching sarada and inojin, but now ino’s gone and sai mentioned that he would prefer to spend some alone time with his son at this point. fortunately this week sasuke’s mother is able to watch sarada.

today sakura begins work at noon and she won’t be back until tomorrow. it’s a morning that they’re all home together, so sakura prepares her tea and sasuke’s coffee while her husband cooks breakfast. at the table, sarada draws some pictures and tells them that she intends to bring them to her grandmother’s.

with her small share of the work done, sakura places the mug of coffee by sasuke’s spot and a glass of milk by sarada’s. sitting down beside the girl, sakura sips on her tea.

she watches as sarada colours over a previous picture in red, slowly reducing the crayon to a short nub that she barely manages to hold between her fingers. the paper curls at the edges and is nothing than a mess of crimson wax.

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Just going to ramble a bit on this thought because it’s kind of nagging at me, but think of this. Think of an Azura who is… well, not amoral, but pragmatic.

Think of an Azura who lost everything when she was a child, from her father to her home, because of Anankos. 

Think of an Azura who gained a new father, a father who by all accounts was kind and loving, and gained the hatred of petty jealous women.

Think of an Azura who was bullied and broken by children, so much so that she bears the scars years later on both her body and mind.

Think of an Azura whose mother died for a kingdom. Her mother, last thing of ‘hers’, last thing of ‘home’, gone forever, with nothing but a deadly pendant and deadlier song.

Think of an Azura who grows to hate Nohr, because it isn’t ‘home’ and it gives her pain and scars and it took her mother away. 

Think of an Azura who was kidnapped by peace-loving Hoshido, constantly under attack from their slurs and assassins. 

Think of an Azura who loves the royal family, but hears the slurs even they say against Nohr day in and day out, and always the outsider.

Think of an Azura who sees the ‘peaceful’ barrier that invades people’s heads, made by Mikoto, whose magic is too much like her mother’s song. 

Think of an Azura who grows disillusioned with Hoshido, because it is peaceful and kind, and she is jealous because it is like ‘home’ yet not.

Think of an Azura who decides to go home, to see how it is, and discovers it is broken and empty. A dead and dying land that no one knows. That no one will help. 

Think of an Azura who sees how focused Ryoma, the heir, the child of a king, on protecting his kingdom, and deciding that she needs to do the same, because who else will save her ‘home’. Who else will stop Anankos.

Think of an Azura who keeps her distance as she grows older, not because she doesn’t WANT to be close, but because she needs to think of her ‘duty’ and that means ending the war by whatever means.

Think of an Azura who starts thinking in ‘use’ in regards to people, and puts herself in the same category. Who thinks of herself only in how useful she is in ending the war. 

Think of an Azura who recognizes she cannot be a leader, so she needs someone else. Someone else to be the ‘king’ of the board, on her side, opposite of Anankos. 

Think of an Azura who meets that ‘king’, the child of Mikoto, who is as lost as she is. Who is a dragon, just like Anankos, and the perfect mirror.

Think of an Azura who sacrifices herself in Birthright, because that is what needs to be done to stop Anankos. Who does not give the truth to anyone because something needs to break, and this time, it’s Nohr that is broken into pieces to unify the land and prevent Anankos from wiggling in.

Think of an Azura who dies at the end, knowing that Anankos is finally beaten, but she had to destroy the country her mother died to protect to do so. The guilt overwhelms and makes her cry as she breaks apart.

Think of an Azura who sacrifices Hoshido in Conquest, using the truth when her ‘king’ is emotionally compromised to get them to agree. Nothing can be gained without sacrifice, so she kills her heart.

Think of an Azura who runs away to die, knowing that Anankos is finally beaten, but she had to destroy the country that was so like home. The guilt overwhelms and eats her alive just as the curse does.

Think of an Azura who stands still in shock when her ‘king’ does not choose a side to back and a side to break, to sacrifice. Who picks the third option she did not see, because everything is black and white in Hoshido.

Think of an Azura who can finally tell the truth, show the real threat, and realizes that the sacrifices can be minimal, and that victory does not have to be bitter-bittersweet.

Think of an Azura who survives to live in a world without Anankos, to live in her ‘home’ reborn, led by her ‘king’. A time of peace and prosperity, of revelation and revolution.

Think of an Azura who plays the chessmaster, moving her ‘king’ carefully in each path, only to be blindsided when the ‘king’ steps onto a board she never thought of.

Think of an Azura… who silences her heart in Birthright and Conquest to be pragmatic, but lets her heart sing again in Revelations, when her ‘king’ creates a ‘perfect’ ending.

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Fushimi or chibi!Fushimi with papa mama MikoRei. that would be cute. Especially the Chibi!Fushimi one. Imagine he doted by mama Reisi and napping with papa Mikoto.

Munakata would be the doting parent who fusses over his precious child at every opportunity while Mikoto is the one who lets the kid like take apart the TV and put it back together while Daddy takes a nap. Imagine Munakata scolding Mikoto over not watching tiny Fushimi properly too, like Mikoto and the kid are home alone and Mikoto goes to take a nap while Fushimi happily wanders off to climb on the bookshelves just because he wanted to see what was on the top shelf. And then he got stuck and that’s where Munakata found him when he got home, poor baby Saru huddled on top of the bookshelves probably making plans to spend the rest of his life there. Munakata immediately looks over at Mikoto like ‘Suoh, did it never occur to you to check the whereabouts of our child?’ and Mikoto just shrugs and says the door’s locked and the kid’s smart enough not to play with anything flammable so he wasn’t worried. Munakata hugs Fushimi close like I am never allowing that brute near my child again but then later on after his bath Munakata steps out of the bathroom in his robe to find Mikoto asleep on the couch with tiny Fushimi curled up on his chest like a baby kitten.

Also imagine tiny Fushimi takes more after Munakata than Mikoto so he’s always getting to scold Mikoto about things, like Mikoto leaves the stove on and Fushimi’s immediately giving him a little kid lecture about fire safety. He also keeps trying to hide Mikoto’s cigarettes because smoke is bad for you and makes the house smell (Mikoto doesn’t get why Munakata finds this so amusing since that means Munakata can’t smoke either, Munakata notes that the child is correct that the smoke would make the house smell which is why Munakata smokes outside after they’ve put the child to bed). Fushimi does tend to cling to Mikoto more when he’s scared though, like imagine they’re out for a cute family walk and there’s a big dog running around and suddenly Fushimi’s just clinging to the back of Mikoto’s legs while slowly peering around him to see if it’s safe. Munakata finds it quite amusing that Fushimi appears to be using Mikoto as a human shield.

No.007 王家の血.後 The Royal Family’s Blood - End (後 literally means ‘after’, I translated it as end tho)
anya ni kadowakasaresi mikoto joou no
The child of Queen Mikoto that was captured by Anya (Nohr)

osanago ha byakuya no tisuji ni arazu
Was neither of Hoshidan lineage

sumeragi ou no ko ni arazu
Nor King Sumeragi’s child

osanago no makoto no titi ha haidora
The child’s true father was Hydra

osango ha haidora to mikoto no ko
The child was Hydra’s and Mikoto’s child