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Dear Dr. Cranquis,

Each and every winter I'm struggling with my toes. My toes are often very sore and red, sometimes even blue and purple! My mum told me it might be chilblains, but I'm not sure.. I've tried switching my converse to warmer shoes with wool in them, and I've started wearing warm slippers at home and warming up my bed before I go to bed, but I still sometimes find my toes blue of the cold.
Is there a better way to get rid of this problem?

Well, the variations in toe color associated with cold temperatures sounds like Raynaud’s Phenomenon to me, Rainy Day Raccoon! Read that info and see what you think. It discusses some good lifestyle and medical options for treatment, too.

(Chilblains is another possibility for colorful painful digits in cold weather, but it usually causes blisters or ulcers too.)

Good luck!

Stupid body ¬_¬

I’ve got a chilblain on one toe (second toe on my right foot) that’s caused it to swell up to a point where it’s actually longer than my big toe. It’s so frickin’ painful as well. Always the same damn toe!


one of the few things that i hate about cold weather is my chilblains.  currently, i have 8 stinging bumps on the index and middle fingers alone (6 of them on the index alone!), and some parts of my toes.  swollllllen.

25th March 2013

This isn’t really about Trichotillomania. I took this photo for my chilblains, but it showed the little blonde hairs I mentioned in a live stream/post recently. I talked about how some people can pluck them out. I do not as they are so painful. I’m not a hobbit!

What are chilblains?

Every winter, since I was 15 - I get severe chilblains. In snow weather, my toes usually turn purple. The photo above shows what they are like right now - which in comparison to my past, isn’t that bad. I’ve been wearing feet warmers all winter, but I’ve misplaced the box. :(. The weather has been very cold this week, so my poor toes are sore again. Well…. at least I know the feet warmers work.

In cold weather, they swell and turn red and itchy. It feels like they are on fire, yet they are freezing cold. I used to come home from secondary school and submerge them in a bucket of hot water. I’ve learnt since then that this is a terrible thing to do! They need to be heated up naturally - like wearing thick socks.

Once they turn like this, it can take a couple of days to return to normal. They are so sore. Oww.

Anyway… you’ve learnt about another one of my funny conditions.