I'm going to talk about me. Ignore this on your dash if you don't care.

Halloween Carnival was a success. I sold a bunch of stuff. But a few things about it–Booth rental. I had to pay and was told a table would be provided and set up. It wasn’t. I had to go inside the school and steal a bean shaped table from the gym and  carry it outside. The table was incredibly heavy and I actually hurt my back doing it, twice. So on Monday I will be going in to the office and telling them I want my money back. It was ridiculous. Secondly, I need to thank my sister because she helped me out a lot. 

My car tire was ripped to shreds on Thursday and it was my friend Perla’s birthday. Luckily, her friend Emily got me a tow truck and it was towed for free to a safer location. (The tire ripped coming off one of those giant loopy ramp things whatever they’re called and I was on the shoulder of I-35.) Well then my dad got a replacement that was bigger than the tires I had before. So he had to leave it there and get another tire for the other side to even it out. Well my parents went on vacation that night to Mexico and I was kind of just left without a vehicle because everybody was too busy to drive me there. 

Then last night was my friend Candice’s birthday party and I got dressed up as a skanky Minnie Mouse and my sister drove me to my car and the car battery was dead. We had to drive to pick up some jumper cables and when we attempted to do it there would be sparks. So some lovely guy stopped his car and tried to help but poor thing knew nothing about cars. Of course. So I just gave up and came home with my sister. My cousin drove out and fixed it last night and now it’s working. Fingers crossed.

Soooooo, point being that every time I have attempted to get drunk this week has been an epic fail. And I think God is intervening and keeping me out of trouble. What is UP with that. Because before July I was blacked out 50% of the time. Oh cheezits I miss that. Seriously. 

Things I miss and that Anthony probably remembers better than me. 

  • Undressing in front yards and dancing in the street
  • After dancing and parading around crawling into a pile of leaves and begging them to let me sleep
  • Late night HEB stops after sixth and vomiting in the parking lot while harassing employees
  • Chilantro. No really. THE BEST TRAILER FOOD IN AUSTIN, TEXAS. (Steven and…your friend with the glasses sorry for all the marriage proposals and angry tweets to your boss. I was a drunken mess.)
  • My weird Skip/Run/Walk thing I do at the end of the night since I can’t walk straight. 
  • Making out with strange girls. 
  • Tuezgays at Barbarella. Well any night at Barbarella. I need to go to Motown night! But…I’ve kind of banned myself from this establishment since I always end up making someone fall in love with me
  • Drunk fights with my best friend Chesney. Reconciling over a Totino’s pizza at 3 a.m.

So maybe I don’t miss a lot of that. It just reminds me of when life was easier.