I finally gave in and did one of those cool pokemon variations going around \o/ I picked Chikorita (my radish baby) for mine and it’s based on different parents, mainly the father! I’ve always liked the idea that when breeding 2 different species from the same egg group, while the offspring will always be the same specie as the mother, it still carries traits of the father.

Which one is your favorite??

Edit: fixed Cacturne’s name cause I was dumb woops

Edit2:  I just want to clarify something since I didn’t make it clear enough. These are the offspring when you breed a Meganium with a pokemon listed in the brackets, so I want them to be a mix between a Chikorita and the first stage of the father pokemon, which in this case a Budew. I know the way I labeled them in the pic makes it looks like it’s when you breed a Chikorita with a Roserade, so it should look more like a Roserade, but that’s not my intention. They will look more like their father when they evolve though. Hope that clears things up!