So here’s the MadaHina I promised! This is basically just word vomit but MadaHina has been giving me feels lately so it was kinda fun! This was mainly inspired by how spunky Hinata looked in chikiblue‘s picture that she drew. Hinata has this look on her face and it just screamed ‘HAHA I AM WEAR THE PANTS IN THIS RELATIONSHIP’. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this xstarcakesx & fher43

The say that behind every great man there is a great woman.

Kings have a strong and noble Queen to rule beside them. Presidents have a first lady at their side.

Perhaps for some men it wasn’t their wife, it could have been a mother, sister or aunt. In any case, any powerful man was held up by a strong woman. It was damn near a requirement for men in power.

Some of those women wore their power upon their sleeves. Power and wisdom exuded from their very being while other women laid low in the shadows.

No one would have guessed that looking at King Madara that he was no different from any other man in power.

Most days King Madara ruled over Konoha with fist of fury. He would sit in his throne seeming disinterested and waiting for the next one of his subjects to slip up so he could hold another public execution.

As the oldest living Uchiha he was feared greatly among the masses. His subjects weren’t sure if it was his piercing crimson eyes or his wild mane that rested along his back, either way he was scary as hell.

As he sat perched upon his throne, surrounded by warriors sworn to protect his life, his eyes scanned the people conversing on the dance floor before his feet.

The advisors pushed the idea of these ridiculous balls to get people to mingle with one another and to somewhat develop a relationship with the King.

People who were not happy with their king often devised plans for revolution.  

Madara didn’t have time for his people to revolt. So if free food and dancing kept these fools from realizing the tools that they were then so be it.

It was at one of the outlandish balls that he saw the very young and beautiful Hinata Hyuga. The sultry beauty that caught his eye immediately as she sauntered directly across his sight line.

She wore an off shoulder gown that gave him the slightest glimpse of her sharp collar bone and quite a side view of her ample chest. The gown was pinched on one side giving the rest of her skirt a draped appearance that spanned her wide hips. She had the softest features ranging from her pale white eyes to her small button nose.

She was beautiful.

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Thanks you guys.

The trip I’m going on is for my boyfriends brother’s wedding. Him and his girlfriend worked their asses off to afford a wedding on the disney cruise and we never see them anymore so its a family event I have to go to, its already being paid for and everything. I’m deathly afraid of being out on the ocean, on top of that I can’t swim and get motion sickness easily. Its like I’m inviting my nightmares with open arms. Lol I am being given this chance to have a great experience so I want to take it than reject it.

I do feel like the company doesn’t value us at all which doesn’t surprise me since its retail. This year we’re being forced to work Thanksgiving day in the afternoon though the handbook I got when hired states we get that and christmas off nomatter what. Certain people are great but the policies and companies owner sucks ass. It kinda does solidify my resolve to go on this trip since I am not valued for my work and dealing with the bullshit.

Thank you all for your support, I hope everything does turn out alright. (ノ_^);

GaaHina shippers who ships GaaHima getting hate.

Okay, so I’m mobile and apparently, the gaahina tag would show any post containing the word “gaahina”. some argue that gaahina shippers ships gaahima because naruhina is canon and the next big thing is the daughter (twilight ref from them)?

Okay. Not all gaahina ships gaahima. And those who ships gaahima does not ship them as a 5-year old and a 27-year old (because, who does that? Ah, pedos do). And we barely knew Hima and yet we love her so much that we tend to have personal “hc” on her. She’s still blank, technically so as fans, we can “imagine” her, right? imagine her future, her life, her adult appearance…. WE CAN IMAGINE. It’s called “fan-shipping”. Its basically part of enjoying your favorite naruto chars.

So my question is, WHY CANT I ENJOY MY SHIP, without being bashed? Seriously, why? Why do we have to dig into everything and justify and point out everything that seemed to be wrong from personal perspectives? Can’t we just enjoy this? I am sad that I can’t seem to enjoy what I like because I will be labeled for doing so. i can’t imagine being fan and enjoying my ship will cause me some pain.

I will not visit tags using mobile anymore. i don’t want negativity in my naruto content. Please.