(sorry very quick coloringggg)

haha I bet someone already had this idea???cries ANYWAYS for a few days I’ve been thinking about this humanstuck au where Calliope and Caliborn are twins and were born with a strange illness, so they both need an organ transplant to keep living when they reach a certain age. Since it’s hard to find donors and Calliope is a wonderful and successful girl, Caliborn slowly starts hating her… (also she’s slightly taller than him MORE REASONS TO HATE HER) 

Calliope is very aware of the fact that she doesn’t have any hair, so she usually wears a wig. Caliborn finds this very annoying because he thinks she shouldn’t be embarrased of that. 

hmm what else OH YEA sometimes when they aren’t arguing with each other they like to go shopping because they like to share their clothes (uwu and sometimes Calliope helps him with his drawings! I’ll submit more stuff about them when I fully develop this idea (;w; 

“Have you ever made a snow angel?”

quick doodle-fanart of the other side of the heart by inkskratches, one of my favourite homestuck fics!! (;v;♥ oh man I have so many feelings right now LMAO I started crying (coughagain) while drawing this because I started to remember all the previous chapters and the character development is amazing and the prologue was set in winter too and I justCRIES