Should You Fight This Person, CHIKARA Edition, Part 1
  • UltraMantis Black:You could, and may very well win, but literally everyone in the entire world would hate you for it. I'm not kidding. He's that popular.
  • Icarus:At one time, you could fight Icarus and everyone would be behind you, one hundred percent, but now? Don't fight Icarus. Dude saved CHIKARA. If he ever takes his shirt off again, fight him, but not now.
  • Eddie Kingston:Oof, I hope you made reservations with the funeral home first, buddy.
  • Chuck Taylor:Mmmmm...yeah, fight him, he's being kind of a weiner lately. He's actually pretty tough when he wants to be though, and he's got a swamp monster in his squad, so watch out.
  • Hallowicked:Nobody would fault you if you did, but you'll probably feel a certain sadness inside, and you won't really know why.
  • Frightmare:Why don't you just go hit the nearest child, it'd have the exact same effect.
  • Fire Ant:Dude will have run around you like three times before you even throw the first punch, do not engage.
  • Silver Ant:I hope you're flexible, because he will stretch you. I mean, you could fight him, and maybe win, but the hassle seems greater than the reward.
  • Worker Ant:He's a dad, so chances are he'll go full papa bear on you. I'm gonna advise against it, and also his son is adorable, so why would you make him sad? You monster.
  • Jervis Cottonbelly:NO
  • Dasher Hatfield:Five years ago I'd have told you to go ahead, he's a nice guy, if a little oafish, but not too tough, but now? Time and experience have made him a force. You can try it, but don't be surprised if he hands your butt to you.
  • Mr. Touchdown:I'm gonna say fight him. He's good, but he needs backup, and if you catch him without Icarus or Dasher around, you could probably take him down, but run as soon as you see anything that looks like a baseball.
  • Ophidian:Probably unwise, but if you do manage to put him down, just know that his wife will be ready to scratch your eyes out.
  • Amasis:See above.
  • Kevin Condron:Kick him in the nuts, then spin him around to kick him in the ass, then spin him around to kick him in the nuts again. A lot of women are going to be upset at you, but you're doing god's work.
chikara gothic
  • there are ants everywhere you look. there are more of them every day. you cannot remember a time when there were no ants. they touch antennae in silent communication. it is too late to call the exterminator.
  • the eye of tyr is a fearsome weapon. it is destroyed. it returns. nobody can stop the eye of tyr.
  • tursas returns from the dead; and your skin breaks out in goose bumps at the news. in the distance, you hear a laugh as deep as the earth.
  • twelve died in season 14 alone. only kevin condron remembers their names. with every passing day, another roster member forgets.
  • nobody can tell obariyon and kodama apart. the face paint runs together. you begin to wonder if there was ever a difference.
  • the grand championship taints every hand it touches. two of the top tecnicos fell beneath its spell. nobody seems to notice until it is too late.
  • hallowicked speaks english. it is more chilling than never understanding a word he spoke. you cannot truly understand why.
  • nobody knows what nazmaldun is. nobody knows who nazmaldun is. nobody knows where nazmaldun is. you only know he is coming and growing stronger with every nightmare warriors victory.
  • icarus’s tattoo keeps growing. you cannot remember where it started.
  • the titor conglomerate has vanished into thin air, but they are not truly gone. nothing sinister is ever truly gone. it merely waits.
  • was it 17 under the mask who saved frightmare from deucalion? was it somebody else? where is 17? we will never know. we will never know.
  • a masked wrestler disappears from chikara. you cannot find their name. you cannot find their face. beyond chikara shows, you cannot even prove that they ever existed.
  • nobody knows what was in the sack kodama gave to ashley remington. everyone is afraid to question it. ashley’s eyes grow hollow with horror when even a joke is made about it. nobody asks.
  • missile assault ant can only say his name. he cannot remember words before or after his name. he cannot remember anything other than his name. the rest of his mind is a blur. just missile… assault… ant…
  • ophidian’s mouth is always open in a silent scream. he is a cobra; you fear whatever triggers that scream.
  • everyone loves ashley remington without exception. his power has grown too great. nobody knows how to stop him; they are too entranced by his smile and his fruit baskets.
  • ultramantis black works at a library. you walk the shelves. the lights go out. you cannot find the door. you cannot reach one of the walls. the books stretch outward in all directions. his laughter rings in your ears.
  • a zombie is raised in the ring. nobody questions it. he comes and goes as he pleases. nobody questions it. he never looks the same twice. nobody questions it.
  • wink vavasseur has not been seen since his father and accompanying goons kidnapped him. nobody knows where he is. nobody has seen nor heard from him since.
  • it is family friendly. people are murdered in the ring. a man is abused by his best friend. people are brainwashed and made to serve their new masters. two hostages are dragged around with chains around their necks. mike quackenbush’s smile does not reach his eyes, and what is that staining his cane? it is family friendly.

1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 413:
Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw Vs. Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli

CHIKARA Hiding In Plain Sight [September 13th, 2009]

It amazes me that there might be 300 people at this show, but within 2 years, Bryan Danielson would be the World Heavyweight Champion and defending that title at WrestleMania. It just goes to show that at any point in time, the indie show coming to your town could very well host the next big thing in pro wrestling. Bryan Danielson was no rookie going into this match, having had one of the best Ring Of Honor championship reigns in the company’s history and wrestling all over the world. Another interesting fact about this match is that Mike Quackenbush and Claudio Castagnoli (known today as Cesaro) had a near 5-year rivalry that transcended companies and territories, as both men had each other scouted and calculated like no other. This match is a technical wrestling fan’s dream, and it happened within the last 10 years in Chikara! Enjoy!

The 2014 King of Trios champions, the Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, & Flex Rumblecrunch), who also happen to be in first place in the Challenge of the Immortals tournament, have been confirmed for the 2015 tournament in Easton, PA between September 4th and 6th!