chika chika boom boom

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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was clearly written for beginning readers. It focuses on teaching young children their ABC’s in a cute and fun way. The text rhymes throughout the story making the book sound like a song when read out loud. This will help children’s memory skills as they try to memorize their ABC’s. Furthermore, the book is repetitive. Readers are introduced to all of the letters of the alphabet as they climb up the coconut tree. However, once all of the letters have been introduced this way, the author chose to have the letters fall down the tree so he could introduce them all again in order to make them more memorable for children.

Rather than focusing on having detailed or elaborate photographs, the illustrator chose to focus primarily on color. The pictures are very bright and colorful which helps to build on the fun atmosphere created in this story. The letters are very clear and recognizable. The photographs look rather repetitive as they all feature the letters and coconut tree. The illustrator did a good job of matching the pictures with the text. However, it is clear that in this book the main focus is on the text, not the illustrations, despite the young audience.