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Which of the children is the biggest dork? They deserve a hug.

Well, the kids are all dorky in their own way, so it’s hard to compare.

Luckily enough for you, I made a graph to explain !!

Some of them, like Hanayo, Ruby and Kotori were very hard to put in there, but we counted their very specific sense of humor in. So these three are a little apart.

As you can see, you’ve got four categories.

  • The clumsy looney square is for the kids who trip over nothing, don’t get the jokes but laugh anyway, and the likes. They don’t expect to be funny, but somehow they’re glad they are.
  • The Living gag zone is for the kids who have come to terms and embraced their dork side. It’s part of them, they wouldn’t be themselves without it and they’re very attached to humor.
  • The sneaky prankster corner is for a bunch of kids who get into mischief within a heart beat, but you’ll never find out it’s actually their work if you don’t know them very well.
  • The denial land is for the most unfortunate ones. They don’t want to be funny, but somehow they are. Some of them are even hilarious, but they don’t want to hear about it. It will haunt them for days. Every time somebody dares to mention their unintentional jokes they scream internally (or externally, depending on the kid.)

There you have it, it’s actually a good way to know the type of kids you’re interacting with !

By the way mod Nocti belongs in the clumsy looney square idk what you’ll do with this information but h e y

Love Live! Characters as things people at my school have said

Honoka: Regret, regret
Umi: We don’t have time to wallow in self hatred! You have a test next period!
Kotori: Didn’t we make a pillow in grade seven? Yeah, that was the only time school has ever been fun or important.
Hanayo: I hate math. But math class doesn’t have any presentations, so I guess math is okay.
Maki: I wasn’t kicked out of band, I left because I was too good for them.
Rin: Gym class is like the Olympics! Except with more of the sport and less of the Olympics.
Nozomi: She’s so cute, I want to be her. Or kiss her. Whatever.
Eli: I hate it when people say “She’s really quiet.” Like yeah, I know.
Nico: *While going through math questions* I’m too good for this.


My UR scouting luck continues!

I wanted to do a pull for the New Year’s Chika and You SRs. Didn’t get Chika, but I did get the You! As far as SRs go, I managed to score some pretty nice ones. But I also unexpectedly managed to pull Christmas You! I’m glad because it’s one of my favorite Aqours URs! I think I’m You cursed for Aqours, because I have a ton of her cards.

Then in blue tickets I scored China Dress Nico and Constellation Maki. My smile team really needed another UR, so I’m glad for that lol I must be Maki cursed, though. This is my third UR of her xP  She came to me in my last blue ticket pull, and before I did it I even said, “I swear to god if it’s Maki…” And low and behold haha Oh well. Maki is third best Muse girl, and I love this card, so I can’t complain! :D My pure team is bomb. This is my sixth pure UR lol

I also managed to get Dia’s initial SSR, but I sold her so I could idolize my Chika SSR instead. No regrets.

GOOD SCOUT THOUGH! NO COMPLAINTS! No idea what I’m saving for next. Honoka’s birthday box isn’t until August, and I’m not particularly interested in any of the upcoming sets. We’ll have to wait and see!