Vie Utile- june 16th

Happy monday everyone! Today is the last reveal before Vie Utile officially launches next Monday June 23rd on!

Today I have two characters for you, Trujillo and Beau Peter.

Trujillo is a fearsome warrior from a distant colony. He is notorious for aligning himself with whichever chiit culminant he deems superior. He acts as a bodyguard and a confidant. He longs for combat and is known to propose mortal duels to prove himself the strongest fighter. He believes in a warrior’s honor and always fights fair. Guilt would overtake him if he didn’t. Death, as well as his dark reputation, seems to follow him wherever he goes. His appearance in this land can mean only one thing.

Beau Peter, dans le vallon des amants, is a swordsman without a purpose. Leaving his empty home in the valley of the lovers he has set out on a journey to a far-off land in search of something to live for. Once a knight cadet and a skilled bladehandler he is more than able to hold his own in a skirmish and is always seeking to improve his abilities. He worships the poet goddess Gamine, believing she will oversee his life’s journey and guide him along his intended path, whatever that may be.

Beau Peter is a character designed by a patron. For $90/mo you can design a character as well, down to pretty much any detail as long as it works with the canon of the story. You also receive an original artwork of your character mailed to you. The character will last or have a lasting storyline as long as you continue to pledge. If that amount is too high even $1 is a huge step towards me supporting my family.

Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned June 23rd for the first page!