chiikyu asked:

✰ !~

dear tibi,

when i entered your blog, it makes me feel like im in heaven~

the music is really relaxing and beautiful cc:

your blog overall is beyond cute.

talk to me some time too ^-^

that’s all for now ~

love, karen xo

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Questions asked:

1. Have you ever dated anyone, and how many? ^^

To be honest, I have never dated anyone in my whole entire life ◔̯◔. I very much believe that I am too young to commit myself into a relationship. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

2. One thing you regret? ;u;

I refuse to regret anything, because I feel it would contribute to my negativeness.

But I guess, I would kind of regret not being able to make my own decisions when I was young, since I was so easily influenced ^^“

3. When is your birthday~? c:

My birthday is on the 24th of May. (´∀`)♡

4. Do you go on tumblr on your phone or computer more?

On my computer more :3

5. 3 things you have always wanted to buy? huhu~

  • white laced vintage-like dress
  • cat eye sunglasses
  • a laced cheongsam/ chinese dress 

6. Do you own any kpop albums, and which ones? >3<

Em, guilty as charged x3. I have:

  • Tohoshinki - Stand by U
  • Mirotic - TVXQ
  • SHINee World - SHINee
  • Year of Us - SHINee
  • Romeo (Jonghyun ver) - SHINee
  • Lucifer - SHINee

as you can see, I was quite a Shawol then.

7. 3 albums that you want~ >,<

Electra Heart - Marina and the Diamonds, 1996 by Ryuichi Sakamoto andd possibly another Muse album since I find their songs quite intriguing.

8. Favourite brand of makeup, even if you don’t wear any? ^-^

Ooo most likely KATE tokyo japan one. I haven’t bought any from there because I get makeup from my sisters (they always seem to buy me one) but I am hoping to get their foundation soon~!

9. Rilakkuma family or Totoro family? ^u^

Totoro! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

10. Favourite game to play? candy crush

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the ps3. hell yeah! (haven’t played it for so long now ;_;)

11. Some where you have always wanted to travel to?

ITALY. All the way! and possibly England (I will move there one day)

My Questions:

1) Where would you like to live in the future?

2) List your 3 favourite music artists!

3) Would you like to become a YouTube star?

4) Your favourite food?

5) Can you bake?

6) What is one celebrity that you always want to meet? 

7) Favourite dessert?

8) What is your Iphone cover?

9) List all makeup items you own! (at least 3-5 of them lol)

10) Favourite Iphone game?

11) Your dream job?

I am not tagging 11 people. I am way too lazy to do that!

I tag lacheries, chiikyu and ohmichii!