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I love Chloé soooo much. I want to buried in chloé. Can you link us or show us some of the things you want to see tay in??

S2017: Look 1 (ugh she’d look so chic) / Look 22 (i love the flow) / Look 35 (so lovely) / Look 43 (a little out of the ordinary print-wise but a fresh take on crop top) 

R2017: Honestly practically anything here it’s all pretty dreamy. 

Look 12 (legs. for. days) / Look 13 (ugh this gorgeous colour) / Look 18 (chiiiiic) / Look 19 / Look 30 (this colour blocking DAMN). 4/5/6/10 are all also super cute and preppy looking for fall. 

PF17: Look 1 (the fabric!) / Look 2 (the outerwear!) Look 4 (the colour!) / Look 7 (so cute) / Look 11 (on her long legs and lean frame?) / Look 17 (so cute cozy for fall)