When I was much younger, I used the internet as my safe haven. I was assaulted with people calling me names, and hating me because of how I looked.

I felt safe. So one day, I stumbled upon anime, and manga, the world of cartoons. I became obsessed with jpop and the sort, but never brought it up in school. it was my secret, nobody would understand me. that was until the day I found some people on youtube. They were such good artists! and they seemed so nice. there was a small grouping of friends among them. I wish I could be one of them!

My young mind sought one solution. If I was to practice at art, they would certainly love me for being good! and so I did.

People didn’t understand. when I drew it in class they would tell me I was a freak and a loser. People would tell me my art sucked and they hated me. But I turned those tears into motivation. I knew If I tried hard they would be there to greet me, tell me I was successful and I wouldn’t need to worry about the idiots at school.

I knew that they were the light side against the dark. when my life took a turn, my parents got divorced and spun everything upside down, I forgot. It was a few years I think, until one night in a dream I remembered. I knew I had tried hard since then, an unknown motivation. I learned all about graphic tablets, and what art programs to use. and through all of this, no matter what. 

Even if you never reach your goal, you can feel good about trying hard.