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Thanks so much for 20k followers i really appreciate it , i never think i can get this many followers i love you all , so to thank you i decided to do a follow forever.

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Hello Everyone! A huge milestone has been reached for my blog, so I decided to do a follow forever. Today marks 32k+ followers for novice-heartbreaker and I’m eternally thankful to ALL of you for helping me get this far. Also we are around the 2 year anniversary mark of this blog being created!  I know I’m going to forget some people on this list, so I will edit as I go along. Here we go:

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There are so so many more people I love and followers who are not mutuals that have supported me tremendously. I will definitely be editing this list if I forgot to put you but please know I truly care for ALL OF YOU! ♡ - Melody

hi everyone! can you guys believe it’s been 3 whole years since i started this blog? 3 years and 2 weeks now, actually - i meant to do something for my blog’s birthday but there were some issues and stuff, so it had to wait until now ✿ and well, i really wanted to do a follow forever because i haven’t done one in a (long) while ★

so here’s a huge thank you to all of you, for being awesome and making my dash a really cool place (*⌒∇⌒*) ily~

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sweetpandaloveslove  asked:

Hi:)!! I love your blog it makes me so happy to read all these adorable scenarios and it gives me hope for myself to be a little more confident in my size! May I ask to see a scenario where the boys are playing the pocky game with their chubby SO :)

Hello sweetie~ I’m glad to hear that! Always try to be confident in yourself no matter what you look like, because, you’re beautiful no matter what! Always remember that~<3 Of course hun!~ Here ya go!

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——–> KNB Boys and Playing the Pocky Game With Their Chubby S/O:

Akashi: He looked up at your (e/c) orbs and then back down at the sweet treat dangling from your puckered lips. He knew you wanted to play this so called, ‘pocky game’, but there was no way he could refuse. “Okay (y/n), I’ll partake in this game, but on one condition.” You raised a brow at his suggestion as he continued- “Winner gets to decide what goes on tonight my flower.” You felt heat rise into your chubby cheeks as you only nodded in agreement. Smirking at your form, he took the other end of the stick in his mouth as he held up a hand and brought it back down signalling the start of the game. As the two of you munched and got closer to one another, your gazes remained locked onto each others. Not paying attention, you bit down too hard and broke the stick, a victory smirk on Akashi’s face. “Well (y/n)-chan, looks like your plump body will be tied up nicely tonight.” 

Kise: “Come on (y/n)-chii!!” You glanced at the little, sweet treat in his hands as the both of you were on the couch. You were enjoying a nice cuddling session, but Kise remembered a game that his classmates told him about- the pocky game- and well, he wanted to play it with you. “Alright, I’ll play with you.” Finally giving into his constant asking and pleading. With that, you were crushed in a hug by the blonde as something prodded your lips. Seeing as it was the pocky, you opened your mouth slightly and took hold of your end. Kise already had his end in, both of you gazing at each other as he started to chew, wanting to win, you munched faster and crashed into his lips that tasted of chocolate, your tongue swiping his lips to get any of the sweet treat off. Pulling away, Kise stared at you in awe. “W-wow (y/n)-chii…” “What? I like sweet things, okay.” He smiled at pulled you closer, “So do I. Does that mean I can taste you?” He grabbed your plush sides, ready for his treat.

Murasakibara: The both of you were lounging on the giant’s bed, just relaxing and enjoying a quiet evening together. With your soft form literally on top of his tall one. He was munching on some pocky, his favorite snack and while he did share a piece with you, it was still hanging from your mouth as you moved it around, amused by the biscuit stick. “(y/n)-chin, pay attention.” Turning around so your stomach was pressed against his chest, you glanced up at him only to have a giant hand grab the back of your head and pull you forward. A much was heard and his lips were suddenly on your own. His tongue pushed through your lips and grabbed the small part of the pocky stick you had and swiped across your lips for any remains. Breaking the kiss, he moved his face back a bit, but his hand remained on the back of your head. “(y/n)-chin looked sweeter and I wanted a taste.” With that said, he pulled you against him once again. You smiled and shook your head, snuggling back into his warmth.

Aomine: You guys were cuddling on the couch as he watched the basketball game, and you on the other hand we’re munching on some pocky you got at the store before arriving. The sweet treat distracted you from the boredom of watching the game that Aomine loved so much. “Hey babe, did you see that?” You felt a squeeze on your wide, soft hips, meaning he was trying to get your attention, but the pocky had your full attention now as you continued to munch on it happily. Not paying attention, you played with the stick in your mouth, moving it around, watching in bob in the air, but suddenly it was snatched from your mouth. Looking up, he had a slight scowl and eyed you and the treat. “So, this get’s more attention than me?” Smiling lightly, you only shrugged. “Yeah, you were watching the game and all.” He then shoved the treat in his mouth and swallowed it before leaning down to kiss you deeply, chocolate still strong as you tongues battled it out, him winning in the end. He broke apart and smirked down at you. “Guess it’s time to make you pay attention to me, huh?”

Midorima: He was studying yet again and was practically ignoring you as you rolled around on his bed waiting for him to finish already. “Shin, hurry up please!” Puffing out your chubby cheeks, you stared upside down at the serious man. “I told you (y/n)-san, it’ll be a while, just be patient.” Huffing out a bit, you rolled your eyes and reached over for the box of pocky you bought today and started to eat the sweet biscuit treats, small moans of delight escaping your mouth and echoing slightly in the really silent room. It was infuriating Midorima at the moment because he couldn’t concentrate and he was the only one to make you let out sounds like that. Finally having enough, he pushed his work away and stood up from the desk chair, turning his attention on your soft form on his bed, eating the treats in such delight. Quickly pulling you up and into his lap, he started munching on the other end of the stick, meeting your lips in a sweet kiss. Pulling apart after a few moments, the megane looked down at you. “Remember (y/n)-san, I’m the only one that causes those sounds.”

  Kuroko: You were lounging on the couch waiting on Kuroko to finish making dinner for you. Even when you said you’d help the man, he flat out refused, saying he wanted to treat you to a homemade dinner. Stomach growling and boredom rising, you dug out the pocky box you had stashed away and tore it open and started eating the chocolate covered sticks. Halfway through your third one, you didn’t notice your boyfriend enter the room until you felt arms wrap around your plump middle, as you were pulled back into his chest. “I see you skipped to dessert (y/n)-chan.” Lifting your head up, you gave him a small smile with the biscuit still in your mouth. “Well, it’s only fair if I have some right?” With that said, he lowered his head and quickly chewed the remainder of the stick as your lips pressed against each others, your arms wrapping themselves around his neck, bringing him closer to you. As you both pulled away, he placed another chaste kiss on your lips. “I knew there was a reason you always tasted so sweet (y/n)-chan.” 

Hey! I recently hit 400+ followers here and I never really made one of these but I  love all my mutuals and cool blogs, and decided to make one because you guys are always so nice to me and your blogs are nice! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

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I wanted to make this follow forever ever since I hit a milestone but I couldn’t find a font/make a banner that I was satisfied with :^) Ever since my first follow forever, there has been a url change and I’ve made some amazing friends here. To all my followers and mutuals, thank you so much ♥ No words can describe how grateful I am to all of you for reading my nonsensical rants, and the amount of lovely messages I received, especially in 2014-5 :,) So here is my follow forever ٩(●ᴗ●)۶

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Thank you all you wonderful people!! This is my first follow forever and I’m so happy to reach the new year with my first 100 followers. First of all I’m sorry for how much my interests change and I’m sure some of you who have stuck with me from the beginning didn’t even originally follow me for these posts so I’m super grateful! So here’s all my favourite blogs and I hope I can be some of yours ^.^ (The bold ones are my fave of the fave :))


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Sorry If I missed anyone!!! ♥

Hello. i’m lettin you all know that i have a birthday in 8 days, i want you all to wish me a happy birthday, I’m turning 20 in March 28. So I wanted to do this to make you all happy and kind. To blogs.

I have reach 65 followers around. Thank you all for following me. Except for people who don’t but that’s okay, I might as well get over it.

I mean by the way i wanted to thank you all for celebrating on my 20th birthday, it would have been exciting and interesting.

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