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I had this head canon a while ago that only the…

I actually think it’s the Nomicon that controls what or who can put on the ninja suit, but it’s definitely debatable that the suit could as well house some sentience too. Huh.

Well, something is definitely going on since Mcfist couldn’t open the Nomicon but Mac Antfee could actually schloomp into it, but in Mcfist’s case it was a bad situation that shouldn’t have happened while when Mac got in Randy was trying to do good 

There was change in situations but not a change in the bad guys so something or someone is doing a thing to assure another thing won’t happen

Decided to color a sketch for once haha~

Also,Nomi’s hair hates me,I swear it! I will never find the perfect color for it! I’m so unsatisfied but I still love it omg. ;_;

Also I’m still working on the human Nomicon version of Raiders of the Lost Nomicon,just that my camera stopped working,and my tablet has poor quality…Yea…Enjoy



Sometimes Kiwi likes to play the beat loud and hard #chihuahuarocks #chihuahua

So I heard you wanted someone to draw your Human!Tengu and decided to give him a try!8D This was my first time drawing so sorry if it’s a little crappy!>.<

Also no porn!? No fun…Haha JK anyways here ya go raifiel!^^

I’m…actually not sure what that porn comment means, but yes. A rockin’ human!tengu from chihuahuarocks!


said: Also, consider the possibility of a Japanese settlement. One could have been established there way before the English settlers. Another thing, this is a cartoon, not everything has to be 100% accurate.

It has been stated the Norisu Nine had chased the sorcerer across sea to ancient Norrisville, so there’s that 

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Hi Chuzzle!! I hope you had a great year! I wanted to tell you your art is awesome, and will always be awesome! Your a super rad artist, and I hope the new year will be just a good or maybe even better than this one! Happy early New Years!^^

EEEEEEEEEEEE OH MY GOSH!!!! o////u////o SWEETESS MOST CONFIDENCE BOOSTING MESSAGE EVER!!! you are a SUPERER RADDER WRITER!!! thank thank thanks so much, so so very much you kind dear!!! ovo 

(sorry about answering this so late!)