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Prompt if you're taking them: Mike finds out that during a boozey weekend in Vegas Ginny gets his number tattooed and now I he really needs to see it.

oh that’s too good!! too too good!!! I tweaked this just slightly for the ~slow burn~ but oh god i love the idea of Mike being a total shit trying to wheedle info from a slightly surly Ginny.

got you deep in the heart of me | ao3

Before exiting her dressing room, Ginny poked her head out the door and looked both ways, feeling like a little kid again, waiting to cross the street. Only, the danger here wasn’t some inattentive driver about to mow her down. In fact, she would welcome some negligent, self-centered behavior right now. It sure as hell beat what was actually happening.

Sighing in relief at the empty hallway, Ginny ducked back into her room, snagged her tablet and headphones, and snuck out the door.

That’s what she’d been reduced to. Peeking around corners and creeping through the clubhouse like some kind of criminal. If this kept up, Ginny was pretty sure she was well on her way to be the youngest, healthiest woman to die of a heart attack. She’d become a paranoid mess, constantly looking over her shoulder, waiting for the inevitable moment when—

“Just a hint, Baker.”


Ginny managed not to jump out of her skin this time, but she did whirl on the source of her constantly suspicious state. 

“Christ, Lawson. Wear a bell or something,” she complained, pushing past six feet of solid major league catcher. She strode down the hall, ignoring her bearded shadow in favor of nodding to her other teammates. He was pretty hard to ignore, especially considering the way their teammates didn’t. They’d flick him curious looks, which, at first, Ginny thought meant they were in the dark, wanting to know why the hell he’d been hounding her lately. 

She kept thinking that right up until Stubbs asked him, “You find out what it is yet?”

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look at this cutie right here

it seems like ppl overlook him because he’s not a skinny ripped sparkly bishie all the time like everyone else in K but LOOK AT HIM HE’S SO PURE

Okay reasons you should love Kamamoto Rikio:

  • He gives no fucks. You can say whatever you like about his appearance and it just rolls off him, even though he’s been bullied and treated badly and he KNOWS how differently people treat him because of his weight because he sees how much more attention he gets in summer but he GIVES NO FUCKS. He’s a confident guy who doesn’t let it get to him and I aspire to his level of gives-no-fucks 
  • JUST GENUINELY A RLY NICE GUY I mean look at how he looks after Misaki!!!!! He’s super protective and caring of his friend and also willing to patiently put up with his bullshit even tho he’s 100% not obligated to, he still wants to make sure Misaki is safe and okay because Misaki had his back and he wants to repay the favour. He’s a protective mama bear over his aggressive chihuahua friend. 
  • I don’t think he says a mean word about anyone in the whole show? Beautiful patient and zen cinnamon roll. Total sweetie even tho he’s in a gang he’s still a sweetie
  • Builds up ppl’s confidence. Tells Misaki how cool/great he is on a regular basis
  • He’s restrained and avoids violence when there doesn’t need to be violence. At several points in the show he holds back his fellow clansmen and tries to stop them from fighting when they don’t have a good reason to. Level-headed cinnamon roll
  • But when he does need to get violent he’s REALLY KICK-ASS HOLY FUCK THIS MAN CAN FIGHT AND IT’S FANTASTIC also he’s a great leader. 
  • ATTRACTIVE OVERWEIGHT MEN IN ANIME CAN I GET A HELL YES there’s not enough male body positivity in the world and it makes me sad 
  • He takes in and looks after a young girl for like a year even though it’s COMPLETELY above and beyond the call of duty he does it anyway because he’s a HUGE CINNAMON ROLL and he’s kind and generous and loving and he protects the fuck out of Anna and makes sure she has someone to look out for her and a place to sleep when this girl isn’t even related to him like he just does it because he’s a GOOD PERSON and he can give her what she needs because she’s had a horrific life for someone so young and the two people who were basically like her parents died within 2 weeks of each other and he was THERE FOR HER 100% OF THE TIME even before she was chosen by the Slates. 
  • I mean just look at him?????? Look how cute he is!!!!!!!
  • Plus the Summer’s Kamamoto chapters in MOR are gold. 

In summary: Kamamoto Rikio is more than just “the fat guy who gets attractive in summer” and more people should love him because he’s a fantastic person and he deserves the world

Yesterday’s adventures / Snow in June?! 🏔️🌲🐕💕