No but can you imagine Chihiro coming to Leon for help with dodgeball cause he can’t get enough power into his shots so Leon helps him. Like he gets Mondo and Hagakure stood on the line in gym and takes a ball and is like “Watch closely.” and just fires it so fucking fast and hits Hagakure in the face and he goes flying backwards from the pure force of it and then Leon gives a ball to Chihiro and slaps him on the back (it’s supposed to be an encouraging one but it a little too hard) like “Okay, now you go!” Chihiro is sort disturbed cause 1. He’s not sure if Hagakure is even conscious anymore cause he’s not moving and 2. He doesn’t think he can hit Mondo hard enough. Anyway, he throws it and it just sorta bounces off Mondo’s chest with not really that much force but Mondo doesn’t want Chihiro downhearted and plays it off like it winded him and falls backwards like “Oh shit, you got me, you really got me!” Chihiro is like “I really got him! I did it!” and so proud of himself and when he turns away really pumped Leon and Mondo just exchange a thumbs up cause they upped his confidence so much…and Hagakure is still not moving, he may need hospital attention; we just don’t know.

Leon somehow comes to the conclusion that bringing Chihiro to a metal/punk rock concert would be a great first date idea and when they get there everyone is headbanging and are just everywhere so Leon brings Chihiro with him to the dead center of the crowd where he starts to join in with everyone else head banging and stuff. After a few minutes he starts to get a little dizzy and tries to find his date but they’re nowhere to be found and Leon starts to panic as if he’s just lost a small child in a lake of pirhanas so he starts searching around frantically for the little dude but just can’t find them and he’s just like oh shiiit I’m not getting a second date for this.. Until he turns back around to see chihiro rocking out as much as their little body can take and Leon just

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tell me your cute headcanons about that au i wanna hear the stuff about your fav ships

IMAGINE CHIHIRO TELLING LEON THEY LIKED HIM AND STUFF AND LEONS SO FLUSTERED AND HAPPY BC HES BEEN LIKING THEM FOR A WHILE THAT HE DOesnt know what to say and chihiro is close to crying bc they don’t wanna get rejected or anything and leon notices so he just bursts out how he’s been liking them a lot for a while too and chihi starts watering in the eyes and Leon’s just like ah shit what’d I do I’m sorry why are you doing this don’t cry I’m sorry and the next day they’re just holding hands while walking to class and everyone is staring and cooing and togami hands celestia twenty bucks
And then we have Yamada and Fukawa who’ve probably been dating since like eighth grade and it’s really kind of cute but most of the time everyone can see them arguing over character compatibility or designs according to how they were written and they’re always coming up with new ideas for books and manga but they always clash at so many points in the creative process that they almost never complete a story
Ishimaru and mondo are like a frickin married couple and are the most Embarassing people to e around when they’re together and being all lovey dovey it makes even naegi sick

Imagine leon trying to teach chihiro to pitch but they can only get like six feet far every time
Imagine chihiro trying to teach leon about computers and their hardware but he doesn’t understand so much so he just nods along so he doesn’t seem like he’s not interested
Imagine chihiro and leon doing really cute stuff together

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during the summer leon and chihiro would do so many fun things and on a warm summer night they stay outside until it gets dark so they can catch fireflies and afterwards theyre just sitting together talking about how happy (and totally punk) they are

And during the days when it’s hot they go to the pool and Leon would always laugh at how chihiro would have to were every floaty known to man (like the infamous ducky ring, arm floaties) just to stay up in five feet and they would always play their own versions of Marco Polo (“Punk Rock” or “1 0”). Then they would go get some ice cream and Leon would always steal a lick of chihiro’s ice cream when they were looking away and chihiro would do the same but would get caught more often.

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chihiro and leon watching movies at home together and they are covered in a whole bunch of blankets and stuff and theres a sad part and chihiro is kinda sad but leons crying so much and his eyeliner starts running and its so dumb why did this happen

Leon clinging onto chihiro during a scary part right after the sad part and he’s still crying a little and trembling and chihiro is trying to help him wipe away the mascara from his cheeks so that it doesn’t drop on their dress but they’re too afraid to move bc they’re scared of the movie too
These two are hopeless and cute and it burns

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leon would be such a horrible sleeper like he would fall asleep anywhere and he snores and drools a lot but then chihiro sleeps like a lil angel or something but what if they talked a bit during their sleep

What if they murmured like the passwords to really important things that they were planning on hacking into and binary codes so all you would hear while they slept were either “0111010010101111001” or the password to every computer in the FBI and Leon thinks that that’s pretty damn adorable