HakuxChihiro Drabble. (Part 2 to the across the stone river path)

“What is it?”
He asked as his delicate verdant brows furrowed in contemplation. Unconsciously, he was leaning ever so slightly forward as he observed the strange object Chihiro held out in her open palm.
But his contemplation was cut short by Chihiro’s soft laughter that brought his bright eyes from her hand towards her warm brown eyes.
Mirth danced in her orbs as she observed her old friend attempt to discern the purpose of the small pastel egg in her hand. As his face drew nearer and his large emerald eyes grew slightly larger in innocent confusion and his mouth became a taught line of determination, she laughed.
Because for all the times she imagined reuniting with Haku not one of these fantasies involved the conundrum of Chapstick.
“Why do you laugh?”
He asked, not because he was irritated or embarrassed. But because he found it to be such a beautiful and nostalgic sound that he’d not heard in so many years.
And a part of the dragon spirit secretly wanted to know how to inspire such a lovely sound from his human friend again. She was a light in his world of steam, bath salts, and spirits. She was warmth and sunshine and true happiness all in the lanky form of a burgeoning adult with a bright big smile.
Idly sweeping a long strand of ink green hair over his shoulder he sat back against the wall in the women’s dorm of the bath house with his old friend. Chihiro smiled again and placed the Chapstick in her salmon pocketed pants.
“So, how did you get Yubaba to allow me into the bathhouse without a contract?”
Haku smirked and looked out towards the sky, “My tenuous tenure is without the leash of a contract as well. And despite her pride and old ways,” he turned to look back at the young women with a genuine smile, “a part of her was always impressed by you back then. No one ever really stood up to her before.”
Chihiro blushed and looked at her feet, “I wasn’t that great-” and suddenly before she could finish speaking Haku was inches from her face and pulling her chin up gently by a finger.
“Never say that, Chihiro. You were brave - you are brave. And you gave me the courage to fight back and reclaim my name. You are stronger than you can even imagine.”
Wide brown eyes stared back in shock at Haku’s statement. But she quickly looked away as another wave of embarrassment crashed down on her.
‘Why am I freaking out?!’ She thought desperately, she could still feel his eyes upon her and it did nothing but make her frantic heart beat faster.
“Chihiro,” she felt her self jump slightly at his voice and slowly turned to look at him. He had not moved an inch away from her and she absently wondered if her face looked as hot as it felt.
“Yes, Haku?” She asked timidly, despite herself, she’d never felt uncomfortable with Haku before but the way his eyes looked at her made her stomach fill with inexplicable butterflies.
“You smell like mint leaves.”
And just as she was about to respond to the odd statement he stayed her lips with a single finger.
If her heart had not already been thrumming a hundred beats a minute then it was now. Warmth spread throughout her body at the contact of his fingers.
Nonchalantly Haku withdrew his fingers from her lips and placed them lightly against his own. Slowly pulling his lower lip into his mouth he tasted a sudden refreshing assault of mint on his tongue. Looking from his own hand his eyes flicked back up towards Chihiro’s, and his eyes widened.
She was beautiful.
Her cheeks were a light shade of pink and her bright brown eyes stared back brimming with surprise and embarrassment. The dragon felt a smile pull at his lips and a warmth burn at the pit of his stomach.
The light breeze from the swaying waters beneath the bathhouse blew through the room. Chihiro brown locks of hair swayed lightly against her flushed cheeks. And it seemed to him, he may have found yet another way to make her happy.

The dragon’s smile was infectious and soon the young human woman began to smile as well. “So where to today?” She asked exuberantly as a mischievous glimmer flicked through his emerald eyes. “You’ll see once we get there.”


Done!!!!  They’re just so adorable!!! >.>  I ended up letting Chihiro’s hair down and I made Haku look more girly than he already was -.-  They’re underwater but I’m not very good at underwater scenes D:  Anways, this is the first piece that I did with my new airbrush system ^_^

anemanye asked: i was wondering if you could write something where haku and chihiro meet again and are all cutely romantic. i watched this recently, so of course! so many miyazaki cuties. they’re supposed to be high school age but what do i know. reposted.

Today is the first day that Chihiro finally catches a glimpse of the boy who sprawls himself in the tufts of grass in the empty and overgrown expanse next to their new house, and it isn’t until he takes a running leap off of the hillside and lands with a magnificent splash in the crystal clear lake. And she’s not sure when, not really sure why, but she takes off running, too.

“Hey!” She finds herself winded when she reaches the flooded grass at the edge of the lake, her tennis shoes soaking with muddy water, “just what do you think you’re doing?!” She stares angrily at the ripples, fidgeting nervously on her feet until she sees his head crest the water, and he starts to laugh, of all the things in the world.

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