chiffon bow



Ivory silk having ice blue short sleeve and pleated high waist with front and back bow detail, chiffon overlay, cutaway and edged in cloth flowers, lace and tulle bodice insert, the sleeve and waistband trimmed in beaded tulle with diamante, crystal beaded tassels, trained skirt with blue satin bow detail, corset interior

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oh my goodness, i love your outfit posts !! could you do a princess-inspired one maybe? thank you very much xx

gasp - you must be picking up my energies! :,) i was *just* wondering if there were any other cute outfit posts i could potentially make… hehe. thank you!! 💫

👑✨ princess-y outfit ideas: ✨👑

- sunday shopping: a blush-colored + chiffon blouse with a bow collar, a plaid tweed mini skirt, mary-jane heels, sheer white knee-high socks, matte lipstick to match your top

- tea time: a sleeveless + baby pink flared dress, white patten leather pointy heels, hair half-up half-down; Belle style, soft rosy cheeks and a subtle cat wing, delicate white gloves, a small clutch to match your shoes

- a stroll through the gardens: a soft cream-colored dress (mid-calf length), baby blue flats, tiny pearl earrings + a pearl necklace, a sheer + baby blue shoulder cape, dewy cheeks

- to the ball: an elaborately detailed, eye-catching ballgown in your favorite color, diamonds adorning your neck, wrists, ears, and fingers; a glittery tiara on your head, silver pumps, glossy lips + blackened eyelashes, a corset underneath

- forest royalty: extra-long tresses that rest on your back in a single braid, a flowing + long-sleeved dress, extra long eyelashes, a tiny rhinestone ring, flowers decorating your braid

Begin Again

Anonymous requested: She is a doctor working at the emergency room and meets Zico there by a casualty. If he’s the patient or the guardian or if they fall in love or if it’s fluffy or whatever and how it ends that’s up to you. I will only ask for it to be a damn long scenario. I’m sorry if I’m annoying and shit but I’m about to cry of tiredness and I really need something to lift my mood, please have mercy of the tired ass of a med student.

A/N: Let me first start of by apologizing to my med student nonnie who sent this in months ago. I finally had a concept for this pop up. I hope (if you’re still around) this was worth the wait and sort of what you were looking for! All the best wishes for you and your studies! Much love, Jenn

Genre: Zico x Reader

Words: 4073

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

It wasn’t that you necessarily hated weddings…oh who were you kidding? You absolutely loathed them. From the time you had to be a bridesmaid in three separate weddings. Defending against drunken uncles or trying to remind someone’s seventy-year-old grandfather while slow dancing that their hands still needed to stay on your hips, not your ass.

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