Beikon (matesprit/husbando): I looked at the anime you talk about almost 24/7 and what made me laugh is that on every poster, the boy with light hair has the same exact facial expression almost like a robot
Beikon (matesprit/husbando): he kinda looks like he shat his pants tbh

Beikon (matesprit/husbando): 

I am with my boyfriend, cool

with my boyfriend again

dynamically throwing a ball, same face, no big deal

HIMR (Hanni): his face is either that, or this

Beikon (matesprit/husbando): “with my boyfriend once again”

Sippy, you have a very appropriate name, ya know ene

Sippy, you could at least pretend that you are worried about Reaper e_e He’s kind of your Sipup bro, you know?

Sippy: =3= * continuously consumes all my chocolate and drinks all of my fizzy drinks* mhm… eh.

I somehow can’t take out of my mind the idea, that Sippy has the higher pitched voice of Sips. Like a Sips Chipmunk… /getsstabbed. Though he doesn’t speak much. When he agrees with something, he usually makes the ‘eh’ or 'ey’ sound. Well, try to speak a lot when you stuff your mouth with all the good food >A>