chiesa gesu


Chiesa Del Gesu, or The Church of the Saint Mary of Gesu in Palermo, Sicily. This was definitely my favorite church of all the ones I visited near Palermo. The color palette on the ceiling was much more modern than the others. It was breathtaking. (by jaclynsovern


Chiesa del Gesù, Rome

These are some photographs I took whilst visiting the Chiesa del Gesù in Rome last April. The church is the Jesuit mother church, and has become a design model for many subsequent churches built for the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus. Its full name is ‘Chiesa del Santissimo Nome di Gesù all'Argentina’ and it can be found just southeast of the Pantheon and northwest of the summit of the Capitoline Hill.

The Chiesa del Gesu was completed in 1580 and features a Baroque facade designed by Giacomo della Porta. However, it is the stunning, elaborate interior that gives the church a status of an artistic treasure hidden amongst the busy and densely-packed residential streets of Rome. The ceiling is home to a piece by High Baroque painter Giovanni Battista Gaulli (also known as Baciccio), entitled The Triumph of the Name of Jesus, shown here directly, and in the angled floor mirror placed near the entrance of the church.