This is NOT Globule on the pics

.. Its terrible how much I miss her (My puppy Globule)

I didn’t know that I would/could be so close and care that much abt a dog :/

I mean .. For Real __ I miss this dog

more than some members of my family *.*’

Sometimes I have flashbacks of my vacations in Gabon. 

*The day that I received her, *when my bro’ brought her home (wasn’t a gif)

I was just supposed to “babysit” her

because her owner (my bro’s friend) was pregnant and could not be in contact w/ animals (according to her doctor)

So I “babysited" her for the entire summer ..

I used to take her everywhere .. at my friend’s places, groceries stores and even at restaurants ^.^ .. sometimes I left her in the car when I went to the club, to be able to go w/ her at my Boyfriend’s place after the club.

I really cared about this dog even though I knew that she would go back to her owner at the end of the summer .. at a point that I took her to the veterinarian and the groomer (buying everything by my own) ..

People all around me started liking her, friends, my dad, my mom (who always refused to buy me one).. & even those who were scared of dogs.

Finally, her owner gave birth and decided to sell me the dog because of her newborn and she could not take care of Globule anymore.

I was so attached to the dog that I quickly agree.. and I wanted to bring her back to the States w/ me ___ BUT I finally could not do it because we had to do some blood exams to Globule to let her travel, and this would take more than a month, what was a long time after my return flight.

#SadStory :(

Some pple will understand what I’m talking abt ..

and some won’t __ but who cares ??

Certainly NOT ME ;)