This blog calling vegans "privileged" and "oppressive" makes no sense

Hey guys, know what this world needs? More internet people making vegans look bad. Lucky for planet Earth, this blog has crossed my radar. The content consists of accusing under 1 percent of the U.S. population of oppression and privilege, and anyone who offers a different opinion becomes a “troll” (N.B. You can’t have a link in the sidebar saying “Ask Me Anything!” and go on the defensive when people do.)

The last thing anyone would call me is preachy, and it is unfortunate that the author has apparently had so many bad experiences with vegans, but I can think of a million better ways to waste time (Law & Order: SVU marathons, 4chan, knitting with dog hair) than to write a blog dedicated to how “ableist” and “privileged” and “racist” vegans are. Some vegans might lecture you about your choices, just like some omnivores might. Vegans merely make up a small cross-section of humanity. I think, rather than “vegan,” the word you’re looking for here is “jerk.”

A great number of vegans are vegan because they give a shit—about the planet, about their own health, about animals, about other people—not because they want to judge others, or because they care more about cute, fuzzy, nonhuman animals than humans, or because they have eating disorders, or because it’s easy anywhere in the world (hint: It’s not). Being vegan isn’t about policing fellow humans, and it’s especially not about being “perfect.” We’re people, too, doing the best we can.

I could wax poetic about being a vegan on food stamps, about being flat broke for my entire vegan life until the last few months, about dumpster-diving, about nutrition and health as a vegan, about how veganism has actually helped a lot of people suffering from eating disorders, about veganism being a viable option and even solution for poor people and in poor countries, about finding ways to make veganism work if it’s what you really want. But instead I’ll say that it’s not privilege to try to limit the torture and killing of sentient beings. It is privilege to think you’re above trying.

Chiengora: legitimate hobby for super-weird crafters or pretentious pseudo-trend?

Humans do the darnedest things, like make yarn out of “naturally shed” dog hair. It boggles the mind, does it not? I mean, yay for sustainable materials and cruelty-free collection methods and whatnot, but also, like, WTF? Also, it costs $12 an ounce. This cottage industry is poised to blow up Etsy (and therefore, Regretsy) here in a hot minute. Is it smelly? Durable? Weird? What do you think?