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References of Akina Nakamori and Seiko Matsuda in MACROSS

Is known among some Macross fans that are into J-MUSIC too that Lynn Minmay’s character was probably based (not officially confirmed) on Akina Nakamori and Seiko Matsuda, two of the biggest Japanese singers and former Idols during the 80’s.

In addition 1982 was a remarkable for the Japanese Music scene in fact a year of NEW IDOLS in Japan such as Akina Nakamori, Kyoko Koizumi, Iyo Matsumoto, Chiemi Hori, Yu Hayami and Hidemi Ishikawa among others that have debuted that year too as a result there were a lot of music releases along with a huge IDOL movement that included live and recorded performances on TV music shows, radio, weekly rankings, photo magazines, etc.

Can you imagine all that I mentioned above? I guess no… but fortunately the staff of Macross lived and depicted it as we can see here through the screen captions.

Episode 18 – PINE SALAD (1983.2.20)

This episode features a lot of Akina and Seiko from the very beginning where a nurse looks exactly like Seiko Matsuda then during the battle of Max and Miria inside the SDF-1 we can see some signs and billboards showing Akina and Seiko respectively.

Episode 21 – MICROCOSMOS (1983.3.13)

Just after the arrival of Lynn Minmay and Lynn Kaifun at the premier of Shao Pai Long we can see a big sign showing AKINA behind the crowd.

Episode 24 – GOOD-BYE GIRL (1983.4.3)

On the building in front of The Game Center -Close Encounter- there is a big sign that shows “Himitsu No Hanazono” that can be translated as Secret Garden which is Seiko Matsuda’s 12th Single released on 1983.2.3.

Episode 27 – Ai Wa Nagareru (1983.4.24)

One of the dresses that Lynn Minmay wore during the first SPACE WAR has a similarity with one of the dresses that Akina Nakamori wore on her very first Concert Tour “Akina Milkyway ‘83 Haru No Kaze Wo Kanjite” which took place across Japan from 1983.2.27 to 1983.6.19.

To conclude this we can find a sort of official link of Lynn Minmay to Akina Nakamori and Seiko Matsuda on MY FAIR MINMAY ~Dreaming Prelude~.