relapse // aki/chie

A long while.. it almost felt like eternity had passed since she’d last seen the Emperor. She had attended school, went to her track meets and everything, but the main reason as to why she had transferred to Gekkoukan High was beyond her now. He had been somewhere else, and none of her calls or her texts were returned.

Bittersweet as ever, the Chariot had been cursed with impatience. She’d pace around at night, waiting to hear a creak of a wooden floorboard or something of the sort. But she was given nothing in return – just the reverberation of her own heartbeat, her own breathing, her own loneliness made manifest into dry air.

Another sleepless night and she eventually dragged herself downstairs from her dorm room, searching the vicinity. But there was nothing – until she heard the door creak. She stopped in her stead down the stairs and blankly, sleepily stared at the open door.

…Who would have returned so late at night, anyway? She’d lost hope by then of him returning, hadn’t said a word about it and it had even slipped her mind. But the possibility still had her on her toes, heart skipping a beat and amber eyes hopeful.