“I AM MOANA” is so GOOD as a climactic moment, I’m still not over it–throughout the whole movie there’s this unavoidable theme of knowing who you are, knowing your role and your place in the world. The heroine’s struggle is working out who she is…

But then she reaches that point and says you know what? I am ME! And that’s enough! Am I The Chosen One? Am I a chieftian or a wayfinder or what? Doesn’t matter! Before anything else I am ME, and that’s fine!

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Why Jaz gotta be the derpiest one…


Because she is??? xDD
Tbf it was either that gif or:

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Super expressive flailing limbs and hair dancin’!! Think Breakfast Club dance routine, but less coordinated. Also with The Tauren Chieftians playin in concert in the background xD