Some important terms used by Roleplayers

Muns are the writers, who write back and forth each describing the actions and words of their of the character they have chosen. I’m going to use an imaginary person named Sue as the example of a mun.

Muses are the characters being written about by the muns. Sometimes people prefer to use character to refer to a muse, but muse seems to be the one I see the most often. In this case I’m going to use Spider-man as the muse example.

Threads are the stories written back and forth by two or more muns about their muses. Let’s say Sue has met Paul who has Batman as a muse. They write a thread together, which involves a scenario in which Batman gets bitten by a genetically augmented bat and Spiderman teaches him to use his new abilities.

Canon is the official storyline of a show/film/book series that people pick a character from. So in canon Batman never gets bitten by a bat, and isn’t trained by Spiderman.

AU is short for Alternate Universe. In our example Sue and Paul have created an AU where Batman has actual bat-related powers and fights crime alongside Spiderman.

Verse (or universe) “AUs or places in a timeline where threads which might take place that are common enough on the blog to be established things” thanks to @chieftess-of-the-haladin for commenting this on the original post, I had completely forgotten about this one, and it’s definitely important

Starters are the first post of a thread, which set the scene for the thread. This blog contains sentence starters, which are things muns can send to one another via ask to start a thread with. In this case perhaps Paul sent Sue an ask with “It bit me” which started the entire alternate universe they have that thread in.

OC is short for original character, and these are another type of muse people have. In this case we’re going to use the example of another person named Jude. Jude has created an OC for the Batman universe named Kevin who is a guard at Arkham who often ends up in trouble for some reason or another.

Three person Rp (sometimes called Three-person thread) this is the last one, because now we’re getting into the more complicated things. If Jude, Paul, and Sue got together and all wrote a thread it would be one of these, and it can allow for interesting character development.

the-natural-zeros  asked:

Hello I have a group of players that like odd quirky games, we run 5th edition but I came across your post about "blood in the chocolate" I was just wondering how easily you think I could convert it to 5e for my players?( it's just a matter of preference honestly) because it sounds perfect for my crew after our current game :)

Buy Blood in the Chocolate! It’s $7.99 on RPGNow and Drive Thru RPG!

Blood in the Chocolate is really easy to adapt to 5e D&D, as are most LotFP adventures. It’s intended for 1st level characters, so if your players are above that, I’d crank up enemy hit points a little. 

To convert Blood in the Chocolate to 5e, follow these five simple steps:

1) Converting Saving Throws. BitC calls for a lot of ‘saving throws versus poison’ because LotFP uses a five save system (breath weapon, poison, paralyze, spells, magical device). Use Constitution saving throws instead at DC 20. The DC should be high, as characters are expected to fail. 

2) Use 5e Monster Stats. The pygmies are basically goblins. Lucia de Castillo uses the bandit captain statblock, or the champion statblock if you have Volo’s Guide to Monsters. The tower guards are guards. Everyone else you can use their stats as is. 

3) Switch all the prices to Gold. LotFP uses a silver standard. Just switch ‘sp’ to ‘gp’ and you’re good to go. 

4) Use firearms as is. The firearms rules in the book translate pretty easily. If you don’t want to include firearms, swap them out for heavy crossbows. 

5) Change the setting, keep the tone. This conversion requires some creativity on your part. Blood in the Chocolate, like most LotFP adventures, assumes a ‘real world’ 17th century European setting. This isn’t too hard to switch to a generic fantasy world like the Forgotten Realms, where anachronistic technology and philosophies appear all the time. Change the setting, the Old Growth Cocoa Tree’s origins, the pygmies, Lucia’s rise to power, change whatever you like to make it fit your setting best…but please try to keep the following things somewhat intact:

  • This is a ‘low magic’ adventure. It’s about the evils of greed and capitalism outpacing the ‘low evils’ of magic and madness. Lucia doesn’t cast spells, neither do the pygmies (except the chieftess). They use technology instead. 
  • Disfigurement and disgust over death. LotFP adventures are deadly by nature, but Blood in the Chocolate’s traps are designed specifically not to kill PC’s outright, but to slow them down, disfigure them, and to make players rethink how to use their own bodies. Noxious Berry Poison makes PC’s big and heavy, Terrible Swells makes them big and floaty, Chocolate Vomit hurts them but turns them into weapons, Irresistible Smell turns characters against each other, and so on. Encourage your players not to think of being poisoned as a death sentence, but an opportunity for hijinks.
  • Brash actions should lead to overwhelming opposition. This is an adventure most easily solved with stealth, smooth talking, and clever thinking. If players go in loud and hard, they need to accomplish things fast, otherwise up to 150 pygmies will be on their asses. Don’t be afraid to overwhelm your players, forcing them to run. That’s the idea!

I hope these work for you. 

Good luck, and I hope you have fun!

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Why the TV show Timeless Deserves More Attention

Okay everyone listen up. This past year (meaning 2016 going into 2017), NBC seemed to have a good batch of new TV shows that have gained critical acclaim (This Is Us, I’m looking at you). But one that seemed to fly under the radar was the show Timeless. It was created by Eric Kripke, who is also known for creating the show of Supernatural which is on the CW, and Shawn Ryan.  

Now just a gist of what it’s about. It’s about a man who steals a time machine to go back into critical points of United States and early North American history to try and take out this organization called Rittenhouse, which seems to play a major role in basically every turning point of the historical timeline. The government takes over control of the industry who made the time machine and gets a trio of people to go back in time to stop the man. 

It seems that time machines and time travel seem to be an up and coming theme in media (Doctor Who reboot, Legends of Tomorrow to name two). But this one I found stood out in ways that deserve the recognition it’s due. 

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[Looking for FC!  (balmung)]

[I am looking for a roleplay-centric FC, and if you don’t mind, I could use some help!  

First, a little about me:

My playtimes: I usually play about 7:30pm to midnight Eastern (4:30pm to 9pm Pacific) on weekdays, sometimes a bit earlier or later depending on how busy or tired I am, and more on weekends. I don’t necessarily play every single day but I do play most of them.

My character: My main is Dayuuqi, a thoughtful young Xaela woman who’s a strange fusion of steppe culture and Eorzean values.  She’s an artist and musician, but she’s also an excellent archer and chieftess of her own tiny clan.  Also kind of an oddball dreamer…  You can learn more about her here!

My playstyle: I’m a dirty roleplaying casual.  My endgame is pretty glamours and perfecting the arrangement of furniture in my apartment. I will be no real help on bleeding edge content, ever, and my rotation will probably always be kind of derp. I’m okay with this.

Things I’d like to have in a FC:

Themes - I’m not particularly picky on this, and neither is Yuu. She’s done everything from combat leves to waitressing, and at the end of the day, she just needs gil.  There are a few things that probably wouldn’t work; she’d not be interested in an overtly criminal group, or one that was formally militaristic in tone.  Anything else, Yuuqi has a way of just kind kind of making her own reasons to be around.

Plots - I do like plots, but they’re not a must-have.  I am pretty good at coming up with my own stories for my character without needing one provided by an FC.   If you do have one, I prefer something that feels pretty grounded in lore.  If you don’t have one, that’s okay too.

Events - I like events, especially ones that have a public face.  A lot.  I will help with events.  I will attend events.  I get anxious from time to time with all the chat scroll but I believe strongly that being part of an RP community that stays alive, requires that folks give back and be the host sometime.

OOC Communication - I NEED DIS. Do not get me wrong, I like to let my IC stuff happen without too much scripting or OOC intervention, but it’s a personal belief of mine that it’s better to have a strong line of OOC communication available to help diffuse conflicts or get feedback.

Drama Policy - Look, most roleplay groups have OOC drama here and there; it kind of comes with the hobby, as much as I wish it didn’t.  So yes, I want a group that endeavors to avoid drama, but what I really want is a group that -handles- their drama when it sneaks in anyway, either by officer mediation or through enforced rules.

And… that’s about it that I can think of right now!   Advice in the comments or reblogs or whatever is completely welcome and helpful.

Thank you!] 

So I didn’t know if I would post this but here I am, doing so. Because compared to my other blog I run (aka my personal) I have more followers here. So here it goes…

I can’t believe you are all letting Timeless slip through our fingers??? Honestly???

The main cast is comprised of 7 people, 4 of which are POC??? And one of these in the main cast is a lesbian who is married to another WOC with 2 daughters??? And literally all the bad guys are white???

And the show is surrounded by 3 of them time traveling but it has explicitly shown that traveling to past decades is only good/non dangerous for one of them (because that one is a white male, while the others are a woman and a black male)???

They’ve also had the focus of their time traveling episodes on real historical figures who were forgotten, more often than not other POC?? 

Travels back to the Alamo?? Time to tell you about the fact that most of the people who fought on both sides were black and latino (if that wasn’t obvious since Texas was part of Mexico and the other side was Mexico), and in fact that Mexico had outlawed slavery years prior and it wasn’t until Texas won their independence then the US came back in and grabbed it that they had slavery. 

Travels back to the French and Indian War?? It’s time to meet Nonhelema, a real, powerful Shawnee chieftess who often led her tribe into battle, as well as stood in front of the US Congress to request land for the Shawnee in Ohio, and married 2 Shawnee men, as well as a white general at some point and would write the first English-Shawnee dictionary. 

Travels back to the 1969 Moon Landing? Time to meet Katherine Johnson, the mathematician who wasn’t allowed in the room to watch the landing (which I found a fault in “Hidden Figures” because by showing her in there for the John Glenn thing then not showing the moon landing day at all they make you assume she was allowed in for the moon landing, she wasn’t) but basically did everything to make sure it was successful, such as figuring out how fast they’d have to go to break the barrier, where they would need to find them when they came back down, all that.

Next week they’re traveling to the Wild West? Time to meet the Lone Ranger, who maybe people don’t know because of the myths put out by Hollywood, was a real man, but he was an African-American man named Bass Reeves who lived on tribal lands with Seminole and Muscogee tribes after he escaped his white slave owner, but as you should know, found and brought to justice outlaws. And time to meet Tonto, who wasn’t exactly one person in real life but based off Seminole and Muscogee friends who helped him.

And this show isn’t even on fucking, I don’t know, HBO or the CW or some network who is usually more like this. It’s on NBC, yeah one of the three main commercial television networks. But what is happening to it? 

It’s on the brisk of possibly being cancelled, it’s currently considered a “bubble show”, which means their ratings aren’t good enough to renew but not bad enough to guarantee cancellation. However, no show with ratings under 3.5 has ever been renewed by NBC, and last week, their ratings were 3.45. 

I don’t know how everyone can argue for representation and acknowledgement like this, then not actually watch it and so they end up cancelled after one season.

I don’t know how I want to end this but plead with you to please watch this show if you are not already, and watch it live (also this Monday, during it’s broadcast at 10est/9cst people are planning to try to have #RenewTimeless trend on twitter so tweet it). Or well it’s bye to probably the only realistic, inclusive time traveling/sci fi show, and probably sent a loud message to NBC on their future endeavors.

losing my mind, losing my mind, losing control

read on AO3

It begins, as so many things in Mipha’s life seem to, with the Princess. She returns from the mountain, and Mipha can already see the heartbreak on Zelda’s face, even before Daruk asks.

 “Well?” Daruk asks, concern mingling with hope on his face. “Don’t keep us in suspense! How’d everything go up there on the mountain?” All of the Champions still hold hope in their eyes as they watch on, Urbosa leaning to put a comforting hand on Zelda’s shoulder.

 The princess takes a deep breath, and shakes her head. Everyone seems to deflate slightly, disappointment weighing on all of their shoulders. Even Urbosa’s words of encouragement can’t quite bring the princess to smile, and before she can stop herself, Mipha steps forwards.

 “If I may,” she begins quietly, and Zelda looks up at her with sad blue eyes. “I thought you… well, I’m not sure how to put this into words- I’m actually quite embarrassed to say it,” she continues, and it’s a confession that’s welling in the Zora princess’ throat, a declaration of her feelings that she can’t seem to quell. “But I was thinking about what I do when I’m healing, you know, what usually goes through my mind,” she says, and she wants to scream      it’s you    ,      it will always be you    , to hold Zelda until she’s no longer so heartbroken, and she continues, “But it helps when I think- when I think about-” and the word      you    is on the tip of her tongue when the end begins.

 The ground shakes beneath her feet, and Revali flies up to confirm it- the Calamity Ganon is upon them, and one last fleeting look at Zelda is all Mipha gets before she must go.

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So a bunch of orcs decide they’re unhappy in the place they’re living.

It’s cramped, it’s dirty, the game isn’t plentiful, it’s far from a river

So all of them set off together to a new place. It’s got game, it’s close to a lake which is nice, there’s lots of trees and ore deposits to craft weapons.

So the orcs start building. They build a forge, and a bunch of houses, and a shrine to their gods, and everything a community needs, until the place is perfect.

Finally, the wife of the chieftess who led the Orcs to this new land turns to her wife and asks, “Well, what are we going to call this beautiful place?”

And the chieftess replies, “New Orc City.”

it’s that time again, folks! it’s time to thank ALL of you for your love and support so far with Finduilas! you 301 followers,  have no idea what it means to me that you all have stuck around! we’ve been around for another year, now, and I couldn’t do this without any of you! So, now for the best of friends I have made, the ones who I’m still intimidated by, and the honorable mentions! 

{ Friends! }

@turambar-masterofdoom : my darling, I could not be where I am without you! I love our little ship and could not imagine them being any other way. we’ve come so far from them just having awkward conversations, to hiding in conference rooms or cuddling on couches. You have made Finduilas the kind and caring woman she is, and our character developments together give me life! thank ou for sticking around <3

@thegreatstrongbow : Oh my goodness my precious one <3 I love how our bbies went from bickering in the woods, to now being engaged! So exciting! Finduilas loves him so much and I have come to enjoy our times fangirling over them and planning everything that happens to them! You’ve been around since the beginning, and I cannot thank ou enough!

@thefatedfinwe : HEY YOU, YOU LITTLE SHIT! I can’t tag all of your blogs, so I’m tagging the main one. I FREAKING LOVE YOU. You’re so good to me and I don’t know what I’d do without you and your jokes and our angst between ALL of our ships! I also love the bantering and sarcastic remarks we have while I watch you stream final fantasy. You have given findu the love and attention she has always sought out, and you do it in so many ways! You’re the bomb dot com and I hope you never go away!!!

@hasty-riser : Can I just say, holy. shit. We have come SO far from the beginning! I always felt like I was bothering you when I would send you asks, but Tyelko and Findu, I have to say, have had the most development so far with ANY of my relationships! There’s so much between these two, that it makes me squeal when they interact. They’re just such smart asses with each other, and Findu can’t really do all the things she does with Tyelko with other people. Thank you for bringing out the wild child that has been hidden within her! 

@halfblessedhalfcursed : Oh sweet child! I love both the relationships that Fin has with her brother, and one of the first woman-loves of her life! Gil is such a kind and understanding brother, I don’t know what we have done to deserve him! Oh, and little tea Kettle! Findu is so madly in love with her, it’s ridiculous. She never thought she could fall so hard for another woman, but shiiit. Has she swooned hard! I love planning with you and putting all our angsty shit out there and ugh. You’re just a wonderful all around person!

@artaresto : So, you, my dearest, have been around LONGER than any of the honorables above. I love that fin and ory get along at times, but can be just shit heads to each other in the next few seconds! I love plotting with you and letting our wild children have their ways or argue at the top of their lungs. Ory has definitely made findu such a rebel (along with the help of tyelko), but let’s be honest. Daddy didn’t raise no fool! Thank you SO much for sticking with us and through all of our bullshit! You’re the best!!

@alyathefair : Oh my Jo, you rock my socks off! You have been there for me when I needed someone to cry to! And I’ve done my best to be there for you in return! I could not have asked for a better friend! I love our muses, and how they all act together and misbehave. Ugh. And our OOC chats, I die laughing! Hours and hours we can pull this stupid shit, and it’ll never get old. I’m glad I don’t get on your nerves <3 

@sashaofravenlock : ALL OF OUR ANGST IS AMAZING. Why are our children so cute?! I could not have asked for a better friend in all my days! I love that we can just plot and talk and just wander off topic about horses and donkeys and ugh. It’s so amazing and I cannot WAIT until we are able to meet up next year after we’re both graduated!! How exciting?!?! You’re the best therapist around, chica! Love you lots!!

@minstrelmaglor : Oh my sweet Eru. I cannot ever get enough of our children together! They’re so sweet and our angst that we have plotted out for the rest of their lives gives me LIFE. No matter how long we go without talking or anything, it’s like nothing ever happened! We just pick up right where we left off and it’s AMAZING. Miss you lots and hope you’re doing well!

@warden-of-lorien : Can I just say that I love your muse so much! He’s such a sweet little thing and Findu can’t get enough of him! I love the chemistry they have and I love plotting with you as well! Don’t be afraid to jump into my mailbox! We enjoy you very much!!

@ar-pharazon-the-fallen : MY KITTY! Oh I love how Fin and Calion get along. They’re literally like siblings and I cannot get enough! I love how they can be such little shits one minute, but super sweet and caring for another in the next moment. Ugh. They’re precious and I have no idea what I would do if I had never met you! 

{ intimidators! }

@0rome / @lordofelves / @mikhailvalhidris / @celeborn-of-doriath (yes, I know it’s silly, but still!)
@sorrowssinger / @lordofhimring / @sonsofelrond / @burkhanlig
@enviousking / @bxstiion-a / @crxwnedwiththxrns / @regnumverus

{ honorable mentions}

@feanors-daughter / @goldenhairedadvisor / @oropherrrrr / @aratinwe
@vardathestarkindler / @nolofinwefingolfin / @xstardomes / @finarfiniel
@sassykingofmirkwood / @goldenglorfindel / @kneel-to-the-playboy
@countlestarsofheavensfield / @thelostelvenking / @goldenglaurung
@sonofguilin / @ingwionthevanya / @lostmyway-twice / @singeroftheair
@theferalgrace / @wandersinstarlight / @the-secondchief 
@blacksmithofrivendell / @armandgreenstone / @wrathenduring
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@wanderingarcherviola / @stewardessofmirkwood / @theironhanded
@iwillplantitwhenireturnhome / @silivrenel / @debonairelvenking
@tarinya / @faithlessavarin / @daeron-the-flautist / @gisbxrne
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@bxnditqxeenfrxja / @thefirstprincevardamir / @winterchilds
@vanyarinmother / @thepoeticson / @elroskingofnumenor / @enxredis
@braidedfate / @youkeepyournastychips / @meermxn / @nyesamla
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Voltron Whump Week 2017: Day 2 - Hypothermia

Pidge scratched mindlessly at the soft mud. She needed to get out of the rain.

The bank was barely taller than her, carved out by the strange ocean’s tide. The pod would have been better. (Pod? Had she come in a pod?) Her thoughts were shrouded in molasses. It didn’t matter. She wouldn’t be able to hear them over her chattering teeth anyway.

She was cold. More than cold. Freezing. Her sodden clothes clung to her, hindering her movements. Her hands had stopped shaking. That was good (Bad. But why?). The tide trickled around her ankles, pushing her forward, urging her.

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Mandalorian Cultural Headcanons...

In a case where a Chieftess is with child, she will remain in battle for three-four months to ensure that her womb was strong enough to endure battle. After four months of proven survival, she carries out her warrior duties in the strategy room and pass orders from a safe home base out of the gunfire. She may have to pass orders during labor if necessary.

It is also said that being in the strategy room gives the unborn child an early education in warrior matters.

Qurcaqi Uragshi - Profile

General Information:

Full Name: Legally Qurcaqi Uragshi, however it is always given as Qurcaqi of the Uragshi.

Race: Auri - Xaela

Age: Twenty one

Nickname/Alias: Qurcy, Caqi

Signature: A haphazard scribbling that is mostly just a large Q and some waggles. It counts.


Family: Within Eorzea Qurcaqi’s only blood family is her twin, Dayuuqi (PC played by @dayuuqi) who she had traveled side by side with from Othard all the way to Eorzea via ship over five cycles prior. Her mother and father remain behind in the steppe but they’ve had next to no fortune in reaching them despite repeated attempts. She has long since given up hope on reaching them, though this is kept from her other half, as she believes it would crush her.

Birthplace: She and her twin sister were born in the tribe’s southern camp during the springtime.

Upbringing:  Qurcaqi was raised in the same manner as nearly all steppe peoples. A life of hunting, herding, raiding, and travel that forged her into a capable and self sufficient woman. Though one with a view that is wholly alien to most Eorzeans.


Style: Qurcaqi’s style is built firmly around her pride in her physique and form, unless she is wearing heavy equipment fit for serious battle she will shamelessly show off her figure and opulently tended scales. As such the general style of what she wears can very heavily, from Doman yukatas worn with her neckline exposed, lighter limsan fare built to weather humidity (such as in the picture), or heavier ishgardian gambesons over mail shirts. Colours range widely as well, though two of her absolute favorites are dark reds and metallic green.

Scent: While not worn for it’s scent, she starts every morning not in the field brushing her scales with a soft bristle brush daubed with clove scented oil. The act is more to make sure her scales stay healthy and do not dry out, though she is fond of having the scent cling to her as well.

Build:  Though both Dayuuqi and Qurcaqi are quite impressively built amongst your average Auri women, Caqi stands out between the two. Her figure is lean, sinewy, and covered in scars and burns that attest to her many cycles of conflict.

Notable Marks: Two notable things stand out about Qurcaqi above all else. One being her hetereochromia a trait she shares with her sister, though her eyes are set in the opposite, her right being emerald green and left being a deep gold. The other is that she always wears a gold ring with an emerald set in it on her left hand, her betrothal ring.


Major Traits:  Loyal, Cynical, Passionate, Determined

Sociability: Qurcaqi’s outward personality is one that has served her well since the twins arrival in Eorzea. She is cool, sarcastic, and brutally honest to those she has first met. While she is far from unwilling to keep secrets or watch her tongue, she believes that remaining open and frank with potential companions is an important first step, though this often leads to the chieftess making a sour first impression with those more accustomed to niceties. However it is easy to tell where you stand with her. If you show her respect, she will gladly return it. If you insult her, she will see to it that you realize your folly. If you flirt, she may even return the favor. If she falls silent, it’s best to begin quietly praying to your deity of choosing because she is displeased with you.

Habits: Qurcaqi is proactive and energetic, often to the point of seeming flighty and unmoored. She starts her days early, completes her morning ritual of tending her scales and washing herself, and then takes to her tasks with a will. It’s not uncommon for her drive to lead her to burn out, and it’s not until Sarnai and Olivia’s arrival in her life that she has found the time to relax and de-stress. Most often by spending time with her loved ones, enjoying a few cups of airag, and talking to kinfolk she has met through her travels.

Love and Sex

Orientation:  Bisexual (even interest in both masculine and feminine)

Lovers:  Two, Olivia of the Uragshi @ascalonffxiv , and Sarnai of the Uragshi (PC but does not have Tumblr)

Relationship Status:  In a relationship, semi-open.

Marital Interest:  Engaged and to be married later this year!

Turn-Ons: Long hair, strength (physical, magical, or of spirit), honesty, and willingness to let her lead. Enjoys pursuit and pursuing, compliments to her figure and doubly so her scales, and skills in battle. Self sufficiency is something that she values heavily.

Turn Offs: Dishonest and dishonorable conduct, being treated like a pet or lesser person. Most Miqo’te men.

((A polite shout out to @home-halone for inspiring me to fill one out! :D ))

open up my eyes (tell me i’m alive)

read on AO3 | part 1

His whole life, people have told Sidon to stay away from the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. They tell him stories of the scourge that lies within, of the monster he must stay away from at all costs. They call the monster his sister’s name, and he hates it with every bone in his body, his sister was brave, a hero, someone who should have a statue in the town square. She was a Champion, not just in title, but in character, and the way the elders say her name as if it’s a curse makes him want to scream.

 So he trains and dreams of going, of rescuing his sister from the scourge and restoring her honor. He’s good with a spear, better with a trident, and he’s the first person his age to risk the dive off of Shatterback Point. That’s the closest he ever gets to the Divine Beast, making the dive into the reservoir, and he sees the red malice that seeps through the chinks in the beast’s armor. He sees her, or what’s left of her, the malice eating away at his sister like a virus, her silver jewelry and the remains of the Lightscale Trident the only things giving her away from this distance, and he wants to howl, wants to go and tear the blight away from his sister, but a guard comes after him before he can reach her.

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Secret Odin fanfic: The Chief’s New Clothes

My (belated) Secret Odin gift for @theladysilvre ! I deeply apologize that it is so late, I had some personal circumstances demanding my attention. I hope you like it! 

Summary:  It’s the first Snoggletog after Stoick’s death, and Astrid is looking for a way too cheer Hiccup up. One problem: her mother keeps her busy with tailoring and other household lessons, citing their upcoming marriage. Astrid is not easily stopped when she is on a mission, however, especially when it involves new holiday traditions.

Genres: Fluff, friendship, romance, nagging parents
Rating: K+
Length: 2780 words


Astrid hated her mother.

Well, normally she loved her mother, but right now, she wished for the older woman to be eaten by a swarm of Terrible Terrors. She deserved it for the torment she was inflicting on Astrid.

“Mother, why is this necessary? I’m never going to do this ever again!” she finally shouted as she threw down her needles after pricking herself yet again. Her fingers were bloody, and while normally she welcomed pain, she preferred the pain to be worthwhile, as part of combat training or an intense flight.

Not freaking tailoring.

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Predictions for Season 4

• Heather is going to leave again, possibly become chieftess of the Beserkers or something

• Hiccup is going to start adding things like armour to his clothing.

• Astrid will get the fur hood as a gift (probably Hiccup)

• Chicken is going to disappear and Tuff is going to start panicking and make everyone look for her. Then chicken will return will little chicks and one will be called Wingnut. 

• Hiccstrid will not get together in this season, but in the next one.

• Hiccup will be ahead of Viggo for a little bit. (fingers crossed)

• Ryker will leave Viggo.

• Dagur will act as a spy to help the riders

• Also Dagur’s return

• There WILL be Dragons.

and thats all i have.. if you have any more please feel free to add


Happy birthday to harmonious-relations!

n g r b o d a   &   i g y n

The stories tell it like this: Angrboda was the second love of Loki, mother of the terrible children Jormundandr, Fenrir and Hel. What they sometimes failed to elaborate upon was that she was the chieftess of a band of Jotnar and of the Iron Wood. Sigyn was the daughter of Iwaldi and Freya, daughter of Asgard and Vanaheim, third love of Loki and mother of Narvi and Vali.

Another thing they failed to mention was their friendship.

When Sigyn crossed between the nine realms to journey to Jotunheim, she was met with frost and steel. Their leader was a tall, fierce and beautiful giantess, with eyes like winter and hair dark as night that could burn like fire when she revealed her true form of blue skin and crimson eyes.

They did not immediately talk over the one thing they held most in common: Loki. Instead they talked of their homes, their childhoods, the way they were both trained in combat and eventually, how they came to know of the Jotun prince. Angrboda had been raised in sorcery and flesh and blood and ice. Sigyn had been raised in sorcery and steel and the power of words.

One cold night, Angrboda challenged Sigyn to a duel. They circled and danced in the desolate bleak cold, where Sigyn quickly learned to avoid the chieftess’ hard swings by feinting and throwing out illusions to deceive her whenever she could. But the wolf-mother knew her tricks well, and soon it became a game of steel on ice that eventually culminated in a draw. Sigyn offered to teach Angrboda more about the magic of the Aesir, and in exchange, Angrboda gave the Victory Bringer a spear of ice that could perform dangerous enchantments in combat. Both also granted one another safe passage and hospitality if they wished to visit the other’s realms.

As the years passed, Asgard grew used to the visiting of a Jotun chieftess. Although there were countless occasions where soldiers had been secretly ordered to draw their blades against the frost woman, Sigyn retaliated with her own fierce means. If the Aesir were to kill the woman warrior, this would ignite the sparks to a terrible war between the Jotuns and the Asgardians once again, and it would only end in bloodshed and terror. With some hardship, Odin gave the command that the chieftess was not to be harmed, and so she was allowed to wander the forests, spar with those willing on the training grounds and wander the libraries with Sigyn and Loki and share in the secrets of sorcery.

In turn, Sigyn journeyed to the cold ream, where she was met with vicious words and icy threats that were all stayed by Angrboda’s authority. There, Sigyn befriended the great wolf Fenrir, who soon took to walking by her side as a silent guardian, and eventually Hel upon one journey to Niflheim. They took up forms of disguise when they used one of Loki’s secret pathways between the realms to visit Midgard, and there Angrboda reunited with Jormundgandr, who that day let the seas roll calm and granted the mortals blessed voyages.

But then came the day when Odin broke his promise, and with it came the breaking of a trust that had gradually been forged between two races. He bound Fenrir in great chains and enslaved the world serpent to the seas of earth, forever to encompass the seas and never to see his blood again. Hel was banished to stay in the realm of the dead to ferry the souls, never to leave again, while Loki was tied beneath a serpent that dripped poison that burned like fire. Vali was changed into a wolf, and under the torment of such a terrible transformation without the proper practise of magic, was set upon his brother Narvi.

Sigyn’s anguish soon bled into fury, and Angrboda’s icy wrath joined with hers to create two warriors filled with vengeance, and mothers of mourning turned to hatred. On one howling night, Sigyn took up her spear of ice, and met with Angrboda in the eye of a snowstorm in order to utter the words that would cloaked her fellow Jotun warriors in an impenetrable glamour. Then together, they crossed the realms to bring about the dawn of a terrible war that would not cease until the worlds tore apart and every last Aesir felt the fire of their grief.

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Unofficial Announcement: Feanorian Week 2k17

Hello! This is the unofficial announcement for Feanorian Week 2k17! 

As of now, all sons will have their own day, except the twins. The last day will be a day dedicated to Nerdanel and Feanor.

As of now, we have:

  • Day 1- Maedhros - > Kingship, Torture 
  • Day 2-Maglor -> Music, Elrond & Elros 
  • Day 3- Celegorm - > Hunting
  • Day 4- Caranthir - > Anger, Lordship 
  • Day 5- Curufin - > Forge work, Celebrimbor 
  • Day 6- Ambarussa - > Lordship, Regrets 
  • Day 7- Nerdanel and Feanor - > Marriage, Reunion, Traveling, Sculpting

-And that’s all for the prompts.  As you can see we’re missing prompts for the certain days (I want at least  4 for each day).  For that reason, I’m opening this up for suggestions. My IM is always open (you can hmu on my main @inkstranger).

-I’m not entirely sure what date to set it as. Not too soon though. Maybe March or April?

-As for the theme…suggestions are always open. We’re trying are best with presentation at the moment, but we aren’t tech savvy like some of you are. So if you have suggestions, let us know.

-If you want to join the blog, let me know! I’m always open to helpers.

Lastly, PLEASE SHARE AND FOLLOW. Updates for the week will take place on this blog.

Our tag will be #feanorianweek!

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