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Dillon Francis hands you a Levels

You ask for Levels, Dillon Francis gives you Levels. You raise it to your ears and listen. Your eye twitches involuntarily. Across the street a father of three falls down the stairs. You remove Levels from your ears and look down at your hands. Dillon Francis gives you Levels. You listen. You cannot listen. There are children at the top of the stairs. Sometimes you get a good feeling. Dillon Francis gives you Levels. You look at my face, and I am pleading with you. The children are crying now. You raise Levels to your ears, tears stream down your face as you start to listen again. Dillon Francis gives you Levels. You are on your knees. You plead with me to go across the street. I hear only children’s laughter. Dillon Francis gives you Levels. You are screaming as you fall down the stairs. I am your child. You cannot see anything. You get a feeling that you’ve never ever ever had before, oh no. The concrete rushes up to meet you. You awake with a start in your own bed. Your eye twitches involuntarily. Dillon Francis gives you Levels. As you kill me, I do not make a sound. Dillon Francis gives you Levels.