So folks, rewatched the scenes with him in it. The one at the “rally”, he didn’t stop Korra, he pulled a Lin and just looked annoyed.

Big one is this scene at the department.

Here we have him walking along and he notices Tenzin and Korra.

He attempts to sneak off, but is accosted instead and dialogue and so on.

Then, the part that seals my headcanon until proven otherwise is this part.

“…take it up with Councilman Tarrlok.”

“Oh, I plan to at tomorrow morning’s council meeting.”

Watch his eyes.


(Right here is when I sensed something. I remember that the writing guide said eye direction could convey a lot, and my thinking right now is Lin (currently recovering who knows where but Tarrlok) is probably being used as a bargaining chip: do as I say, and Lin gets to leave the hospital (after the council meeting) I may be grasping at straws, but I think that at least someone he cares about is in the balance, and since the show has made it a point to talk about their bond…I’m going to say it’s Lin.

So there is my theory on the table for you all!

SaiLin Week: 7/25- 7/31

I, and my Co-Captain of the SS SaiLin, do hereby declare Wednesday, July 25 - Tuesday, July 31 to be SaiLin Week! Fanfic, art, drabbles, whatever, this epic couple needs love!

Starting the morning of the 25th, two prompts will be posted per day, under the tag #sailin week. You can use one or both prompts in whatever way you choose, be it a fic, a drabble, art, anything. 

Please tag all submissions #sailin week, though tagging it with SaiLin would be awesome too, for those who aren’t tracking the sailin week tag! 

There won’t be any winners, as this is just for fun. I’ll be participating, as will my Co-Captain, and we both look forward to your submissions!

At the end of the week, I will be compiling all of the submissions into one big master post, so that its all together, and, well…


Pre-starter for Jail Break

Alright, so here’s the run-down: this is basically a post/during episode 8 roleplay, where we can look at and play with what happened to all the other characters the night Korra went to stand down Tarrlok. I do have some general plot ideas for an overall arc, but nothing set in stone, and I’m willing to see where it goes as people play. 

I do expect this will be a long-term, intensive, para or multi-para rp. If any of you don’t want to or can’t be a part of that, that is totally okay, just let me know and I’ll see if I can round up another player. 

Unless someone else wants to, I will be in charge of keeping track of the roleplay thread as a whole, and making sure everyone knows when it’s they’re turn. Of course, everyone should try to keep up themselves, I’m not going to nag anyone unless they’ve been due for a reply for over a day. 

So, just so everyone knows what’s going on exactly before I post the starter:

The characters, in order of posts, are

Skoochy: skoochythevagabond

Lin Bei Fong: hardboiledbeifong

Tenzin: thebestteacher

Chief Saikhan: chief-saikhan

Asami: sassy-asami

Mako: fireferretcaptainmako

Bolin: thegaybolin

All I have for the basic plot idea is that Skoochy, Tenzin, and Lin all separately decide, for various reasons, that it is best to go to the police headquarters late at night to break Mako, Bolin, and Asami out of jail. Chief Saikhan is a bit of a wild card, in that he can choose to either redeem himself and work with everyone, or else continue to play as the canon character, and work as the antagonist. Beyond that, it’s up to the players. 

Now my starter is pretty long (sorry about that) but please don’t feel compelled to match it in length. With so many people, any post length is fine, just so long as it keeps up with the plot and moves it forward just a tiny bit. 

Remember to tag each post in the roleplay with “jail break rp” so that the players (and people who may want to watch it) can follow it easily. 

Please reblog/reply to this to let me know when you’ve seen it, and please ask me if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ve not ever done anything on this massive a scale before, but I’m really looking forward to it, so I’m hoping we can all pull together and make this happen. :)

160 Icons From When Extremes Meet: The New Team Avatar, Asami, Bolin, Equalists, Ikki, Jinora, Korra, Mako, Meelo, Naga, Pabu, Naga & Pabu, Chief Saikhan, Tarrlok, Tenzin & Scenic Places
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Willing To Risk It

Title: Willing To Risk It

Pairing: SaiLin

Summary: The guilt kills her some days.


She hears his name slandered in the street and it aches, a deep, phantom pain, like an injury from long ago still acting up. He’d once been so respected by the city, the city he had fought and nearly died for at times, and this was how its citizens repaid him.

How she repaid him.

They call him coward and a traitor, a man out only for himself, out for power and nothing else. They call him a dog for rolling over to Tarrlok’s demands, and worse for what the police force is under orders to do.

But he stood strong, and took it.

Like the rock, unshakeable.

He played his part well, but Lin could see what others couldn’t. She knew him, and knew that his nights were filled with nightmares of travesties committed already and those planned, of the fact that one day, blood would stain his hands if Tarrlok had his way. He never showed it, but she saw the masked panic, the worry and guilt that ate away at him. She was there when his lungs seized up and he couldn’t breathe because of what Tarrlok had done to him, to keep his ‘pet police chief’ in check.

He thought that he had failed her, but she knew the truth.

It was she who had failed him.

Two Sides Of A Sticky Situation

Title: Two Sides Of A Sticky Situation

Pairing: Pre-SaiLin


He’s too damn young for her.

She’s not Tenzin, chasing after some dow-eyed acolyte. She’s Lin Beifong, and she doesn’t need the distraction he’s providing without him even realizing it. A stolen glance across the squad room when no one else is looking, catching the way that his uniform curves over muscle. Thoughts, drifting towards steamy, unseemly directions when she’s not being careful and she starts to wonder what he tastes like, and how those power muscles would feel, trembling beneath her touch.

It’s wrong, to be thinking these thoughts about a man who she’d known as nothing more than a child, the man she’d taught and trained to be one of the best damned officers in the whole force. She knows he can’t possibly feel the same way, not anymore, and even if he did…

She just… She couldn’t.

He was too young.


For years, Saikhan had disliked the Councilman, even when he’d been young, barely thirteen and hopelessly in love, or so he’d thought, with his Earthbending master. He’d convinced himself it was because the man was stuck up, and far too serious. 

It wasn’t until later that he’d realized that he’d been jealous, even so young, and when the councilman and his master had parted ways, that dislike had turned to hate, for making Sifu Lin look so sad.

Tenzin had what he’d wanted, and he’d gone and squandered it, like a fool.

A damn fool.

OOC: This time tomorrow I'm going to be sitting in my room, hugging a pillow and squealing because season finale

If my baby loses his bending on screen I’m going to die. His facial expressions will kill me.

I mean, it’ll be awesome, and I’ll definitely gif it because DUDE


I will just

be an inconsolable wreck. Also I will be a wreck if the entire episode is dedicated to Makorra, because ifuckinghateit if I have to wait until next season to find out what happened to Saikhan I will just ragequit