There was a steady drip of employees bouncing between government and tech before Obama took office. Sheryl Sandberg, for example, worked as chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Larry Summers in the ‘90s before taking executive roles at Google (GOOGL, Tech30) and Facebook(FB, Tech30).

But so many members of Obama’s administration have gone to San Francisco that one former political official now in the tech industry likened it to American expats hanging out in Paris after World War I.

The Obama alumni now form an influential network in Silicon Valley that stands out from the pack.

Ryan Metcalf, a former senior analyst in Obama’s White House who now works as chief of staff for PayPal cofounder Max Levchin, recalls showing up to his first meeting with Levchin wearing a flag lapel pin. “[Levchin] was like, 'Who are you? What are you doing in my office? I don’t know if you’re trying to be my security.’ ”

Metcalf and his peers from the administration had to learn to dress more like techies, trade D.C. jargon for tech speak like “disruption” and push for conversations about regulation and policy in an industry that cares more about building things fast.

“We’re viewed as foreigners,” Metcalf says. “In startup culture, it’s like these regulations and all this stuff is just a burden.”

Yet, this group of foreigners is only growing larger. Tech companies are turning to people with political experience as they encounter more scrutiny over public safety, discrimination, privacy and regulatory issues from pushing into markets like ride-hailing, home rentals and banking.

“It wasn’t a goal of mine,” says Nick Shapiro, former deputy chief of staff at the CIA who joined Airbnb in December to head crisis communications. “But time and time again you get hit up by companies in San Francisco who see what you’ve done in government and where you’ve been. They’re looking for people who understand the intersection of press, politics and policy.”

When he was ready to leave government, Shapiro looked at where other officials in similar roles had gone. Those in the Clinton administration, he found, went to New York. Those in the Bush administration went back to Texas. And he noticed those in Obama’s administration went to San Francisco.

“I’m surrounded by many of the same people I was surrounded by in the White House itself,” Shapiro says. “There’s a feeling of familiarity knowing you have a strong support network. Probably if I needed something at another company, one of my first calls would be to another Obama alumni.”

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Hi Anna! Spinsie here. I just want to say THANK YOU for your excellent blogging over the last twelve (very busy) hours. You are a chief of staff, correspondent and skeptic news network rolled into one. You and your reporters are wonderful. Thank you. xxx

Thank you Spinsie, but it’s all got very little to do with me and everything to do with the lovely Skeptics that chimed in, as well as the absolutely wonderful Skeptics who were on-site at Sherlocked and didn’t waste any time reporting back to us (I’m looking at you Viewsie and ADHD Anon, as well as the Nonnies that chipped in anonymously yesterday and today)

That and Ben being in a good, non-shilling mood made our weekend  ;o)

How Cyrus Beene is spending his summer vacation:

1) Gardening: As he told Olivia in 104, he hates to garden, but only does so when there’s a war going on…

2) Drunk dialing Olivia Pope:

3) Having hot, angry, sex with his husband:

4) Thinking about Fitz:

5) Thinking about Fitz:

6) Still thinking about Fitz:

7) Playing with Ella, if he can remember what she looks like:

8) Regretting the decision he made to be in cahoots with Mellie Grant and plotting to get his chief of staff job back:

9) Feeling the:

Sorry Cy. You deserve this, but I still want your evil self back in the White House.

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White House shuffle hands new role to Obama aide

President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Bill Daley has asked a senior aide to take on greater operational oversight of staff at the White House, a senior administration official said Monday.

Daley, who became Obama’s top White House adviser earlier this year, would still retain his day-to-day management role.

Pete Rouse, a long-time aide to Obama who ran the White House in an interim capacity after the president’s first chief of staff Rahm Emanuel stepped down last year, will take on new coordinating responsibilities.

Photo Credit: (Mary F. Calvert/Reuters)

I just want to say that British Ambassador Lord John Marbury says “God bless America.” and Leo says “God save the queen.” and the amount of respect you see that they have for each other in this scene is amazing and those two lines made me cry. Because though Lord Marbury calls Leo a butler and they tease and pick at each other, they really truly have nothing but respect for each other, no matter how crazy Leo thinks Lord Marbury is. And i really love how these two lines show that.

Oberster SA-Führer Hermann Wilhelm Göring

Hitler later recalled his early association with Göring:

I liked him. I made him the head of my SA. He is the only one of its heads that ran the SA properly. I gave him a disheveled rabble. In a very short time he had organised a division of 11,000 men.

latest news (i will keep updating)

-there was an attempt of a coup d'état
-41 policemen, 2 soldiers and 47 civilians were killed
-104 soldiers were found dead
-1440 people injured
-over 10000 are arrested
-more than 60000 were laid off from their jobs
-turkish parliament was bombed
-chief of staff was found alive but the commanders of the land forces, naval forces, air forces and gendarmerie forces are still missing
-arrest decision was issued about 140 supreme court members and 38 state council judges (credits to @hepsimanyak)

edit: number of arrested soldiers
edit 2: number of injured people
Scott Walker's chief of staff resigns at a somewhat suspect time
  • what Scott Walker’s chief of staff, Keith Gilkes, just decided to resign from his post. The timing is suspect due to an investigation over Walker staffers possibly doing political activities on the taxpayer’s dime.
  • why Gilkes, who says he’s not involved in the “John Doe” investigation, claims that he’s returning to his being a political consultant, but will come in from the bullpen if Walker gets recalled next year. source

if you’re concerned about frederick chilton’s well-being clap your hands