I don’t actually think this’ll happen, but imagine Ed actually does resign as Oswald’s chief of staff so Oswald is heartbroken but desperately finds a new one. And he ends up finding this rather nerdy but cute guy to fill in the space and he just projects his feeling for Ed onto this other guy. And Ed, as he’s still fiddling with Oswald’s life pops in like: ???? Who is this??? And Oswald’s like: oh this? This is my new chief of staff. But they’re also lowkey together and Ed gets jealous and kills him and then sits there like “oh….” cause that’s exactly what Oswald did with Isabella

Okay here’s the REAL Trump Cabinet

Secretary of State: Robert Rodat

Secretary of the Treasury: Guy Fieri

Secretary of Defense: Eve Tushnet

Attorney General: Charles Martinet

Secretary of the Interior: Chuck Norris

Secretary of Agriculture: Taylor Swift


Secretary of Labor: Philip Roth

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Robert Lopez

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: John Green

Secretary of Transportation: Regina Spektor

Secretary of Energy: Libba Bray

Secretary of Education: Emilie Autumn

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Harlan Ellison

Secretary of Homeland Security: Danny Elfman

White House Chief of Staff: Tila Tequila

Open wide, it’s Fandometrics.

Television: Lorelai and Rory get the Netflix reboot treatment.

Gilmore Girls makes a return to No. 7 as fans prep for a return to Starry Hollow.
Eyewitness news: It has debuted at No. 9.
Stranger Things falls to…No. Eleven.

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Movies: Reel ‘em in.

Doctor Strange is Chief of Staff at No. 1.
☆ Rumors of a third How to Train Your Dragon (No. 10) are swirling.
⬆ Feeling the residual effects of last month’s holiday, Hocus Pocus moves up to No. 12.

Music: Track and Field in Music.

5SOS jumps a respectable three back nicely into No. 1.
Niall Horan is reaping the bennies of going solo, leaps eight spots to No. 3.
Drake vaults twelve spots to No. 7.

Celebrities: Your fave is problematic.

Steven Yeun debuts at No. 2. Let’s not talk about why.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (No. 5) splits time between the Walking Dead and Supernatural fandoms.
⬇︎ Even Captain America can have a bad week. Chris Evans falls five to No. 13.

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Games: A new challenger approaches.

⬆ Be still our Kingdom Hearts (No. 5). Every single KH game will be rereleased on PS4.
☆ Web-based visual novel Eldarya debuts at No. 19.
⬇︎ Splatoon (No. 18) may be the most well-traveled game on Fando. It’s been up, but this week it’s down.

Web stuff: Good-bye Vine and all you have given us.

Homestuck’s recently released epilogue and credit sequence earns this comic No. 1.
Thomas Sanders moves up to No. 7 after opening up about the ending of Vine.
⬇︎ Troye Sivan has fallen to No. 18, can he get back up?

Police in Europe are now saying that gun banning has failed them. Terrorists have managed to get a hold of high powered, black market assault rifles, in spite of the fact that these are virtually impossible to get through legal means in most European nations.

As well, many law enforcement agencies are armed with little or nothing, and finding out quickly that criminals do not obey gun laws, they simply buy illegal arms from the robust black market.

In Europe it is just as easy to get weapons on the black market as it is to walk into a gun store in the United States. In many cases, the prices you pay on the black market are considerably less expensive than in nations where the same arms can be purchased through legal avenues.

Europol chief of staff Brian Donald recently said that there were two “large seizures” of firearms, mostly “assault weapons”, in the past two weeks alone. None of these were stolen from the gun stores or the homes of law abiding citizens. Yet in spite of the laws against them, it has been relatively easy to easy to get your hands on pretty much anything you want – even easier than in the United States for many select fire, fully automatic weapons.

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Making Sense of it All

Well, it happened. Despite all our efforts and tireless campaigning first for Bernie and then for Hillary Donald Trump won the election. The American people have spoken. What they said is “we are entirely clueless”. Still, we must play the cards we were dealt, aces and eights. None of the so-called  “experts” saw this coming. One person called it perfectly. Way back in early August, when Hillary was polling 8 points above Trump, filmmaker Michael Moore said Trump would win. He said middle America would vote for him, not because they love him, but as a giant f**k you to a political system which is out of touch with mainstream America.

Is Trump going to go to war with a newly belligerent Russia or China? Drop the bomb maybe? Nah. Contrary to popular belief there is no “button” for the H-bomb. He will have to deal with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In fact, Trump is going to discover that being president is a lot like being a prisoner. His movements are controlled by the Secret Service. He can’t have a Twitter. He can only have a government issued Blackberry no personal cell phone. Heis going to have to go to work and Trump hates to work. He is a delegator so we might expect that Vice President Elect Pence will get the lion’s share of the work while Trump will do the high profile ceremonial stuff. That’s fine with me. Pence has some ridiculous opinions such as denying evolution but he is an able executive administrator. 

Trump is an old man. 70. He is overweight and tires easily. Who knows what might happen. I hear that people on Facebook and Twitter are suggesting that he be assassinated. That is stupid. America is not supposed to work that way. Besides the Secret Service has greatly refined its techniques since the attacks on JFK and Ronald Reagan.

No, what we do is stay calm. Just accept it for what it is. Trump is restrained by a little thing called the United States Constitution. Presidents are not kings. We survived invasion in 1812. We survived a bloody civil war. We survived two world wars and a depression. We survived the resignation of Richard Nixon and we will survive a Trump administration. We will be fine.

Oh, one last thing. To the rest of the world: I’m sorry that we let you down. 

How Cyrus Beene is spending his summer vacation:

1) Gardening: As he told Olivia in 104, he hates to garden, but only does so when there’s a war going on…

2) Drunk dialing Olivia Pope:

3) Having hot, angry, sex with his husband:

4) Thinking about Fitz:

5) Thinking about Fitz:

6) Still thinking about Fitz:

7) Playing with Ella, if he can remember what she looks like:

8) Regretting the decision he made to be in cahoots with Mellie Grant and plotting to get his chief of staff job back:

9) Feeling the:

Sorry Cy. You deserve this, but I still want your evil self back in the White House.

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Trump Taps Reince Priebus As Chief Of Staff, Steve Bannon As Chief Strategist
The president-elect announced his pick Sunday. Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, brings establishment credentials, while Bannon has long been a firebrand of the far right.

Steve Bannon, whom trump has officially chosen as his Chief Strategist, is an anti-semitic white supremacist, who formerly ran the ultra conservative website Breitbart News. 

Putting a man of his ideology in a position to shape a president’s policy objectives is incredibly dangerous, and must be met with strong resistance.

It is important that we educate ourselves and each other about Bannon and the other members of trump’s cabinet so that we can focus our protest against them and their policies in informed ways. 

Consider this poll out today from Politico and Morning Consult, which asked whether respondents agreed with Donald Trump’s assertion that, as the poll read, “the issues around Clinton’s emails are worse than Watergate.” Eighty-two percent of Republicans said they agreed. Eighty-two percent.

So that’s become an almost universal belief among Republicans: Clinton’s use of a private server for her emails is worse than the worst political scandal in American history, in which an entire panoply of crimes was committed by dozens of people, including break-ins and money-laundering and document-forging and obstruction of justice, in which those who went to prison included the attorney general, the White House chief of staff, and the president’s chief domestic policy adviser, in which the president of the United States resigned after his own party informed him he was about to be impeached and would surely be convicted. The email story is worse than that.

This is not merely wrong or ahistorical. It’s lunacy. It’s like saying, “This paper cut I got on my finger? Worse than pancreatic cancer.”

White House shuffle hands new role to Obama aide

President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Bill Daley has asked a senior aide to take on greater operational oversight of staff at the White House, a senior administration official said Monday.

Daley, who became Obama’s top White House adviser earlier this year, would still retain his day-to-day management role.

Pete Rouse, a long-time aide to Obama who ran the White House in an interim capacity after the president’s first chief of staff Rahm Emanuel stepped down last year, will take on new coordinating responsibilities.

Photo Credit: (Mary F. Calvert/Reuters)


Meet the Characters of Fantastic Beasts: Seraphina Picquery

President Madam Seraphina Picquery was an American witch who served as the President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America the 1920s. 

She owned a controversial Violetta Beauvais wand, a kind said to “take to Dark magic like a vampire to blood”. She allowed wizarding consumption of alcohol during her mandate, saying that life as a wizard of the time was hard enough without banning booze, famously saying to her Chief of Staff that “The Gigglewater is non-negotiable”.