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Oh look who I’m revamping….it’s Bee 🐝 Ms. Bee Rachel Pot. (I changed her name up).
I missed her honestly and I’ve decided to just like…screw the haters. She my baby.

I have changed some of her info though. She may or may not, haven’t decided, get adopted (in sorts) by Russel (so hints of that sweet 2Russ), though she’s 2-D’s kid. The chief reason Russel takes interest is because he actually knew her mum, and knew what a piece of trash she was (she told ’D she couldn’t get pregnant lol), so he decided to keep an eye on her. She was born post phase 1 and is about 11 in phase 4. She really likes the visuals and instrumentals of Gorillaz because she herself is a mute, so she likes the idea of communication without words. Her favorite person in the world is Noodle, and she wants to be like her. Badass, that is. Her favorite color is orange and she’s into masks (probably bc of phase 3 Noodle) and robotics (she’s suuuuper into Cyborg Noodle). Mother’s wherabouts are unknown.

Two Hundred And Four Reasons

Spartan-117 & Spartan-087

[Preface] // [Part 1] // [Part 2] // [Part 3] // [Part 4] // [Part 5] // [Part 6] // [Part 7]

Though most of John-117 and Kelly-087′s time together as both teammates and friends has been chronicled in the official novels, I’d still like to take a look at some of the fiction that exists in-tandem with these pieces of Halo canon. Specifically the comics - some of which offer a slightly different perspective on certain events from the books, while others contain relevant plot details and set the stage for Blue Team’s adventures in ‘Halo 5: Guardians’. But no matter how different they are in style, all of them serve to supplement what has long been established about Blue-One and Blue-Two, and the strong bond they share.

It’s in the Subtext

In the comic book adaptation of ‘The Fall of Reach’, obviously much of the story of the original novel is condensed (and some events are omitted entirely) in order to fit everything into twelve issues. However, interestingly enough, a lot of attention is still given to John and Kelly’s partnership and how they’ve stayed side by side practically their entire lives. Even to the extent that a few moments and details that aren’t present in the source text were added to the comic that emphasize the closeness of their relationship.

(Throughout the comics there are many panels like the ones above that depict isolated moments between John-117 and Kelly-087. I’ve chosen the ones that I thought were the most significant and relevant to this series of writings, but there are indeed more. So I definitely recommend checking out the whole comic books for additional context.)

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davidvvebsters  asked:

((I hope u slept well!!)) for the ship thing: so I'm only 5'2", dark tan skin and dark hair lmao, I'm super sarcastic to the point where it can be unintentionally mean?? Also I'd rather be second in command than a leader and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve (also a taurus if that helps any) ❤❤❤ lov u ash

HI JULIA U ARE CUTE sorry for the delay, I have a legitimate excuse but you still had to wait so again sorry <3 

I ship you with Webster!! (this has absolutely nothing to do with your url i swear) 

You and David would work really well for several reasons, chief of which is that you both wear your heart on your sleeve, and your relationship would be healthy and honest. You can also match his wit blow for blow, and your sarcasm keeps him in check (because sometimes he’s a pretentious little prick who needs to be knocked down a few notches y’feel?) also, you both understand each other when it comes to your preference for being second in command rather than the leader, but you also both know how to step up and get things done so it doesn’t impact your relationship in a negative way. 

dating would include: 

  • him engulfing you in hugs because he’s literally 10 inches taller than you. he gives the best hugs I swear, that boy is A Hugger
  • nights in, your feet propped up on his lap as you both read your favorite books, soft music crooning in the background 
  • arguments always resulting in you winning and him pouting until he gets his way (or until he’s tired of waiting for a kiss)
  • trips to the ocean whenever you guys can get time off, wading and splashing in the water until you’re both soaked, and then laying together on the warm sand 
  • him spouting facts at seemingly random times and you responding by reaching up and ruffling his hair 
  • late nights of him banging away on his laptop trying to meet a deadline and you staying up to keep him company, keeping the coffee pot full, and letting him bounce ideas off you until early the next morning (once he gets the work sent in you guys sleep the day away together, his face buried in your shoulder, your hand in his soft curls) 

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10 characters I would want to meet

1) Garrus vakarian (mass effect)
Reasoning: cause he is a badass that’s why
2) krieg (borderlands 2)
Reasoning: I tried to mimic his voice for a play in theater. Plus he is badass
3) Reinhardt (overwatch)
Reasoning: he is fucking beautiful
4) Ellis (left 4 dead 2)
Reasoning: he seems like a funny guy
5) the predator (aliens vs predators)
Reasoning: they are one of the most badass aliens alive
6)papyrus (undertale)
Reasoning: he is fucking cool and probs makes a bomb dot com spaghetti
7) soldier 76 (overwatch)
Reasoning: he is also a badass
8) ezio auditore (assassins creed)
Reasoning: so he can teach me how to parkour
9) master chief (halo)
Reasoning: ultra badass and his voice sounds like a majestic fucking eagle
10) Alan wake ( Alan wake)
Reasoning: his voice is beautiful. Great game story. Mostly so he can teach me how to be a better writer and so I can fight the darkness

Two Hundred And Four Reasons

Spartan-117 & Spartan-087

[Preface] // [Part 1] // [Part 2] // [Part 3] // [Part 4] // [Part 5] // [Part 6] // [Part 7]

It’s late August, 2552. After their victory at Sigma Octanus IV, Blue Team is called to return to their old stomping grounds on Reach. All the remaining Spartan-IIs that are not entrenched in deep-cover ops are summoned as well. Once gathered, they meet with Dr. Halsey who doesn’t hesitate to tell them all the grim truth: in spite of the UNSC’s bravado, humanity will not survive much longer against the Covenant onslaught. And so Operation: RED FLAG is outlined - a plan to send the Spartans to capture a Covenant ship and take it deep into enemy space, then kidnap any an all Prophets they can locate in a last-ditch attempt to broker a truce with the aliens. All the Spartans willingly volunteer for the mission, and Dr. Halsey is able to provide them with some new equipment that just might give them the edge they need. Including Mk. V MJOLNIR Armor that now comes with personal energy shielding technology, and a uniquely created smart AI meant to specialize in infiltration, called Cortana. After testing both these systems and experiencing the impressive results first-hand, the Master Chief is confident that the Spartans just might be able to bring an end to the Human-Covenant War. The series of events that followed would change John-117 and Kelly-087′s lives forever, more than anything either of them had endured before.

Before Anyone Else

After receiving their upgraded armor and their orders, the Spartan-IIs depart Reach aboard Captain Keyes’ vessel Pillar of Autumn, but their trip is cut incredibly short (‘The Fall of Reach’, chapter thirty-two):

Something was wrong.
John felt it in his stomach first: a slight lateral acceleration - that became a spin strong enough that he had to brace his legs. The Pillar of Autumn was turning. Every other Spartan in the storage bay felt it as well; they paused as they unloaded equipment from crates and readied the cryo tubes for their journey.
The lateral motion slowed and stopped. The Pillar of Autumn’s engines rumbled like thunder through the hull of the ship.
Kelly approached him. “Sir? I thought we were accelerating to enter slipspace?”
“So did I. Have Fred and Joshua continue to prep the tubes. Have Linda get a team and secure our gear. I’ll find out what’s going on.”
“Aye, sir.”

Naturally Kelly-087 is the first to conference with John-117, and without missing a beat he issues her the task of delegating orders to the rest of their squad. Captain Keyes soon arrives on deck to deliver the reason for their change of course himself. The Covenant have attacked Reach, and both the Autumn and the Spartan-IIs are being reassigned to defend the planet.

Unwilling to give up on RED FLAG so soon, John then explains to the Captain how he and his team might just be able to secure a Covenant ship during the battle and still continue with their previous mission. After dismissing Fred-104 and Linda-058 to do some prep-work, John approaches Kelly with another important task; and the two share another thoughtful moment amid the uncertainty of this new development:

The Master Chief approached Kelly. On a private COM channel, he told her, “Crate thirteen on the manifest has three HAVOK nuclear mines. Get them. I have the arming cards. Ready them for transport.”
“Affirmative.” She paused.
The Master Chief couldn’t see her face past the reflective shield of her helmet, but he knew her well enough to know that the tiny slump of her shoulders meant that she was worried.
“Sir?” she said. “I know this mission will be tough, but…do you ever get the feeling that this is like one of Chief Mendez’s missions? Like there’s a trick…some twist that we’ve overlooked?”
“Yes,” he replied. “And I’m waiting for it.”

The ability to read the cues in body language is something pretty much all the Spartans share as a result of their training, and with regard to the long years they’ve spent together the Spartans know the subtler signs that can be seen between themselves as well. Still, I like how the text here takes the time to emphasize that John knows Kelly’s own signals well enough that her worry is clearly evident to him even without her face being visible.

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i have a lot of rogue one feelings

specifically on that last darth vader scene in the hallway. like, it’s incredibly badass and scary and gripping, and i’ve been thinking about it for weeks for many reasons, chief of all this one:

it’s the perfect way to end the movie for the same reason that “do you think anyone’s listening?” is such a chilling, beautiful, hopeful, lonely line. literally the whole movie, every action & death & sacrifice, is for nothing if those last few nameless people don’t do what they did. nothing else matters if these people - who aren’t in positions of power, who weren’t on the front lines, who didn’t make the same commitment rogue one did - don’t sacrifice it all.

after everything, it’s these last few terrified people fighting and dying in a hallway to get the plans two feet further that counts. they’re nameless and faceless (helmets), they’re trapped & desperate, but they fight to get the plans to the next man, and the next, and the next, and the next.

and that’s the thesis of rogue one: all these people risking it all for one tiny step, for a hope that the next person will do the same. bodhi doesn’t know that they’ll be able to send the plans when he plus in; chirrut doesn’t know the shields will open when he walks for the switch; luke can’t blow up the death star without the plans; the galaxy can’t have peace if this man doesn’t claw his way to the jammed door. they just have to trust & do their part and hope that everyone else will do theirs.

so that last scene is a BRILLIANT directorial choice. they die alone in a hallway. we don’t know who they are. but they’re important. they’re so damn important. it’s really beautiful and horrific and humbling. a lesson in the importance of coordinated individual action & sacrifice towards a goal & it’s incredibly powerful.

I quit online dating for a number of reasons. Chief among them was that I did not want to participate in platforms where users are given tools to discriminate based on race.

Regardless of the type of app or site, online dating works better for some than others — a lot better, in fact. If you’re a black woman, as I am, or an Asian man, OkCupid data shows that you’re likely to receive fewer matches and messages.

My experience reflected this trend. It became glaringly obvious that I was getting far fewer matches and messages while online dating than my non-black friends.

YYH 30 Day Challenge Day 2: favorite villain

…that would be this asshole. There’s a lot of reasons, and chief among them is that he’s human. One of the weaknesses of DBZ is that all the human characters just get fucked because there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY~ they can be as strong as those alien dudes. Sensui says “fuck that.” He handed Hiei, Youko Kurama, and Kuwabara their asses simultaneously, AFTER powerups. 

I also like that he is, basically, the total opposite of Yusuke. I mean, Sensui goes from killing every demon who looks at him funny to planning humanity’s extinction, while Yusuke starts out willing to befriend the bastard who tried to give his girlfriend a third eye and is totes casual about lemme find you a couple humans to eat, Dad. 

Sensui prepares for eventualities like goddamn Batman. The Amanuma gambit was cruel, but sickly brilliant, because there was literally no way to for him to lose. Amanuma could stall the heroes indefinitely, but if he didn’t, Koenma was sure to feel guilty and fix things– and, by fixing things, he’d absolve Sensui of the sin of setting up Amanuma to die AND weaken his Mafuukan spell. 

The level of forethought that had to go here is insane. Not only did Sensui have to set up Amanuma without him suspecting, he also had to predict Koenma’s actions, which says a lot about the relationship they had and how well Sensui knows him. Either Koenma just casually told Shinobu stuff like “oh yeah, this pacifier is actually for–” or he went and figured it out himself. You also have to wonder if Koenma was the one who told him about Chapter Black. 

(Full disclosure: I ship it like FedEx. Just look how hostile Itsuki is to Koenma.) 

I also love his backstory. There’s something about the “You can never go back” narrative that appeals to me. Any time things are never the same is interesting, and the way Sensui is just… floored by the concept of demons not being All Evil is fascinating. Call me Itsuki but I would read that fic. The way he’s forced to confront how he’s dehumanized these other beings is brutal and the cognitive dissonance must have been epic. 

Just, compare his first meeting with Itsuki to Yusuke and Hiei. We don’t know what Itsuki did that made Sensui go after him (although considering he was willing to let him live, “breathing” is my guess), but Hiei STOLE A GIANT SWORD and then USED IT ON KEIKO basically BECAUSE HE COULD. Yet Yusuke took him at face value when Hiei showed up in the Maze Castle arc. Even when Hiei stood there and played chicken with Yusuke’s life, Yusuke called his bluff and you can see just how astonished Hiei is by this. I mean, Hiei and Kurama are good friends at least by the Tournament, but the reason Hiei allied with him is, by his own admission, because it’s smarter than being his enemy.** Yusuke straight-up liked Hiei for some reason and Hiei responded in kind, and Hiei’s good opinion of him is unquestionable by the Tournament.

Itsuki and Sensui, just… Itsuki is astonished by Sensui, too, but rather than letting Sensui’s positive qualities affect him, he just likes to watch him be sabotaged. 

Also, there’s the bit where Sensui is basically laughing all the way to the bank, because, as far as he’s concerned, his plan worked perfectly. Fuck you Toguro, fuck you Makihara, fuck you Murota, fuck you Hagiri, fuck you Mitarai, fuck you Amanuma, fuck you Urameshi team– bitch got everything he ever wanted. 

Sensui doesn’t even get JUDGED AFTER HIS DEATH, because Itsuki adds a complimentary “fuck you Koenma” to the above list. Like the Toguro brothers? One’s in eternal damnation and the other is eternally damned. Toguro also wants to die, but Toguro wants to go directly to hell without passing “Go” and collecting his $200.  

Sensui’s just like “LOL NOPE BYE” and leaves everyone wondering what the hell just happened. It’s a very inconclusive ending, with no one really feeling like a hero, and that’s not very shounen.

**I am willing to bet half the reason Hiei decided to help Yusuke in the first place was not wanting to get on Kurama’s bad side, since he owes Yusuke his and his mother’s lives. If Hiei had taken revenge on Yusuke, Kurama probably would have taken revenge on him in turn, and… we all know how Kurama’s revenges go…

okay so I was just reading James Madison’s wikipedia pages for reasons, la la la, reading along

Some historians speculate that Madison’s mounting debt was one of the chief reasons why he refused to allow his notes on the Constitutional Convention, or its official records which he possessed, to be published in his lifetime. “He knew the value of his notes, and wanted them to bring money to his estate for Dolley’s use as his plantation failed—he was hoping for one hundred thousand dollars from the sale of his papers, of which the notes were the gem." 

oh that’s interesting


In his later years, Madison became extremely concerned about his historic legacy. He took to modifying letters and other documents in his possession: changing days and dates, adding and deleting words and sentences, and shifting characters. By the time he had reached his late seventies, this "straightening out” had become almost an obsession. As an example, he edited a letter written to Jefferson criticizing Lafayette: Madison not only inked out original passages, but imitated Jefferson’s handwriting as well in making changes.


Tantrism is a system of ‘the rediscovery of the mystery of woman’. Apart from certain historical factors which may have influenced tantra to adopt practices associated with female worship, the chief reason for giving high status to woman and elevating her to the level of a cosmic force is that the female principle is considered to be essentially the kinetic aspect of consciousness. In tantric rituals every woman is seen as a counterpart of the feminine principle and becomes a reincarnation of cosmic energy, symbolizing the ultimate essence of reality. Tantra holds the concept of a composite female principle which, though running parallel to male, transcends it. According to this concept, Shakti is endowed with all aspects of life, creative to dissolutive, sensual to sublime, benign to horrific. Shakti’s universal power is the prime mover and mother-womb of the recurring cycles of the universe, and as such reflects the procreative powers of eternal substance. She also symbolizes total life-affirmation and is a source of all polarities, differentiation and distinction of elements. The tantrikas also identify the power of shakti with the Absolute or One, since she projects the divine bi-unity of male and female principles. In the process of self-actualization, the highest goal identified with the arousal of Kundalini is recognized as a microcosmic version of the feminine power of Shakti.
—  The Tantric Way

Not long after John McCain’s capture by the North Vietnamese, his father became Commander-in-Chief of Pacific Command. McCain’s captors knew of his status as the son of a high-ranking military-chief. They offered to send him home early if he would denounce his country; McCain refused. McCain’s refusal to be sent home early is the chief reason why he’s a war hero.

Donald Trump got four draft deferments and a medical deferment during the Vietnam War; he cannot remember which foot had a bone spur. That about sums up Mr. Trump’s fitness to be Commander-in-Chief of the most consequential military force in the world.