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First set of commissions for @zoestanleyarts

In order: Zoe’s OC Chip Fischer, Junpei Iori from Persona 3, and Branch Chief Faba from Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

These were a lot of fun to do and fun way to start off on some commissions! 


Junho of 2PM - Fine M/V

anonymous asked:

I was wondering as to what you think the governmental/societal rulership is of the various TES races? I like to believe the Bosmer people are more of a "matriarchy" and the Dunmer, while being "matrilineal", I would say it is more of a "thearchy". I do have other speculations but I would like to hear your thoughts of the 10 common races. Thank you for your time!

Let me preface with: neither races nor the provinces in which they cluster are monolithic. It’s totally possible to have multiple forms of government going on based on in one region. That said, based on my readings of lore, here’s my quick notes on what I think is the case in general. 

Alinor - For what little we know of most of its history, Alinor had a High Monarch. During the 4th era, it seems to be ruled by a council. Locally, the oldest and noblest families rule over ‘lesser’ families. 

Black Marsh - Individual tribes, all under the control of the Hist. It seems that for the most part the Hist are content to remain in the background, but do sometimes take a more direct control over their people. 

Elsweyr - Tribes and city-states, first many, later two big ones. The Mane is kind of like the Pope. 

Hammerfell - City states, nominally but not functionally under the control of a High King. 

High Rock - City states with various protection agreements and alliances from time to time, but just as often in conflict with eachother. 

Morrowind - Prior to the Red Year, nominally a theocracy with then ALMSIVI at the head, but most of the day-to-day governance being conducted by the Great Houses and their client minor houses. Following the Red Year, the council of Great Houses seems to have taken all control, with the Temple being reduced to a primarily religious institution.

Skyrim - a non-hereditary High Monarch chosen by an oligarchical Moot. Jarls report to the King, Thanes report to the Jarl. Seems vaguely feudal, but without the whole hereditary servitude thing.

Valenwood - while they have a Camoran monarch, it seem to be a ceremonial position and more important to the outside world than your average Bosmer. They’ve got the Silvenar and Green Lady as another centralized government force, this time backed by religion. On the local level, they seem to have be lead by some combination of tribal chiefs and Spinners.

Cyrodiil (TESIV style)- The province is divided into Counties, each ruled over by a Count/Countess. Unlike Skyrim, the ruler doesn’t seem to have direct reports. The Emperor is head of the province, but likely doesn’t have time to govern it much.

The Empire in general - The Emperor/ess is the ruler of the Empire, backed up by an Elder Council and “Provisional Governors” as needed. The power (and likely the makeup) of the Elder Council varies greatly depending on the state of the empire and the Emperor/ess at its head. Whether a territory gets the personal supervision of a Provincial Governor seems to depend on how much grief it has given the Empire.