chief of staff shenanigans

not every day.

It’s not every day that a relatively normal person like me can say, I met the “president of my country today.”

But yesterday, after his delivery of the 2011 State of the Nation Address, my sister and I were able to sneak in between his chill bodyguards (no sarcasm, they were really nice) for a quick souvenir.

I have to include that a snippet of our conversation was actually pretty hilarious:

Janella: Can we get a photo Mr. President?

PNoy: *points to his photographer* They’re actually taking our picture right now. If you give us your e-mail we can send it to you.

Me: *impeccable memory takes notes*

(iPhone clicks)

I enjoyed my second SONA experience, a full year older and wiser. Last year, I attended as a guest and I was just getting my feet wet in whole government/politics game. Now, I can say I actually swim in it. All of it.

I knew I was going to meet the president one way or another in my time in Congress. I was glad I was able to congratulate him on a well thought-out, interesting SONA. Another interesting moment for the books in my new life in the Philippine government.

Thank you to PNoy, his photog Jay Morales (see, impeccable… andI’m still hunting you down), my sister and the kind PSGers who were possibly disarmed by our bright smiles and politeness. Thank you for making yesterday not-so-ordinary!