chief of police in chicago

The violence in Chicago is not just about what police are or are not doing. We have long-term issues. The economic support that we have to give these impoverished areas, the mental health treatment, better education, better housing - all of that stuff matters.
Hate crimes aren't bad because they are motivated by intention: they are bad because they are crimes.

There is no objective difference between a random assault and a targeted assault. Someone was assaulted, and that’s always wrong, all the time.

Consider this scenario. Two kids are on an overpass with five rocks. One kid throws throws his rocks at every third car with no regard to any other factor. The other kid throws his rocks at the first five Hondas he sees, because he dislikes Honda.

The two crimes are objectively identical: they each damaged five cars. It would be unjust to punish the second kid more than the first when their crimes are identical.

Otherwise, any criminal would just have to plead that they were stupid and reckless, like this scumbag apologist police chief is doing with the Chicago kidnapping, in order to achieve a lighter sentence.

Punishing “hate crimes” more than random crime undermines the point of justice: everyone should have equal and absolute protection to their rights, and an equal and absolute right to defend themselves against aggression.


I do not give a single fuck who you are, where you are from, or what you have been through. If you think this is OK, or anywhere near acceptable, you are the scum of the earth. The poor bot being tortured here is mentally handicapped, and was tortured for “up to 48 hours” according to police reports simply because he expressed a like for Trump and is white.
Can you idiots not tell that this is out of control yet?!
Chicago’s chief of police was reported saying that “they’re kids” (the thugs here are all 18 or older) and “kids make mistakes.” What the fuck??
Anyone out there remember the good old days where you could kidnap people because you were a fucking kid, and apparently that’s a crime which can be dismissed if you’re a child?
And imagine if you were to invert the races. A group of thug white kids torturing a mentally handicapped black kid. Imagine the utter chaos that would ensue! If white people yelled racial slurs at a blind black kid, told him “fuck Obama or Hillary, fuck black people,” threatened to open his throat and to shoot him, you all know well that the media would be up in everyone’s shit trying to victimize the black kid.
You know what happened here? It took almost two days for this to be seen as a hate crime, and then it was only deemed such because of the kid’s mental disability. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING?!
This is what domestic terrorism looks like. This is what Black Lives Matter looks to accomplish. If you’re white, you’re not safe. In an attempt to “equalize” all races, we’ve put any race but white in priority. That’s not equality. In no way are these people right, and they deserve the absolute worst. And yes, to you idiots who may call me a racist, I’d say the same no matter the race or ethnicity of either the torturers or the tortured.



This week, police from across the world gathered in Chicago for the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, essentially CES for weird law enforcement tech. And since cops love weird cars too, that included a number of interesting, exotic and downright bizarre vehicles, from these Forza electric scooters to a pair of gyrocopters that are apparently being used to patrol Somerset County, Kentucky.