chief lin beifong

There is just so much about Lin that is to be admired in terms of storytelling, because it’s never suggested that she would actually have been happier to have settled down and quit her job to become a mom–her “Happy Ending” isn’t the typical one where the woman marries and has kids and starts a family. That’s not it. But she isn’t a “Happily Ever After” woman, either. When her story starts in the show, she’s cranky, she’s got issues, she’s got problems, but she doesn’t solve them by making new friends and falling in love and doing all the “normal girly things” that so often define the arc of a female character.

She instead reaches her happy ending by facing the mistakes she made in the past (none of which were “putting her job before her relationships”, by the way, she is STILL determined to do her job and she is STILL doing good work and she is STILL able to have happiness AND work) and the decisions she made in the past and determining that she can still be happy. She didn’t sacrifice her happiness, she found it. She’s become a successful Chief, a hero, and is even a caring and compassionate big sister again. And she also gets to be that Awesome Aunt who takes her niece out to make really awesome stories that come up at parties. 

Long story short, Lin Beifong has a completely one-of-a-kind story arc, and is one of the best things to come out of this show. Or any show. 

Ok so I hardly watched the first episode, I tried but my internet sucks and I’m sorry if this is just something that is, but I screen captured this… is it only me or does anyone else just find it weird that she has 5 fingers not counting the thumb? or is there something I missed?