chief kick

  • Combeferre & Courfeyrac: *seeing Enjolras & Grantaire kissing in the corner booth at the Café Musain*
  • Courf: (quietly) I can see what's happening.
  • Ferre: What?
  • Courf: (louder) And they don't have a clue.
  • Ferre: Who?
  • Courf: (even louder) They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line... our Trio's down to two.
  • Ferre: Oh...
  • ...
  • Courf: (louder still) And if he falls in love can be assumed...
  • Ferre: His carefree days with us are history...
  • Courf & Ferre: (shouting) In short, our pal is dooooooomed!
  • - Bonus -
  • Enjolras: Will you 2 shut the hell up?! Grantaire and I have been dating for a year and you 2 are the ones who set us up!
  • Courf: ...Your point?

Jidenna - “Chief Don’t Run” (Video)

One of the DopeHouse’s current favorite artists has been Wondaland artist Jidenna. Bursting onto the scene in 2015 with the platinum single “Classic Man” and the gold-selling “Yoga,” the dapper-dressed eclectic is gearing up for his formal introduction Long Live The Chief, slated to release sometime in 2016. He follows up “Little Bit More” with a visual for “Chief Don’t Run.” In it, Jidenna puts the falsetto to the left for some straight-up rapping, while reminiscing on his come up. Watch below.

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RFA + V and Saeran react to an MC who's addicted to baking or cooking (you can decide).

((Baking is a hobby of mine, so baking it is!))


  • The grocery bill was really high this month for some reason
  • He keeps coming home to cakes and cookies
  • MC there’s no more storage room
  • She loves baking, and although he loves it, he’s gaining a bit of weight
  • It doesn’t help that he likes to snack on them while he plays video games
  • He loves watching her bake though


  • He works out a lot, so the extra calories don’t bother him
  • He loves coming home to the smell of cookies baking
  • He doesn’t have the storage room either
  • MC has baked so many cupcakes, that at one point they brought it to Zen’s rehearsal…there were still leftovers how?
  • Where is MC getting the money to buy all this stuff?
  • He licks all the spoons You’re going to get salmonella!


  • They run a bakery together
  • MC having a baking addiction is not a problem
  • Although MC tends to have too much fun decorating
  • MC that’s enough frosting.
  • MC seriously, that’s too much frosting
  • She sometimes has to take away the frosting from MC


  • Now he knows why his father would open departments for his girlfriends
  • He’s opening a Bakery department
  • Sorry Jaehee
  • She has access to the best ingredients
  • The chief has to kick her out sometimes because she’s making enough for 50 people
  • MC has her own brand of cookies


  • He now has a new favorite food
  • He spends so much on baking equipment
  • He’s the one pulling up YouTube cooking recipes
  • He once decided to look through MC’s Pinterest. Literally she only had baking pins
  • He loves helping out in the kitchen


  • He loves coming home to the smell of bakery items
  • Only he doesn’t realize how much MC made
  • MC why is the bed covered in chocolate chip cookies
  • MC we can’t eat all of this.
  • There were a lot of cookies given to the food bank…they don’t know what to do with them all


  • This boy loves sweets
  • He is now MC’s best friend
  • How does he stay so skinny with all the sweets he eats?
  • Happiest guy around.
  • There are never enough sweets in the house

A couple of days late but everything has truly sunk in, or been completely wiped from my memory…

1) How is it that the Grey Sloan staff always happen to be driving down a road whilst a lion’s crossing it, or a plane’s crashing over it, or a building’s collapsing onto it… Just show me the building collapsing- i don’t need a primary character present to witness that.

2) Be still my Jolex heart… They got a scene. Unreal. Pinch me. There are no fans more deserving of screentime than the Jolex fans, they’ve basically been starved for a year now. After exploding a storyline about abuse, they’ve since moved it at a snail’s pace - something I wouldn’t have a problem with if they’d beefed it up with a lot more realistic Jolex interactions. Jo’s little addition of “I don’t want you to think that it’s you. Ever.” gave me all the hope I need for Jolex to be married with kids in a couple of years.

3) Be still my Merlex heart… It’s just the two of them. She’ll be fine, she’s always fine. Except she won’t be. Not if he does this, because she’ll be the only one left standing.

4) With a disproportionate ratio of women to men, the thing the latter series of Greys has really missed is a good bromance. And no Jackson and Ben, I’m not buying yours. Step in: Owen and Riggs. A patient leads Owen to admit his own affair whilst with Cristina, and he sees light- Nathan is not the spawn of the devil. I cannot wait for your drink, I’ll be recording it from behind a magazine at the table next to you.

5) Everyone sticking up for Webber and fighting for him- YAS. He has the whole staff and fandom behind him let’s be honest! Eliza is ridiculously pretty, and I think her and Arizona have great potential, but if you’re kicking THE CHIEF out (sos Bailey, we’re still not there yet) to be able to do your job, it won’t fly babes.

6) Omelia, Omelia, Omelia. Owen wanted to go home and see his wife and all he got was a fucking note to tell him Amelia had done a runner. NOW, a couple of interviews with Kevin made it seem a bit bleak, but don’t think it’s their end. This isn’t how they end. I can’t go through another Carby (Carter and Abby from ER, props if you know that one) again. Basically, Caterina needed time off, the writers couldn’t think of anything better so she’s gone for now. This is not the end though. And if it is, this is the reason fanfiction exists.

7) Oh, in other news, a building collapses, it’s the landlords fault, a victim’s mum tries to strangle him in revenge, Alex is left on a cliffhanger where he’s about to hand himself in, and Ben Warren became a priest.


This episode was not what was advertised on the tin. Take it back and return Amelia Shepherd please thank you bye.

[Gif is a scene from Halo 5 of Master Chief and Spartan Locke fighting in front of a Forerunner structure. Locke attempts to punch Chief in the chest, but Chief dodges and grabs Locke, swinging him to to the ground. Chief attempts to punch Locke directly in his head, but Locke manages to move at the last second, and is able to (rather acrobatically) kick Chief in the chest, knocking him away.]

Okay, can we talk about this? This is the scene I like to call “How Halo 5 could have ended.”

Like, I understand entirely, Master Chief obviously is very passionate about going to find Cortana, but he was ready to utterly fucking murder Locke. 

Chief was able to kill ODSTs while boxing as an unarmored 14-year old. An armored, veteran Chief was Sangheili with single punches in MJOLNIR GEN I. In gameplay, he has the armor upgrade that gives his melee attacks more power.

So, had this punch connected, this 47-year-old, combat-for-literally-90%-of-his-life, MJOLNIR-GEN-II-wearing Spartan-II would have crushed Locke’s skull.

That’s… disturbing, to say the least. And I think it speaks volumes about Chief’s character.

In this fight he is 100% prepared to fight until Locke is not breathing, and I’m fairly sure the only reason he doesn’t is because he’s able to understand what the armor-lock-upper thing is and sees it as the easiest way to end the fight.

In Halo 4 and other media, one of the questions is whether or not the Spartan-were so good at, y’know, war, because they lacked basic human empathy (oh look a thread they dropped in Halo 5, how surprising), and I think this gif alone settles that conversation. Normally, you think of Chief as someone who follows orders without question, but in this case, not only is he the one not following orders, but Chief is complete ready to murder someone who is under orders from the UNSC because he’s convinced himself that his mission is more important. Chief is 100% the bad guy in this scene. 

The Funnies? or Boxes? Diaries Chapter 2

“Hey are the cricket chips in the cabinet?”

This was her 4th bag this morning, her cravings were off the whack, Nick was running all kinds of groceries and during all hours of the day. Of course she insisted she go herself, but Nick refused. She wasn’t even all the way pregnant and Judy was already keeping Nick on his toes; he panicked about everything, and we do mean EVERYTHING. Judy could sneeze and he thought something was wrong, Nick did everything for her and he could tell Judy didn’t like it at times, she wanted to try to do things herself, she was a trier, he always admired that about her.

“Don’t worry I’ll get it” Nick started to get up off the couch. They had the day off, they were spending the day at home.

“No Nick, I’ll get…I can still see my feet you know”.  She headed into the kitchen and pulled the kitchen chair so she could reach the top shelf.

“Stop Judy, I will handle it, you’re going to get yourself hurt”.

“No Nick, you stop, it’s just chips for petes sake, I’m not helpless, I’m just pregnant!”

Nick growled as Judy hopped down from the chair with the bag of chips in her hand, walking with smug on her face and plopped on the couch.

“Why don’t you ever listen to me? I’m here to take care of you!”

“And while I appreciate it, there is some things I can do on my own Nick”

Nicked huffed and walked into their bedroom. Ugh why does she have to be so stubborn! She has no idea what’s going on!

2 weeks before

“Hey, after work can we stop at Bug a Burger and get myself a  grasshopper shake?”

Judy was still peeved that her belt couldn’t fit around her tiny belly, her hand stroked the tiny bump. Of course, the cravings started a couple weeks after they found out, Judy has been eaten everything, we do mean EVERYTHING, including insects that carnivores only eat. This week’s craving, grasshopper shakes.

“You had two this morning Carrots” Nick yawned, she woke up at 3 this morning, she tried to sneak out to grab one, Nick caught her before she left the apartment, and insisted he would go for her. Thank God they have a 24 hour drive thru.

“So? My little fox is hungry”

“It could be a rabbit Judes, or rabbits”

“We will find out in a couple weeks!” Judy smiled, Nick loved seeing her smile, her soft cheeks match the orange glow of sunset and he couldn’t keep her eyes off her.

It has been a month or two since everyone at the station find out about the pregnancy, everyone found out in an awkward way, because Judy decided to put herself at risk in chasing a thief. Chief Bogo then made it official that she was a “sidekick”, to only answer calls, and stay in the car unless she was needed by her partner Nick Wilde….she hated that, she pouted and complained because her lovely husband and partner became a overprotective nut case.. Nick made sure she was extra careful during their cases.

Her maternity leave would start soon, and Nick would be given a temporary. He wasn’t thrilled, he wanted his wife and best friend. He also wouldn’t be working too long either, he wanted to be on leave when she was getting closer to her due date.

Nick and Judy walked into the station hand in hand until Clawhauser squealed with glee!

“Judy! Come here! I picked out the colors for your shower!”

“Oh God no….” Judy leaned into Nicks side as he put his arm around her. “Do it for him” he whispered in her ear.

“Nick, The Chief would like to see you”. Nick turned to see Emma standing outside Chief Bogos door, motioning him to come and to come alone. “Um Carrots… looks like I have to leave you alone for a minute..”.

“Don’t leave me here with him!” said Judy as Clawhauser crowded her with baby shower ideas.

“ I will be back” he gave her quick kiss and headed behind Emma.

“What’s up Chief?” Nick kicked back in his seat as Emma pulled a seat next to him.

“We need to discuss something, something important, about the thief Judy chased down a couple weeks ago” said the Chief

“What about it?” Nick cocked his head, confused.

Chief motioned to Emma, Emma took a deep breath and sighed. “It would seem that this weasel knows you, he knows Judy, he says he wants to tell his boss that Judy is with child….your child… know anything about this?”

Nick froze in shock… “WHAT!? NO! What in the hell are you talking about!? Is someone after the baby? After Judy?

“We don’t know, but the weasel knows something, and he is working for someone, who wants Judy… my guess, to hurt you”.

“Over my dead body, no one will touch her” Nick growled, his back began to arch in his chair.

“Relax, Wilde” the chief motioned him to calm down, “we are keeping a close eye, we trying interrogating the weasel, but he won’t crack..”

“LET ME HAVE A CRACK HIM!” Nick’s knuckles turned white

“No nick! It will only make it worse, let us handle it, there is no way for him to communicate with his boss, but you need to tell Judy though” said Emma

“No!, I can’t the stress would make her ill, the doctor says she needs to stay away from stress as much as possible…”

Emma looked at the Chief and nodded, Nick was right, it was probably best to keep the mom-to-be out of the loop.

The Chief  stood up and walked towards Nick “She will be on leave soon and I have assigned Emma to watch over her during her time and I will have guys patrolling the streets or wherever she goes, we will find this guy and shut him down, for now you need to take care of Judy and your soon to be family, she will be safe with you”.

Nick nodded, The Chief left the office and left Emma and Nick alone.

“I need your help Emma, I can’t do this alone.”

“I know, don’t worry, we will keep a close eye, the whole team has been briefed”

Nick sighed, rubbing his temples with his index fingers, How could this be happening…

Emma put her hand on Nicks shoulder “This is supposed to be an exciting time for you and Judy, enjoy it, be with her, and let us handle it, the ZPD has your back”.


Judy peeked through their bedroom door, Nick still sitting on the bed rubbing his temples.

“Nick…. look I’m sorry, it’s just that..”

“Don’t need to explain yourself Carrots, I have been a pain in the butt lately..”

“Maybe….but only its because you care” she winked.

Judy tried to hop on the bed to sit next to him, but the bump was in the way, Nick smiled.

“Need some help?”

“No, I got it” she tried rotating her body to one side and then the other, maybe she can flip and land on her butt? Her ears fell.. can I not even make it on the bed?

Nick beat her too it and hoisted her up in his arms, Judy sighed

“Ok, maybe I need some help…. sometimes”

“That’s what I’m here for” Nick smiled and laid a passionate kiss on her lips. She buried her head in his chest “ I love you more than life itself Nicholas Wilde”.

“As I do I my sweet Judy” He held her on her side and she snuggled into his chest, Nick looked out the window, so far there hasn’t been any threat or danger to him or Judy. Emma was always on the look out and he could occasionally see a cop car passing down the streets, he felt more relaxed knowing the ZPD had his back.

But still the thought always came back to him, who was after him? who wants to hurt Judy? He tensed at the idea of someone taking her away from him, hurting her, and their child.

“Nick, if you squeeze me any harder, the baby or babies will pop out”

Nick didn’t realize his arms were holding Judy too tight, he quickly let go.

“Nick, is everything okay?

Nick didn’t realize he was still looking out the window, “Oh, yeah Carrots, I’m fine, actually I have an idea”.

“What is it?”

“I think it’s time to tell your parents, wanna go on a road trip?”

*chapter 2, I hope you like it ! Thanks to @thephantombeyond for the advice too. Let me know what you think, send me a message or reblog! Chapter 3 will be coming soon!*

Travi$ Scott - “Nightcrawler” f. Swae Lee & Chief Keef

Even with the release of Travi$ Scott’s highly-anticipated album Rodeo fast-approaching - the supply of any heavy promotion or singles for the album have been minimal at best. Aside from “3500,” “Antidote” and a teaser of the third single, “Never Catch Me” (which made its debut in an Beats By Dre advert) - Travi$ has continued to build upon the momentum just off sheer anticipation - and a tracklisting that is rather light on guest features. Then again, this latest leak which features Swae Lee and Chief Keef didn’t even appear on the tracklist when it initially leaked. Needless to say, whether you hate em or love em, Travi$’s new project will be the talk of Fall 2015 - when it arrives this Friday, Sept. 4th.

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Walt Disney World Original Character Report

Character: Mayor Christopher George Weaver

Occupation: Mayor of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.

Status: Mayor Weaver can be randomly found on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, at Walt Disney World. The best opportunity to see him would be if you are in the park for an early morning. He is also more commonly found on holidays or special events.

Home: Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.

Appearance: Older man with grey hair, dresses Victorian style clothing, wears a hat, mayor sash and carries a cane.

Personality: Very loud, happy, larger-than-life politician. He loves to sing songs with the guest and talk to you about how he has just announced that he will be running for re-election.

Slogan: “When you pull the lever, vote for Weaver!”

Side Kicks: Chief Smokey Miller, Chief of the Main Street Volunteer Fire Department; Hildegard Olivia Harding and Beatrice Starr (who campaign against Mayor Weaver!).

Likes: Singing, telling jokes, meeting people, campaigning for reelection.         

Description: Mayor Weaver is the Mayor of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. He can be found on Main Street, U.S.A., and he’ll be happy to pose with you for a picture so that he can serenade you his campaign slogan: “When you pull the lever, vote for Weaver!” He likes to give out his card that Mayor Weaver says “will get you in the back of any line in the entire park”. He is often with his “right-hand man” Chief Smokey Miller, Chief of the Main Street Volunteer Fire Department. You will hear them before you see them! They are larger-than-life and especially happy because the Mayor has just announced that he will be running for re-election, and has promised to keep Smokey on as Chief for life. 

Crimson Peak, Warcraft & more showcased in Legendary Comic-Con panel:

“We’re going to take a poll: How many times do you think Guillermo Del Toro is going to use the F-Word?”

That dig at the colorful loquaciousness of the Crimson Peak director is how Legendary chief Thomas Tull kicked off the company’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday.

Del Toro says he’s not going to go meta with Crimson Peak. There’ll be no twist at the end that the haunted house is a spaceship, or that the characters are stars in a TV show.

“It’s a straight gothic romance, where certain twists are a little more gender liberating,” says Del Toro, who was inspired to break the damsel-in-distress model for the sake of his two “strong” daughters.

And it’s a gothic tale that fans will soon be able to experience first-hand — del Toro announced he is creating a Crimson Peak attraction for Universal Studios theme park’s annual Halloween Horror Nights this year.

Del Toro was joined on stage with castmembers Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, and Tom Hiddleston. “Can I ask a favor? When Tom Hiddleston comes out, ignore him,” del Toro joked before the latter’s entrance. “Don’t clap, don’t do anything.”

The actors said they enjoyed working with del Toro because he gave them 10 pages of character detail that isn’t in the script, but allows them to enhance their character.

“I’ve also never been teased so much on set by another director,” Hiddleston said.

“We’re like twins,” del Toro said.

“I guess that makes me Arnold Schwarzenegger,” Hiddleston shot back.

The actors shared some of those character details with eachother, but Chastain — who plays Hiddleston’s unusual sister — had one request: She didn’t want to “read anything you wouldn’t want your sister to know,” she said.

“I love her, she absolutely breaks my heart,” Chastain said. “She’s fiercely loyal and acts out of love, to give and receive love.”

The actors also spoke with admiration about the film’s haunted house set, and Hiddleston said the mansion’s great hall was his favorite room.

“The great hall, I found just jaw-dropping,” Hiddleston said. “The house was built on a soundstage in Toronto, and it was breathtaking because it was on three or four stories with a working elevator.” He said there was clay beneath the floorboards that would seep when actors walked across them. “I was actually very sad when they had to tear it down,” he said.

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I'm curious to know what you expect to see out of Hiccup, Toothless, and Astrid in the third movie. Have you talked about that yet? (And are you anticipating a large time jump again between the end of this movie and the next?)

I haven’t talked about them yet in one post! Thanks so much for the question!

HTTYD 3 will definitely not have a large time jump into the future. The third movie is meant to be about Hiccup growing into his role as chief, as stated by Dean DeBlois in an interview. To jump far into the future negates the efficacy of a personal growth story, for several years in the future, Hiccup will have become far more comfortable and accustomed with his new role. It makes far more sense to have HTTYD 3 occur about half a year later when twenty or twenty-one Hiccup is still raw in his position as chief, but at least has confronted and handled the hardest part of losing his father. This is a great set-up for the story; he is not going to be an emotional mess, but he’s still going to feel awkward in his duties.

And in fact I would positively love if the opening of the first scene in HTTYD 3 mirrors the start of HTTYD 1. Imagine Hiccup making a large mistake before the entire village and staring, wide-eyed, thinking, “Oops.” That would be a great parallel to his teenaged dragon-catching ventures in the first movie and set the stage for how he has yet to expand into his leadership role.

As is such, Hiccup is going to probably confidentially rant to Valka and/or Gobber and/or Astrid about his problems as a chief, though it is likely Spitelout and other Viking veterans will advise him in official situations.

The first act of HTTYD 3 deals directly with Toothless and the other dragons. Valka is said to be critical here in this first act as “Hiccup’s greatest ally.” Now this can go several ways. It can pertain to a return of Drago Bludvist and his Bewildebeast, in which case her dragon knowledge is critical to people taking him down; it can pertain to the dragons alone connected to the connection of their disappearance; or it could pertain to the Hooligans of Berk meeting with other Viking Tribes where Valka is a voucher for the dragon species. One thing of interest here is the word “greatest” pertaining to “ally”. What does that mean? Does that mean Hiccup has other allies? And why use the word “ally” to refer to someone in your home city instead of someone you are pacted with from a different nation? This means it is possible that Hiccup is going to be meeting Vikings or other people groups outside of Berk, but that Valka’s presence as the feral vigilante dragon lady is most critical of everyone around. And she’s most critical because of her skillset in dragons. So right from the start of the movie, it’s all about the problems with the dragons.

There will be more war about dragons. Poor Hiccup and Toothless WILL confront Drago again. The art book in HTTYD 2 outright says that they could put Drago’s war machines in greater depth in HTTYD 3. So there’s a decent chance Hiccup’s going to be leading Berk, the dragons, and maybe other people sick of Drago in a war.

This is where details get really shaky for me. I suspect Drago is NOT the only villain at all. That would be too redundant. It also would feel stale to show off simply another power hungry human villain introduced in HTTYD 3, meaning we have to get creative. Drago needs to be defeated completely because he represents Hiccup’s foil, and Hiccup’s philosophical stance needs to show to morally triumph over Drago’s. So Drago cannot be the reason the dragons disappear unless the aftermath effects of his actions lead the dragons away. So I would suspect that the second, unknown contending force is what separates Hiccup and Toothless. I would not be surprised if it is some natural force, maybe even nonliving force, or otherwise a draconic one, that leads to the end.

Night Furies will be a part of this unknown-conflict equation and they will be introduced around the end of the first act and the beginning of the second one, potentially even before. Toothless’ interaction with the Night Furies will be an overall positive one. Through this, we will learn a lot about the nature of the dragons, and the fact the Night Furies have disappeared already will directly clue us into why the rest of the dragons are going to leave, too. In the meantime, Toothless’ early interactions with dragons will bring up new and interesting information about his species and the dragons as a whole. 

There will be no key deaths, most definitely not to the same level of Stoick. The death of a dragon is much more likely than the death of a human, and for sure Toothless, Gobber, Valka, and Astrid will survive. But something hard will hit with the dragons (hence suggestion of a dragon death, perhaps a Night Fury) that make it clear they ALL one hundred percent HAVE to leave. Nothing short of that would separate Hiccup from Toothless. There are scenarios where not every dragon leaves on Berk, but I think it’s likely Toothless is going to go along with everyone else.

Another critical event I wouldn’t mind happening just because of book eleven parallels and drama and character growth opportunities would be Hiccup being captured, separated for a long time, etc. by the enemy and need to be rescued by Astrid. This is mostly personal desires, though, not prediction.

Toothless will make the choice himself to leave and Hiccup will not try to force his mind on the dragon. He will see what his best friend wants and realize it is for the best. There will be that “oh” moment for Hiccup and audiences at the same time Toothless rears to go. Earlier in the movie Hiccup and Toothless will believe that they can do something to keep the two species together, but after said impacting low event, they realize that is not the correct answer. Everyone has a better life if the dragons leave Berk and the Barbaric Archipelago. As leaders, chief and alpha, it is the most responsible choice to separate permanently. Right after a climax where Hiccup and Toothless demonstrate their full capabilities as chief and alpha and kick enemy butt, they will be the great leaders they have grown up to be and make the hard choice for their respective peoples. There will be an implicit suggestion the dragons might not have to leave forever, but possibly can return.

Astrid will not have the forefront, but she will show she can kick butt in war scenes. Her saving Hiccup would make me happy, as I have before said.

And she and Hiccup will marry right at the end. It will be the happy event either *right* before or *right *after the dragons leave. I am leaning more towards happy event after they leave to offset the sadness. Remember, DeBlois calls HTTYD 3 “bittersweet,” not tragic.

The final scene is the one where Hiccup is the most likely to move forward in time. We know Dean DeBlois is captivated by the opening lines of the first book and that he is writing up to that point where Hiccup is looking back as an old man to his childhood. Whether or not Hiccup actually is animated as an old man is irrelevant. But he will say a modified version of the first book’s opening prologue. We could have flashbacks or new material visually on screen. Aurally, my bet is the last sentence Hiccup ever says will be a modified version of the first sentence he says in the books. “There were dragons when I was a boy” will be syntactically modified to correlate with the last sentence pattern all the other ending monologues have. “But when I was a boy, there were… dragons,” is my prediction, and if I am right within two words of that hypothesis, someone better Odindarned pay me.

I wish I could be more specific, but this is what I expect, and a little of what I desire, in the third movie regarding Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless.