chief jackson

Got7 as police officers:

Jaebum: usually an undercover because he’s got the looks/takes the police car on a cruise when on duty/the first to fall asleep in case meetings

Mark: the single, women officers all have a thing for him, but he never notices and counts them as extremely friendly coworkers who love their job/everyday at work is a good day for him

Jackson: asks too much questions about each case/wants to help catch bad guys but is always given paperwork to do/constantly begs chief to put him in an active unit “please please please please”

Jinyoung: right hand man of the chief/tries to save Jackson from trouble most of the time/has the best stories of catching bad guys

Youngjae: the happiest officer on the job/whenever he pulls a car over for speeding, he never forgets to talk about his dog with pure excitement for a few seconds

Bambam: the officer who adds additional accessories to his uniform to display his pride in serving the community/checks himself out at every glass door before entering

Yugyeom: a newbie on the job/gets pranked too many times at the station that he pulled his gun on accident a couple of times

Little Robe, Cheyenne Chief

Photographer: William Henry Jackson
Date: 1878?
From the William Blackmore collection, Negative Number 058636

Little Robe survived the massacre at Sand Creek, Colorado, on November 29, 1864, where he lost most of his family. Despite (or because of) the violence he witnessed during the American Indian Wars, Little Robe became an advocate for peace, leading treaty negotiations and diplomatic delegations until his death in 1886.


Hi, it’s your usual post-episode rambling fangirl post. It’s OF COURSE 2am in the morning and the filter is off.

Meredith Strong

Can we think back to that moment Meredith in season 2 said she wasn’t going into work cos her conditioner stopped working? And now think back to tonight’s episode… Can we also lower to our knees and just raise our hands to the heavens above that Ellen Pompeo exists. She fucking owned that episode and as a fan of, oh I don’t know- a million years now?, it makes me so grateful that she still gives a crap about doing her best and giving her best. TAKE A FUCKING BOW LADY!

Alex Fucking Karev

He’s my hero. He’s my person. Well, he would be if Meredith wasn’t hogging him. He is the kindest and most underrated character on TV. I’ve maintained this since season 2 finale when he picked Izzie up off Denny’s bed. The way he cheered Meredith up, the way he was there, the way he was with the kids, the way he just knew she couldn’t hear and then could translate what she was meant by one simple look…he was just PERFECTION. He did what he needed to do and SHOWED THE FUCK UP.

Drunk Amelia

I have a feeling we’ve not seen the end of this one. I have a sneaky suspicion they are going to flashback the shit out of the next few episodes and I’m going to have to watch Amelia spiral out of control. BUT, for now, I’m so very happy with how they’ve handled it. Also, that woman knows how to slide down a wall. Richard explaining Amelia was so REAL and DEEP. We’ll get on to him in a second.


Guys, I TOLD YOU TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND MAKE OUT AGAINST A CAR AGAIN. Why has this not happened yet? I’m going to give you 2 more episodes, then you get put in time out.


My babies. That look at the end says it all. You’re going to make it. You have to. Alex is part of the same village as Jo and I think it took this episode to make her realise that. I’m waiting patiently for my invitation in the post.


When someone said “has someone let the chief know?” I legit thought, he’s standing RIGHT THERE, of course he knows. Richard Webber is Chief, he will always be Chief. You know why? Cos of speeches like the one in tonight’s episode. The calm of the storm (we’ll ignore his little drunk spell in s6), the wisdom of an owl, the eye of the tiger… Whatever, he’s chief to me, he’s chief to you and he’s chief to everyone in that damn hospital.

Chief Bailey

You are also Chief. Congrats on that one.


OK. So, I don’t want you to stop breathing over this following statement but…

I actually liked Penny in tonight’s episode. Her weird centre parting bothered me less and every time she was on screen I didn’t feel the need to throw a brick at it. Also, slamming Jackson TO THE FLOOR. AND, the little hand up at the end… was kinda cute.

This is big progress in my world.


Are not talking. This is worst case scenario for me. If they’re getting along, great- give me the screen time. If they’re at each other’s throat, great- give me the screen time. If they’re not talking? Fuck it, I’m good with eye sex- GIVE ME THE SCREEN TIME.


Is abnormally tall compared to his sister, no?


There’s a village out there for Meredith and the tribe leader is Alex Fucking Karev, we’ve probably not seen the last of an Amelia spin-out, Japril find your car and get on it, Jolex my address is…, Chief Webber needs to release an album cos I’d buy that shit and make sweet love to it (I need to sleep, now!), and I didn’t want to kill Penny this week. Omelia- I’m not done with you and you shouldn’t be either. And finally, it turns out little Bailey is only about 2 years away from becoming taller than Chief Bailey.

I love Greys Anatomy. Well done Denzel Washington.

All of the masterposts have been updated. As always, links to every masterpost can be found at the top of the tags page. 

For any new followers or for anyone who may have forgotten here’s a quick description of what you can find in each masterpost:

  • What Happened on August 9?What really happened on August 9, 2014, the day that Mike Brown was murdered by Darren Wilson. It also includes links on the investigation and cover-up of his murder.
  • Everything on Darren Wilson This is everything you need to know about former Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson.
  • Corrupt Authority Figures in Ferguson and the STL AreaIncludes links about Bob McCulloch, Gov. Nixon, Jeff Roorda, Mayor Knowles, Mayor Slay, former Police Chief Jackson, Chief Dotson, Chief Belmar,  various STL police departments, and more.
  • Ferguson Grand Jury and DOJ ReportThis is everything you need to know about the Ferguson grand jury and the Department of Justice’s report on the Ferguson PD.
  • Summer Reading/Movies List This is a list of books (for all ages) and movies/documentaries about police brutality, racism in the US, civil rights leaders, etc. that were all recommended by followers. Resources and lesson plans for teaching students (of all ages) about Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter Movement are included as well.
  • Women in the MovementIncludes links primarily about the black women who have been some of the most prominent Black Lives Matter activists. Also includes links about some of the black women who are victims of police brutality.
  • Dear White PeopleIncludes TONS of links explaining racism, police brutality, racial profiling, and the myths of “black on black crime” and the “war on cops”. Also includes police brutality statistics, studies on racial discrimination, former cops speaking out on police violence that they witnessed while on the job. There are also links for white criminals who were not killed by police and various ways white allies can support the movement.
  • Resources For ActivistsIncludes links for copwatching (apps included), dealing with police, how to stay safe during protests, websites with police brutality statistics and resources for organizing protests, self-care tips, and more.
Bold or Parenthesis Which You Prefer : Grey's Anatomy Edition

{McDreamy} or {McSteamy}

{Addison} or Rose


Maggie or {Lexie}

{Lexie} or April

Meredith or {Cristina}

{Erica} or Arizona

Leah or {Lauren}

Burke or {Owen}

{Cristina} or Maggie

{Meredith} or Izzie

{Alex} or George

{Callie} or {Arizona}

Sofie or {Zola}

{Amelia} or {Cristina}

{Hahn} or Burke

Chief Webber or {Chief Hunt}

{Jackson} or Matthew

{Stephanie} or Jo

{Nazi} or Medusa

{Amelia} or Derek

{Mer/Cristina/Alex} or Mer/Alex/Maggie/Callie

{Merder} or Addison/Derek

Calzona or {Callica}

{Laurzona} or Lezona

{Crowen} or Omelia or Cristina/Burke

Izzex or {Jolex}

{Japril} or April/Matthew or Jackson/Stephanie

{Ellis/Richard} or Catherine/Richard

Season: {1} or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5

Season: 6 or 7 or {8} or 9 or 10 or 11

Season Finale: {6} or 8 or 9

{Ellis’s House} or Merder’s Dream House

Seattle Grace or SGMW or {Grey Sloan}

{Hospital} or Joe’s

{Appt. 502} or Firehouse or Calzona’s House

{Cardio} or Trauma or {Peds} or General or Ortho

Interns or Residents or {Attendings}

E.R. or {O.R.}

Scrubs or {Street Clothes}

Wedding: Merder or Izzex or Crowen or {Calzona} or Miranda/Ben or Catherine/Richard

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson has officially resigned. A press conference will be held at 4 pm CST. 

More information on Chief Jackson’s resignation (as well as the resignations of a few others) will be in the next update post!


I’m not going to lie, I’m preeeeeeeetty drunk right now. This is going to be LEGIT the worst, least informative, most useless, horrific summary you’ll come across. Enjoy.


Week by week I’ve been telling you to stop making me like you and YOU’RE JUST NOT LISTENING. Never ever, EVER, should someone belittle their intelligence or talent for the sake of settling or friendship or some girlfriend’s kid. I am SO GLAD she applied. I wish her all the luck in the medical world.


She really reminded me of Cristina this week but like… a neuro version and a less good version so, that’s not a compliment. I did enjoy her being distracted by a boy this week and I’d like to take a second to appreciate her perfect eye roll when hot guitar man was wooing her. #literallyme


If I’m not licking the screen over Omelia, I’m prooooobably licking it over these three. And considering Owen and Amelia weren’t even in the same scenes this week… I love them. CABINET DOORS. Perfection. Mer and Amelia in particular remind me of me and my sister. So unimpressed with each other but yet an underlying tone of respect and love. Ellen and Caterina play it perfectly!


In @superheroshepherdess‘ words “has gone psycho”. Sort of have to agree. When April and Arizona are talking at the end and that glint behind the weird smile appeared I was like- babes, no, what did you do? And then Arzona said it for me. She is such a dick. She was just performing dick moves all over the shop this episode. The baby doesn’t even exist yet and this has all happened. AND JACKSON GAVE HER A CRIB. Don’t… just don’t.


I just don’t know what to say. When Owen said all that stuff, my whole body went tense and I literally didn’t move anything but my fingers for a good 2 minutes. Then I had to take a sip of my drink…obviously. I hate liars, and so far I can’t tell which one is lying. What do you think? So far all I know is that it’s taken 9 episodes for very little to be revealed…!


“Grey, Bailey, Pierce, Amelia… You can’t just take more people away from me.”

Let me just sob over his use of her, and only her, first name.

Quote of the episode

“Drop the mic and walk away” - Callie. That scene and the one following about Alex and Callie getting sex was genius, perfect comedy timing from Sara and Justin.

I didn’t love

Ben’s sacrifice. We all know Bailey ain’t giving Chief up for you babes, which forecasts drama in that storyline- a storyline I don’t want to dedicate more than 2 scenes an episode to.

I didn’t hate

Patient with what turned out to be a lovely mum. Also, I sort of jumped on the Richard and Catherine ship this week (pretty sure Caterina is sailing that ship alone but…). They were cute.


Bed time.

Corrupt Authority Figures in Ferguson and the STL Area masterpost is finished.

It includes information on Bob McCulloch and the Ferguson grand jury, Gov. Jay Nixon, Jeff Roorda, Mayors James Knowles, Francis Slay, and Theodore Hoskins, Police Chiefs Tom Jackson, Sam Dotson, and Jon Belmar, Devin James, various police officers, and more.

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What Happened on August 9?

Everything on Darren Wilson

Names of people killed by police after August 9, 2014

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