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Rejected opening to "Avengers: Infinity War"
  • Chief Stacy: I'm sorry for calling you both in but we've discovered something about the Uncle Ben shooting case that you need to hear.
  • Aunt May: What is it?
  • Chief Stacy: I'm sorry but the man that the Spider-Man caught was not the shooter. He was just the accomplice.
  • Peter: Are you serious!? This whole time, it was someone else! Who is it then!
  • Chief Stacy: Witnesses placed this man at the scene of the crime.
  • *Peter looks at a sketch drawing of Thanos that the Chief hands to him*
  • Chief Stacy: His name is Thanos. We've already started a manhunt for him-
  • Peter: *runs out of the room and calls Tony* Tony, I take back what I said. I want to join the Avengers.
a concept:

ok it’s 2018 and trump has finally gone too far, earning the ire of republicans who, because of his fuckboi antics, lost the house and senate in the midterm elections. one by one they defect, joining the democratic cry for impeachment proceedings. melania, sensing her moment, files for divorce. but Surprise™, bitch forgot she married the Scammer-in-Chief and the iron clad prenup leaves her with little else but having to fight for child support payments for barron, Bishounen™ icon. trump terrorizes her publicly, going so far as to feign interest in wanting full custody of barron before dropping the suit. melania, back against the wall, gives an exclusive to diane sawyer during which she pours every last drop of tea, over steeped, bitter, and twice boiled, providing the democrats with the ammunition they need to SMASH that mf impeach button. pence, suddenly elevated to the presidency, finds himself an ineffectual pariah because of the lingering stench of trump. elizabeth warren wins the 2020 presidential election. paul ryan goes home. lindsey graham comes out of the closet. richard spencer last seen being devoured by wild dogs. taylor swift’s new album flops

Calling at … Gerudo Town

Link found Riju standing at the top of the stairs looking out over the town just outside her room. The Chief turned to watch Link approach her and as he drew nearer she, like everyone else, was drawn to his right arm.

‘To be fair, it is a stark difference from my left.’

“And what have you got here?” Riju asked, her voice filled with intense curiosity.

Chapter 3 can be found here on Ao3


Hot Guys Of The NFL

Anthony Sherman Is One Of The Hottest Guys On The Grid Iron!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

RE Character Ask Meme
  • ADA WONG: Do you have any secrets nobody knows?
  • ALBERT WESKER: How far would you go to achieve your dreams?
  • ALEXIA ASHFORD: How smart are you? What's your IQ?
  • ALEX WESKER: What scares you the most?
  • ALFRED ASHFORD: Do you have any siblings?
  • ANNETTE BIRKIN: How loyal are you?
  • ARK THOMPSON: Would you ever want to be a detective?
  • ASHLEY GRAHAM: Are you related to anybody famous?
  • BARRY BURTON: What's your favorite sort of sandwich?
  • BILLY COEN: Ever committed a crime?
  • BRAD VICKERS: How do you respond to a crisis situation? Do you panic?
  • BRUCE MCGIVERN: Do you have an accent? If so, what type?
  • CARLA RADAMES: If you could be anyone, who would you want to be?
  • CARLOS OLIVEIRA: Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
  • CHRIS REDFIELD: Are you fighting for anything?
  • CLAIRE REDFIELD: Are you a workaholic?
  • CHIEF IRONS: Any creepy quirks?
  • DAVID KING: Are you good at handy-work?
  • DEREK C SIMMONS: Any current obsessions?
  • EXCELLA GIONNE: How fashionable are you?
  • FONG LING: Do you like attention from the opposite/same sex?
  • HELENA HARPER: How cynical are you?
  • JAKE MULLER: Would you sell your grandmother for fifty million dollars?
  • JAMES MARCUS: What's your favourite animal/insect?
  • JESSICA SHERAWAT: Ever used charm to get what you want?
  • JILL VALENTINE: How headstrong are you?
  • JIM CHAPMAN: Would you consider yourself sassy?
  • JOSEPH FROST: Favourite breed of dog?
  • KEVIN RYMAN: Favourite type of alcohol?
  • LEON S KENNEDY: Do you spend a lot of time on your appearance?
  • LISA TREVOR: Any physical quirks?
  • LUIS SERA: Are you a player?
  • MOIRA BURTON: How often/much do you swear?
  • MORPHEUS D DUVALL: How far would you go to be beautiful?
  • NICOLAI ZINOVEIF: Ever betray anybody?
  • OSMUND SADDLER: If you could; would you want to lead a cult?
  • PARKER LUCIANI: What nationality are you?
  • PIERS NIVANS: Would you sacrifice yourself for somebody else?
  • RICHARD AIKEN: Do you like reptiles? Do you have a favourite?
  • SHERRY BIRKIN: How dysfunctional is your family?
  • SHEVA ALOMAR: Any tattoos?
  • STEVE BURNSIDE: Ever been in love?
  • VINCENT GOLDMAN: What's the most evil thing you'd do?
  • WILLIAM BIRKIN: Do you like Science? What's your favourite scientific discovery?

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DWC: "Oh my God. You're in love with her. " Pairing of your choice! (This is Distractthegoddess btw)

I started another Lavellan earlier this week. As if I don’t have enough of them, hah. And I’m intending this playthrough to produce some Krem x Inquisitor content, so I hope you all enjoy!

For @dadrunkwriting. Find the full fic meme here.

The Iron Bull figured it out first.

He had trained with the Ben-Hassrath for years, after all. He was well-versed in the intricacies of body language and inflection. If anyone were to ask, it was probably one of the only reasons he managed to last as long as he did in Seheron. And while it had been a while since he was actively using his training, it was also a skillset that was not easily forgotten.

So, of course he noticed.

He noticed the way Krem would perk up at the slightest mention of the Inquisitor. Even when he tried to pretend he wasn’t listening, Krem would still angle himself slightly towards whomever was talking about Sulahn Lavellan.

He had noticed how nervous energy had practically poured out of Krem following the attack on Haven. The way he had hovered outside of the Inquisitor’s tent, eager to check up on her but never acting on his concern.

He had noticed the light in Krem’s eyes when they had first heard Sulahn singing, the goofy grin on his face.

And when he wasn’t trying to be subtle - which was usually only when the Inquisitor made an appearance at The Herald’s Rest - Krem tried to make himself look as conspicuously inconspicuous as possible.

On one hand, it was hilarious. On the other, it was a bit sad. And yet The Iron Bull didn’t necessarily know how to breach the subject with Krem without the Tevene becoming defensive. Besides, while he himself had had his fair share of lovers, The Iron Bull also knew he wasn’t necessarily a great source of long-term romantic advice, which he knew Krem would need.

Instead, he continued to watch while Krem quietly fawned over the Inquisitor, but still remained silent instead of saying anything to her about it.

Grim was the second one to figure it out. Since he seldom spoke, it meant that he had become an avid listener, which by extension meant that he picked up on things easier than some of the other Chargers.

Skinner figured it out next, but only because she bullied the answer out of Krem. When they had been sparring, Sulahn had passed by the training grounds with Gatsi to review some structural reports, and it had distracted Krem from the match. It meant that Skinner had basically bowled him over, and hating that she had only won because he had his head up in the clouds, refused to let him up again until he told her what had diverted his attention.

But once Skinner found out, it was not long before Dalish and Stitches knew, because the three of them often banded together around meal times. As a result, they shared conversation…as well as rumors and gossip.

Rocky was the last one to figure it out. Rocky was also the most vocal about it.

“By the Stone, you’re in love with the Inquisitor!” he declared one night when the Bull’s Chargers were playing cards and drinking together.

Krem, who had been in the middle of taking a drink of his ale, choked and sputtered, coughing up the alcohol back into his tankard. “What?” he said, a touch shrill. “What in the Void makes you say that?”

That set off uproarious laughter around the whole table, which only served to make Krem scowl at his fellow mercenaries.

When the laughter finally died down, The Iron Bull reached out to clap his hand on Krem’s shoulder.

“Trust me, Krem de la crème, you’re not nearly as subtle as you think you are.”

Scowling a little, Krem knocked his hand away. “Ah, shut it, Chief.”

The Iron Bull snorted. “I bet you practically fell for her as soon as you set eyes on her. I was picking up on some interest even as far back as when she came out to meet us on the Storm Coast that first time.”

“I said shut it!”

“See? He’s head over heels for her,” Dalish snickered as she nudged Rocky. “And you didn’t believe me when I told you yesterday!”

Krem groaned and buried his face in his arms, which he had crossed on the tabletop before him. “I hate you all,” he added in a grumble.

“We should make bets on how long it takes him to tell her,” Skinner suggested, sounding far too amused for her own good, and far more amused than any of them had ever heard her.

“No!” Krem moaned, his head suddenly shooting up, even as the Chargers voiced their agreements and started to place their bets.

The Iron Bull chuckled and gave his lieutenant a pointed look. “Well, it looks like you gotta act on those feelings of yours at some point. A lot of good people have their money riding on you.”

“Maker damn you all,” was the only response before Krem hid his face again.

The Qunari man chuckled again when he spied just how red the tips of Krem’s ears were turning. Well, at least now he knew that they all knew. Maybe it really would be the push he needed to confess to the Inquisitor.


Missing My NFL

Joe Staley, Eric Fisher, And Frank Zombo Are Hot.

Woof, Baby!

Resident Evil 5 Files: History of Resident Evil (0-4)

Engineer Michael Warren begins the electrification of Raccoon City. The fifth head of the Ashford family, Edward Ashford, begins his research into what would later become known as the Progenitor virus.

Ozwell E. Spencer enlists architect George Trevor to design and construct a reclusive mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City.

Ozwell E. Spencer, James Marcus, and Edward Ashford officially establish the Progenitor virus which reconstitutes a living organism’s DNA.

The construction of the mansion and lab facilities in the Arklay Mountains is completed.

Jessica and Lisa Trevor are injected with a variant of the Progenitor virus. The virus fails to establish itself in Jessica, and she is subsequently disposed of. The virus shows promise in Lisa, and as a result, she is placed under close observation. George Trevor is chosen to be a test subject; however, due to his intimate knowledge of the Mansion Facility, he is disposed of instead.

Construction of Raccoon City’s public transit trolleys begins in Europe and they are quickly put into use within the city. Spencer founds the pharmaceutical company Umbrella with Marcus and Edward Ashford. The company is established to mask their biological research.

Edward Ashford contracts the Progenitor virus and dies. His son, Alexander Ashford, succeeds him as head of the Ashford family.

The Umbrella Training Facility is established in the Arklay Mountains with Marcus appointed as director.  

Alexander Ashford begins to design a facility in Antarctica. He secretly makes plans to build an underground laboratory for the purpose of the “Code: Veronica” project.

Umbrella’s Antarctic Base and research facilities are completed.

The “Code: Veronica” project is successful. The twins Alfred and Alexia Ashford are born.

Albert Wesker and William Birkin join the Training facility as prospective managers.

Marcus successfully develops the T-Virus.

The closure of the Training Facility is finalized. Wesker and Birkin transfer their T-Virus research to the Arklay Research Facility; Marcus continues his own research in the closed down Training Facility.

Although only ten years old, Alexia Ashford graduates at the top of her class from a prestigious university. Birkin begins to view Alexia as a rival.

Alexia injects her father, Alexander, with the T-Veronica virus, but the experiment ends in failure.

Wesker researches secondary exposures to the T-Virus. He begins to have reservations about Spencer’s plans. Alexia injects herself with the T-Veronica virus and enters a fifteen-year cryogenic sleep. To maintain the secrecy of this plan, it is reported that she died of accidental exposure to the virus.

Michael Warren becomes mayor of Raccoon City.

Wesker, under orders from Spencer, assassinates Marcus. Under Birkin’s guidance, the T-Virus program begins development of the B.O.W. Tyrant. Umbrella begins work on the “Nemesis” project at its sixth European research facility.

Umbrella begins construction of an expansive underground laboratory beneath Raccoon City. Spencer approves Birkin’s G-Virus project and work begins on it. Wesker is transferred to the Information Department.

Umbrella contributes funds for the refurbishment of City Hall and the building of the General Hospital. A statue of Michael Warren is erected in City Hall.  

Raccoon City Police Chief Brian Irons begins conducting negotiations with Umbrella. Birkin transfers to the underground lab in Raccoon City, clandestine meetings with Irons begin.  

Alfred Ashford graduates from a university in England, and becomes director of the Antarctic facility. He rises up the ranks to eventually become an executive of Umbrella, and then director of Rockfort Island.

A training facility for Anti-B.O.W. squad members is completed.

John from the Chicago lab takes over for Birkin at the Arklay Research Facility. Alfred builds a private mansion and prison on Rockfort Island.

Raccoon City Police Department’s S.T.A.R.S. team is founded with Wesker as Captain. HUNK (later of the Umbrella Special Forces) undergoes combat training at Rockfort Island.

A mysterious clone of Marcus’s appears at the Umbrella Training Facility. There is a large-scale viral leak at the Arklay mansion. The research lab there is destroyed. Cerberus claims its first victim: a 20-year-old woman whose body is found dismembered.  

Cerberus sightings are reported in a local Raccoon City magazine.

Two groups are sent to investigate the Training Facility. The first one is wiped out by B.O.W.s located on the premises. There is an increase in reports of accidents and missing persons in the Arklay Mountains. The city sends the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team to investigate.

Bravo Team’s helicopter experiences engine trouble for unknown reasons and is forced to put down in the Arklay Mountains. Bravo Team takes the Ecliptic Express to investigate the Training Facility, which is later destroyed.

Alpha Team is sent out to search for Bravo Team when communication is lost. The occurrence of the Mansion Incident. Bravo Team leader Enrico Marini learns Wesker’s true identity. Wesker murders Enrico. Ravaged by the virus, the mansion and the lab are destroyed. Four members of the Alpha Team and one member of Bravo Team escape the catastrophe.  


Chris Redfield
Jill Valentine
Barry Burton
Brad Vickers
Rebecca Chambers

Wesker escapes the Arklay Research Facility before it is destroyed.

Former S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield learns of the G-Virus and heads to Europe to investigate Umbrella.

The virus spreads throughout Raccoon City via infected mice. The city is declared a biohazard as incidents of “cannibalism” continue to rise. Birkin completes his work on the G-Virus. A zombie horde attacks the city’s police station.

The police station is destroyed, and Chief Irons descends into mania. Warren escapes the city but leaves his daughter behind. U.B.C.S. (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) arrived in the city to begin rescue operations.  

Rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy arrives in the city at the same time as Claire Redfield.

Umbrella deploys the B.O.W. Nemesis T-Type into the city, and it begins its hunt for former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine. Umbrella deploys mass produced Tyrants into the city.

Leon and Claire escape the city with William and Annette Birkin’s daughter, Sherry. With the arrival of the U.S. military the city is placed under martial law. U.B.C.S. survivors are exploited by Umbrella’s official observer of the situation, Nicholai Ginovaef, and they die off one by one. The hospital is destroyed.  

Ada Wong and HUNK each acquire samples of the G-Virus. The underground lab in Raccoon City is destroyed.

The U.S. government decides to eliminate the virus threat by destroying Raccoon City with a missile strike.  

Claire infiltrates the Paris laboratory, only to be captured and imprisoned on Rockfort Island. Wesker attacks the island with his own private force and releases the T-Virus onto the island. Claire escapes from the prison and sends an e-mail to Leon asking for help. Her location is made known to Chris.  

Jill escapes Raccoon City and goes to Chris’s apartment, but he has already left for Rockfort Island. Alfred Ashford escapes the island. Chris arrives at Rockfort Island and finds Wesker. Alexia Ashford wakes up from her cryogenic sleep at the Antarctic Base. Alfred dies shortly after.  

Claire and Chris are reunited at the Antarctic Base, and together they defeat Alexia. They escape before the base is destroyed.  

Jack Krauser fakes his own death and joins Wesker’s secret organization.

Chris and Jill take part in the mission to destroy the Umbrella Caucasus Research Facility in Russia. They were successful in destroying a new B.O.W. known as T-A.L.O.S.  

The U.S. president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, is kidnapped by the religious group known as the Los Illuminados. (The actual kidnapping was carried out by Krauser.) Leon Kennedy was scheduled to join Ashley’s Secret Service detail, but is ordered to find her instead.

Leon Kennedy is injected with the Las Plagas parasite by the Los Illuminados. After that he and Ashley, who is also infected with the same parasite, take shelter in a church. After escaping the village, Leon and Ashley are forced to seek refuge in an old castle, but Ashley is once again apprehended. This time she is taken to an isolated island by Krauser under the orders of Roman Salazar, the eighth head of the Salazar family. Leon confronts Salazar and defeats him.

Leon heads to the island to find Ashley, and it is there that he defeats both Jack Krauser and Osmund Saddler, the leader of the Los Illuminados cult. Leon and Ashley use the facility on the island to remove the parasites.  

Ada Wong steals the Las Plagas parasite sample from Leon.

Leon and Ashley escape from the island by jet ski.

anonymous asked:

What games do you think each individual guard and coven member would enjoy most?

This is going to be the most overly detailed and long answer ever; so it will be partially under a cut. I will be focusing more on modern games because ancient history (well..history in general) is my worst subject. Also- I took “games” as more like board-games (rather than like manhunt, which I’m sure both Demetri and Afton like for different reasons lol) sort of deal, so I hope that’s what you meant! :)

Volturi Coven:

Aro: Red Flags

If you haven’t heard of Red Flags, it is a game where your friends will try to make the “ideal lover” (who you are required to date for at least 3 years) for you by playing two “appealing” cards face-down (e.g.: Iron Chief, loves video games, has an 8 pack, rescues dogs, cured cancer, owns a 5-star restaurant, etc). Then, their opponents will place a “sabotage” card on top of any two cards (e.g.: is a serial killer, will constantly interrupt you, sneezes without covering their nose, will only communicate with you via text message, etc). The goal is to convince the friend whose judging that your fake date is still the best for whatever reason, despite having this major flaw (arguing is encouraged). Aro, of course, is really great at sabotaging relationships. So, of course, he enjoys this game. He also knows exactly what everyone wants in a mate, and is good spinning the negative cards into positives because he knows how everyone thinks. 

Although, there will have to be edits to the game to make it more vampire friendly. When I played with my friends, they unintentionally created one that was “has 8-pack, world champion hunter, and serial killer,” which was a pretty terrifying combination. But, that probably actually describes Demetri, and I’m sure a lot of vampires like him for those qualities. Of course “is a vegetarian vampire, who will constantly try to convince you to switch diets” will be a card because yes. But, seriously if you haven’t played this game it’s hilarious and fun. 

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